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    Head mesh Lelutka Ryn Head 2.0 released this Friday (August 14th) use eyes and lashes in the HUD http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LeLutka/130/126/26 Skin : [Glam Affair] Ryn Skin [ Lelutka ] Aviable tones 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LeLutka/130/126/26...
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    Outfit : Baiastice_Marika for Fameshed http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/FaMESHed/226/144/1001 Hair : Foxy - Freya for Collabor 88 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/8%208/165/213/1086 Mainstore http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Summer/129/90/23...
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    Virtue – Diana / 7 Deadly s[K]ins – Bentlie (World Wide Tourist Hunt)


    Virtue's new release is Diana.  Diana is perfect for shopping, dates, and dancing.   The jump suit comes with top tied strap, sweetheart neckline, natural waist, and a tapered leg.  Diana comes in Fuchsia, Green, Navy, Noire, Pink, Red, and Yellow. Marcie fits Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Fitted Mesh Medium, Ocacin, Physique, Curvy, Fine, Venus, and Voluptuous mesh bodies.

    One of 7 Deadly s[K]ins newest skins is Bentlie; available at the World Wide Tourist Hunt.  Bentlie is a beautiful rich skin with black arched brows, black thinly lined lids, dusty rose tone cheeks, freckless across the cheeks and nose, and pink lipsticked full lips. This skin comes Walnut.  All skins include Omega and Baked-On-Mesh head and body appliers along with brow and browless options.

    Style Card
    Jumpsuit - Virtue - Diana - Yellow
    Shoes - Heels - Ving - Gold
    Jewelry - Lazuri - Blume Set

    Hair - Journee' - Rasta - Black
    Body - Maitreya - Lara
    Head - LAQ - Gaia
    Skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Bentlie - Walnut
    Eyes - Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eye Darkling Sea

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    Enchantment Photo of The Day!


    Today’s Photo of the day is by artist Snow Blood Rose. Something wicked this way comes and we can sense something evil and twisted being concocted in this image. The combination of green and black really makes this image pop and the entire set up feels like we are in a dance with the witch in the image. This is a beautiful and graceful image. Great work Snow!!!

    Enchantment is now open.  Come and visit the magical castle where our princess sleeps waiting for her kiss to awaken her and walk through the magical forests that surround it.  Along your travels, you will find wonderful creations made by some of SL’s finest designers.  And do not forget our wonderful hunt opening this weekend as well!   Hunt hints and Enchantment chat can be found in our Discord. 

    Come & join on Discord: https://discord.gg/jZ3u3eR 
    Find out more about The Last Unicorn Photo Contest for Sleeping Beauty HERE.

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    #382 Ryn


    Hey, everyone!
    Like many of you already know, Lelutka is releasing two new asian heads this August 14th: Ryn (female) and Kane (male). I need to admit I was worried about adapting my shape to Ryn, but had the great surprise of keeping the same shape I was wearing with Fleur and I loved the result. 
    How about trying a demo of this beauty? I'm sure you will love her too! TAXI HERE!
    xo <3

    LeLUTKA Ryn Head 2.0 (by Jaden Nova) [NEW!]
    LeLUTKA.Face.Ryn.002 + LeLUTKA.Brows.Ryn.003 (by Jaden Nova)
    LeLUTKA.BOM.AddOns: Freckles 002 and Blush 002 (by Jaden Nova)
    LeLUTKA.HUD.2.0: HD Lips (tinted), Lashes and Eyes (by Jaden Nova)
    Izzie's - LeLutka - Winter Glam Glitter Eyeshadow Copper (by Izzie Button) [VIP GG Dec/18]
    Tableau Vivant \\ BunB*tch [Add-on+HB] (by M4ri1yn Magic)
    Avada~ Ballerina Nails - Shani (by Stephanie Hexem)
    TAOX TATTOO - Under Boobs Unalome Lyna (by 0Claudia0 Novaland)
    Izzie's - Body Moles medium (by Izzie Button)
    [Glam Affair] Body - Normal [ Maitreya ] 007 (by aida Ewing)
    Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.2 (by Onyx LeShelle)

    The Secret Store - Freya Kimono Dress - Dove (by Maylee Oh)
    ~MR~LuxyFan~ 4 (by Kota Kirax) [NEW @ ANTHEM]
    Avada~ Sierra Rings - Maitreya (by Stephanie Hexem)
    [VOZ] Japanese Fabric Earrings (by Voice Zane)
    +Dreamcatcher+ Sakura hairpin (by NotTheReal Novaland)

