• Winterising me. (Freebies).

    Three in a row and that’s simply because I couldn’t wait to show you this new S@bbia gift or I should say gifts.

    I was literally changing my landscaping to its winter setting and throwing down a few decorations when the notice came though. The gift is obviously this dress as its a “classic” S@bbia design and the boots come with it which is a lovely touch. Yes I’ve kept the Exile hat/hair on and changed the style and colour so you can see it worn in a different way.

    The fits are: Fitmesh, Lara/Lara X, Legacy & Reborn.

    PS. I already owned these oversized baubles but I do know they’re on sale at the Simply Shelby shop for 150Lds. They’re not only a substantial size they have a lovely metallic look to them and 5 shade options, blue, light blue, pink, red and green. All of that is good enough BUT only 1 prim! So for a really low prim you can create quite an impact on your land or home.


    Simply Shelby. (Take the TP to the Christmas Platform).

  • Two in a row. (Freebie).

    This is a lovely hidden gift from the Exile hair shop. Basically I went to see of there was any freebies, of course, and also to see if there was anything new. I didn’t see any obvious Group Gift but still decided to have a wander around as I always like to see if because I was wandering around just having a look I spotted on the wall hidden with the paid for hair this freebie.

    This hat/hair is not unfamiliar to me so it may have been a gift from last year or is totally new and just has a similar style to a hair I once had…who knows. It’s lovely and its a keeper.

    You get a choice of styles so I wore with one side over my shoulder, the other in front. I think there is a boob size as well and best of all a big 10 Hud of colours for the hat all in the same pattern and a fatpack of hair shades.

    PS. No clues as the shop isn’t massive and since its the sellers intention to make you look for it you’re going to have to just look but as always if I can find it anyone can lol.


    Style Card:

    Skin “YS & YS” Rosalie Tone 02 bomskin.
    Shape My own.
    Freckles Izzie’s & “YS &YS”

    Exile:: Denise (B)
    / HEAD / lel EvoX KAYA 3.1
    Back Lace-up Boots (Slink Mid) (Christmass Gift)
    [+] Legacy (f) Optional Fit Deformer (Feet) (1.6)
    [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.6)
    Blueberry – Spotlight – High Waist Jeans – Legacy
    ~UKYAH~ Reage Cropped (L. Perky)
    CAZIMI: Mesh Nails – Ballerina Short – Legacy (L & R)

  • Surprise. (Freebie(sss)).

    I went to the Enatch shop as I know it has one of the Advent Hunts going on, I think its each shop has a hidden gift box you have to find and I didn’t find it but you know I will be returning later to find the bloddy thing as I want whatever is in the box.

    This is what I did find, the 2 pictures, wardrobe and the lace draped chair.

    There is actually a lot of gifts for us so I had a nice time unpacking those.

    Now for a “Pay Attention” as these FREE for all gifts are outside of the shop to the left of the entrance, under a pavilion with a “GIFT” sign on the roof is where you wil see shelves and boxes of gifts. You’d think from all of that they had made it obvious for people to find them but I have been to this shop a few times and not spotted them before as I just walk straight into the shop without looking. On the right of the entrance is the paid for Group Gifts.


  • Stepping on Faiths toes! (Freebie(ssss)).

    I accidentally went to the BIG freebie shop called Palermo. This is a shop Faith usually likes to pop into which is why I didn’t recognise it. Now its my turn to click away because under the Christmas Tree is a ton of gifts and in fact the whole shop is full of freebies donated by some of the BIG shops in SL and that’s because this is the new shop created by the lovely lady, Palomma Casavona, called Free Dove.

    This dress is the gift from the Glitzz shop. Comes with some lovely detailing, the ties/beading and those gloves.

    The fits are: Freya, Hourglass, Kupra, Legacy, Maitryea, Perky, Petite & Reborn.

    I’m actually really pleased I did accidentally visit this shop as I made a donation…and yes of course I’ve walked away with a massive amount of boxes to open and shops to visit lol.


    Style Card:

  • Shop with me. (Freebie).

    I’ve noticed a few shops have changed their paid groups to free groups to let people enjoy any gifts they have out and also if they have an Advent Calendar and the ADD shop has done both.

    I’m only showing you the New Group Gift and will leave the Advent Calendar as a surprise.

    I’m actually shopping in a different shop and I’m not going to leave until I find what I came shopping for, believe it or not its Christmas decorations lol, but so far not good so I might look at their Marketplace shop.

    A close up of the ADD outfit so you can see the “grommet” holes which are very realistic. The Hud only allows you to change the tab on the zipper, so I’ve got the cross and there is a heart and I can’t really remember the other options. I can say the same about the Fits as you get the standard pop up menu where you select the git you want and so naturally I got the Legacy Perky. I did see plenty of the most popular fits.

    ADD. (Behind the wall).

    Style Card:

    Skin “YS & YS” Rosalie Tone 02 bomskin.
    Shape My own.
    Freckles Izzie’s & “YS &YS”

    Stealthic – Gambit (Rigged)
    [HANDS] Legacy (f) (1.6)
    CAZIMI: Mesh Nails – Ballerina Short – Legacy (L & R)
    Rowne.Jai Classic Pumps – Deluxe.Maitreya
    [ADD] Rose Bodysuit (L-Perky)
    / HEAD / lel EvoX KAYA 3.1
    [+] Legacy (f) Optional Fit Deformer (Feet) (1.6)
    [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.6)

  • I refuse to change for anyone! (Freebie).

    I couldn’t find a glove in my invent to match the outfit from my last post what I did find was this LM and this is what I found there. Just look at that cute face, who wouldn’t want to be as cute as this snail and now you can because its a Free AV.

