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    MINA - Carian - 

    All Colors

    Materials enable + Color picker

    Absolut Creation EVE & ADAM - EVE'Olution Joha Mesh HEAD   - MP


     3 skin base in 6 tone and 6 Eyebrow ,

    8 hair-bases / 8 Eyeliner / 10 Eye shadow / 10 lipstick / 6 Eyelashes (All Tintable) 

    Customization and Facial AO Hud


    Absolut Creation EVE & ADAM -  Bom Skin  Nat - MP

    6 Skins Tones ( Brow and Browless option)
    Created for EVE'Olution Mesh Heads , but is tested to on Lelutka and Genus heads

    Absolut Creation EVE & ADAM -  EVE Ruby (Curvy) V1  - MP
    Shape Included Curvy & NoCurvy
    Full Customization Hud 
    Bra / Underpants / Dress / Shoes with Hud 
    Body Fitness Tattoo (BOM)
    Compatibility: Jewelry and Animation of Vista
    Classic AV's L size / Hourglass / Freya etc..( I try some Hourglass clothing and work really nice)
    260 alpha 
    Bento Hands / Hands Poses ( with the hud u can create your on hand poses)
    3 Feet Pose


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    Dream a Little Dream for me

    Have a sweet Dream with Dreamland Designs exclusive for Swank Event until January 31.

    Bedroom Set available in Adult &PG with Bento animations includes curtains, heater, Nights stands with decor, Wrought iron bed (Mirrors included not shown)

    Lorena ornamental Console table Is not included and sold separate.
    Material Enabled
    Outfit: Ghostyss - Karen High-Shorts and Top (SWANK)
    Boots Eudora3D Aster Boots Full Version & GIFT   at main store
     Dreamland Designs exclusive for Swank Event 
    Outfit: Ghostyss - Karen High-Shorts and Top (SWANK)
    hair FireLight Annie at main store
    Hat Vintage Avid NA 
    Poses Lurk  and Sadow  Le Poppycock @ Main store 
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    *Also, Follow My Flickr ♥


    *Headpiece/Shoulder: Cintia – Zibska
    Cintia makes a BOLD statement with her set
    consisting of a Headpiece along with both Left and Right shoulders.
    The 15 color HUD makes it a cinch to customize the flowers to your liking.

    *Eyemakeup: Cintia – Zibska
    Cintia Is the perfect eyeshadow to wear as a strong base to
    either layer with eyeliner or all by itself.
    12 shades it’s box produces, so indecisive ones,
    plan on spending more time in front of the mirror.

    *Cintia Lipstick is also available and like the eyemakeup, both come with
    Omega Appliers, Tattoo and Universal Layers.
    You’ll find Cintia @ the current Vanity Event until 01/28/21.
    TAXI: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scandalize%20Land/47/202/2072
    Have fun!


    Hair: Rhythm – Puft
    Hairbase 1: Mongolian – Siix
    Hairbase 2: Icey Baby Hair – Harana
    Jewelry: Cluster Hug – Rawr
    Eyeliner: HD Eyeshadow – Glam Affair
    Lipstick: Volume – Top1Salon
    Dress: Thorn – Pixicat
    Gloves: Francesca – Zephyr
    Pet: Scops Owl – Hextraordinary
    Pose: Marionette – WetCat

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    Je t'aimeBonjour Mon Cheri!

    I hope this blog finds all you lovely blossoms doing well on this very chilly Sunday (where I am anyhow, windy and in the 20’s brrrrrr!)  With Valentine’s less than a month away, I’m beginning to think romantical thoughts.  The new group gift from no.match (group is free to join!) put me positively over the edge with romantical FRENCH thoughts!  It’s a lovely Parisian style bob (aka French Bob) which seems vintage but is always in style.  It symbolizes a woman who is independent, progressive and spirited!  I bet you didn’t even know that this french hairstyle was inspired by Joan of Arc!  The website V is for Vintage states; “Celebrity hairdresser Antoine referenced the French heroine when creating his new bobbed hairstyle. It is introduced into his Paris salon around 1909 and creates a new fashion fad. ”  It states too that in the 21st century, the bob still exudes “retro, chic, edgy, vintage, arty” vibes.  So… you can’t go wrong!

    I paired it up with this very chic set from Shanti which is a new fab free gift that you can grab just by putting your fab free tag on.  The shop also carries 6 other colored sets which are currently on promo for 99L!  While I don’t have a history to share with you regarding the shorts/blazer outfit, I’ve seen this style in numerous shops lately and really love them.  Dressy and casual all wrapped into one!

    These outfits come in:

    • Freya
    • Isis
    • Venus
    • Ebody
    • Fitmesh
    • Maitreya
    • Ocacin
    • Hourglass
    • Physique
    • TMP
    • Curvy
    • Fine

    Au Revoir beautiful fabbies!

