ThrowBack Thursday

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A beautifully textured tunic with a retro feel is perfect for ThrowBack Thursday or any other colorful celebration you might be attending. Immediately after I took these pictures I wore the same outfit to an Elven Chill party and it worked just as well for that.
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Living in the Moment

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Hiya everyone! Tonight I am pleased to show you some group gifts from RnR Swag, whose group is free to join and there are several treats available for guys and gals. The store is relatively new to me, so it is fun to wear these gifts and see what their style is like, encouraging me to browse around.Read more at the source.

Gentleman’s Escape

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Dear reader. Hope your weekend is great :)

All furniture are available at ~NAUGHTYbits~.
If you love BDSM furniture, please check this shop :)

Credit @ ~NAUGHTYbits~
[NB] ~ Gentleman's Escape Master's Post (RLV)
[NB] ~ Gentleman's Escape BDSM Bookcase (RLV)
[NB] ~ Gentleman's Potted Plant
[NB] ~ Gentleman's Slave Cushion (RLV)
[NB] ~ Gentleman's Slave Rack (RLV)
[NB] ~ Gentleman's Escape Master's Chair
[NB] ~ Gentleman's Escape Fireplace
[NB] ~ Gentleman's Slave Display (RLV)
[NB] ~ Gentleman's Chandelier
[NB] ~ Gentleman's Escape Area Rug
[NB] ~ Gentleman's Artwork Frame 1
[NB] ~ Gentleman's Pillar
[NB] ~ Gentleman's Floor Globe

Enjoy your Secondlife in many ways :)
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New Gown *ITALIA* The 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the 'Medici senza Frontiere' association to fight Covid 19. United We will win! Il 100% del ricavato sarà donato all'associazione 'Medici senza Frontiere' per combattere il Corona Virus - Covid...… Read more at the source.

Rise Up

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Rise Up

Good evening, FabFree. I, like most of you, am stuck at home while the virus takes over the real world. However, I refuse to let it scare me into hiding here on the Grid. And yet… I have joined the “Stay At Home Club”.… Read more at the source.

Bunny Girl

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FabFree Post: Bunny Girl

I’m a Bunny Girl, in a Bunny World

This headband is totally crush-worthy for this Easter season! Pink Charcoal‘s Group Gift features the headband seen in the post as well as a tattoo layer (applier and BOM) for their FREE group gift!… Read more at the source.

.. St Paul de Vence ..

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Scarlet Creative St Paul 0.1
A revisit to an original home (St Paul de Vence) from Scarlet Creative before mesh was in SL. This new mesh version 86 L – 24 x 30 M Mod and Copy Discounted at Fameshed now 399L – now open

Scarlet Creative Wonderland Hanging Light Baubles
Scarlet Creative Wonderland Seating Table and Cushions
A cute whimsy set including:
Table, Accessories, Cushion and Fairy Globe Lights.… Read more at the source.

The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum

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I see a clinic full of cynics
Who want to twist the peoples' wrist?
They're watching every move we make
We're all included on the list

The lunatics have taken over the asylum



Head: Classic Face W002 by Genus Project
Body: Legacy Perky by MeshBody
Harley Eyes Fatpack by -bus- *New*
Hair: Momo by LCKY
Fur Materials Shine by This is Wrong
Cheshire Gacha Set: Turquoise Bodywraps, Ribbon Tail, Ribbon Bow, Leg Wraps, Studded Bra, Wrist Wraps, Ears, Hairbow, Face Tattoo (BOM), PaintedBackdrop **ENCHANTED GROVE** & PaintedBackdrop **DARK PATH** by DeviousMind @ GachaLand *New*
Pose: Posing on a Bar Stool 1 by Nanika

Mad Alice Tea Set and Cards by Tentacios @ Aenigma *New*

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Random Thoughts

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Random Thoughts AD
Today  has been a day of random thoughts. I mean for the past few weeks I have been doing some serious thinking about what is in store for my pose store. It is Marketplace only but is it something I want to continue doing? … Read more at the source.

Lavendula Angustifolia

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Lavendula Angustifolia

There’s nothing I love more than Lavender.  It’s been an important part of my life for years and years.  I love the way it looks, the way it smells, and all the memories it brings back of trips I took to the South of France. … Read more at the source.

La Muscatelle

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La Petite Vie. I’ll say it again so you remember the name; La Petite Vie. This is their most recent release and the La Muscatelle is the most beautiful French villa. It comes with or without exterior grounds. Full version is 199 Li and has a 35 x 20 footprint.… Read more at the source.