• Summer BBQ


    Summer is a time for BBQ's.  It brings friends, families and communities together.  Pre-Covid our community used to have summer BBQ's in the little park.  It was a great way for the community to come together.  I do miss those summer BBQ's and they hope to bring them back this year.  

    However,  we won't be here.  We are moving.  We will no longer live remote, no longer have to deal with tourist and no longer have to struggle.  We have lived here for five and half years.  I have lived remote for almost seven and a half years.  While things will be different I feel it is time for this move.  The kids need more than rock throwing and trees.  We need structured activities, better child care and more school assistance. 

    My blog will slow down a bit in June as we move across a few states to our new home, in our new house.   For now we will feast our eyes on Second Life food.  I love this BBQ pit table from Finca.  I love all the food that it stores in it.  Below you will find the lobster, burgers and smores photos.

  • ⌘ "Life begins at night." – Charlaine Harris

    Now at Uber
    May 25th - June 22nd
    Compatible with Maitreya Lara/Petite, Legacy Classic/Perky, Ebody Reborn & Kupra OG
    Optional Glow Trim (Not Shown In Photo)
    Individual color or fatpack

    Now at Uber
    May 25th - June 22nd
    Compatible with Maitreya Lara/Petite, Legacy Classic/Perky, Ebody Reborn & Kupra OG
    Optional Glow Trim (Not Shown In Photo)
    Individual color or fatpack

    LeLutka - Kaya Head
    The Shops - Legacy Classic
    Doux - Jillian Hairstyle
    Sigma - Kladi ribbon necklace // Exclusive For Tres Chic Until June 10th

    Golden Age - Laura (drink changes right arm)

    Synnergy.Tavis - Penthouse loft [360] Backdrop

    ChicChica - Tray with Amaretto

    Mithral - Vine Horizontal Wall Planter
  • The Last Aokigahara Souls


    “Do you hear me?
    Only you can listen to me.
    I am your “inner voice”.
    As you read these words, I am inviting you to be part of a very intimate conversation.
    I am taking you on a journey to discover, recover and uncover 
    your capacity to flourish and live a full life, no matter what happens..."

     For Healing, Soothing, Meditation

    "I am provoking you to acknowledge me,
    and to let me re-connect you with yourself. Then, we will never be, or feel, lonely again.

    Come along with me.
    Feel free to unleash your imagination.
    There is no reason to worry.
    After all, nobody else will ever be able to hear us.”
    ― Alejandro Alex Jadad

    Hello Beautiful World!
    It is often that I discover beautiful places during my explorations in Second Life, but it is rarely,
    very rarely that these beautiful places will awe me to the point of actually wanting to join their groups.
    This time, this place was one of those awe exceptions.

    This is

    Welcome to a place full of Japanese nature and spirit. Relax and refresh yourself with good tea.
    We wish you a pleasant experience.

    I visited this beautiful sim for the very first time this past Tuesday which is the day I took
    these pictures. Since that day, I have returned on several occasions and each time I do, I get the
    same emotion that I did on my first visit, the thrilling emotion of discovering something so beautiful
    that can almost bring tears to my eyes. Yes, I am a very emotional being, what can I say.
    The beauty in people, moments, animals, and places, even if these places are only part of a fantasy
    world, can still reach that very deep part of my heart and stir my "happy" emotions within my whole being.

    Now, this sim is just too beautiful to just show you two or three pictures of the land. That is why
    I made sure I took many, many pictures during my visit to share with you, and as always, I end
    up putting together a very long blog post that requires an intermission to give you a chance to
    get up and stretch your legs, use the restroom, and grab a drink before continuing. :P


    But seriously now, in this beautiful land, I found everything I love, peace, solitude, the sound of nature,
    Tai Chi, meditation, cuddles, dancing, etc., did I mention peace already? Ah, yes!
    Not only that but by joining the group, you are given rezzing rights which is a huge plus for
    photography lovers.

    As I mentioned before, at every step of the way, I discovered beauty. I felt peace. 
    I had nice encounters...