    ❤ Arielle

    Arielle is Wearing…


    Blazer & Shorts – Shanti – Blush Chic Blazer Outfit – (Fab free Gift/Group is Free to Join)
    Hair – no.match – No_Rumour – Essentials (Free Group Gift/Group is free to join)


    Mesh Body – Maitreya  – Lara
    Mesh Head –Genus– Strong Face (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join)
    Head Applier –  Luscious Skins– Lucy (Fab Free Gift/Group is Free to Join) 
    Eyes– LAQ – Gaya eyes in green

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    … Barton Barn …

    Scarlet Creative Barton [email protected]Saturday Sale and available until Monday!
    L2 Rocky Point Metal Stairs comes with the new Rocky Point House
    L2 Rocky Point Walkway included with the new Rocky Point House
    Pitching boat (with rope) - non-stop swing
    Apple Fall Row Boat - Blue & Cream
    ~TDC~ Very Old RowBoat - non-stop swing
    *alirium* DownyGrass [Green]
    *alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]
    [HL] Realistic Rocks

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    Sky Opens Wide

    Featuring Nerido

    Sky opens wide
    You close your eyes and no one can find you
    But still it begins, and so it is
    Your eyes can't hide you
    You build those castles in the sand
    And hope with everything you have
    The wind is calm tonight
    Looking for answers in the dark
    You're searching endless works of art to find life inside of them
    Oh, to find light inside of them

    The flying gets harder as you fall
    Gravity holds no weight at all
    When help alludes, you call on a land, oh
    On the oh, land, oh...
    -song lyrics

    Hello Beautiful World!
    It's been a while since I have sat down to write some lines for you. So here they are, just a few,
    no need for too many to express what is in my heart at this very moment. You will see a smile on my
    face if you could see me now. Not a big smile, yet, big enough to show the world that I am okay.
    However, if you search deeper into my soul, you will sense my need to hide and escape from the world.
    Now, don't take this as wanting to run away, it is more to find myself because like every other
     human, I too find myself feeling lost at times and needing space to be able to breathe.

    So I spread my arms and close my eyes, and I feel myself flying and starting to breathe again...
    no more holding my breath. Thy higher I get, the more peace I feel...
    I reach the clouds and watch the world from above, it is amazing when you can see the whole picture.
    My mind gets clearer and things start to make sense.
    Then I began to descend to the ground in a smooth landing, and as my bare feet touch the ground again,
    I am once again ready to walk on this earth. Life, here I come!

    Thanks for reading!
    Much Love,
    Lori Novo

    Maitreya Mesh Body
    Model & Photographer Lori Novo
    Thanks to my wonderful ●Sponsors for their kind support!

    My Nerido Inventory ● Designer Lina Nerido


    Legacy - Perky - Maitreya - Petite

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    People are in such a hurry all the time. For no reason. Relax! Take the car and go for a drive with no particular destination in mind and try to just enjoy the ride.

    Did you see the futuristic [777] 4x V-T Turbo 2077 from 777 Motors that’s out at the Manly Arena Event? Whew, talk about going somewhere, or nowhere, fast! Demo available at the 777 Motors mainstore.

    I’m wearing the cool looking Noah set from FashionNatic which is available at this round of the MAN CAVE event. Shirt, pants and boots. Available for purchase in a few select single colors, fatpacks and mega fatpack. Fatpacks include bonus content. Compatible with Belleza Jake (shown on me), Legacy and Signature Gianni male mesh bodies.

    • Windlight: Jay BattleScars – PREMIUM – CLOUDS – BACKWATER 6
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    feature on the B-side

    Fabfree Post: feature on the B-side

    Soft and slow, watch the minutes go

    As January is coming to a close I can’t help but wonder what happened to the time? It seems to be going by so fast and there’s no way to slow it down. With everything in the world, I’m thankful that I have this outlet to express my love, joy, sorrow, and complacency here with you. Think my moral compass is on a vacation, which is where my head has been the past few weeks, drinking a nice frozen beverage with some fruit hanging off the cup. So if you’re waiting for an invitation, here it is, let’s allow ourselves to take a vacation and forget all the worries or stressors! First drink is free ^^


    On the B-Side

    The Designer Showcase has quite a selection of free gifts from the designers during this round, which ends on January 25th so you need to hurry and snag them all while you can. The gifts are free while you have their free group, so again it will just cost your time to get there. Don’t delay!

    Copy and paste into local chat for the Designer Showcase VIP free group

    ::ALTER:: has a very sweet free gift for you at the Designer Showcase The gift is a perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day outfits! Don’t miss out ladies! The necklace is unrigged and resizeable

    Designer Showcase Event - ::ALTER:: - Cherry Love Necklace


    zOOm is another designer that has a sweet little free gift for you at the Designer Showcase
    Again it ends January 25th! That’s tomorrow! So there is no time to waste. The Misty Dress Comes with a color hud giving your 5 lace color options for this cute little free gift!