    Kirin - Lila Pose 4 (by Carolina Sautereau) *edited with Black Dragon poser

    8f8 - silent conversations - Sakura Tree RARE (by 8f8)
    8f8 - serene sanctuary - Sakura Vase (by 8f8)
    Wasabi // Maite Petals - HEAD WIND (by MissAllSunday Lemon)
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    I will always Listen

    Art&Ko - Be musical Set - Pink Top(Maitreya)
    I fell in Love with Art & Ko the first time I saw her signature creatives. Clever but so believable custom designs The kind you want to wear over and over in all worlds beautiful colors and textures Designs that always make one stop and look. I am thrilled to present Art&Ko Be musical set  head phones 
     included  ( thats the music)  available in six darling shades 
    Opening August 15
    ..::Believe ::.Pose 184::.
    {Limerecne} Dylora hair
    Glam Affair - Lelutka Applier - Sasha 004 [email protected] store
    Adia Lelutka Head
    Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.1
    Insomnia Angel . Felicia collar  and HUD main store

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    LOTD #1033: Sweet Strawberry

    Hello guys!!

    Today I wanna share with you a little preview of the new upcoming Ryn mesh head from Lelutka.
    This beauty will be available this Friday August, 14th at the Mainstore.

    I hope you like her as much as I did ❤



    Mesh head: LeLUTKA.Head.Ryn.2.0 (by jaden.nova) [NEW] Coming Soon @ Mainstore!!
    Skin applier: LeLUTKA.Face.Ryn.003 (by jaden.nova) [NEW] Coming Soon @ Mainstore!!
    Lipstick applier: TOP1SALON – HD MILK LIPSTICK (Lelutka Evolution) TAN (by fraumuller) [NEW] @ Equal10
    Nails: Ascendant – So Cute S Fatpack – Maitreya (by kah.melody)
    Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Berry hair (by Ikira Frimon)

    Strawberry on her mouth: :: MOMOCHUU :: Love Strawberry (mouth) – Set (by momo.pancake)
    Dress: Tres Blah – Acadia Dress (Maitreya) – Fatpack (by Julliette Westerburg)
    Poses: Kirin Poses (by Carolina Sautereau)

    Plant: dust bunny . strawberry season . strawberry plant (by lxlnoel)

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    Just A Typical Day

    .... in the life of Lori.

    Good Morning Beautiful World!

    If you have ever wondered how I spend my days let me tell you they are probably no different
    from urs. They are usually normal with my daily normal routines, nothing out of the ordinary.
    Here is how they usually start...

    Steppenwolf says...
    Good morning beautiful and most gorgeous and wonderful woman 
    on the face of this earth whom I adore and cherish like all the stars in the sky
    and all the diamonds and pearls and whom I surrender to your feet like a slave!
    (kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss.....)

    Ok, I may have exaggerated a bit there, ok a lot. :P
    Let's start again...

    Steppenwolf: Good morning beautiful! MUAH (big Kiss)
    Lori Novo: Good Morning baby! MUAH (big Kiss)

    Then off to work he goes to his big executive office in New York City.
    and so my normal day begins...


    Everyone sing now, lalalala...

    ♬ It's my life
    It's now or never
    I ain't gonna live forever
    I just want to live while I'm alive
    It's my life  

    Fifty-eight minutes later the sky starts to get cloudy...

    Lori Novo: Oh-oh, looks like it's gonna rain, everyone, get under the water before we get wet!

    10 Seconds underwater: gloo gloo gloo
    30 Seconds underwater: gloo gloo gloo
    31 Seconds underwater: gloo gloo gloo

    and that's all I could take, hey, I am not a fish!
    I run back to the house and watch the rain from my window.

    Thirty minutes later the rain stops and I notice a flamingo looking for something.

    Hey Miss Flamingo, what are you looking for?
    "My contact lens dear" she replies.

    I continue watching Miss Flamingo looking for her contact lens for 30 minutes, then an hour,
    then an hour and a half, then two hours. And after two hours of watching this Flamingo
    I realized what a waste of time, she's never gonna find her lens, "Just give it up!", I scream from
    my window.

