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    No, I…

    The world was on fire
    Noone could save me but you
    Strange what desire
    Make foolish people do

    I never dreamt that I need somebody like you
    I never dreamt that I knew somebody like you
    No, I don't wanna fall in love
    No, I don't wanna fall in love
    With you

    What a wicked game to play
    To make me feel this way
    What a wicked thing to do
    To let me dream of you

    What a wicked thing you say
    You never felt this way
    What a wicked thing you do
    To make me dream of you

    And I don't wanna fall in love
    No, I don't wanna fall in love
    No, I don't wanna fall in love (This one is only gonna break your heart)
    No, I don't wanna fall in love (This one is only gonna break your heart)
    No, I
    No, I
    Nobody loves no one


    Too late, crazy in love with my Steppenwolf!
    Just wanted to add this damn sexy song to the picture. ;)

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     My daughter (RL) moved out to her new apartment today.
    Sad, sad but then again, that is life. My little bird is ready to spread her wings and fly. <3

    September 20 / 4:05 PM

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    Taj Mahal Garden

    Welcome to

    Sim Description
    In the Taj Mahal Garden, breathe in the magical atmosphere of the crown of all palaces. 
    Walk the beautiful gardens of the Taj Mahal, stroll through the palace, 
    be amazed, and fall in love.

    She ran barefooted throught the garden,
    rushing to witness how the sunset would kiss the ocean
    at the end of the day.
    In a place built for love
    because love never fades away,
    but just closes its eyes when night falls
    and continue to love in a dream
    and wakes up at sunrise, stronger each day.

    But her footsteps were cut short
    by the prince that stood in her way.
    And she no longer had to rush to the other side
    she watched the sunset in his eyes...
    how it kissed the ocean at the end of the day.

    Hello Beautiful World!

    It's been a few days that I haven't gone out to explore and meet wonderful people.
    I must not fall back into old habits again, I keep reminding myself.
    Finally today I decided to visit our own SL Taj Mahal which I had kept an eye on for
    awhile. Soon after I arrived xSurazx, sim owner, IMed me to welcome me to this beautiful
    place, now you all know how happy I get everytime I get to meet new people. To be honest with
    you, I think this is the main reason I like to go out to explore, not only do I get to enjoy
    beautiful places like the Taj Mahal but I get the chance to talk to beautiful people from all over
    the world.

    Now I do have one regret from my visit today to this place and that is that I wasn't dresses
    appropriate. I do have the perfect attire for the Taj Mahal however, I was so eager to get there
    that I didn't think about changing my clothes until it was too late.

    Overall, I loved it. It was a very peaceful place and with xSurazx company, it was even better.
    After taking our picture together for the blog, xSurazx asked me if he could take mine and I accepted, 
    and really the pictures he took, I think they are much better than mine even though he
    claims not to be a good photographer. I think he was just being humble ;)

    Below are a three of the pictures xSurazx took, first time ever for me that the photographer
    ends up being the model, it really felt nice to be on the other side of the lense for a change. ;)
    Thank you so much xSurazx for the lovely pictures and for the nice welcome.

    And thank you my beautiful people for stopping by. Peace and much love for you all
    and a HUGE hug going your way!

    Lori Novo

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    Outdoor Dining

    Outdoor dining is perfect for fall weather especially on a Sunday.  The night gets cool and breeze where a warm fire is welcome.  I can't wait for our weather to clear up so we can enjoy cooler evenings here.  This set comes to us from Dreamland Designs.  The fireplace and the table are sold separately
     and can be found at the current round of Swank.

     See previous post for fall information

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     Seeing one of my SL brothers again today,(ZoRRo WaYo (zorro5), 
    after a very long time almost made me cry.
    He had not logged-in in almost a year. Happy Day! <3

    September 10/ 4:00 PM
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    School Days

    Back to school time.  I hope my mask is in my bag.  I wonder where I put my lunch.  I think Mum made me egg sandwiches.  That should be okay, right?  

    I am starting school after home schooling.  I think it will all be great.  Cool, cool, cool, cool.


    Pose:  Lush Poses - School Girl - Female Bento Pose Pack (XXX Original Event)

    Jewellery:  Cae :: Aiko :: Collection (Saturday Sale)

    Hair:  *barberyumyum* - S07 Brown (Fifty Linden Friday)