    • Maitreya
    • Isis
    • Freya
    • Hourglass
    • Physique
    • Ebody
    • Curvy
    Copy and paste into local chat for the Designer Showcase VIP free group https://world.secondlife.com/group/8f091db8-5f9e-3505-10d3-c5bbbbc43da0

    Designer Showcase Event - zOOm - Misty Dress


    Bunnie is Wearing…


    Dress – zOOm – Misty Dress   (Free Gift / Free Group)
    Necklace – ::ALTER:: Vianney ~ Cherry Love / Necklace  (Free Gift / Free Group)
    Shoes – SHEY QUEBEC HEEL  (L$25 on their Marketplace)


    Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
    Mesh Head – Catwa Catya
    Eyes – . MILA . Zehra Eyes
    Eyeshadow – [POUT!] Graceful Eye Shadow
    Lips – WarPaint* Naked Lips
    Blush/Freckles – WarPaint* #IWokeUpLikeThis3
    Face – DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Sally”
    Hair – DOUX – Kiara hairstyle
    Hairbase – L’Etre – Allyson Hairbase
    Tattoos – .: Vegas :. Tattoo Applier The Witch
    Apollemis Tattoos BoM Ruby Chest


    FOXCITY. Juice – 5M


    FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Old Town



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    Little Rebel

    Some time ago I was asked if I want to design for a brand new mesh body Rebirth Eden.
    I loved the amazing concept to be able to simply slide down the avi from normal height to teen and kids size with just one body.

    Today I only show some images. Its been so much fun to play with the little rebel, go shopping new hair, a new AO and update some of my clothing.
    A review showing HUD and possibilities of the Rebirth body will follow.

    BoM clothing works like a charm without any adjustments, like the pantyhoses and a tank top I found in my inventory.

    Hair and shoes for the kid have to be unrigged and resizable. Unfortunately the curly Freda hair is not resizable, so that I decided to create an all new character.
    Mesh clothing must be rigged newly and for tight tops you need to do various breast options (flat, small, normal). I love challenges, so I upgraded some of my newest mesh creations.

    Below you can see the difference between my kids avi and my twin sis Fredda.

    Credits kids avi:

    Body: Rebirth Eden – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Endless%20Love/17/63/22
    Head: Genus Strong Face
    Shape: reworked kids shape, that has been in the sales package of the body
    Skin: The Skinnery BoM Skin Tzuyu toffee
    Hair: tram Jo026 (with a resize button on the HUD, perfect!)
    Jewelry: Kunglers Margot Necklace, Supernatural Midnight Choker
    Clothing: Freda – Fashion and Accessories
    at the inworld shop all clothing for Rebirth is marked with the Rebirth logo:

    Clothing items: Jenna Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater, different Pantyhoses BoM, Cilli Cyber Boots, Ria Ripped Denim Shorts, Olga Sweater and Sweatshirt with Paint Stains

    Have fun and stay healthy!

    Love, Freda

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    … anticipate the dance …

    Lyrium. Profile Bento Pose Pack - 5M
    VARONIS - Red Light District // Backdrop - Group Gift
    --- PUMEC - / Mesh Ears\ - Bohemian
    LeLUTKA Lilly Head 2.5
    // L // - Quartz Nails
    L U K A - Lilly Shape For LeLUTKA Evo Lilly Head 2.5 
    Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.3
    7 Deadly s[K]ins - KATELIJN skins - OAK
    [AB] Cobra Dress -TAN @BIG GIRL 1.15.21
    Foxy - Ivy Hair (Natural Ombre)@C88 Jan
    KUNGLERS - Silene rings@Cosmopolitan 1.24
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    Pretty in Floral

     This bedroom is pretty in it's floral motif and light colors.  I love how this turned it out.  Park Place is where the Mila Bedroom Collection comes from.  I added the Montclaire Chandelier from AZ Studio.  They released a whole light collection.  Both of these items can be found at the current round of Swank.  

    Mila Bedside Bench PG LI:5
    Mila Dresser & Mirror Set LI:7
    Mila Print Wing Chair PG LI:8
    Mila Side Table LI:4
    Mila Texture Change Bed  - Adult LI:17
    Mila Wall Mirror PG LI:2
    Round White Braided Rug LI:1

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    Diana and*Truth*

    NEW*Truth* Unravel Hair – comes with Style options – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Truth/158/27/34

    *Tachinni* Grace Shirt and Skirt – available in many colors – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ViSion%20Land/187/38/22

    *Session* Milly BOM Skin for Genus, Shape incl.(i have edited) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/kunst/177/185/23

    *Genus Project* Bento Mesh Head Genus Classic Face W001 – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Genus%20Project%20Mainstore/101/128/34

    *Maitreya* Mesh Body Lara – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maitreya%20Isle/207/165/26

    *AvaWay* Keep Time Necklace – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/AvaWay/96/117/22

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    Cece (Cece Sassypants) 2021-01-24 07:07:44

    Hair – Doe – Namay

    Heads – TD – Opal

    Ears – Momochuu – Love melody (gacha)

    Eyes – Lotus – Libra eyes gacha (10 & 15 worn)

    Outfit – Viv.a! kids at Roselline Event – Luana set – Lots of colors, fits Td Baby, Tween, Bebe Toddler & Youth – NEW

    Sneaks – Tippy Tap – Andrea Sneakers

    Chipmunk (binky clip, stuffy and security blanket) – Mun Bani & Sophies Closet at Thimble – Organic Frands Gacha. Lots of cute stuff to collect – NEW

    Body – Toddledoo – Baby/Chubby/Shrinkee