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    About GENUS Head…

    We are happy that GENUS is back!!

    (I am sorry everyone, but seems that GENUS is closed once again with the same DMCA problems. I made this blog a few hours before I heard the news. I just hope they can solve the problems. Maybe and if you can, join their group to obtain more information by reading their notices *Dove*)

    Not sure what happened with them that they had to closed but a good product never fails!

    Free Dove is with you and Free Dove wants to communicate all members the good news…

    GENUS is back with positive vibes and they still offering the gorgeous FREE HEAD which go by the name of….

    “GENUS Project – Genus Head – Strong Face GIFT001 – Mocap”

    You can teleport to GENUS MAINSTORE at anytime and if is too full just be patient!

    Thanks for helping so many new residents in SL during these difficult times also. This is for their #stayHome & Be Strong promo.

    Also, GenusProject is offering a beautiful 40% off of the rest of their heads. It is a great deal!

    All you have to do is teleport there and join the Free GenusProject Group!!

    After you finished grabbing the free head feel free to return to Free Dove to grab some of the skins we offer at Free Dove.

    Two of the most popular skins are AlaskaMetro and ESODE

    Also for the Genus head we have makeup by TONE 2, BOM Tattoos by Amis, all these can be use with Genus head.

    Don’t forget you can also grab the Free Version of the E-Body at the 2nd floor of Free Dove. Be sure to visit their mainstore to grab the BOM skin hud.

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    -Birth- Group Gift ‘Animated Butterfly, @ TLC ‘Circle’ Eye Effects

    @ TLC
    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Liaison Collaborative/126/97/23

    ‘Circles’ Effect Pack

    -Birth- 'Circles' Effect Advert (for Glimmer Eyes)

    6 effects, tintable and Coloured Versions

    Lending some ethereal shapes and distortion to the circular shape of your Iris. Lower opacity and/ or tint to match your eyes and they look like strange reflections or your eyes warping shapes.

    Preview –


    |̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅| !! GROUP GIFT !! @ MAINSTORE |̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|


    -Birth- 'Animated Butterfly' Advert

    Free stuff at Birth time :). Fun little animated butterfly where the wings flap. Hand version with animation for the little creature to sit peacefully on your finger. Also comes with head and a version coded to move around randomly.

    [Item is mod so you can attach and move it anywhere on your person].

    Tp on down to Birth!

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    Recent Updates at Free Dove

    I want to say thanks to our sponsors for keeping Free Dove UPDATED, FRESH and CURRENT… xoxo to you

    Click here to join the group of Free Dove

    Here are more updates!


    One of my favorite gifts because the colors are gorgeous. This is great for many mesh bodies even for fitmesh sizes and has an alpha inside. Not only that the accessories are included!!

    Find this item at one of the Women Casual table, near the fitting rooms, here are the coordinates for Graffitiwear item

    Visit her store for more items like this, click here to teleport: GRAFFITIWEAR Mainstore

    Another update is…

    SWEET E’s

    A must have!!! come and grab this gorgous TOP. Matches with everything. Wear the hud and all set!!

    Coordinates at Free Dove where the gift box is at… click HERE

    Her landmark right now is: SWEET E’s Mainstore However it will change soon this landmark.

    Lets check another update at Free Dove…

    This next update is from


    This is super sexy one piece bodysuit or swimsuit. Find this at the Free Dove sim coordinates… Click here: AshMOoT Gift

    Remember to grab the group of Free Dove and be sure your Free Dove group tab shows over your head.

    This is a store that you must visit!! Great supporter of Free Dove.

    Landmark to AshMOoT.. teleport clicking here

    One more update at Free Dove from DAF 02

    Do you like Hot Pants to look sexy? then Free Dove has a cute set. This is more with Mesh Body appliers. If you use Omega, pick it up for you, it is Free!!

    Teleport to Free Dove because here are the coordinates:

    DAF 02 Gift Location (click here)

    Wear Free Dove tag, remember always!!

    Want more from DAF 02? Find the mainstore here: DAF 02 TP

    More updates soon!!

