• Austen Dining

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    Austen Dining Room by Louchara *My Sponsor*
    Dining table, chair, table deco, lights, rug and wall art.

    Spring Vase grey and cream with Magnolia Branches by CJ Creations *My Sponsor*

    Strawberry Cake Roll Dispenser by CJ Creations *My Sponsor*
    Cookie Cake Dispenser by CJ Creations *My Sponsor*

    A big Thank You to my sponsors!

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  • A Little Sexy


    Happy weekend everyone ^_^, soo how’s your Sl adventure this weekend, got your favourite items yet, or maybe from one of your favourite designers, well everything that makes you more sexy or just a little bit sexy all are amazing, just like the new outfit that I wore this weekend, is it a little sexy or is it sexy hehe, this is new release Exclusive Karla Bodysuit Savana Style 5 Colors from Arabic Tattoo Studio , you may grab it on mainstore or marketplace

    Happy Shopping ❤

    Credits :

    Hair : Truth X FAGA – Dreamer

    Head : Lelutka

    Body : Legacy Classic

    A.T Karla Bodysuit Savanna Style 5 Colors

    Tattoo : A.T Studio – Tiefer Black

  • Preparation for weekend

    Dear reader. Hope you have sweet Sunday <3

    I have not taken alchole for a while. 
    There is nothing reason i just had not have buy so i want to drink right now :D 
    Would you take with me if you would like :D ( im sorry i just kidding )

    "CHEZ MOI Charme Living Room Set"
    CHEZ MOI Charme Couch (Adult) *Couch design change by HUD
    CHEZ MOI Charme Coffee Table
    CHEZ MOI Charme Candlestick 1
    CHEZ MOI Charme Candlestick 2

    "DD Sherwin Rug Set"
    DD Sherwin Beige Rug
    DD Sherwin Yellow Rug
    "DD Industrial Country Cupboard"
    DD Industrial Mirror 
    DD Fruit Basket
    DD Industrial Country Cupboard
    "DD Industrial Bar Table Set"
    DD Industrial Bar Stool-Adult
    DD Industrial Bar Table
    DD Pasta Plate
    DD Sweet Pickles
    DD Red Wine Glass
    DD Loaf Of Bread
    DD Bottle Of Red Wine 1
    DD Bottle Of Red Wine
    DD Mixed Olives

    Wall art : Painting - Floral Still Life - Spargel & Shine Homes 
    Shelf : DIORA Cyndrical Shelf Silver by DIORA Home Living 
    Building : HISA - Forest Retreat

    Thank you so much for visiting to my blog.
    Enjoy !! <3
  • Free Complete Garden

    FREE complete garden

    Oh lucky me – one of our readers pointed me in the right direction to pick up this brilliant complete garden by Micsha Store. Its so pretty!

    FREE complete garden scene 41Li

    Plenty of details all around like a couple of pigeons, butterflies floating around the fountain and a myriad of plants and flowers. At 41Li complete it certainly wont gobble up your prims, its also modify so you can pull it apart and use what ever you wish of it. You’ll find this at the Trinity event, just join the free group and take your garden – et voila! On further inspection there seems to be quite a few free gifts scattered around the event – check them out too.

    Trinity Event


  • Vintage Fair 2023!

    Vintage Fair 2023 is coming soon, and I am so honored to be a part of the official blogger team! This year the event will be held on June 9 to 19, starting 12 noon SLT, presented by BeSpoke and Silly Llama Productions.

    Tons of talented designers are participating in this event, so you really don’t want to miss this event!

    You can find more information about this event, including the participating designers on Silly Llama Productions’ official website. You can also get updates on their social media and inworld group, which you can find here. June 9! Mark your calendar!


    June 9 to 19



    EnLight ND/MD | MVD | Simply Shelby Entice

    She Said Destroy | Saint Short Leash | The Designer Showcase


    Official Blog

    Facebook Page

    Facebook Group

    Flickr Group





    Discord Channel (for event updates)

    Inworld Update Group

  • Pridemania 2023

    For a limited time ChiMia has a new set of rugs hidden in the main store as part of Pridemania. Find the hidden star object for a cheap L$20 prize. Pridemania runs from June 4th to June 18th 2023 SLurl to ChiMia...


  • Kidman Latte – The Belleza Event – June (2)

  • Tsuki no Usagi

    Ever heard of the Japanese folklore about the moon rabbit, or what they call Tsuki no Usagi? The folklore says the Man on the Moon was touched by the rabbit’s selflessness when he came down to earth, so he drew the likelihood of a rabbit on the moon so that whenever people see the moon, the will remember the rabbit’s kindness. With Ecru Couture‘s release on this round of Cosmopolitan, running from May 20 to June 10, I tried to depict the Moon Rabbit. Well…the naughtier rabbit, but still, I hope people enjoy looking at this version of Tsuki no Usagi, LOL

    Blog Post - 3-Jun-2023
    Blog Post - 3-Jun-2023

    As you can see on the pictures, this time Ecru Couture has come with a sexy bodysuit, called the Scarlett Elegant Bodysuit. When I first saw the bodysuit, I quickly thought of the hanging moon photo prop from Foxcity, which I thought it would be so perfect to show off the bodysuit. Then when I put it up for the photo session and started dressing my avatar, a friend of mine said “If you are going to hang on that crescent moon, you better put on some bunny ears. You know, the moon rabbit.” So I did. And there’s the result!

