• Good Luck. New Mina Hair & Freebie(s)).

    First the new Mina hair.

    I was just talking to Faith and mentioned how I’d not changed my profile picture in an SL lifetime! Possible it could be as old as 15 year and yet THATS a Mina hair I’m wearing in the picture. It just goes to show you that in all this time Mina hairs are the ones I still hold dear to my heart as for me you wear the hair, the hair doesn’t wear you if you know what I mean?

    She was also the first one to give big assed colour palettes as standard and what colours she has. From super juicy to amazing grey and blacks and her orange are perfect.

    As ALWAYS check out the demo for yourself, never go by what it looks like in a pictures so use my Mina’s shop link.

    I do believe this is only for sale at the Access event however as always try the Demo out for yourself at Mina’s. You get the fatpack so you can play with the different fits, colours and you do get a without “bangs” option.

    PS. I am sure that she’s also got a brand new “wet/dry” hair which I totally forgot about so have a look for that, it will be with the other “wet/dry” hairs and makes for a great beach look…or in our case in the UK the constant P*SSSING DOWN RAIN!

    Now for a freebie which I don’t think I’ve blogged. Obviously its this silky top/shorts/belt. There are a lot of gifts in the Bens Beauty shop and I recognise most of them so I don’t think there is anything new apart from this…is it? Who knows but it was perfect for this pictures so I grabbed it. It does come with a big Hud of 30 shades and you can wear them as separates.

    The fits are: Belleza, Classic/Curvy, GenX Curvy, Kupra, Legacy/Perky, Maitreya.

    I will also say just in case its new to you that you should also grab the “Leigha” dress, drapey, silky which makes for a lovely evening out dress.

    Mina’s Mainshop.

    Bens Beauty.

  • To Whoever, I Thank You. (Freebie).

    I clicked so fast I’ve lost the note/notice/IM of who the person was who sent me this link and no matter how much I looked I couldn’t find it. So I’m saying Thank You now.

    You get a juicy fat pack of 24 shades, mainly pastels but don’t worry if you have a darker soul as if you check the picture used in the Marketplace shop then you will see how good they look in all black.

    You do only get two fits, Legacy & Ebody. The Ebody fit is actually pretty good on my Legacy Deformer foot with just a hint of breakthrough on the ankle but for a close up I decided to Alpha myself out…I will be keeping them as I have the perfect outfit for these shoes.

    Adorable Merchant. (Marketplace).

  • Aww Booger! (Freebie).

    Noooo I can’t get a good fit for these new S@bbia shoes and I really love them because they do look really good.

    Sadly though even thought the fits are: Lara/LaraX, Legacy, Reborn, & SLink flat and normally I wouldn’t have a problem in this case none of them was good enough.

    Obviously as most regular readers know I use the Legacy “deformer” foot and not the piggy trotter that the body comes with so that’s why you can see Legacy listed but for me personally I never wear anything that doesn’t fit the deformer foot.

    PS. You get a PBR Hud included. I think my settings are now for PBR so this is how I see them but I added the Hud clicked and I think when you’re not using PBR then they’re a paler blue. I suspect within a couple of days or even now we will all be using the updated PBR Viewers.


  • Times Up…Be Quick. (Free, Dollarbie & Spendy)

    I did this post a couple of days ago but I decided I’d send the seller a note to let them know that it wasn’t set for group only members only. Now enough time has passed and since its still a free for all I’ve decided to just show you it with no promise that this skirt/top and a frothy dress will still be free by the time you visit.

    Basically in the Dami shop there are 3 posters on the wall showing you the group gifts. Since I’m a prolific clicker even before I joined the group I clicked on the posters and to my surprise the one in the middle called “Summer Edition” is free for all.

    You get this skirt and top which can be worn as separates and as mentioned a “frothy” summer dress.

    The Dollarbie is this cute mushroom hat. I love all things mushroomy(sic) so when I was looking on the Marketplace when I spotted this I had to have it especially as its a Dollarbie. You get a Hud of 10 colours, you can’t change the colour of the bow but can use the sparkle option.

    I still paid to join the Dami group as I really wanted this cardigan. I think the group cost either 99 or 100Lds. I saw them for full price in the shop, and different colours, so for me it was a bargain and I loved this brown and the pink shaded one you get.

    Your arms are automatically put into the position you can see and when you walk it holds that position and you don’t wobble like drunk. You don’t even need to alpha your arms out. I did also pick up the third gift pack which I’m also very happy with but they are more winter themed so I will leave them for you to check out.

    The fits for all the clothes are: Ebody, Legacy & Maitreya Lara.

    Dami. (Hop on the TP next to the desk).

    Toadstool. (Marketplace).

    Style Card:

    Skin “YS & YS” Rosalie Tone 02 bomskin.
    Shape My own.
    Freckles Izzie’s & “YS &YS”

    [HANDS] Legacy (f) (1.6)
    / HEAD / lel EvoX KAYA 3.1
    LaceUp ShortBoots #02 Slink Mid
    [+] Legacy (f) Optional Fit Deformer (Feet) (1.6)
    CAZIMI: Mesh Nails – Ballerina Short – Legacy (L & R)
    ::TD:: Jo Top – Perky
    [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.6)
    ::TD:: Jo Jeans – Legacy

  • Fairplay. ((Next Up?) 50Ld Sale, Ends on Friday).

    Sorry no freebies, I promise come Hell or high water my next post will be free clothes. Till then I will leave you with a LOT of temptation.

    A notice came through from the Iconic shop that till Fri all their “Fairplay” machines are set to just 50Lds and that got me TPing in a heartbeat as its a brand I love.

    Now Ionics “Fairplay” machines are what most shops call “Next Up” machines and I think we all know by now how these works.

    So I’m really only showing you one of the items I bought and if you want this or any other thing you will have to wait till it pops up as the for sale item. In my case I got this and another very similar backdrop and then from a different machine a wearable grocery shopping basket.

    When you get to the LM you need to use this TP to get to the Fairplay machines.

    BTW Just in case you’re new to SL/Ionic then the items in these machines are all decor.