    JazzSailor: lovely dress
    Lori Novo: Ty!
    JazzSailor: My first here, wonderful feel to it:)
    Lori Novo: yes, me too
    Lori Novo: every step is something beautiful
    JazzSailor: :))
    JazzSailor: Joined the group........inspiration behind every; butterfly and the thoughts and feeling 
    that float upon them.  A wonderful feeling
    JazzSailor: I will try to honor the theme next with my clothing:) You set a high standard:)
    Lori Novo: :)
    JazzSailor: Have a wonderful evening, you brightened my mood on a cloudy day:)
    Lori Novo: aww, take care now!

    So the pictures have begun to get smaller. This is where I realize there are just too many
    but I can't bear to leave any out. So I find myself desperately trying to squeeze them all into 
    what I want to appear like a simple, short blog post, but who are we kidding? 
    Keep them coming that we are almost done... maybe. :P

    Just kidding my beautifuls. We are finally done for now. Hope you enjoyed my exploration
    of this beautiful sim. Now it is your turn to go out and explore it for yourself and take many beautiful 
    pictures during your visit. If you like, then you can add them to their Flickr stream. Also, please if you
    can show some Linden love during your visit. Remember that all donations, big or small will be
    so greatly appreciated. <3

    Flickr ● Facebook   

    Over and out my beautiful people. Keep living your best life, always!
    Much love,
    -Lori Novo

    Credits On Me
    .MILA. Josefina Lipstick [EvoX HUD] ● Mei & Liu Gacha (Headdress RARE) ~ Luas
    Luas Sayuri Lantern LOOTBOX Rare ● Kioko Outfit  & Okobo ~ Luas ● DOUX - Sins hairstyle
  • A Wonderful Sadness

    "P.S. baby, miss you tons!"

    “What a wonderful sadness to miss the one you have loved forever..."
    ― Dan Groat

    Hello Beautiful World!
    Once again my Steppenwolf is away and I am missing him like crazy.
    He is going to spend time with his two brothers that need him and I am so proud
    of him for the amazing loving man that he is. He cares for us all so lovingly and patiently.
    God bless his heart. 

    “Be noble like the sun; 
    let even those who resent you for shining
    benefit from your warmth.”
    ― Matshona Dhliwayo

    Now, let me share with you something that happened the day Tina Turner passed away
    and I was working on putting together a blog post for her, "R.I.P. Queen Of Rock "N' Roll Tina Turner".

    That day and before starting with the post, I wanted to get the best picture I could find of her to use in
    my article. I went to one of her official websites and there I found one that right away captured my eye.
    After cropping it and downloading it I decided I wanted a few more to use at the end of
    the article. While scrolling and looking at her pictures I wondered which of them might have been
    one of her favorites? Sure she must have had one or more that meant something to her.
    I spend some time going through the pictures and taking the time to crop and download the ones I liked.
    Once I was done and ready to add the pictures to my blog post, I spotted one picture that I had not
    selected. It was together with the other pictures I had chosen to use and I didn't even remember seeing
    that particular picture in my search. And honestly, I wouldn't have even selected it because it was
    nothing to what I had in mind. Still, I decided to add it to the post because I felt there might have been a
    reason it had mysteriously appeared with the ones I had selected.

    Maybe, just maybe it was Mrs. Tina Turner answering my question and that picture
    meant something to her and was one of her favorites. ;)
    This is the picture  What do you think?

    Time for my vitamin ZZZzzZZZzz my beautiful people.
    May you dream of amazing adventures and may the thrill of those adventures carry on
    after a sweet awakening.