    Shoes:  : CULT : Ana Mid Heels with HUD 

    Gum:  LAQ ~ Real Bubblegum

    Headphones:  Doe: Radio - Headphones Mint

    Bag:  -David Heather- - Lars Bag/Grey

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    On Blonde:
    Hair*DOUX - Jihyo [email protected]Marketplace@Mainstore
    Dress*Ricielli - [email protected]Marketplace@Mainstore
    Tattoo*.: Vegas :.The [email protected]Marketplace@Mainstore
    Jacket&Coffee*MOVEMENT - FALL STYLE(Gacha)@Equal10@Mainstore
    On Brunette:
    Hair*[NYNE] 'Zihna'[email protected]Mainstore@Pretty Event
    Glasses*[NEUTRA] [email protected]Marketplace@Mainstore
    Dress*28LA. [email protected]Marketplace@Mainstore
    Clutch*MOVEMENT - Waterproof phone [email protected]Mainstore@Anthem
    Tattoo*Leven Ink Tattoo - [email protected]Marketplace@Mainstore

    Pose*[..::CuCa Designs::..] Stay [email protected]Marketplace@Mainstore

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    Black is the New Black

     Check out these fab items that will add a touch of class and style to your home. I am loving all the great items from SWANK this month.  Actually, I always do, but these are really tickling my decorating fancy.

    This round of SWANK will be drawing to a close soon, so scuttle on over and take a look about.  Loads of great stuff.

    Mindgardens Creations - Black Walnut Furniture Fatpack v2 - adult (SWANK) 

    {Casa de Bebe} - Ember Daybed Adult Fatpack (SWANK)

    Enchanted Fantasy ~ Dream Jar ~ White Rainbow (SWANK)

    ACORN - Dried Billy Buttons Jug -Autumn

    22769 - Autumn Vase - COMMON (The Arcade - part of Autumn Fireplace Set)

    Trompe Loeil - Daria Modern Farmhouse Cottage (Collabor88)

    [Consignment.] - Hendrix Sofa - dk brown A

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    Let Them Cry

    Fool that lets unallowed words to come out from your mouth,
    like disrespectful bees that sting my ears
    with words disguised as innocent sheep 
    but underneath lies total false.
    Now I walk away
    You should know that you will reap what you sow,

    -Lori Novo


    Giz Seorn - Megan Dress
    Lara - Freya - Isis - Hourglass
    Available in 20 Colors - 6 Exclusive Colors in FatPack

    Other Credits
    Vanity Hair::Scape
    Maitreya Mesh Body
    Model & Photographer Lori Novo
    Thanks to my wonderful ●Sponsors for their kind support!

    My Vanity Hair Inventory ● Designer Tabata Jewell
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    Fall Ruins


    I was out on a walk and stumbled upon some old ruins in the forest.  I walked up the fading stairs and took a seat allowing the fall breeze to wash over me.  I noticed the trees and shrubs have already started their fall show.  I wonder how long they will display the vibrant colors we all love.  Where did this tower go to?  Who did it keep tucked away from the world?  I listened for the whispers on the wind to let me know but no answer came.  The light was fading fast and I needed to get home.  I walked away hoping to come back another day.


     Destroyed Watchtower Regular

    Ancient Sapling Crimson

    Mossy Wall Display

    Watchtower @Swank

    Love - Wild Country Grass Autumn

    Dysfunctional - Swaying Leafy Bush

    Fundati - St.Augistine Grass With Wind

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    For My Mother


    Hello Beautiful World!

    Today would have been my mother's birthday if she was still with us.
    However, she is now with the angels so there is no doubt in my heart that she is
    celebrating with her mother and her son (my brother Art) and with all the angels
    in heaven. But this doesn't mean that Steppenwolf and I can't celebrate her here too.

    Steppenwolf and I always celebrate her and we have made a very special place for her in
    our Second Life home where we like to go and sit down and remember her. My husband
    always makes sure that there are flowers for her and will change them according to the season.

    I feel so happy that my mother got to know my Steppenwolf. She loved him because
    she was aware of how much this man loves me and how much he takes care of me.
    She left knowing that she was leaving me in the hands of a loving and caring man.

    My virita was truly an amazing woman and I was so blessed to have her as a mother. In the last years of her life, she spent hours and hours every day making rosaries with yarn which she would then donate to the church to be given away. She would also carry some of these rosaries in her purse at all times to also give away to people she felt were going through rough times. 

    The song choice for this post, Amazing Grace, was the song my mother had requested 
    to be sung at her funeral, so this brings me to something I want to share that I am sure I already
     shared with some of you in the past but we got so many new readers that I would love to
    do it again...

    The next time that I returned to visit my mother's grave after her funeral, I was still in really 
    bad shape. When we got there, I asked my kids to give me time alone with her. It was
    a very hot, sunny day. Once I was alone I let the tears come out, I started talking to her 
    and then I started to sing Amazing Grace for her. Suddenly, a soft wind began to blow, 
    before that, all day had been calmed. The wind continued as I continued singing and the 
    wind chimes from graves around begin to sound, you should know my mother loved 
    wind chimes. The wind was so gentle and it felt so soothing, like a mother's hug. My 
    sadness at that moment turned into a very calm and joyous feeling because I could feel my 
    mother in the soft wind. Once I finished singing my mother's song, the wind slowly
    begin to stop and the wind chimes stopped playing. I signaled my kids to return and when
    I mentioned to them the soft wind they said they had not felt any wind. I just smiled
    because I knew that had was my mother that had come to hug me while I sang for her.