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    -Birth- ‘Sexy Custom Thought Bubble’ Advert @ Kinky, ‘Heart’ Pupils @ Uber, Wanderlust Sale

    @ Kinky (Starts 28th)
    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Liberty City/85/160/33

    -Birth- 'Sexy Custom Thought Bubble' Advert

    This little cloud can broadcast all your most sexy, kinky, depraved, whimsical, musings to the world. And wildly customizable with it, animated particles, gifs and more –

    Preview –


    – Store and easily changed up to 75 phrases.
    – Dynamically choses best size to display text as.
    – 15 erotic gifs, change speed.
    – 15 equally sexy pictures.
    – 8 styles of font.
    – Tint text, bubbles and puff particles.
    – Randomly change colour, text, particles.
    – Sexy quirky sounds
    – Customiseable settings – Turn on/ off – Random Pictures, Random Colours
    Particles, Random Phrases
    – Have permanently on or customise length of time bubble is on/ off.
    – Item is modifiable so you an easily resize your thougth bubble, or
    move your bubbles around.

    @ Uber


    -Birth- ‘Hearts’ Pupil Textures for Glimmer Eyes

    -Birth- 'Hearts' Pupil Textures for Glimmer Eyes Advert

    Literally lovely heart options for your pupils – look like you are smitten or your gaze full of
    Kawaii cuteness.

    AUTO-DILATE – have them animating with the pupil-dilation features within the main Glimmer Eyes Hud!
    6 textures, in sharp and blurred versions.
    Can customise their size.


    Another fun round of Wanderlust.

    -Birth- Wanderlust Sale Sun Pupils 50L

    This month we have ‘Valentine’s’ Makeup. Heart themed blush and lipstick. 175L to just 50L!

    Tp on down to Birth!

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    Updates at Free Dove

    We love our Sponsors!!


    Check this beautiful mini dress!!!

    Find it at Free Dove, remember to join the Free Dove group, visible tag to touch this gift. Casual women table. Also visit AnaStyle Mainstore.

    Another update from [>Ma’De<]

    Lovely short dress… mini dress

    Must check it out!!! Another sexy dress at the Women’s Casual table. Grab this gorgeous dress and definitely keep the landmark to teleport to the store for more. Here is a link to [>Ma’De<] anyway. Remember to wear the tag of the Free Dove group.


    How about another super update!!

    Composer Girls Fashion (!CGF)

    another super designer that is part of FREE DOVE!

    Awsome casual look, gray pocket jeans with Camo Ruffle Crop Top!

    Visit her store for more great outfits. Teleport here:

    Composer Girls Fashion (!CGF)

    Lets show one more update on this post by…….


    Love this cute Top, tye dye… can be worn by many mesh bodies!! Here is a teleport to Uncharted mainstore if you are looking for more things!

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    Birth – ‘Atlas’ Catwa & Omega Hairbase, SL17B Shop & Hop Event

    @ MOM (Starts 20th)
    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunset Ambiance Island/45/90/28

    ‘Atlas The Titan’ Unisex Hairbase

    -Birth- 'Atlas' Catwa &amp; Omega Hairbase Advert
    Atlas – condemned to hold up the celestial heavens for eternity, holding the world on his vast
    shoulders, an undeniable archetype etched in to this shortly cropped buzzcut.

    3 versions, tintable to any colour.

    Catwa & Omega Versions.


    SL17B Shop & Hop Event
    June 19 thru Sunday, July 12, 2020.

    Birth - SL17Bday Sale 25% Off

    A weekend sales event put on by the Lindens no less. Everything
    setup has a 25% discount, including some folks favourite erotic animations, skins and Glimmer eye products.

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    New Designer at FREE DOVE, Welcome .Gaury.

    Gaury is a beautiful jewerly name brand! Located next to PROMAGIC

    These are the amazing gifts Gaury left us at Free Dove

    This is her store at Free Dove, sharing with Promagic. Their mainstore are also in the same landmark. Click here to tp to Gaury’s mainstore.

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    -Birth- ‘Vintage’ Eyes @ Vintage Fair

    @ Vintage Fair 2020 (June 12 – 22, 2020)
    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Imperial Land/152/37/23

    ‘Vintage’ Glimmer Eye Texture Pack

    -Birth- 'Vintage' Eye Textures [4GlimmerEyes] Advert
    Nice natural striking eyes in this vintage pack (except for the other tone which has some fantastical
    patterns going on.)

    Comes with pupil and no pupil to pair with Glimmer Pupil dilation or just an alternative look.
    Also 3 lens highlight textures from grey tone to vividly coloured.

    These texture packs are add-ons, they only work with Birth’s ‘GLIMMER’ EYE SYSTEM [Sold Seperatey]