    I start getting bored and start thinking about what I can do next.
    I could always go look for lost treasures on the beach. Maybe knit a nice scarf for Steppenwolf
    or sew the holes in his socks. Perhaps I could go to Truths Hair and ask for Lindens or take pictures
    of funny looking avatars then post them in my blog. There are so many options.

    Suddenly I remembered that yesterday I had forgotten my ice cream cone in the backyard,
    hmm, hopefully, is still there. I go looking for it but all I find is the cone, the ice cream is gone. :O

    Wait, What...

    Steppenwolf who's this woman in our backyard? HMMMMM?!
    Is that a crab between her legs. OH, it's a star.
    Steppenwolf, why this woman gets a star and I don't? WHY, WHY, WHY?! >:(

    Enough of this unfairness!!!
    I decide to go for a walk, maybe I should steal one of these cars and drive all the way to Mexico.
    Once there I'll look for a nice house and tell the owners I am their long lost niece that lives
    in America, where men keep naked women in their backyard and give them stars, but the wives get none, 
    so unfair. OMG, I am so hurt. :((


    Once calmed down I decided to go for something to eat.
    Hmm, is this the popular kid's table?  Where did everyone go?

    "Being popular in Second Life
    is like sitting at the cool table in the cafeteria
    of a mental hospital."

    I think I should go check out things at the summer camp where Steppenwolf paid a million dollars
    for me to attend but all I lasted was a day and twelve minutes :(
    Hey, I was feeling terribly homesick!

    I think everyone was playing hide-and-seek because when I arrived there everyone ran
    except for the camp owner who came to tell me I was banned from the property for
    disturbing the peace on the first day when I was crying and screaming after Steppenwolf 
    as he drove away. It took three strong... sexy, I mean, three guys to restrain me from making it
    out of the gate at the summer camp.

    Anyways, I didn't even want to be there, I don't know why but it's just so hot, 
    they really need to consider placing some fans next to the campfires. 
    I asked the camp owner for Steppenwolf's money but the camp owner said sorry no refunds. 
    Sorry baby :(

    Then, I was escorted out of the property and everyone came out from their hiding places
    and were clapping and so happy. Omg, I could really feel the love. Damn, I am so popular. ;)

    After walking for half an hour I decided I needed to make one last stop before going home, 
    As soon as I saw Mr. Shorty ready to start writing, I began...

    My life is hard, omg, so much suffering shorty, I mean, Mr. Shorty.
    Steppenwolf only gives stars to the naked woman in our backyard. I don't understand why I don't get one,
    when I am the one that does everything for him. He's always bringing beach chairs, and hammocks
    and decks, and swings and then he puts them all over our beach :(((  It's starting to look like
    a public-crowded beach, omg, soon I'll be seeing a line of people wanting to hang around at our home.
    I just can't take it anymore :(((  He wants salmon for dinner every night and I really mean every night
    and I am just tired, just because he used to be a pirate when I met him he thinks we should be
    eating salmon, every night. I am not a mermaid to be eating salmon, damn it, damn it! :(((
    He also wants to be walking naked around the house, I am starting to think he is a nudist, secretly.
    OMG, I can't take this anymore, I don't want his naked butt sitting on our white leather couch.
    OMG Mr. Shorty, that couch cost 5000L, ok, maybe 50L during the Fifty Linden Friday sales.
    See what I mean, my head is all a mess :(((

    Mr. Shorty: Hmmm, what would you like to order?
    Lori Novo: Oh yes, medium side of curly fries and a strawberry milkshake.

    Finally, after finishing running all my errands I returned home to check on Steppenwolf's butter biscuits 
    that I had left baking in the oven.
    I hope he likes them... crispy, crunchy, black... I guess they'll be ok,  just add butter and voila!

    Bruno, our dog gave me all the updates of what happened while I was gone. 

    Flamingo did find her contact lens after five hours.
    The naked lady in the back yard shinned her star with Windex
    A box of Milkyway bars was delivered for me from Steppenwolf with a note attached
    (Love you baby, I know how much you love Milkyways, 
    but remember they are bad for you, I'll just eat them for you 
    later tonight when I get home and you can watch me.)
    The fire department stopped by because someone reported smoke coming out from our kitchen window.
    The back yard got flooded with this morning's rain.

    Oh Bruno, you exaggerating about our back yard, you silly dog!

