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    Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed

    Featuring PosEd Poses

    Advice from a Squirrel

    Plan ahead
    Stay active
    Spend time in the woods
    Look both ways when you cross the road
    Eat plenty of fiber
    Go out on a limb
    It’s ok to be a little nuts!

    Today I am featuring a new subscriber/group gift from PosEd Poses.  Little Autumn Friends is a standing bento pose that includes the squirrels and pumpkin bucket.  Stop by the store and hit the subscriber kiosk and get yours today!


    What I’m wearing

    Victoria’s Standards

    Hair – Truth  – Destiny

    Dress/Sweater – Blueberry – So Cozy Corset Cardigan

    Earrings – Rise Design – Claybrook Earrings @ Gems

    Necklace – Rise Design – Claybrook Necklace @ Gems

    Eyeshadow – Izzie’s – Summer Eyeshadows

    Nails – e.marie – Nude/Mood Vibrant


    Heart Garden Center – WILDWOOD Enchanted Autumn Path – Mixed


    PosEd Poses – Little Autumn Friends – Group/Subscriber Gift

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    Sweet sunshine


    Dear reader. Hope your beautiful Sunday :)

    Its the weekend is here! it makes my wallet empty but i have do care dont be so :) 
    because my wallet is not nolimit! it has limit very soon ... 
    but i would love to share with you the Discount items by Dreamland Design and other beautiful items! 

    DD Aspen Country Sideboard Set
    DD Aspen Country Rug Set
    DD Aspen Country Couch Adult
    *Available in Adult & PG
    *PG Is Only Secret Sale Sunday for 50L / Adult is 50% Off

    • DD Aspen Country Couch-Adult
    • DD Aspen Picture Frame
    • DD Aspen Striped Autumn Rug
    • DD Aspen Floral Autumn Rug
    • DD Vintage Red Round Rug
    • DD Aspen Floral Country Lamp
    • DD Sparkling Pumpkin Decor
    • DD Rose Rack Decor
    • DD Aspen Country Sideboard

    DD Strand Armchair Red -Adult
    • DD Strand Armchair Red-Adult
    • DD Vintage Red Round Rug
    • DD Abstract Art

    Wall art : TLG - Glam Poppy Wall Art
    Wreath : TLG - Harvest Robin Wreath

    Credit @ Dutchie or Marketplace
    Dutchie library slim part 1 no shadow
    Dutchie library slim part 2 no shadow
    Dutchie library slim part 3 no shadow
    Dutchie library slim part 1 no shadow

    Pot tree : KraftWork Small Light Tree . Rose by KraftWork
    Pot tree : KraftWork Small Light Tree . Cyan by KraftWork
    Pot tree : KraftWork Small Light Tree . White by KraftWork
    table : LISP - Mesh - Cinnamon Coffee Table - Untreated by LISP
    Coffee cup : LISP - Single Cup of Coffee - Peach Steam 2li  by LISP
    table decor : LISP - Mesh - Candle Diffuser Tray - With Flame 3li - white  by LISP
    Choco cake tower : <Aphrodite> Strawberry Choco Cake by Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes
    choco board : <Aphrodite> Choco Board by Aphrodite shop / Heart Homes

    I hope you like all of them!
    Thanks for coming to my blog. 
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    Fabulous Finds 09.27.20 Edition

    ♥Group Gift♥ Welcome!♥

    Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join @ SweetDoll

    Energy Gift: College Girl Pose

    Free Gift for Members of Energy Price Group/Group is Free to Join @ EatMe

    Lilith's Den - Hangman Toothpick

    Free Gift on the Necrosis Hunt by Lilith’s Den 

    Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join by Una @ Neo Japan

    Merlina: Group Gift. ♥

    Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join @ LuluB!

