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    Opening for Artist Boudicca Amat!

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    Opening for artist Boudicca Amat’s amazing and stunning works! This showing will focus on her pictures with stories….nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and others. Boudicca has created several all new and never seen pieces just for the event! Each and every one of her works have a story to tell with alot of feeling. She uses beautiful, soft tones and color to portray her unique images. It’s obvious she puts her heart and soul into all her artwork!

    DJ Thomas Crown will play some great 70’s and 80’s music for us. Stop by for this must see event!

    The Lost Unicorn Gallery





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    storybooksignI have been working on and just recently completed my first attempt at building a sim all on my own.  I had alot of fun and am pretty excited about it and am ready to share it with everyone 🙂  Remember Storybook Forest at Lost Unicorn?  This is an all new version….now called Storybook.  It is above the gallery sim, Faerie Tale (see URL below).

    This one still has the fairy tale scenes in the forest, but also includes a larger village full of little shops, a storytime area, a park, a Storybook gallery and much, much more 🙂  You can also rent homes within the sim if you so desire.

    I hope you all will stop by and bring your childhood memories back to life!  Enjoy!

    Your carriage awaits:  Storybook