    I jump the fence to my neighbor's pool to ride their little daughter's unicorn.
    Look what I can do!!!
    I'm gonna fall, I'm gonna fall, I'm gonna fall, I'm gonna fall...
    Mr. neighbor comes out screaming, "I told you not to come back here lady, 
    I am telling Mr. Steppenwolf when he gets home!!!"

    Later at night when Steppenwolf returns home from a hard day's work...

    Steppenwolf: How's my baby, how was your day?
    Lori Novo: Busy baby, spent the whole day cleaning the house and thinking on you
    because I love you so much! ;)

    See, just a normal day.

    (sim will be changing soon)

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    Mainfame: Cyber Idol Bodyguard

    (click to enlarge)
    STORYLINE: STORYLINE: The siren of Insilico, Ferah, had a little stalker problem. But that was before she hired a nearly indestructible SAW 655 cyborg. No one dared get close to her now when he was on the job. 

    Aarya and I teamed up for this last Mainframe shot. It's always so much fun collaborating with her. We bounced ideas, coordinated on camera angles, poses and windlights. She took the pictures and I edited in photoshop a blend of 5 windlights while she was sleeping. Then I shot Insilico to drop in a background and sent her the pieces to use however she wishes. Hey, its so true "Two Heads are better than one." I hope we can team up again in the future.

    Let me just tell you this.. the cinphul Mongrel Saw is badass. It has many moving parts. No one will come near you, but be careful you don't slice off a leg or anything. lol  I am also wearing the helmet by Ghost Bullet + Sugerhigh. its mod so you edit the shape and drop in tints. The Butanik83 Wings have on are actually a tail. I know, I'm crazy. But its so cool I wanted to show it. The pants are by Inkrane and come with alpha hud to change texture and alpha out the lower area with socks, for a better fit with boots. Aarya will tell you more about what she is wearing on her blog, you can see it here: Dark Phantom 

    On him, bodyguard SAW 655:
    Helmet: Ghost Bullet + Sugarhigh SK helmet fatpack [mesh](Mainframe)(100L)
    Wings: Butanik83 Tail of ONAGA [mesh](Mainframe)(200L)
    Weapons: cinphul Mongrel Saw[mesh](Mainframe)(349L)
    Pants: Inkrave Edge Runner Trousers [mesh](Mainframe)(525L)
    Collar: SOLE 10 TIME RIFTER Collor Red, gacha [mesh](75L)
    Collar: SOLE SA - Collar Mk.1 Black [mesh](799L)
    Armband: SOLE GRPE - CArm White, gacha [mesh](75L)
    Skin, head applier: Fallen Gods Legacy of Maul, male skin Coal TMP [BOM](990L)
    Head: TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(m) - Anime (Deluxe) [mesh](5000L)
    Body, skin: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)
    Pose: yzk mens pose 4 hero2

    On her, cyber idol Ferah:
    Guest Appearance: Aarya Phantomhive of the Dark Phantom blog
    Dress: ERSCH Daela Dress black [mesh](Mainframe)(310L)
    For a complete stylecard and more of this storyline, visit the Dark Phantom blog.

    Pod: Cerridwens Cauldron [CC] XB Pod Black/High Res Textures [mesh](Mainframe)(250L)


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    You know I’m about to get IN that fountain….

    Looking around furtively.  After my jog, who's going to notice me splashing around in the fountain to cool off?  Then again, who cares.  I'll just do it anyway.

    Raindale released this lovely fountain, now at Cosmopolitan.  It's called Aquane, and really is one you'll want in your garden especially in light of its versatility.  Choose from basin/no basin style from your purchased folder, then on to animated water textures and fountain colors.  It will lend itself literally to any garden space.  

    My hair is by EscalateD, now at We ♥ Roleplay.  She's called Davia.  Included is a style hud with lots of style options, and 2 texture huds filled with natural and unnatural tones.  Or!  Use one of the other universal texture huds (that you've certainly bought at the store, right?) for your own special look.  To me, Davis is distinctly sci-fi but can mix well with other themes.  And, at a discount, definitely worth checking out.

    My Lyssa Top is created by Masoom and showcasing now at Uber.  She multi-fits for Legacy Perky, Legacy, Lara, Lara Petite, Freya.  There are single texture huds, or get the fatpack for the broadest range of selection.  This top is pretty in front AND back, so here I'm showing you the cool racer back style.

