• iheartslFeed – Flirting With Fashion 2024-03-02 19:47:39

    Head: Lelutka – Avalon

    Body: EBody – Reborn

    Shape: Freya – Aries Shape

    Skin: Tres Beau – maple skin (3.1)

    Tattoo: Bolson – Tattoo (Mix’Em) – Tracy

    Eyebrows: Simple Bloom – LivSpring SoftArch

    Eyeshine: Influence – Eyes Effect

    Lashes: Void – Demure Lashes

    Hair: Stealthic @ Kustom9 – Ecstasy – Fullpack

    Top & Dress: Bipolar @ The Warehouse – Su Dress – Fatpack

    Bag: littlep – Bean there, Drank that – Bag

    Pose: babyboo – demi 01

  • Wake Me Up

    Breakfast sandwich in hand, I stumble through the woods.  Because that’s quite plausible.


    ☽✶• On Aline  •✶☾


    {Head} LeLutka  Cate
    {Body} Maitreya Lara
    {Skin} Glam Affair Cate (Jamaica)
    {Eyebrows} Jumo  Britani
    {Hair} Magika Abigail
    {Eyes} Euphoric  Dolly Babe Eyes


    {Tattoo}  Sn@tch  Filigree Sternum Tattoo
    {Nail Polish} Maitreya Lara
    {Lipstick} LeLutka  Cate
    {Eyeshadow} Pout! Glitter Brilliants


    {Dress & Jacket} Seniha Alanis
    {Sandwich} Kreamy For Busy Mornings
    {Rings} Ysoral Oriane

  • With your leather gloves

    You say "you love me" but you never said "I love you"
    You say "you're sorry" but I wonder why I am
    You said I will get through every lie I lived up to
    Farewell handshake with your leather gloves.

    You think "I'm so fine" and I used to think the same
    You said "you're lucky" but I don't see things that way
    You said I will get through every lie I lived up to
    And your farewell handshake with your leather gloves
    You better take 'em off cause I'm leaving

                    ~~Leather Gloves, 2120


    Meva - Fiona Gloves
    LaraX, Legacy, Reborn w/Texture Huds
    @ Cosmopolitan until March 2nd
    at Mainstore thereafter
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    More Store Info:

    Nuve - Maddie Skin - LeL EvoX/ HD /AK ADVX
    Wearing Sunkissed
    Nuve - Taylor Eyebrows
    Nuve Eye sockets + Waterline Lelutka EvoX
    Nuve - April eyeliner
    Nuve Dimples 70% EvoX
    Nuve - Rhea Body skin
    ♥ ♥ ♥

    DOUX - Greta Hairstyle
    Angel Eyes - BABY HAIR 7 Hairbase EvoX - BROWN 2
    Avi-Glam - Expressive Eyes
    .LeLutka. - ZO Bento Head EvoX
    TETRA - Serenity Top/Jacket

    [piXit] - iPortrait_Dark_P2_F2R


  • Sponsors

    📷Hair : [^.^Ayashi^.^]



    📷Atelier Burgundy


    New!! ❥ @ Age of Avalon


    📷Black Cats Creations


    New!!Cyber Fair (Sept 3rd -23rd)

    📷[Cubic Cherry]

    📷Cube Republic





    📷Hair : Doe

    New!! ❥ @ Enchantment 🐾


    Hair : Fabia

    📷Pose – Fashiowl :

    📷 Skin : [Glam Affair]

    New!! ❥ @ Gacha Garden 🐾

    New!! ❥ @ Gachaland 🐾

    New!! ❥ @ The Imaginarium 🐾





    📷Tattoo : Juna


    📷Hair : {Limerence}


    New!! ❥ @ Lootbox 🐾

    📷Outfit : Luas


    📷. MKN . Shania Square Nails @ Main Store



    📷Shoes : Mosquito’s Way

    📷Hair : .Olive.


    .:Partners in Crime:.