    Happy Birthday Virita!!!
    Always and forever in my heart mami<3

    "Lori’s mom was so loving to her! We celebrate her birthday today and wish she were here 
    with us still. But for every time we think of her, there she is Always in our hearts."

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    Heart of a Home


    The heart of a home is in the kitchen.  I spend most of my time in the kitchen cooking for my family.  I love cooking while listening to music and my counters are just as cluttered as these.  This wonderful kitchen comes from Zinnias.  I filled it with the all new Cocina de Meigas Gacha from Ionic.  I love how this set matches the Mexican themed kitchen so well.

    Ionic - Cocina de Meigas Gacha*

    Recetas de la abuela

    Arroz meloso con tosta de queso

    Salsa de setas del bosque

    Preparando el postre

    Platano con miel

    Patatas cebollas y tomates

    Pasta rellena

    Mesa de meigas

    Despensa de Meigas - RARE

    Crema de brocoli



    Pecking Chickens

    Potted Yucca Plant

    Mexican Nicho Wildling

    Curvada Bent Willow Chair

    Hazara Rug Mesh


    Cocina Mexicana

    Cocina de Verano


    Knick Knacks - 2 lace curtain flying 4

    Z.O.E. - Tile Planter 2 & 3

    @SOS Festival

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    Two Forevers and an Eternity

    Oh, my love,
    Where or how do I begin to describe how much I love you
    when I can't even find the words that can come close to describing how I feel for you.
    With each passing day, my love for you multiplies by a thousand times.
    The love I have for you is so immense that sometimes I can't stand it.
    I feel it overflowing in my heart and sometimes it brings tears to my eyes.
    Yes, the love I feel for you is so beautiful that many times during my day,
    I have to stop to wipe away a happy tear when I think of you and I can't stop smiling.
    I blush baby... I do,
    and I catch myself giggling like a teenager when I remember our moments together.

    You are the greatest my love, the most loving man I have ever met in my life.
    You are a true gentleman and I have so much respect and admiration for you.
    And as I said many times before, I wish I had met you long before so I could have loved you longer,
    but you are here now, with me, forever baby and you will be the last man that I will ever love.
    All the heartbeats in my days whisper that I love you, and my last breath of life will be for you
    and my children

    Forever is no longer enough for me baby,
    Give me at least two forevers and, an eternity to be yours and you mine, will you?
    But then again, I know your answer already. ;)

    Lori Novo

    Hello Beautiful World!
    Today I dedicate this post to the greatest man I know, my Steppenwolf,
    Keep safe my beautiful people
    Los Amo
    Lori Novo

    Vanity Hair::Dream Catcher
    Headpiece part of "Tropical Princess Bath Suit" ~ irrISIStible
    (NEW) Thalia Heckroth - Bianca dress
    Maitreya Mesh Body
    Model & Photographer Lori Novo
    Thanks to my wonderful ●Sponsors for their kind support!

    Maitreya Lara & Legacy
    Available in 5 Colors & 5 Prints / FatPack Includes 3 Additional Colors
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    Obsessed Poppy


    I love that in fall weather you can still wear summer clothing and just put a jacket over it in the evenings.  The Poppy Dress and Jacket from London Girl is a new release and is currently at Designer Showcase.  Dotty's Secret also released a few new Lip Gloss packs called Obsessed at the store.  The one pictured is from the nudes palette.

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    Que Linda Esta La Mañana en Que Vengo a Felicitarte mi Mexico Lindo!

    Bring the Tequila shots my beautiful people to help Darren and me celebrate
    our beautiful Mexico's Independence Day!

    Hello Beautiful World!

    Mexico celebrates its independence day today, September 16.
    But just hours ago, September 15,  our Mexican people gathered just before midnight for
    El Grito which is El Grito de Dolores "the cry", that Father Miguel Hidalgo delivered to
    his people back in September 1810.

    You can read more about this celebration in La Historia Detras Del Grito de Independencia 
    "The History behind the Cry for Independence. However, the article was written in Spanish 
    but I am sure you can translate the page to your own language.

    I am so glad to have my BFF Darren to share this day with. He and my mother both come
    from the same beautiful state of Jalisco, Mexico. He also sends all his love and best wishes
    to all our beautiful Mexican sisters and brothers. We all are a big family for sure. ;)


    Click On Pictures To View Full Size

    Credits on Me
    Frida Hair ~ EMO-tions
    Canton Earrings ~ Finesmith
    Thalia Heckroth - Yalitza dress (MAITREYA)
    Maitreya Mesh Body
    Model & Photographer Lori Novo
    Thanks to my wonderful ●Sponsors for their kind support!

