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    Just A Typical Day

    .... in the life of Lori.

    Good Morning Beautiful World!

    If you have ever wondered how I spend my days let me tell you they are probably no different
    from urs. They are usually normal with my daily normal routines, nothing out of the ordinary.
    Here is how they usually start...

    Steppenwolf says...
    Good morning beautiful and most gorgeous and wonderful woman 
    on the face of this earth whom I adore and cherish like all the stars in the sky
    and all the diamonds and pearls and whom I surrender to your feet like a slave!
    (kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss.....)

    Ok, I may have exaggerated a bit there, ok a lot. :P
    Let's start again...

    Steppenwolf: Good morning beautiful! MUAH (big Kiss)
    Lori Novo: Good Morning baby! MUAH (big Kiss)

    Then off to work he goes to his big executive office in New York City.
    and so my normal day begins...


    Everyone sing now, lalalala...

    ♬ It's my life
    It's now or never
    I ain't gonna live forever
    I just want to live while I'm alive
    It's my life  

    Fifty-eight minutes later the sky starts to get cloudy...

    Lori Novo: Oh-oh, looks like it's gonna rain, everyone, get under the water before we get wet!

    10 Seconds underwater: gloo gloo gloo
    30 Seconds underwater: gloo gloo gloo
    31 Seconds underwater: gloo gloo gloo

    and that's all I could take, hey, I am not a fish!
    I run back to the house and watch the rain from my window.

    Thirty minutes later the rain stops and I notice a flamingo looking for something.

    Hey Miss Flamingo, what are you looking for?
    "My contact lens dear" she replies.

    I continue watching Miss Flamingo looking for her contact lens for 30 minutes, then an hour,
    then an hour and a half, then two hours. And after two hours of watching this Flamingo
    I realized what a waste of time, she's never gonna find her lens, "Just give it up!", I scream from
    my window.

    I start getting bored and start thinking about what I can do next.
    I could always go look for lost treasures on the beach. Maybe knit a nice scarf for Steppenwolf
    or sew the holes in his socks. Perhaps I could go to Truths Hair and ask for Lindens or take pictures
    of funny looking avatars then post them in my blog. There are so many options.

    Suddenly I remembered that yesterday I had forgotten my ice cream cone in the backyard,
    hmm, hopefully, is still there. I go looking for it but all I find is the cone, the ice cream is gone. :O

    Wait, What...

    Steppenwolf who's this woman in our backyard? HMMMMM?!
    Is that a crab between her legs. OH, it's a star.
    Steppenwolf, why this woman gets a star and I don't? WHY, WHY, WHY?! >:(

    Enough of this unfairness!!!
    I decide to go for a walk, maybe I should steal one of these cars and drive all the way to Mexico.
    Once there I'll look for a nice house and tell the owners I am their long lost niece that lives
    in America, where men keep naked women in their backyard and give them stars, but the wives get none, 
    so unfair. OMG, I am so hurt. :((


    Once calmed down I decided to go for something to eat.
    Hmm, is this the popular kid's table?  Where did everyone go?

    "Being popular in Second Life
    is like sitting at the cool table in the cafeteria
    of a mental hospital."

    I think I should go check out things at the summer camp where Steppenwolf paid a million dollars
    for me to attend but all I lasted was a day and twelve minutes :(
    Hey, I was feeling terribly homesick!

    I think everyone was playing hide-and-seek because when I arrived there everyone ran
    except for the camp owner who came to tell me I was banned from the property for
    disturbing the peace on the first day when I was crying and screaming after Steppenwolf 
    as he drove away. It took three strong... sexy, I mean, three guys to restrain me from making it
    out of the gate at the summer camp.

    Anyways, I didn't even want to be there, I don't know why but it's just so hot, 
    they really need to consider placing some fans next to the campfires. 
    I asked the camp owner for Steppenwolf's money but the camp owner said sorry no refunds. 
    Sorry baby :(

    Then, I was escorted out of the property and everyone came out from their hiding places
    and were clapping and so happy. Omg, I could really feel the love. Damn, I am so popular. ;)

    After walking for half an hour I decided I needed to make one last stop before going home, 
    As soon as I saw Mr. Shorty ready to start writing, I began...