    📷 Petrichor :

    📷 Hair : Olive


    📷Tattoo : *Rainbow Sundae*

    [Rezz Room]


    New!! ❥ @ Sanarae 🐾


    📷Tattoos : Stardust

    📷Serenity Style

    📷Simply Shelby

    New!! ❥ @ Sultry


    📷Sweet Thing

    📷Eyes : {S0NG}

    📷Hair : Tableau Vivant


    📷 TLC

    New!!TLC Event – The Liaison Collaborative


    📷Eyes : Yoshi





    📷Outfit : UNA.

    United Colors

    New!! ❥ @ We Love Roleplay 🐾


  • 2nd March 2024, Tobias Gallery Grand Opening 10am to 2pm SLT

    2nd March 2024, Tobias Gallery Grand Opening 10am to 2pm SLT

    <a href="https://pieni.art/tobias-gallery-grand-opening/" rel="noreferrer nofollow">Pieni.art blog post</a> with pic, details and links.
    Pieni.art blog post with pic, details and links.

    From notice:

    Join us Saturday March 2nd, 2024 from 10 AM to 2 PM at the Brand New Art Gallery of Talented Real Life Artist Keoff as he unveils his Pen and Ink Drawings and Acrylic Paintings in SL for the first time! All of his art is Original hand-drawn or painted. Nothing digital or AI.

    We will be having Champagne and Cheese snacks, and a Draw for one of these beautiful pieces of Art (up to 500 L value)
    – JinksTobias Resident

  • Wayward Youth

    Wayward Youth

    Rawr rawr, FabFree!  It’s the weekend, and that means a light bit of looking awesome while redecorating.  Well, at least that’s what it means for me today!


    The Wayward Hunt has just started and there are loads of free prizes to be won.  I did a few stops, searching for the little brown package hidden in each store.  Looks like some shops have hints, and others don’t.  (Also some aren’t quite set up yet, so a bit of patience may be required).  Porta (as is her wont) has worked on a spreadsheet for ease of use, and you can check it out HERE.  Thanks Porta!

    I stopped at Belle Epoque, where I found the Ivana top, then headed to Mina where I picked up the Nona hair, and finally to Oubliette where I grabbed this lovely chair and paintings set.  The Wayward hunt is running until March 15th, and you’ll have to wear their free group tag in order to collect the prizes.  You can join their group by copying and pasting this code into chat:  secondlife:///app/group/fcfc1537-e7b1-9068-a43e-c46c06239055/about .

    Top Sizes

    • Legacy
    • MaitreyaX
    • Perky
    • PetiteX
    • Reborn

    Have fun!


    Aline is Wearing…


    Top – Belle Epoque Ivana (Free Gift on the Wayward Hunt/Group is Free to  Join)
    Pants – Technofolk Sl*t Pants (60L for Happy Weekend)
    Rings – Ysoral Orian


    Mesh Body – Maitreya LaraX
    Mesh Head – Lelutka Cate
    Skin – Glam Affair Cate
    Eyes– Euphoric Dolly Babe Eyes
    Tattoo – Sn@tch Filigree Sternum Tattoo
    Eyeshadow – Pout! Glitter Brilliants
    Lipstick – Lelutka Cate
    Nails – Maitreya LaraX
    Hair – Mina Nona (Free Gift on the Wayward Hunt/Group is Free to  Join)
    Pose –Versuta Marble
    Chair & Paintings – Oubliette Elba (Free Gift on the Wayward Hunt/Group is Free to  Join)

  • Ooo! Just like me Cheap & Cheaper. Dollarbie & 75Ld Weekend Offer).

    I gave up trying to find something inworld and so logged into the Marketplace and I think you will too when you see this Dollarbie top from the AngelRED (sic) shop.

    A “classic” SL style but as you can see it has a fine mesh to it which means its quality. Lovely folds and just look at the seam edges. So happy to have found such a good item.

    It looks a bit pinky in the photo but its more creamy and its a lovely cream shade however you can try the demo first and also there is another version with a dark blue top layer and lovely pink under layer.

    The fits are: Legacy/Perky, Maitreya/Petite & Reborn.

    The weekend special is the Wheelchair. I was just going to use it as a pose for this photo but I’ve changed my mind.