    The Scarlett Elegant Bodysuit comes with a lot of color options. If you buy the megapack you can customize the color of the bodysuit, the cup, and the borders. To add to that, you can also customize how shiny you want the bodysuit to be, and also how sheer you want the cups to be. Well…you can customize how sophisticated and how naughty you want your Tsuki no Usagi to be, I guess.


    Ecru Couture for Cosmopolitan Event (May 20 to June 10) – Scarlett

    Looks : LeLutka | Legacy Meshbody | IVES | Velour | Chain | Sugarose | Goreglam

    Wardrobe : Ecru Couture | MAJESTY | Piece of Me | ARNAUD HAUS | Kibitz | KC Couture

    Backdrop : Synnergy.Tavis

    Pose & Props : Foxcity

  • Love chains

    Your arms are warm but they make me feel
    As if they're made of cold, cold steel 
    A simple kiss like a turnin' key 
    A little click and the lock's on me 
    Can't move my arms, can't lift my hands 
    I won't admit to where I am 
    But I know baby, I'm in chains I'm in chains 
    I pretend I can always leave 
    Free to go whenever I please 
    But then the sound of my desperate calls 
    Echo off these dungeon walls 
    I've crossed the line from mad to sane 
    A thousand times and back again 
    I love you baby, I'm in chains I'm in chains 
    I'm in chains I'm in chains 
    Should have known passing through the gate 
    That once inside I could not escape 
    I never thought this could happen to me 
    Never thought this is where I'd be 
    But baby, baby, baby, look at me 
    Baby, baby, look at me, I'm in chains I'm in chains 
    I never thought this is where I'd be 
    Never thought this could happen to me

                     ~~Chains, Tina Arena


    Meva Odette Neglige w/"Slip"
    Maitreya/Petite, Legacy/Perky, Reborn w/Texture Hud
    Kinky Event until June 22nd
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    More Store Info:

    Secret Poses Only Us, Pose 4
    Kinky Event until June 22nd
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    More Store Info:
    InWorld Marketplace Facebook Flickr

    Nuve - Olivia Skin - EvoX BOM
    Anthem Event until June 30th

    Nuve - Rhea Skin
    Specifically for Reborn, other fits to come
    Reborn Event until June 7th

    Wasabi //Asha Hair
    .LeLutka. - SIWA 3.1 Bento Head EvoX
    Avi-Glam - Notoriety Eyes
    e.marie // Shanae Earrings EvoX


    Stealthic - Baron Hair
    .LeLutka. - EON 3.1 Bento Head EvoX
    Avi-Glam - Hunter Skin EvoX
    Velour Body Tone
    RichB. - Antigua Earrings
    Legacy Mesh Body

  • A Little Bit of Love

    It’s all rainbows and flowers.


    ☽✶• On Aline  •✶☾


    {Head} LeLutka  Cate
    {Body} Maitreya Lara
    {Skin Applier} Glam Affair Cate (Jamaica)
    {Eyebrows} Jumo  Britani
    {Hair} Magika Alexandra
    {Eyes} Euphoric  Dolly Babe Eyes


    {Tattoo}  Sn@tch  Filigree Sternum Tattoo
    {Nail Polish}Maitreya Lara
    {Lipstick} LeLutka  Cate
    {Eyeshadow} Alaskametro Paradise


    {Top} Mug Isabelle Tank
    {Skirt} Rosary Tyra
    {Glasses} Miss Chelsea Nora
    {Flowers} Persefona Flower Flush

  • ~ ❀Bae Selfie!❀~


    Head: LeLutka ~ LeLutka EVOX Avalon head
    Body:  Maitreya ~ Lara 5.3 with Bento Hands
    Hands:  Maitreya ~ Lara 5.3 with Bento Hands
    Skin: Eudora Beauty ~ Tina - Medium
    Shape: Personal Shape
    Hair:  TRUTH HAIR ~ Star– Essentials
    Top: Addams ~ Trisha Ripped Sweater 60L Weekend
    Bottom: Addams ~ Trisha Denim Ripped Short 60L Weekend
    Jewelry: ~~ Ysoral ~~ ~ Luxe Ring Wedding Veronica
    Scene Location
    Sunny's Photo Studio
    Poses Used
    Sunny's Photo Studio ~ Bae Selfie
    Items on Display
    Sunny's Photo Studio ~ Bae Selfie

  • Akeruka’s Pride Gift: A Mesh Head!

    Hey Hey FabFree!

    Akeruka have just announced a new group gift to celebrate their anniversary and Pride month!  The Pride AdvX head is unisex, so you can totally make it your own whether you’re playing a female avatar, male, or something in between!  AK heads are a pretty sweet deal because you can wear Lelutka skins and makeup with them, so this is a great way to dip into mesh if you haven’t quite yet (most gifts of makeup and skins are made for Lelutka heads!).  To get yours, join the Akeruka group for 150L, and then purchase the head for 1L.  That’s a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me!

    This head will be available for 15 days, so don’t delay – go grab it!


  • Winter Goddess

    Winter Goddess

    ❀• C R E D I T S •❀

    Head: Lelutka – Raven 3.1 EvoX

    Body:  Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara V5.3

    Skin+shape: WoW Skins – Evie (choco tone) – Exclusive @ Tres Chic (till June 10th)

    Hair: .Olive. – the Pixie Hair – @ Mainstore

    Outfit: {Le’La} – The Goddess* – Exclusive @ Pandora Fair (till June 10th)
    Fit Maitreya, Legacy and Reborn bodies. 10 colors and 10 metals. Pack includes corset, arms band, headpiece, legs band, skirt and body metals

    Winter Goddess2