    My life is hard, omg, so much suffering shorty, I mean, Mr. Shorty.
    Steppenwolf only gives stars to the naked woman in our backyard. I don't understand why I don't get one,
    when I am the one that does everything for him. He's always bringing beach chairs, and hammocks
    and decks, and swings and then he puts them all over our beach :(((  It's starting to look like
    a public-crowded beach, omg, soon I'll be seeing a line of people wanting to hang around at our home.
    I just can't take it anymore :(((  He wants salmon for dinner every night and I really mean every night
    and I am just tired, just because he used to be a pirate when I met him he thinks we should be
    eating salmon, every night. I am not a mermaid to be eating salmon, damn it, damn it! :(((
    He also wants to be walking naked around the house, I am starting to think he is a nudist, secretly.
    OMG, I can't take this anymore, I don't want his naked butt sitting on our white leather couch.
    OMG Mr. Shorty, that couch cost 5000L, ok, maybe 50L during the Fifty Linden Friday sales.
    See what I mean, my head is all a mess :(((

    Mr. Shorty: Hmmm, what would you like to order?
    Lori Novo: Oh yes, medium side of curly fries and a strawberry milkshake.

    Finally, after finishing running all my errands I returned home to check on Steppenwolf's butter biscuits 
    that I had left baking in the oven.
    I hope he likes them... crispy, crunchy, black... I guess they'll be ok,  just add butter and voila!

    Bruno, our dog gave me all the updates of what happened while I was gone. 

    Flamingo did find her contact lens after five hours.
    The naked lady in the back yard shinned her star with Windex
    A box of Milkyway bars was delivered for me from Steppenwolf with a note attached
    (Love you baby, I know how much you love Milkyways, 
    but remember they are bad for you, I'll just eat them for you 
    later tonight when I get home and you can watch me.)
    The fire department stopped by because someone reported smoke coming out from our kitchen window.
    The back yard got flooded with this morning's rain.

    Oh Bruno, you exaggerating about our back yard, you silly dog!

    I jump the fence to my neighbor's pool to ride their little daughter's unicorn.
    Look what I can do!!!
    I'm gonna fall, I'm gonna fall, I'm gonna fall, I'm gonna fall...
    Mr. neighbor comes out screaming, "I told you not to come back here lady, 
    I am telling Mr. Steppenwolf when he gets home!!!"

    Later at night when Steppenwolf returns home from a hard day's work...

    Steppenwolf: How's my baby, how was your day?
    Lori Novo: Busy baby, spent the whole day cleaning the house and thinking on you
    because I love you so much! ;)

    See, just a normal day.

    (sim will be changing soon)

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    A Little Green

    Green is my calming colour.  I love it.  If I want to relax I head to the bush or anywhere with green grass and trees.  I like to feel the breeze and to hear the birds.  It is a great place to just breathe and relax.  Today I am needing some green in my world.

    I am also enjoying hanging out with a bunch of cats.  They calm me.

    Dress:  [Vips Creations] - Female Outfit - [Anais-Hud] (SWANK)
    Jewellery:  Moondance Boutique - Malati Jewelry ALL  Color Set (SWANK)
    Skin:  [7 Deadly Skins] - BODY 2020 CELTIC skin applier CARAMEL (Group Gift)
    Pose:  Le Poppycock - *Phenomenal B* Wanderlust Weekend 
    Hair:  Lamb. - Peachy - Light Blonde Pack 
    Shoes:  -KC- - Adel Heels
    Sim:  EQUAL - Brooke Clogs BROWN
    Sim:  Eterea

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    Everybody Hurts Sometimes

    Later that night I held an atlas in my lap
    ran my fingers across the whole world
    and whispered...
    Where does it hurt?

    It answered

    -Warsan Shire

    Hello beautiful world!

    You might be thinking that I am sad but I am not, REALLY!
    It's just pretend :P Really, look I am smiling 😂
    Ok, maybe I am but it is ok to be sad with everything that is going around on our beautiful planet.
    We keep getting hit from every direction, honestly, sometimes it feels so unreal, like a bad dream.
    I keep asking myself when is it gonna stop. Just last year I had a really bad scare with Cancer
    but thank God I came out ok and I told Steppenwolf, "Baby, next year will be the best year EVER!"
    Umm, WRONG! Anyways, the thing is to keep strong and not lose faith. Things WILL get better!