    Happy Shopping!


    Raindale - Aquane fountain
    Cosmopolitan until August 22nd
    Raindale - Grassmere - tall vase with boxwood @ Store
     ♥ ♥
    More Store Info:

    .EscalateD. - Davia / Duo Hair
    Using Unnatural Essentials Universal Hud
    25% off - Only 285Ls at Event
    @ We ♥ Roleplay until August 31st
    ♥ ♥ ♥

    [[ Masoom ]] - Lyssa Top
    Legacy Perky, Legacy, Lara, Lara Petite, Freya
    Uber until August 22nd
    [[ Masoom ]] - Joelle Pants @ Store
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    More Store Info:
    100% Original Mesh & Textures

    .LeLutka. - FLEUR Bento Head/Rigged Eyes (Evolution Series)
    Lara Hurley - Abra layer [LeLutka] MIDTONE brows black
    Maitreya Lara Bento Body
    *AvaWay* CINDY Armlets (Maitreya)


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    Hello there Fab Free’rs. Can you believe we are nearing the end of the week already? I feel like my week flew by. Even so, I am ready for the weekend. For this post I’m excited to share two awesome freebies with you. First, this top is part of a  free group gift at Mashumaro. Second, the sparkles in my hair by Beusy are free at Collabor88.

    I got a good little giggle over this t-shirt from Mashumaro. It says “I don’t shine, I sharkle” and there’s not a thing I don’t like about that! This cute shirt comes with a matching pair of shorts that I decided not to wear. I’ll add a copy of the vendor photo below so you can see them. They are the kind of thing you’d want to wear to be extra comfy around the house. The Mashumaro group is free to join and there is more than one group gift available.

    Shirt/Shorts Sizes Included: Belleza (Freya, Isis, Venus), Slink (Physique, Hourglass), Maitreya Lara

    ~[Mashumaro]~ Jawsome Sharkle Edition Advert

    I think these hair sparkles by Beusy are so fun and pretty. They are meant to be worn with the new Beusy hairstyle also at Collabor88, however they are tint-able, and modifiable so you could size them to fit over other styles. These sparkles are free, no need to wear a certain group tag or anything. You’ll find it at the Beusy booth above the two hairstyles.


    • Hair Sparkles – Beusy: Glimmer Headpiece / GIFT – Free @Collabor88
    • Hair – Beusy: Mi Luna Hairstyle – Currently @Collabor88
    • HeadCatwa Koura
    • SkinThe Skinnery – Bria
    • ShirtMashumaro – Totally Jawsome Sharkle Edition – Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join
    • TattooMister Razzor – Bella Tattoo
    • ShortsBueno – Summer Shorts – Pin Striped
    • ShellsSway’s Beach Shells

    Pose by Indigo

    Photo taken at a private location.

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    In My House

    In My Home

    Hey Fab Free! I have a few really cool freebies to show you, which is almost everything in this photo except for my hair. Let’s start with the decor, and then move on to my outfit after.

    Hip Decor

    This great wall tapestry is amazing, and a free gift at Petite Mort. It’s called the “Compassion tapestry” and it’s branded with a number of slogans about human rights and social issues. It works perfect in my living room, so I was quite pleased with this gift! No group is needed for this gift, just buy it for 0L on the gift shelf at Petite Mort.

    I am also showing a couple of free stay at home club gifts by Rune Creation, including this funky chair and the camo rug. There are a whole wall of free stay at home gifts, so collect them up while you still can.

    The Outfit

    The top I have on is another free gift at Petite Mort, which you can also get for 0 Linden.  You can’t see it very clearly in my photo, but it says “Black Lives Matter” on it and it fits perfect. I love it, plus is goes with my new banner perfectly. The skirt, which I simply adore, is currently a free lucky letter prize at Oubliette, the partner store of Petite Mort, which needs the free group to win.


    Sizes included (Top & Skirt):

      • Belleza (Freya, Isis & Venus)
      • Maitreya
      • Slink (Physique & Hourglass)

    Thanks for reading, Fab Free!



