Sending Smiles

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Hiya everyone! Tonight I have several terrific outfits to share, starting with selections from The Wash Cart Sale. As I've mentioned in my past few posts, this event is open until the 15th and has an exclusive offer at each cart for $50L with other special selections for $10L - $50L.Read more at the source.

2020 0402 [email protected] | The [email protected] Japan | Wicca’s Originals

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Project Green

--- DRD@Fameshed

  -DRD- Apocalyptic Hideout

  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Bathroom
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Bed Adult
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - bench
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - box 'n beers
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Building Adult
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Chair A
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Chair B
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Fire Barrel
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Grass
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Makeshift AKM decor
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Supplies A
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Supplies B
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Vines  C
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Vines A
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Vines B
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Vines D
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Vines E
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Vines F
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Vines G
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Water barrel A
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Water barrel B
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout - Watertank
  DRD - Apocalyptic Hideout -Tall Grass

--- [The Forge]@Neo Japan

  [The Forge] Kovac Arm Left, Legacy
  [The Forge] Kovac Arm Right, Legacy

--- Wicca's Originals

  Wicca's Originals - Raegan [Latex] Legacy

Read more at the source.

Feeling Spring

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Feeling Spring

Sometimes it’s hard to really feel that it’s Spring when we all staying inside. But the “Stay At Home Club” is trying to make that a little easier for us with all of these free gifts. Pru and Blue showed y’all a couple of the awesome gifts here too.… Read more at the source.

BOM Neck Blender (for FLF)

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Izzie’s released a BOM Neck Blender set for all BOM activated heads and bodies at Izzie’s mainstore for Fifty Linden Fridays. The neck blender is a tattoo that covers neck seams and mismatching skintones between head and upper body. Using the neck blender it is possible to wear one skintone on the head and a different skintone on the body or it is possible to wear a head skin from skin brand A together with a body skin from skin brand B, given the skintones are similar or just 1-2 shades apart.… Read more at the source.

Breathing Underwater

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Breathing Underwater

There’s a light in the dark where the sky splits apart
Where the stars find a way to shine through all the spaces in between
Here we are, face to face, all alone in this place
And the night is finally coming down to you and me
Tell me where you been hiding
Oh, I want to know, oh
You’re my silver lining covered in gold
Tell me what am I feeling
Well, it’s hard to explain
Like underwater breathing, swimming in rain

Wanna fly through the blue bay on the bottom with you
Getting lost in the waves, let the world slip away
Where nobody can find us, I don’t wanna be safe
Leave it all behind us, make an escape
Oh, tell me what am I feeling
Oh, it’s hard to explain
Like underwater breathing, swimming in rain

Wanna go to the edge
Wanna dive in again
Here we are, face to face
All alone in this place
And it’s finally coming down to you and me
Breathing under

Oh oh, all I really wanna do, do
Is fall a little deeper with you, you
Never come up
Breathing, breathing underwater
Weightless with every little kiss you steal, boy
You are m-making me feel, feel
Like I’m breathing
Breathing, breathing underwater
[Marié Digby]


Dress:[CX] – “Vicious Vaccine – Pack A” (Maitreya, Gacha, Rare)

Bra: [CX] / [CntrpN] – “Clam Yo Tits – Kelp” (Maitreya)


Piercing : [CX] – “Vermin – Silver – L”

Lip Piercing: [CX] – “Bitten 2017 Update (Silver)” (Bento)

Collar: [CX] – “XenoCircuit – Ocean” (Maitreya)

Head Piece: DRD – “Wasteland Helmet – Metal Mohawk”

Hair & Makeup

Face Art: Nefekalum Tattoos – “Selkie” (BoM+Materials Applier – Part of the Body Tattoo)

Lipstick: Izzie’s – “LeLutka Holo Metallic Lipstick 10” (BoM)

Head, Body & Tattoo

Head: LeLUTKA – “Lake 1.1”

Read more at the source.

Hair: Stealthic – Plush Top: Cynful Spring Top – Available at…

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Hair: Stealthic - Plush

Top: Cynful Spring Top - Available at Uber

Cardigan: Cynful Fuzzy Cardigan

Skirt: Cynful Keeper Skirt - Available at Uber

Head: GENUS Project - Genus Head - Classic Face W001 - Mocap

Skin: Bold & Beauty :: Jena (Genus App)   - Available at Skin Fair

Shape: Mya Shape - Genus Classic Head W001 - Available at MarketplaceRead more at the source.

~ 909

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Dearly Deers,

When I started to work with BOM I had a few questions.
I was BOM noob and did not understand well how it worked.
So I asked around in a group and then this Yana pinged me nearly instantly.… Read more at the source.

Road Trip to Nowhere in Particular

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Road Trip

Hello hello Fab Free, I hope you’re all surviving first life well enough. As for Second Life, Blue and I decided to throw a few things in a bag and jump in the car for a much-needed getaway. Like most of us, we decided we could use a little change of scenery.… Read more at the source.


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March/April 2020 round

What is Neo-Japan to you? A picture is worth a thousand words, tell us a story with your photograph!

Top three prizes sponsored by ::GABRIEL::
Winners will receive:
1st Place – L$10,000
2nd Place – L$5,000
3rd Place – L$3,000

Additional prizes by our participating designers and partners will be announced in time due.… Read more at the source.

Make the Most of it

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Make the Most of it

Time to revel in the magic of having to stay home.  I try to think of it this way:  when I have to go out somewhere all I want to do is stay home, have free time, and chill.  I’ve got that time now! … Read more at the source.