    It’s the Evhah Ebento 75Ld offer. As soon as I hopped on it and tried out the poses I knew I wanted it and even removed my Nutmeg sofa to put this in its place that’s how much I like it.

    What I didn’t expect was that the “good boy”, suitcases and that stove are actually included. This is what you see in the shop obviously and as you can see better the chair has an old style to it and again great poses/wearables so hop on and try for yourself.

    PS. I think the chair is 8prims & I also bought the Nutmeg Weekend offer and that too comes in a fatpack of cooker and everything on it.

    AngelRED. (Marketplace).


    Style Card:

    Skin “YS & YS” Rosalie Tone 02 bomskin.
    Shape My own.
    Freckles Izzie’s & “YS &YS”

    Stealthic – Clarity (S Breast)
    CAZIMI: Mesh Nails – Ballerina Short – Legacy (L & R)
    / HEAD / lel EvoX KAYA 3.1
    Back Lace-up Boots (Lara)
    [+] Legacy (f) Optional Fit Deformer (Feet) (1.6)
    [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.6)
    AngelRED – Doja Top [PERKY] [SAND]
    ::TD:: Jo Jeans – Legacy

  • 2018 – training season’s over

    Jacket: Symbols V1 Martha Jacket – GASET // Level (March 2024)
    Bodysuit: Latex V1 Martha Bodysuit – GASET // Level (March 2024)
    Hair: Optic – NOVA. // Level (March 2024)

  • Cece Blossom 2024-03-02 12:09:45

  • A Smoken’ Hot Weekend

    The best deal in a long time from Nutmeg -- this whole set of vintage cooking goodness is yours for ONE weekend price.  You get several versions of the stove (empty and "stuffed" as shown plus all the individual pieces.  Amazingly the triangle count is much better than you would expect. The texture load is high. 



  • Aaah, sweet mysteries of life

    Aaah, sweet mysteries of life

    Medicine woman, shaman, wise woman, witch,  fae… there are so many synonyms and labels used throughout time and cultures to describe that one person who is both revered and (at least in the more primitive settings) somewhat feared… the Healer.  As a fae living in medieval times, I am caught in that squarely in that web of fear and mystery and awe… I’m the one they come to for help finding a solution to whatever ails them or their loved ones, but they also shun me out of their fear of “the dark arts” and the inherent mystery in what I do.  I don’t really mind because I have no choice… they mysteries of life call to me and I must answer, with study and experimentation and daring and love… above all else, there is love… No thanks is necessary, the eyes tell all, and they radiate gratitude when I am successful.  And when I fail, well, then I just study harder to divine a bit more of the mysteries of life and wellness…

    • Outfit:  Art & KO – Healer Set.  As always, the styling & textures are absolutely first-rate, as is the imagination behind it!  In a choice of 8 colors or as a fatpack, the set includes the dress (which looks like an embossed tunic with metallic clasps over a simple v-neck shift with lace edging at the hem, heeled booties, & thigh-high stockings with a matching color tie just below the knee, plus a cross-body bag that is just a touch too modern for a medieval fae like me (see the ad below).  Sized for Legacy & Maitreya; demo available. 
    • Head & Ears:  LeLUTKA – Gaia Head
    • Body:  LEGACY – Mesh Body Special Edition, Feminine
    • Skin:  Petrichor – Vareni Muted in Filaurian
    • Hair:  CAMO Hair Store – Ceres Braids
    • Eyes:  euphoric – Kyra
    • Ears:  PROMAGIC – Dhairya Ear Tattoos
    • Makeup:  Loa – Trance Face Paint; StunnerOriginals – Linette HD Lips
    • Wings:  PFC – Fae Wings
    • Pose:  LW Bento Poses – Til the Light Goes Out, combined with FLO – 5 bottles w/ bento holding animation
    • Owl:  JIAN – Barn Owl
    • Medical Props:  PPK – Small Healer Shelf; Velvet Whip – Large Medical Basket, Healer Toolbox, & Herbs Jars

  • Rocky Road To Dublin

    Coming today to Fab Free!