    Much love,
    - Lori Novo

    My Location
    Beautiful Tempura Island

    Credits On Me
    TOKIO Hair - YOKO Alpha Hair - Black
    -ROUXS -eyeliners evox
    LEMAITRE [Cardi Lipstick EvoX]
    OH! - Natural Shimmer & Blush - Evo X
    KUNGLERS - Erin Earrings
    *LODE* Head Accessory - Tulips & Cherries Branch [soft] RARE
    (NEW) :: pm :: Chantal Blouse + Trousers @ WIP (Ends June 22)
    Model & Photographer: Lori Novo
    Thanks to my wonderful ●Sponsors for their kind support!
    WLS: Lagom Windlight

    Pants and Top Sold Separately
    Compatible with Maitreya, Petite, Legacy, Perky, Reborn, Genx Classic and Curvy
    Top HUD with 24 Print Options / Pants & Belts HUD with 48 Solid Colour Options
    MegaPack Available
  • ⌘ A Sweet Little Breeze


    Mini Dress & Tiny Panties
    Demo, fatpack & multiple colors are available
    Compatible with Maitreya Lara/Petite,
    The Shops Classic/Perky/Pushup,
    Reborn/Juicy Boobs, Kupra,
    GenX Classic/ Curvy
    The Back is lifted a bit (not shown)
    Sweet and sexy dress perfect for 
    Spring & Summer

    LeLutka - Siwa Head
    The Shops - Legacy Classic
    Ysoral - Luxe Armbands Maelle
    Yummy - Layered Rose Necklace
    Yummy - Adel Rings
    PKC - Marissa Earrings

    Lavarock Poses - Fem Bento Pose Set-2

    Background Is Home

  • Kick Off To Summer

     Happy Memorial Day weekend.  In my family it always kicks off the start of summer and camping.  We have not started that tradition with my kids yet.  We will be spending this Memorial Day at home and avoiding the crowds.  You all know my love of the ocean by now so here is a summer beach scene.

    .:Tm:. Creation*

    Palm Trees Heart I Love You P19 CM

    Group 4 palm trees tropical 2 Li MultiPalmx4 3 v2 tm CM

    [Be Happy] ADT Beach Scene TS7.a

    [M32] Tropical Flowers Rocks Arrangement C/M

    Beach Dune 3 by Studio Skye

    {OBD} Lagoon Fence*

  • Over Ten Years


    The pictures are from last night. The chat from over two years ago.

    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): you are the woman i been lovin and protecting for ten years
    Sweets Sweets (lori.novo): I love you so much my baby
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): MUAZZZZ
    Sweets Sweets (lori.novo): muahhhh
    Sweets Sweets (lori.novo): te amo...


    Our Location: Moksha (Moderate)
  • Forbidden Love


    Hello Beautiful World!

    Today's song comes from one of my favorite GTA (Grand Theft Auto) players.
    I tried recreating her look in the video but in my own version.

    You can find Muffy Marshall at GTA, IgniteRP server on Twitch where she plays a
    police dispatcher. Her character is funny and friendly, unlike other GTA players that are very toxic.
    "Forbidden Love" is her latest release but you can also listen to her previous songs on her

    Her beautiful songs were recorded to be used in the GTA game after Twitch announced that
    streamers were no longer allowed to use any music/songs content protected by copyrights in their
    broadcasts. This new update forced broadcasters/ players to create their own music
    to use in-game. The result was absolutely phenomenal. Many, hidden talents surfaced in big waves.
    This comes to show that sometimes when bad things happen it makes way for new and better things.
    You can check out Muffy's Twitter & Instagram to learn more about this great GTA streamer.

    Over & out my beautiful!
    Much love,
    -Lori Novo

     Credits On Me
    DOUX - Olga Hairstyle ● KUNGLERS Loretta Rings ● eXxEsS : Top No.6
    Azuchi+Vinyl Stevie Leather Jacket Pak BROWN
    My Location: Moksha (Moderate)
    WLS: [EUPHORIA] smoky blue sky

  • Papayas & Scarletts


    Tonight we went dancing to an old favorite.