    You get three sizes, mouse size, dog size and big enough to slime a house size.

    I had hoped the biggest size would mean I didn’t have to use the deformer but that turned out not to be the case and since I had such issues trying to match up my Legacy body/Lelutka head at the neckline I am reluctant to use a deformer. NOT that it is going to be an issue for anyone its just ME and my reluctance to change shape.

    This is what you’re looking for in the Positive Wavelength shop.

    As for the rest of the shop, its not very big so it was easy to see the other AV’s and wearables. Some mesmerising AOs I have to say.

    Positive Wavelength.

  • Feeling Animated. (Freebies).

    I’ll have to log off soon as I have work to do, yes even on a Sunday.

    Till then I will leave you with a very sexy look. The only thing is I’m sure I’ve seen both the body suit, the body sparkles which are animated and the third gift of a “pride” shade dress before but have I blogged them…who knows.

    These gifts mentioned come from the Dernier shop and are found on a small shelf on the stand. There are also VIP gifts and I can’t remember the cost of that group.

    The fits are: ER, K, L, ML for both the body suit and sparkles. The Huds you get allows you to change the brightness only.

    The Dernier shop has some STUNNING designs in it, high fashion and unique. I spent so long just looking around I forgot to check for any gifts and I had to TP back once I’d finished looking around.

    Since I needed a pair of shoes to match I used my “go-to” Rowne court shoes which are neat and tidy with a Hud of very useable shades. I couldn’t see any new gifts for us but a quick glance showed me these shoes are still there as well as some excellent gifts which have been well blogged before. And drat now I’m looking I wish I had dug into my invent as I’m sure I have some long classy evening gloves to make this a stunning full outfit. What I will do when I log in later is I will see if I can find those gloves and see if they’re still free and add that LM to this post.



    Skin “YS & YS” Rosalie Tone 02 bomskin.
    Shape My own.
    Freckles Izzie’s & “YS &YS

    / HEAD / lel EvoX KAYA 3.1
    [+] Legacy (f) Optional Fit Deformer (Feet) (1.6)
    CAZIMI: Mesh Nails – Ballerina Short – Legacy (L & R)
    :Dernier: “Hellena” Sequin Bodysuit (L)
    :Dernier: “A Star is Born” Rigged Animated Bling (L)
    Rowne.Jai Classic Pumps – Deluxe.Maitreya
    [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.6)

  • 3 Shames. (Dollarbie).

    The first shame is that I cannot give you a close up of this dollarbie outfit because sadly no Legacy fit and so not the best of fits on my Legacy body.

    You do get a full fatpack/outfit which consists of, boots, pants, top, shoulder braces (which are upper arm bands), gloves, choker, bracelets and wings. Each item comes with a fatpack Hud of colours and leather or latex options and you can change different parts of the clothing.

    It does comes in the Maitreya, Belleza Isis (Natural & Push Up), Freya (Natural & Push Up) and for 1Ld cheap enough for you to give it a try for yourself.

    Second shame is that the gold headdress is now not for sale, first time I’ve been able to wear it as well lol.

    That brings me to the glasses and the Third shame. The glasses are still free and there is a couple of other gifts in the R2 Fashion shop inc a most interesting set of pasties. The shame is that from the few demos I picked up a lot of the stock is still limited to a Maitreya fit. This doesn’t mean everything is and it was just the demo’s I picked up. The designs in this shop are stunning, Sci-Fi blended with sheer sexy. So when I log back inworld I will be checking out both shops properly and then of course hunting down my next Freebie.

    Spoiled. (Marketplace).

    R2 Fashion.

    Style Card:

    Skin “YS & YS” Rosalie Tone 02 bomskin.
    Shape My own.
    Freckles Izzie’s & “YS &YS

    / HEAD / lel EvoX KAYA 3.1
    [+] Legacy (f) Optional Fit Deformer (Feet) (1.6)
    Spoiled – Kaisa Latex Pants Maitreya
    Spoiled – Kaisa Latex Top Maitreya
    [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.6)
    Spoiled – Kaisa Boots Maitreya
    .:: SO ::. Bento Nails Mesh Ballerina Long Legacy
    r2 A/D/E karasu glasses[black

  • Almost but not quite. (Freebie(ss)).

    This skirt from the Punk Justice shop is Novembers gift and I’m sure I did a post about this shop not too long ago but didn’t see this skirt or I would most certainly have blogged it. I must have just over looked it as there are other gifts on the wall.

    The title of this post is because sadly not the greatest of fits for my Legacy body. The waist line which also has that interesting belt detail just disappears into my body when I move. Don’t let that put you off as its not a big thing plus team it up with a top that covers the waistline. Its only because I take close up photos that these become “issues” when really they’re not.

    You get a Hud of 7 shades, the lighter ones do show off the folds much better than the darker ones and as for the fits you get: t.Curvy, Ebody, Freya, Hourglass, Maitreya & Isis.

    Now for a bit of Ho Ho Ho!

    I’ve been walking around with this mask on all morning as I hunted down a freebie.

    I was at the Punk Justice shop not too long ago, its so hard to remember details as I generally visited dozens and dozens of shop when I’m SLing. On the reception desk is a Gift dress which comes with some very autumnal shades and patterns. Next to that picture is a bright red box of last years Advent gifts, so naturally I grabbed it and plonked myself down to unpack it. Since there are 24 gifts in there I’ve not unpack all as yet but so far it look like mainly décor items. Then you have this fun Santa look.

    BTW The knitted top was also a recent blog from the Osmia shop. I’ll put the link to that as well.

    C’Y Fashion.

    Punk Justice. (Old Advent Gifts on Desk).

    Osmia. (Sweater).