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    Fountain Of Youth

    Featuring ViSion, Harshlands and Nantra

    There is a fountain of
    youth: it is your mind, your
    talents, the creativity you
    bring to your life and the
    lives of people you love.
    When you learn to tap this
    source, you will truly have
    defeated age.

    – Sophia Loren –


    What I’m wearing

    Victoria’s Standards

    Hair – Entwined – Drew

    Dress – ViSion –  Mell Dress

    Jacket – ViSion – Mell Leather Jacket


    Harshlands– Old Stone Fountain @  The Liaison Collaborative 

    Saintstreet – French Street Backdrop

    {What Next} – Pembury Bench

    DaD Virtual Living  – Climbing Ivy

    The Little Branch – Weeping Willow V2 Animated

    Just Animals – Pigeon

    Reality Designs 



    NANTRA – Carrie @ The Liaison Collaborative

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    Spread Your Wings & Fly

    Featuring KOPFKINO, Rise Design and StunnerOriginals

    If nothing ever
    changed, there would
    be no such things as

    – Wendy Mass –

    Hi everyone!  As you can see I am back earlier than anticipated and I find it a little ironic that while I was going to be talking a bit about change in this post I received this beautiful butterfly necklace and as the butterfly undergoes an incredible metamorphosis, so must each of us make changes of our own. 

    Before my short blogging break I had posted a blog talking about having to step down from blogging for some of my sponsors because I needed to balance some real life responsibilities and make some time for a Second Life project I was working on.  I can now reveal what that project was.  I was in training to become a Seraphim blogger and am happy and excited to say that I passed and am now an official blogger for Seraphim.  I haven’t done an actual feature on the Seraphim website yet but with a few events assigned to me in early February I have been using my time to practice, practice and practice some more.  Now that I have a good feel for the basics under my belt I wanted to get back to my own blog and show off all the pretty stuff that I have been seeing released by my sponsors.  I won’t know until I actually blog my first few Seraphim events if I will need to make more changes regarding how I manage my time but for now, let’s get back to it! 

    Today I am featuring a new pose from Kopfkino.  This one is from the Dahlia set which features 5 kneeling bento poses and their mirrors.  You can find the set at the mainstore.

    Both of my next items are currently at the new round of The Liaison Collaborative.  The beautiful Checkma Necklace is from Rise Design and includes a hud with texture options on the metal and the stones.  Staying with the lovely green color palette, I am wearing the Triumph Eyeshadow from StunnerOriginals.  It comes in options for most heads as well as Omega and BOM.  The Liaison Collaborative had a new starting date (the 18th) for this round that will continue for all future rounds.  Happy shopping!


    What I’m wearing

    Victoria’s Standards

    Hair – Doux  – Summer Day (gacha)

    Body & Face Beach Sand – Izzie’s

    Eyeshadow – StunnerOriginals – Triumph Eyeshadow @ The Liaison Collaborative

    Necklace – Rise Design – Checkma Necklace @ The Liaison Collaborative

    Swimsuit – Addams – Leticia Swimsuit


    Sway’s – [Shell] Beach Shells

    The Little Branch – Sago Palm Tree – Animated

    Las Islas – Naupaka


    KOPFKINO – Dahlia – Pose 3

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    Welcome To The Candy Shop

    Featuring Lyrium Poses and Vinyl Apparel

    I’ll take you to the candy shop (yeah)
    Boy, one taste of what I got (uh-huh)
    I’ll have you spending all you got (come on)
    Keep going ’til you hit the spot, whoa

    50 Cent – Candy Shop

    Today I am featuring a new pose set from Lyrium Poses. This is the Lollies Pose & Animation Set.  It includes five static poses, one full body animation, two lollipop props and a hud to change up the colors of the lollies!  Super cute and fun.  You can find it at Equal10.

    I am also featuring a previous release, but new to me, super sexy dress from Vinyl Apparel.  It is the New Day Party Dress and I am on day number two of wearing it and also color number two.  I figure I should just keep wearing it and just change the color each day. It comes in 18 colors so I have 16 days to go! It also includes optional modesty panties.  You can find it at the main store.