    Caroline is Wearing…


    Tapestry– Petite Mort Compassion Tapestry (Free)
    Chair– Rune Creation Lounge Chair Single (Free Stay at Home Gift)
    Rug– Rune Creation Rug (Free Stay at Home Gift)

    Clothes & Accessories

    Top– Petite Mort BLM Tank (Free)
    Skirt– Oubliette Occult Dia Skirt (Lucky Board Prize/Group is Free to Join)
    Sneakers– Petite Mort Black Floral Chucks (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join) Blogged originally by Pru Rexroth here.


    Hair – EscalateD Davia- Color Roots 2020 Universal HUD (Hair for sale for 25% off at We Love Roleplay/ All 2018 and 2020 colour HUDs available at the main store)
    Mesh Body – Belleza Freya
    Mesh Head – Genus Project Genus Babyface
    Skin – Revoul Gingiana, Tone 6 
    Eyes– Euphoric Hope Eyes Applier (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join)
    Lipstick– Luxrebel “LOVE Y” Group Gift Lipstick Genus (Group Gift/ Group costs 100 L to Join)
    Nails – Belleza Freya
    Photo Location– Private Location 


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    Friendships that last….

    Love this guy right here and I remember when and how we met; we met on FACEBOOK! He posted about a gig and I went to see him and I was blown away that was an incredibly talented DJ but most of all, how respectful and sweet he was! We became friends and every time he had a set, I came-- when I was awake of course. Throughout our friendship, both in SL and FB, he has always been a gentleman and he has always checked in on me and was always available to talk if I needed someone to vent to. Still, to this day, he checks in and is always a pleasure to interact with - ohhh and he sends me music too which I appreciate.... like the one I linked below. 

    I wanted to feature two items that I fell in love with. One being the lashes I have on that I am LIVING for! They are called CIEL and they are from N O R A for Genus only. These lashes are flirty and so perfect - I won't be taking these off for sure. The other is this lip palette by Violybee! Its called Amber and its gorgeous! The fatpack palette has ombre-esc feel and perfect for just hanging out with Nico and just listening to music. A strong eye with this palette by Violybee is where its at, fo sho!

    Check out N O R A and Violybee now and trust me, you won't regret it!

    NORA In-World:


    Follow NORA on Social Media:
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alt__nora/

    Check out VIOLYBEE online:
    Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
    Mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rareza/99/176/634

    Other items worn:

    Hair by DOUX - Maddie 
    Top by Rebel Gal - Soul Control Top @ Collabor88
    Headpiece by LePunk @ Mainstore

    **If there is anything else you see that is not mentioned and you want to know more information, please message me via Flickr, FB or In-World as Elise.Enzo. Thanks!**

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    I’m Just A Silhouette

    Hello loves, I hope your August has been going well. Thank you for all of the nice messages from my last post. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to reply to everyone. I’ve been running very up and down with my moods. It’s part of the grief process. It doesn’t make me very creative or entertaining, unfortunately. But I did manage to get in today to show off some pretty things. And that’s what I’ve got today. ❤

    Style - I'm Just A Silhouette

    In This Post:

    Head: Nova by LeLutka
    Body: Lara and Petite Chest Add On by Maitreya
    Skin: Rosalie by Glam Affair
    Hair: Temptress by Exile [The Epiphany]
    Dress: Amelia by Look At Me [Anthem]
    Pose: Spirited Away by Foxcity

    Suspended Platform, Suspended Shack, Van, Van Bed, Hanging Towels, Shack Curtain, Shack Decor Shelf, Decorative Plants: Hanging Plant, Palm, Pink Plant – Oregon Outpost by KraftWork [The Epiphany]

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    The fountain retreat

    Have fun shopping! 


    8f8 – Art of Nature – Catch me if you can!
    [ keke ] blown aways rowan set – pewter grey
    [ keke ] zen weeds
    [ keke ] glitter lantern on stick . gold
    taikou / kakejiku hanging scroll (landscape)
    Raindale  – Aquane fountain @ Cosmopolitan  ❤
    [Cinoe] Prairie delicatessen – Fatpack ❤
    [Cinoe] Shall we talk – Fatpack @ Cosmopolitan  ❤
    Infinite  – Babylon Sectional Ottoman *Darkwood @ Anthem  ❤
    Infinite  – Babylon Sectional (Adult) – Double *Darkwood @ Anthem  ❤
    Infinite  – Babylon Sectional Table *Darkwood @ Anthem  ❤
    Infinite  – Babylon Gazebo *Darkwood @ Anthem  ❤
    .PALETO. Backdrop:. Canalle