    .:: SO ::. GIFT Bento Nails Mesh Ballerina Long Ray

    Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae / Group is Free to Join by Stunner Originals 

    .:: SO ::. GIFT Bento Nails Mesh Male Square Ray

    Free Group Gift @ SaNaRae / Group is Free to Join by Stunner Originals 

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    LOTD #1051: Morning Commute



    Mesh head:  LeLUTKA.Head.Fleur.2.0 (by jaden.nova)
    Skin applier: [Glam Affair] Johanna Layer [Lelutka] 007 C (by aida Ewing) [NEW] @  UBER
    Lipstick applier: TOP1SALON (by fraumuller)
    Eyes applier: LOTUS. Virgo Eyes 17 (LeLutka) RARE (by lotusbynjohr) [NEW] @ Equal10
    Hair: [monso] Babi Hair (type B) (by Morphine Janick)

    Necklace: erratic / triangle necklace / FATPACK (by erratic.rain)
    Glasses: BONDI . The Cursed Glasses . Fatpack (by manu.wrydan) [NEW] @ ACCESS
    Bag: [DDL] Here (Nude) (by Melina Anatine)
    Coat: MVT – Fall style Vest – Black (by MOVEMENTT) [NEW] @ Equal10
    Drink: Tentacio – Love deer drink (by May Tolsen)

    Outfit: ISON – sophia shirt dress – all colors (by Harry Hyx)
    Boots: [Gos] Pepper Ankle Boots – Black [maitreya] (by gospel.voom)

    Poses: Kirin Poses (by Carolina Sautereau)
    Background: MINIMAL – January Group Gift 2020 (by ors.quan)

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    The Time Traveler

    Time Traveler

    Anyone who tells you Time Travel is a science, and not an artform, is a scoundrel. It is and must be both. You need to be able to finesse your way through multiple realities and get the calculations correct. For now, I’m going to slice through the curtain of time and get myself out of this Jurassic nightmare before one of these giant prehistoric lizards decides I might be a delicious meal. Safe travels my fellow voyagers.

    The Engine Room 

    Purely by happenstance I visited the Engine Room event. Lo and behold, it’s an Anniversary round! You guessed it, that means free gifts. Lots and lots of amazing free gifts. The theme is steampunk and the gifts are free with the Second Life Syndicate group tag. The group is free to join. I got all of them, and would have loved to show all of them to you, but that would just be tedious for everyone. Instead, I put together my Time Traveler look using the Engine Room gifts from Eudora3D, Apricot Paws, Wicca’s Originals, Deadly Nightshade, and Lux Aeterna.

    Second Life Syndicate group: secondlife:///app/group/d35c55f4-6a4f-eb2d-1dae-af9665f6f4cd/about


    I think this hat from Eudora3D is possibly one of the coolest hats I’ve ever owned, and it’s absolutely free. The Witch Hunter hat is incredibly detailed. It comes with a hud that lets you change the metal parts gold or silver, and adjust the position and size of the hat. You’ll find this freebie waiting for you at the Engine Room event. Don’t forget the Second Life Syndicate tag.

    Apricot Paws

    My very Victorian-like blouse by Apricot Paws is also free at the Engine Room. It fits beautifully and I love the subtle pinstripes. This shirt comes in a tucked and a not tucked version for multiple wear options. This gift also has a hud that lets you adjust the color of the bow, the buttons, and metal bits.

    Sizes Included: Maitreya Lara, Maitreya V-Tech, MeshBody Legacy, MeshBody Legacy Perky

    Wicca’s Originals

    The Havoc Mask is the free Engine Room Anniversary gift by Wicca’s Originals. This super cool accessory is unisex in that it comes in a male sizes as well as a female size. The details are awesome, and it fit me perfectly, however there are resize scripts in the masks.

    Deadly Nightshade

    I think this clockwork mechanism halo piece by Deadly Nightshade is so cool. Not only does it look cool with all the great details, it also has moving parts. The pieces attach separately so that they move independent of each other. That also means they can be worn all together or separately. This free Engine Room gift was the initial inspiration for creating a Time Traveling character.

    Lux Aeterna

    The golden scalpel and scissors by Lux Aeterna together are the first Engine Room gift I unpacked and knew I had to do something with them. They are gorgeous aesthetically, and have a macabre element that I really like. They also have these really awesome bento hold poses, that are just icing on the cake. You’ll find them for free at the Engine Room. Again, don’t forget to join the free Second Life Syndicate group and wear the group tag to get the gifts.