    Aye!  The time of year I celebrate the Irish in me!  I’m not particularly sure ‘which’ part of me is Irish, but it falls on my Dad’s side of the family.  All I’ve been told, is that the Irish part of his family were a bunch of horse thieves.  I’m sure they had their reasons 😉

    A Hunting We Will Go!

    OK now on to the FabFree St. Patty’s Day Hunt, which is what you’re really reading this for 😉    (By the way, Miriam-Webster Dictionary states is it allowed and proper to end a sentence in a preposition) *GASP*

    Today I’m wearing this totally adorable outfit by Ruxy.  It’s probably my favorite St. Patty’s Day outfit I own now.  Adorable bloomer type shorts (with pockets, ladies!) and this tight little corset vest.  Gold bows and buttons.  So cute.  The Isabella outfit is a hunt object I found at Ruxy and it set me back a whopping 1L!  It’s a full outfit, just once piece, and it comes sized for Maitreya and Legacy.  I think I’ll wear it every day until St. Patty’s Day ends.

    I’m a frayed knot!

    The other hunt item I wanted to show you today is this awesome Celtic Knot necklace from Lantian/Flox.  It went perfectly with this outfit, especially because it comes in a large size and a smaller size, so you can layer it on top of clothing or on a bare neck, and therefore is sized for both male and female bodies.   In a beautiful shade of gold, to match my bows, I think it completes the look.  You have to find the Fab Free rainbow over at Lantian/Flox and then take it home for 3L.

    No Stone Left Unturned.

    I’m going to take you on another history lesson in this post, because I took this blog pic at the oldest live music venue  in Second Life – The Blarney Stone!  I couldn’t imagine a better place to take my first St. Patty’s Day picture!  The Blarney Stone opened in 2004 and will be 20 years old this August, amazing!  It’s still a rocking hub of live music and DJ sets and I recommend it to a lot of new travelers in this realm.  Super nice people, fantastic artists, and the drinks are strong!  My dear friend Jed, who is a musician in Second Life plays shows there, and I just noticed he’s even featured on their website.  If you want to scroll back in SL history, check out the website HERE!

    “Here’s to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty girl and an honest one. A cold pint and another one!”

    CHEERS! 🍻

    Peace ☮

    ♥ Beachy

    Beachy is wearing…


    Outfit –  Ruxy-Isabella Maitreya Lara light green (1L prize on the Fab Free St. Patty’s Day Hunt)
    Necklace – ~L/Fx~Square Celtic Knot Necklace (3L prize on the Fab Free St. Patty’s Day Hunt)
    Earrings – M/M Erin Go Bragh Earrings
    Headband – Candy Crunchers – Clover headband
    Pot Of Gold – Goddess Creations – )O( GC: Pot Of Gold W/Rainbow


    Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara X
    Mesh Head – Lelutka Erin
    Skin – Glam Affair FLO (Almond)
    Tan Lines – .HS. Tan Line 32% – Dark Skins
    Hair –tram K0310 hair
    Brows – Nuve. Adele Eyebrows
    Eyes– LOTUS. Unicorn Eyes 17 (BOM) RARE

    SIM – The Blarney Stone, Dublin

  • … set time aside for yourself …

    .. set time aside for yourself ...
  • Is this haunted room actually stretching? Or is it your imagination, hmm?

    Its that time of the year again! Dressing up in ways to make you think about a Disney Character or from one of the franchises that fall under it 

     If you want to join in the bounding fun. the list of themes for each day is at https://www.instagram.com/p/CopsXsVrvvU There's some fun ones this year I'm looking forwards to! 


    Todays theme is the Haunted Mansion. And I chose to go with one of the iconic stretching room portraits! The dancer over the Crocodile! 


    click for bigger
    Outfit* EXiA * Amelia Bolero Jacket WhiteSLURL
    Outfit* EXiA * Amelia Dress WhiteSLURL
    HairTRUTH Tumble - RedheadSLURL
    Pose & Props:LW: Bento Poses - Summer Rain BOXED SLURL
    SimPirates & Voodoo in the BayouSLURL