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    Enter Enchantment’s Viking Saga Photo Contest!

    Enter your pictures in this round of Enchantment’s Viking Saga! There are many different tales and versions all about Vikings to be inspired! For example:

    Read some of the Saga: sagadb.org/
    Adaptions: Vikings TV Show (2013-2021), Marvel’s MCU Thor movies, “Norse Mythology” & “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman (Novels), The Last Kingdom (Netflix), 13th Warrior (1999 Film), Beowulf (2007 Film), Valhalla Rising (2009 Film), Assassins Creed Valhalla (Videogame) and many more.

    Pictures will be judged based on creativity, originality and staying within the theme. Most of all, have fun with it!


    1. Please enter your pictures based on the theme, VIKING SAGA.

    2. You may submit up to 2 pictures

    3. Pictures may be raw, edited or photoshopped

    4. No nudity allowed (no private parts showing or sexual acts)

    5. Please submit pictures by 11:59pm SL time on Sunday, March 7.

    6. Submit to the Flickr group link below (labeled “contest entry”):


    You may also send a notecard to Natalie Starlight in world…don’t forget your avie’s name on the notecard!

    7. Winners will be chosen based on originality, creativity and staying within the theme of the contest


    1ST PLACE: 5000L

    2ND PLACE 3000L

    3RD PLACE 1000L

    Enjoy 🙂