    What I’m wearing

    Victoria’s Standards

    Hair – Truth  – Destiny

    Dress–  Vinyl Apparel – New Day Party Dress

    Earrings – Eliya K. – Sila Ear Hoops

    Eyeshadow 1 – Euphoric – Manhattan Night Eyeshadow

    Eye Shadow 2 – WarPaint – Gold Flake Eyeshadow – Rose Gold


    Paparazzi –  Alien Portal 3


    Lyrium Poses – Lollies Pose & Animation Set – Pose 3 V2 (includes props) @ Equal10

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    The Cure For Winter’s Chill

    Featuring Aleutia, Serenity Style, Granola and What Next

    Love is like swallowing hot chocolate
    before it has cooled off.
    It takes you by surprise
    at first, but keeps
    you warm for a long time.

    Based on that quote the cure for winter’s chill is apparently love AND hot chocolate.  I suppose the love part works even better when you have a partner that goes to bed before you and warms it all up!  

    Let’s talk about today’s goodies!  First up from Aleutia is this cozy sweater dress.  The Anne Sweater Dress comes in 12 colors or you can buy it in a fatpack that includes bonus colors of the dress as well as the Colors of Winter Sheer Tights.  The tights can also be purchased separately.  You can find it at Collabor88.

    My comfy chair is from Serenity Style.  The Giselle Winter Armchair comes in adult and PG versions.  It is full of male and female sits props included, cuddles and more.  You can find it at the main store.

    From Granola we have the Sweet Tooth Dispenser Set.  The set includes a gorgeous dispenser tray, decor mugs and the pretty star garland.  Originally released for Santa Inc. you can now find it at the main store.

    Finally, and providing us with more hot chocolate goodness, is the Colonna Hot Chocolate Station from What Next.  The full set is 12+ pieces and does include a hot apple cider dispenser as well.  The mud stand and easel are texture change with options for Christmas, Fall and more, making it perfect for year round.  You can find the set at the main store.


    What I’m wearing

    Victoria’s Standards

    Hair – Doux  – Martina @ Level Event

    Sweater Dress –  [Aleutia]  – Anne Sweater Dress @ Collabor88

    Tights –  Izzie’s – Cozy Tights

    Slippers – Reign. – Bahh Slippers


    {What Next}

    {what next} Colonna Beverage Extras (marshmallows)
    {what next} Colonna Buffet Sideboard (with shelf decor)
    {what next} Colonna Cookie Jar
    {what next} Colonna Hot Chocolate Bar Wall Deco
    {what next} Colonna Muffins Decor
    {what next} Colonna Mug Stand
    {what next} Colonna Syrup Bottles
    {what next} Colonna Tabletop Easel
    {what next} Hot Apple Cider Mug Decor
    {what next} Hot Chocolate Jar Dispenser
    {what next} Hot Chocolate Mug Decor
    {what next} Rowan Side Table


    Granola. Star Garland Long.
    Granola. Star Garland Mid.
    Granola. Star Garland Short.
    Granola. Sweet Tooth Tray Dispenser. Pink.

    Serenity Style – Giselle Winter Armchair

    Trompe Loeil – Knoxlane Cottage

    Botanical – Douglas Fir


    Lyrium Poses – Casual Sit #7

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    Hair Toss, Check My Nails

    Featuring ZK Store

    Woo girl, need to kick off your shoes
    Got to take a deep breath, time to focus on you
    All the big fights, long nights that you been through
    I got a bottle of Tequila I been saving for you
    Boss up and change your life
    You can have it all, no sacrifice
    I know he did you wrong, we can make it right
    So go and let it all hang out tonight

    Lizzo – Good As Hell


    What I’m wearing

    Victoria’s Standards

    Hair – Stealthic  – Mayhem

    Dress – ZK Store – Manon Dress @ Kinky Event

    Jewelry – *AvaWay* – Nikki Necklace & Earrings


    FOXCITY – Bebe – Pose 7 

    Photo Booth

    FOXCITY – City Life Photo Booth

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    Valentine, I’m Nuts About You!

    Featuring {Old Barn Door} and .peaches.

    I love blogging!  My first post was on May 26, 2018, back when I didn’t have any sponsors.  I had recently stopped working and was looking for something to fill my time.  That was 959 days ago and in those 959 days I have published 847 posts, almost one per day when you don’t count the time I was offline while moving and a few days of vacation here and there.  I have left only a couple of sponsors in all that time…until yesterday when I had to step down from several.