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    The Autumn Fairy

    I'm not really sure if this story I have written today is for you my grown-up readers 
    or for your children. Maybe it can be for both. I hope you enjoy!

    Smash those mushrooms well, mixed them with
    honey, clover, and cinnamon. But remember to only use the mushrooms that grow under the
    glowing tree. You will find this tree at the top of the highest mountain where the forest ends 
    and the rocky land begins. Once you done this, spread the mixture on a banana leaf and set it on 
    the lake to float during the night on a full moon. Make sure you collect the leaf before the first 
    ray of sun breaks through the clouds. You will notice that the mushy substance has turn into honey 
    and cinnamon dust which you will spread as you go about your day. That is all you need to do.

    "Are you sure this will work?" the autumn fairy asked the old witch of the forest.
    "Is everyone really going to like me and want to be my friend?"
    "Yes deary", the witch responded. "Now, pay up the twelve tokens of gold."

    The next day the autumn fairy began to collect the items that the witch had told her to 
    and then proceeded to prepare the mushy substance of honey, clover, and cinnamon with the
    mushrooms that grew under the glowing tree. The tree that was at the top of the highest mountain 
    where the forest ended and the rocky land begins. When the full moon made its presence, she 
    placed the banana leaf to float on the lake and then she went to sleep, eager for the next day to 
    come so she could start making new friends

    The next morning, before the first ray of sun would break through the clouds, she collected the banana 
    leaf and started to make her way to the other side of the forest, spreading the magical dust as she
    ventured through, but nothing happened. After a while, she came up to a beautiful lake with 
    sparkling silver water. She noticed diamond fish swimming around in search of food. 
    She was amazed by the beauty of the lake and its swimming residents and placing the banana leaf
    carefully on the ground,  she dove in creating a big splash as she hit the warm water. 
    All the diamond fish surrounded her and they begin to sing creating a multitude of air bubbles 
    that floated high above the water creating a beautiful illusion of a million rainbows. 
    The autumn fairy swam with the fish happily without realizing that many hours were passing.

    Finally, the autumn fairy began to give her goodbyes to each of the diamond fish, but as she 
    picked up the banana leaf a gust of wind blew, sending all the magical dust into the forest.
    The fairy began to cry and all the diamond fish swam towards her to console her.

    "How am I ever going to make friends now? All my magical dust is all gone."
    she murmured as her tears ran down her face.
    I am your friend!
    Me too!
        and ME!
          and ME!...
    all the diamond fish kept repeating this and their exclamation became a beautiful friendship song that
    was carried by the wind through every corner of the forest and reaching the top of the highest mountain.
    The fairy realizing this was true, she dove back into the silvery lake to join all her new
    friends but as she did, she turned into a beautiful golden fish. Now in the forest, the autumn fairy is
    known as the golden queen of the silvery lake.

    The moral of the story, one does not need magic or go out of their way to make friends.
    All you need is to be yourself spreading love and fun along the way and giving time to unexpected
    moments. That's where the magic is! ;)

    Thanks For Reading!
    Much Love,
    Lori Novo

    Face Makeup ~ Autumn Fleurs ~ Fallen Gods Inc. (Old Group Gift)
    (NEW) irrISIStible: Autumn Dryad Full Outfit (Details in MP)
    Maitreya Mesh Body
    Model & Photographer Lori Novo
    Thanks to my wonderful ●Sponsors for their kind support!

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    A Little Green House Magic


    A little green house magic going on these days as my summer herbs dry and we move into fall.  The wonderful autumn sunset while I get cozy on my new Glam Patio Set by Chez Moi.  This set can currently be found at Shiny Shabby.

    Chez Moi - Glam Patio Set*

    Glam Armchair

    Glam Banana Plant

    Glam Ottoman

    Glam Pansies

    Glam Sofa

    Glam Table

    @Shiny Shabby

    Infinite - Ashley's Rug Blue Diamond

    Dust Bunny - Midnight Apothecary Cabinet Light Wood

    Dust Bunny - Wiccan Artistry Herb Drawers

    Dust Bunny - Wiccan Artistry Smudge Sticks

    Dahlia - Curious Sparkle Bottle Blue & Teal

    Dahlia - Belladonna Crystals Light 6

    Lunacy - Smudging Sage Burning

    Granola - Saga Jade Moon Goddess

    QE Home - Hanging Tapestry Black Magic

    Roiro - Uekimuro Greenhouse White

    Roiro - Uekimuro Droplants-03 & 01

    Apple Fall - Embossed Trellis Pillow Blush & Cream