    • Hat – Eudora3D – Witch Hunter Hat – Brown – Free Second Life Syndicate Group Gift/Group is Free to Join @Engine Room
    • HairDoux – Dreemdoll
    • HeadCatwa HDPRO Majer Soft
    • SkinDeetalez – Doutzen II
    • EyesBuzzeri – Celestial Eyes – Chlorine
    • Mask – Wicca’s Originals – Havoc Mask – Free Second Life Syndicate Group Gift/Group is Free to Join @Engine Room
    • Halo – Deadly Nightshade – Celestemporia Halo v2  – Free Second Life Syndicate Group Gift/Group is Free to Join @Engine Room
    • Shirt – Apricot Paws: Velo Shirt: Pinstripe Wine – Free Second Life Syndicate Group Gift/Group is Free to Join @Engine Room
    • SkirtSPIRIT – Arina Long Skirt
    • Scissors & Scalpel w/Pose – LUX AETERNA [Macabre Machinamentum] – Free Second Life Syndicate Group Gift/Group is Free to Join @Engine Room

    Photo taken at Prehistorica: The Dawn Kingdom


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    I’m gonna make you feel it….

    Tonight, as we wander together, we get lost in each other. Lets try this again and see if we can make this dream into a reality. Is this what you wanted? Am I what you dreamed of? Is this enough? Slipping out of this dress into something I know you'll love...….. 

    Dress by Cynful - Maxi Dress
    Lingerie by Moon Elixir x MUSE - Entangled Embrace @ Kinky Event
    Gloves by Moon Elixir x MUSE @ Kinky Event
    Hair by Doux - Olga
    Moon Stud by Rawr
    Makeup by Colivati and Warpaint
    Scares by LePunk
    Eyes by Avi-Glam - Cupid

    Tattoo by Vegas Tattoo - Witch
    Backdrop by Foxcity 

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    Steampunk Revolution

    Eclipse Magazine, June 2020: https://issuu.com/eclipsemagazinesl/docs/eclipse_magazine_june_2020


    We’ve got a steampunk revolution
    We’re tired of all your so-called evolution
    We’ve darted back to 1886
    Don’t ask us why; that’s how we get our kicks

    Our underworld isn’t filled with fear
    Just brass and copper, leather scrap, and rusty gear
    You can keep your hip-hop techno-pop-rock schleppin-dub
    I’m on my way to a coal-powered underground vintage pub

    Your subculture shops at the mall
    We build ours with blowtorch, needle, thread, and leather awl
    With our antique clock parts we’ve taken all arts, fine art to fashion
    And now we’re spreading worldwide to circle the globe with a furious passion

    We’ve got a steampunk revolution
    We’re tired of all your so-called evolution
    We’ve darted back to 1886
    Don’t ask us why; that’s how we get our kicks

    [Abney Park]


    Collar: Insommnia Angel – “Gear Collar” (Maitreya)

    Dress: Violent Seduction – “Cosette” (Maitreya)

    Tights: Izzie’s – “Tights Dark Beige” (BoM)


    Hat: *:..Silvery K…:* – SteamDiva Hat”

    Glasses: -[TWC]- – “Mistic Glasses – Black”

    Nailpolish: DP-Koffin Nails – “Full Steam” (Maitreya Applier)

    Back Piece: [ContraptioN] – “Machinist’s Assistant”

    Hair & Makeup

    Hair: .Entwined. – Linette”

    Eyeshadow: Zibska – “Noir Pack 06 – 01” (BoM)

    Lipstick: CAZIMI – “Trending HD Lipstick Set 2 Neutrals” (LeLUTKA Evo. HD Applier)

    Head, Body & Tattoo

    Head: LeLUTKA – “Lake 2.0”

    Freckles: Izzie’s – “Pores & Blemishes – Freckles” (BoM)

    Ears: -[TWC]- – “Diesel Ears”

    Body: Maitreya – “Lara v5.3”

    Poses, Props & Tools

    Poses: Foxcity

    Bird: HILTED – “Mechanicrow – Gold Trimmed” (animesh)


    New Babbage

    Model & Photographer

    Wicca Merlin

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    L.O.T.D 9/26/2020 ft. Viv.a Kids at the Stardust Event


    "Like Stardust glistening on fairies wings, Little girls dreams are of Magical things."
    - Sherry Larson

    When I grow up.. I'mma be a UNICORN!

    The Stardust Event is a new kids event beginning on October 1st, Viv.a Kids is bringing an absolutely adorable unicorn outfit to the event. It is sized for Bebe Baby Fitted, Bebe Youth & Toddleedoo Baby Fitted and it even comes with a headband so you can be a unicorn too!