    I have some new things in the works and had to take a look at my schedule so that things were staying in balance between real life and Second Life.  It was a mix of sponsors that I stepped down from…some that are small and not very active and some that are very active.  Big or small, I enjoyed blogging for each and every one the same and will miss blogging for them but I know they will continue to do great things and I will be watching!  

    Today I am featuring  some new releases from Old Barn Door and a previous release from .peaches.  Check the credits for all of the details!

    Enjoy your weekend!



    {Old Barn Door}

    {OBD} Pink Heart Balloon
    {OBD} Red Heart Balloon x 2
    {OBD} Sweet Treats Candy
    {OBD} Sweet Treats Cookies
    {OBD} Sweet Treats Flowers
    {OBD} Sweet Treats Tray


    .peaches. Be Mine – Candy Hearts
    .peaches. Be Mine – Choc Berries Tray
    .peaches. Be Mine – Wine Bottle


    JIAN :: Squirrel
    JIAN Valentine’s Squirrel

    Apple Fall – Wooden Trunk – Decor

    *paper moon*

    Framed Vintage Valentines – Blacksmith Cupid: 01
    Framed Vintage Valentines – Blacksmith Cupid: 02

    HPMD  – Shrub – Pink

    Nutmeg – Stored Antiquities Curtain

    hive – Valentine’s Laundry Basket

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    I’ll Dream Of Spring

    Featuring Lyrium Poses and Capsule by DaD

    So…I did a thing.  I made a video that I think is good enough to share and will attach it to the bottom of this post.  It is pretty much what I tried to do with my old program, which was to feature a small snippet of each of the animated breathing poses, add in some transitions and a bit of music and there you have it…my first vlog!  

    I am featuring the Biah breathing animations from Lyrium Poses in the video and using the Biah static version for the photo.  In the video you can see all five of the animations in order, numbers 1-5 and while they just wrapped up at Equal10, yous should be able to find them now at the mainstore.

    I would also like to introduce Capsule by DaD.  It looks like I am not the only one branching out as DaD Virtual Living is launching a new clothing line.  They describe the line as “quality women’s clothing that is trendy, stylish in creative designs and 100% original mesh”.  This first release is making its debut at Collabor88.  The Abbey set consists of an off shoulder cardigan, top shorts and even some cozy socks (not shown here).  I took the opportunity to show off some of the beautiful colors in the video so be sure to check it out and then head over to Collabor88 to pick out your favorite colors.

    Happy Friday everyone!


    What I’m wearing

    Victoria’s Standards

    Nails – e.marie – Keep It Simple

    Hair – Doux  – Kiara 

    Cardigan – Capsule by DaD – Abbey Cardigan @ Collabor88

    Top – Capsule by DaD – Abbey Top @ Collabor88

    Shorts – Capsule by DaD – Abbey Shorts @ Collabor88


    Lyrium Poses – Garden View Poppies Backdrop

    tarte. – Charleston Fence

    The Little Branch – Moon Flower Tree


    Lyrium Poses – Biah Static Series – Pose 5 – in photo

    Lyrium Poses – Biah Breathing Series – Animations 1-5 -in video

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    Morning Juice

    Featuring MudHoney, [Krescendo], Lucas Lameth and Serenity Style

    Just when so many people have made New Year’s resolutions to try to be and eat more healthy, along comes The Food Court!  I am always amazed how delicious pixel food can look.  Three of my sponsored items can be found at the event which is open now through the 28th.

    From MudHoney we have a large assortment of Clio cook wear.  It set comes in three colors or a fatpack and includes a hud with texture options for the shelf wood and metal.  Everything you need to make a pot of hot soup on a cold day!

    From Krescendo we have the super cute and interactive Tipton Toaster.  It includes a hud with several texture options, a decor only toaster and decor yummies and an interactive toaster.  Pop in your toast, crumpets or waffles and turn it on.  Keep an eye on them though or they might burn!

    Also at The Food Court are the Honeybell & Navel Oranges from Lucas Lameth.  You get multiple pieces in the set, some in a bowl, some on a platter, some sliced up and ready to eat and a single.  These decor pieces are sure to brighten up any kitchen!

    I am also featuring a new release from Serenity Style that goes perfect with all of your Food Court purchases.  The Aurora Shelves have a cute design that reminds me of a little row of birdhouses.  There are decor pieces on the shelves as well as space to add your own.  It also has working doors.  You can find it at the new round of UniK opening today at 1 PM SLT.