    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): sexy redhead
    Lori Novo: u like my red hair baby?
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): yeah baby you look like my fav actress
    Lori Novo: who's that?
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): Scarlett Johanson
    Lori Novo: ah
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): she did a movie in red hair
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): i liked her in red
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): esp since her name is Scarlett
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): i like red
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): very unique
    Lori Novo: ah :P
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): esp yu dressed in black
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): you're gorgeous
    Lori Novo: muah
    Lori Novo: I want watermelon
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): dont papayas just fall off the trees there?
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): hehe
    Lori Novo: loool baby
    Lori Novo: no they don't, i am not in hawaii
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): i love papayas
    Lori Novo: i do too
    Once Back Home...
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): sweet evening baby
    Lori Novo: yes my love :)))
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): thank you!
    Lori Novo: aww no thank YOUUU
    Lori Novo: te amo mi amor
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): my beautiful baby
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): te amo p.s.
  • Gamer Girl

    Been busy of late.  Family, friends and general distractions from SL.  How dare they?  I am kidding, of course.  It is fab to spend time in RL with people you love.

    It does mean, however, that I am now playing catch up, so I am not mucking about today. Let's get into it!

    Outfit:  Tastic - Gamer Girl Outfit (SWANK)

    Skin:  7 Deadly s[K]ins - BODY 2020 HENNA bom skin CARAMEL

    Hair: TRUTH - VIP Cupcake 

    Belt:  Spoiled - Action Gamer Gun Belt Fatpack

    Pose:  Fashiowl - Wonderworld 

  • The Light


    “Light can devour the darkness but darkness cannot consume the light.”
    ― Ken Poirot

    Hello Beautiful World!
    Today while going through some old blog posts I came upon one from the year 2015
    which at the time, I loved the picture I had taken to feature the beautiful Madone Veil that I
    am wearing. It was a 1L cheapie that I found in the Marketplace and thankfully it is still there
    just in case you want to get it for yourself. (Here)

    This is the picture that I had taken back then and to be honest with you, I still love it. ;)
    However, it got me thinking, why don't I try recreating a new version of it just for fun?
    And indeed, I had so much fun doing so. Now, I love both versions equally.
    I think I'll be doing recreations of old pictures every once in a while just for fun and you
    can always find these recreations under "Picture Recreations" on the labels section (Right Side).

    Well, this is all for now my beautiful people.
    May you always be greeted with kindness wherever you go.
    Keep safe and take care of each other.

    Much love,
    -Lori Novo

    Eye Makeup LEONIN - Delicate [LeLUTKA HD] ● Kokoro - Halo Delicate pack 01 Unisex
    WLS: Orange Incubus
  • You’re Everything To Me


    Today's song of the day is dedicated to my son.
    This is his favorite song from The Cranberries, Dreams.

    Hello Beautiful World!
    This morning, I had a sweet awakening when my Pollito (my cat) jumped on my bed while I was
    still asleep and having sweet dreams. I opened my eyes and there he was, in all his furry splendor
    looking at me while he knitted the blanket at my feet. I smiled a BIG smile and I shouted,
    "GOOD MORNING MY BEAUTIFUL POLLITO!". He just purred and continued to knit
    the blanket. My son came running soon after to see what was happening and carry Pollito out of my
    room to let me continue sleeping. But heck, who are we kidding, that was one of the sweetest ways to
    wake up and through the window's curtains, I could see it was going to be a beautiful day. 
    I jumped out of bed and opened my curtains to welcome the new day into my home.
    Things like this fill me with joy, you have no idea.

    May your day be as beautiful as mine.
    Much love,
    -Lori Novo

    Extra Pictures UnEdited

    . Doe . Love on a wire . ● Touch of Love / Boudoir ● Eternal Dream Poses - *ED* Mala 05
    WLS: Mochi Rosy Sunrise
  • Peace Within


    “Beautify your inner dialogue.
    Beautify your inner world with love light and compassion.
    Life will be beautiful.”
    ― Amit Ray

    Hello Beautiful World!
    Today, you can find me on the other side of the golden bridge at Tempura Island (Moderate)
    practicing some meditation.
    It is so wonderful when you add both, the perfect wind-light settings together with the perfect
    music and the mood is totally transformed into an amazing experience.
    I went seeking relaxation and peace and that is exactly what I got.
    It was a magical, almost a religious experience.