    Happy Shopping!

    Get the goods here:

    Dress & Crown: Unicorn Gown Dress - Viv.a Kids at Stardust Event

    Hair: J0813 - Hud A - Tram

    Pose: Pose Baby Unicorn - *MB* - Marketplace

    Unicorns: Unicorn Story - Sweet Dreams - Half Deer

    Location: Lost Unicorn

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    The Beginning

    Hey Lovelies,

    ok… we all knew that it was coming and here it is: HALLOWEEN!!!

    The first events have started and oh boy, they bring you some awesome stuff. Look… LOOOOOOK!!!!!

    The Beginning_001The Beginning_002

    What´s all that awesomeness you ask?


    Doux Tegan @Dubai until Octobre 10th
    Goodies.I.Need Ouija Lips and Halloween Blush
    B.D.R. Fishnet Addiction
    [JUSTICE] Rebel Jeans
    *Epic Limited Edition* Cosmic Mesh Monster Shus!

    Necrosis – open until Octobre 11th presents:
    Goodies.I.Need Frankenstein – Free Cupcake – GIFT
    Lilith´s Den – Gdanagla
    Spookshow Halloween Collar
    Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Webspinners
    +Psycho Barbie+ Necrosis Tee

    additional Decor dragged up from the grounds of  Salem (open until Octobre 31st):
    *The Horror! Hallow´s Confetti
    *+Half-Deer+ Skeleton Cat
    *TLC Skeleton Dog
    *CHEZ MOI Vampire Cat

    FOXCITY Glitter Box

    BattleScars 24.0 MADNESS

    allright I gotta dash, I´ll tell you more soon!

    Take care,



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    “Who Ever Loved That Loved Not at First Sight?”

    It lies not in our power to love or hate,
    For will in us is overruled by fate.
    When two are stripped, long ere the course begin,
    We wish that one should love, the other win;
    And one especially do we affect
    Of two gold ingots, like in each respect:
    The reason no man knows; let it suffice
    What we behold is censured by our eyes.
    Where both deliberate, the love is slight:
    Who ever loved, that loved not at first sight? ~Christopher Marlowe

    The 1st Annual SL Renaissance Festival to benefit Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is now Open!  10 days filled with shopping, entertainment and tournaments.  Peek here  https://slrenaissancefestival.com/

    Styling Credits Exclusively at the Festival~ 

      {Wren’s Nest} Isabel Shape- Genus Strong  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ren%20Fest%20VI/131/135/28

    Kitty Creations Exclusive- Ursula  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ren%20Fest%20VI/34/215/28

    Taken at Ren Fest Region VI sponsored by Unity Maxim  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ren%20Fest%20VI/159/68/29


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    Halloween Dream

    Harvest Dreams

    When I imagine the perfect fall feast setting, this is how it looks in my mind. This time of year is my absolute favorite time of year, and I was thrilled to see that Muniick has the coolest Farmhouse Halloween Dinner setting for their 60L Happy Weekend offer this weekend.

    With the Farmhouse Halloween Dinner set by Muniick you’ll get a large table and chairs with place settings, decor, and a second smaller table for a more intimate setting. That makes for a total of 10 pieces for just 60 linden! The chairs have 24 PG poses, and give props. Each item is also copy, and modify so you can rez multiples and adjust things like size and tint.

    Don’t miss out on this amazing set by Muniick available at the 60L Happy Weekend price this weekend only!


    Table SettingMuniick – Farmhouse Halloween Dinner – 60L for Happy Weekend Sept. 26th and 27th only

    TrellisRivendale ~ Victorian Rose Garden ~ Trellis 2
    RugLacrime dell’Anima – Rug – Oriental Set – Rug 2
    Bats+Half-Deer+ Paper Bats – Big Group A

    Additional pumpkins:


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    Hair: [monso] My Hair - Jullie 

    Skin: DeeTaleZ GENUS Head

    Top: Addams // Jamila Tassel Knit Top //

    Jacket & Pants: Addams // Jamila Jacket & Pants // LIMITED EDITIONEach pack is L$199 and the megapack which includes both is L$299.Also, during this time, the Full Megapack of our Jamila set will be L$1750 & fatpacks for only L$899. This does not include the LE packs.