    MudHoney @ The Food Court

    MH Clio Hanging Pans
    MH Clio Sauce Pan Large
    MH Clio Sauce Pan Small
    MH Clio Saute Pan
    MH Clio Stew Pan

    [Krescendo] @ The Food Court

    [Kres] Plate of Crumpets – Toasted – Decor
    [Kres] Plate of Toast – Toasted – Decor
    [Kres] Tipton Toaster – Decor

    Lucas Lameth @ The Food Court

    (Luc.) Honeybell & Navel Oranges
    (Luc.) Honeybell Orange, Loose
    (Luc.) Honeybell Oranges, Sliced

    Serenity Style – Serenity Style- Aurora Shelves @ UniK

    The Little Branch – Orange Tree.V1 {Potted}*Mesh

    Artisan Fantasy – Potted Gerbera Daisies – Orange


    Foxwood – Chow Chow – Lay Decor – Red
    Foxwood – Chow Chow – Sit Decor – Red

    KraftWork – KraftWork Runner Rugs – Stripes Mix 3

    OPI – Lace Valance

    *OLD WORLD* – Sculpt Grass White Daisies

     Tentacio – Rest Day – Newspaper

    Solus – Yellow Summer Pillow

    Trompe Loeil

    Trompe Loeil – Marceline Dining Chair Light
    Trompe Loeil – Marceline Dining Table Light

    Merak – Pillows – White

    Dust Bunny

    Elephant Ear Plant
    Hanging Plants . Cheese Plant
    Hanging Plants . Double Planter
    Hanging Plants . Ivy Planter
    Hanging Plants . Spider Planter
    Kitchen Clutter . Canisters . White
    Tiered Hanging Baskets . White

    hive – Practical Kitchen . Cabinets Only Side

    {vespertine} – Fresh Orange Juice

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    Just Like That

    Featuring Avec Toi

    That’s my shit, that’s my wave
    Do it like that and I’ll repay it
    Don’t be scared, I ain’t afraid
    Just like that, come my way.

    Doja Cat – Like That

    The other day I talked about my epic fail with trying to do some video editing of some breathing animations and let’s just say I am still working on it.  I made a “not bad for my first try” video dancing in this outfit and even though my husband loved it (I think he just loved the outfit), I knew it needed a lot of work. 

    As I mentioned in that post, my other video editing program was corrupt so I am working with a new program and can see that while video editing is very fun, it is also very time consuming.  I am sure that speeds up once you have been doing it for…hmmm…10 years? *Laughs*  I will keep at it as time allows and hopefully one of these days dare to actually show my work.  I do think that what I want to do with the animations will be far simpler than the “music video” I tried to make.  I had fun without the frustration I had the other day though so at least things are looking up.

    This sexy outfit that my hubby loves is a new release from Avec Toi.  This one is the Slick Top and Slick Shorts. The pieces are sold separately in four mini color packs or in fatpacks that include bonus textures.  It is available at Kinky Event, open now through January 22nd.


    What I’m wearing

    Victoria’s Standards

    Hair – Doux – Dua

    Top – Avec Toi  – Slick Top @ Kinky Event

    Shorts – Avec Toi  – Slick Shorts @ Kinky Event

    Body Shimmer – Kaithleen’s – Kaithleen’s Animated Mesh Shimmer

    Nails – ZOZ – Zebra Bento Long Coffin Nails

    Eyeshadow – StunnerOriginals -Shadow Staid

    Photo Booth

    Foxcity – Trapped


    Stun Poses – Kali – Pose 5

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    Winter Souls

    Featuring {What Next} and The Little Branch

    Winter perches like a bird.
    Wings tucked in so
    the soul is heard.

    – Angie Weiland-Crosby –



    {What Next}

    {what next} ‘Winter’ Bridge Sloped Ramp
    {what next} Kissing Bridge Wall Lanterns
    {what next} The Kissing Bridge (Winter)

    The Little BranchUber

    Crispy Grass {Animated}*Seasons*Soft
    Norway Spruce Tree {Animated}*4 Seasons

    |T|L|C| Home Collection

    TLC Fallow [Female]
    TLC Fallow [Male]
    TLC Red Cardinal
    TLC Straw Feeder [Winter]

    Heart Garden Center – Snow Drift

    Studio Skye – River Set