    Maybe I'll try different wind-light settings every time I visit this beautiful island.
    On this occasion, I used WLS: Automation's Dawn on ultra-quality graphics and
    excellent resolution. I am still trying to learn how to use shadows for my photography
    but I am having a real hard time with that. Also, my Depth Of Field seems to not be working for
    me at all right now. I really don't know why.

    Anyways, I had such a lovely time during my visit meditating, playing around with wind-light 
    settings, and taking these pictures.
    Off now to eat some dinner my beautiful people.
    Stay beautiful at heart, always compassionate and understanding to others.

    Much Love,
    -Lori Novo

    Credits On Me
    DOUX - Valeria Hairstyle ● KUNGLERS - Rosa Necklace ● Addams 2023 // Yvette Lace Boho Shirt // N*8
  • Dancing Lento


    we danced.

    My Steppenwolf has been going through tough times these past months.
    His joys are my joys and his sadness is mine as well.
    Tonight I wanted to help him forget his troubles at least for a while.
    Dancing is just one of the best ways to do that.

    Te amo mi amor!

    Our Location: LAS MUCHACHAS CLUB (Moderate)

    Credits On Me
    DOUX - Minji Hairstyle ● AG. Ecstasy Eyes - Pack 2 ● LEMAITRE [Cardi Lipstick EvoX]
    KUNGLERS Zayra Set (Earrings & Necklace) ● [MERCH] Denim Romper Set - Dark
  • Rise Into Love And To Light

    :: PM ::

    "Be at peace
    no matter what is going on around you,
    be at peace and rise.
    Rise into love and to light
    rise into the knowing of who you are."

    Hello Beautiful World!

    Often I tend to feel so small
    trying to survive in a world of giants.
    I have become shy and quiet.
    I find myself feeling very shy anytime someone says hello.
    I get so nervous that I don't know what to say.
    I am not at all the girl I used to be.

    So I have created my own mental world.
    A world where not many get to get in.
    A world where I walk alone.
    A world where I pretend to be invisible
    and I can walk
    and dance
    and sing
    and write

    and no one is watching
    or listening
    or reading...
    and this gives me the freedom
    to be me
    the NEW me
    and shy
    and a loner
    but at peace

    at peace with myself and the world that surrounds me.

    -Lori Novo


    TOKIO Hair - Loma Alpha Hair - Black
    Angelic - "Avery" Hairbase EVOX
    The Moon Lotus Big Lashes Lelutka Evo x
    theROOM - Dahlia Eyeliner
    Jeana Necklace (Gold) ~ ISON
    Zaara : Varsha jhumka Earrings
    (NEW) :: pm :: Jessy Set @ Sense Event
    Model & Photographer: Lori Novo
    Thanks to my wonderful ●Sponsors for their kind support!

    Designer Poulet KoenKamp ● My :: PM :: Inventory ● My :: PM :: Blog Posts

    Jessy is a set of Top and Shorts featuring plain colors and colorful prints, great for mix and match!
    Statement chains adorned both pieces and there are 6 metal options to choose from.
    Exclusively at Sense Event starting May 18
    Compatible with Maitreya, Legacy, Perky and Reborn.
    -source ::PM::
  • Don’t Go Chasing Them

    Don't go chasing waterfalls
    Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to
    I know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all
    But I think you're moving too fast

    Also, please do not chase the critters.  They are quite happy where they are.  If you do chase them, they will gang up on you and they will destroy you.  They may look cute, but do not mess with them.

    Two Moon Gardens - Forever Falls Summer (SWANK)

    JIAN - Ducks, Red Fox, Racoons, Fallow Fawn

    *Artisan Fantasy* - Picnic 6 - Sandwich Basket, Picnic 7 - Fruit & Cheese

    *Petit Chat* - Croquet Set 

    CHEZ MOI - Applewood Food Basket, Basket with Bottle Juice