    Last night my Steppenwolf and I celebrated our 9th year anniversary. I was trying to find my
    wedding gown so I could dress up again for him like on that day but I couldn't find it anywhere :(
    I am trying to organize my inventory but it is hard when 98% of it is all over the 
    place. Anyways, when I find my wedding gown I am sure it'll still fit perfectly like on that day. ;)

    By the way, I heard today from our friend Flute Barbarian, you know, the one with the big "hair" and a
    little bird told me, he's been trolling people around the sims. I can't wait to share with you
    what he's been up to lately, omg, just thinking about it makes me laugh so much. He is crazy and
    I love it, he kind of reminds me of my friend Juve, of how much he used to make me laugh.
    Anyways we will have a part II of Flutes trolling adventures and who knows, with some luck, we
    can have him again in the future. ;)

    Now I'll be saying bye for now but not before letting you know that the beautiful dress that I am
    wearing is one of the prizes from alaskametro's latest hunt, HERE's all info. and your TAXI my ladies. 
    And finally, my location Eterea (Adult), an exploring blog post of the sim grounds coming soon ;)

    Thanks for reading and much love,
    Lori Novo

    My Blog's Audience For Today

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    Suits Me

     I am in love with my outfit today.  I have been wandering around in it and I keep changing the colours of the jacket, top, boots, and pants.  Finally I settled on a clean black and white look because it worked with my backdrop today.  Also, it just looked fiiiine!

    My Kaylee outfit is from Meva and is currently at Fameshed.  It is a truly gorgeous set and you can wear it with or without the jacket for a completely different look.  

    Skin:  .::WoW Skins::.  - Emi Sandy Skin (Fetish Fair)
    Hair:  Navy+Copper - Hannah BLONDES/REDS PACK (60L Weekend)
    Pose:  FOXCITY - Drift
    Photo Booth:  FOXCITY. Photo Booth - New Beginnings w/white exterior 

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    Our Demons

    “Take me to your darkest corners 
    and watch your demons surrender to mine..”
    ― Anjum Choudhary, Souled Out

    Hello Beautiful World!
    Just saying hello from my little corner of the world and hoping that you all are having a restful
    Sunday. As for me, I couldn't be more relaxed. Sundays are usually my lazy day so I usually like to
    spend them watching movies or Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption live streams. I bet
    some of you didn't know this about me but yes, I am guilty of enjoying this kind of entertainment
    which Steppenwolf finds pretty much trash. I understand that this is not for everyone. One must
    keep an open mind and not take everything they say or do in these live streams too seriously. I
    have to admit that sometimes my streamers do cross the line and I think, 
    "omg, I can't believe he/she just said that", But honestly, they are very funny and entertaining.

    Well my beautiful people, thanks for stopping by to say hello and continue to keep safe.
    Hugs for everyone and much love!

    Lori Novo


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    I have snake.  A slithery snake.  I don't like snakes.  In fact even this pixelated one is freaking me out.  See what I will do for you guys, my lovely readers?  There is nothing I wouldn't do for you.  Now, let me get this over with so I can de-snake.

    Have a fab weekend everyone.  Enjoy all the weekend events, sales and clubs!  Get out there and meet some people.  No worries about social distancing. 

    Hat, Outfit and Boots:  Nala Design - Ceylan Outfit V1 (SWANK)
    Nails:  Sorry Charlie - Jet Lag Nails Maitreya Heart (The Gacha Life)
    Mask:  MOoH! - Facemask Zipper RARE (The Gacha Life)
    Pose:  [Empowered] - Snake Poses (60L Weekend)
    Backdrop:  Bdrop // Backdrop Urban Deposit Graffiti Day (60L Weekend)
    Tattoo:  [email protected] - Slither Tattoo Omega & System

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    Beautiful & Interesting People ◆ FluteBarbarian

    Stop staring ladies, he's married!

    Oh my, do you see what I am seeing? It's so big... and red. 
    I wonder if it comes in brown... brown would be nice...
    I like how it sways as he moves... Hold on let me ask him...
    Hey Flutebarbarian, where did you get your hair from?

    What did you all think I was talking about, hmmm? :P

    Anyways, I Kept running into Flute with his big.... hmmm, hair 
    almost at every store I went to for the Saturday Sales today. It was hard not to notice his big "hair"
    among the crowd of people. I wasn't the only one noticing to be honest.

    FluteBarbarian: hi
    FluteBarbarian: can u stop lookin at my friend's penis
    Girl One: bit hard to miss
    FluteBarbarian: pls don't look at mine either
    FluteBarbarian: IT'S RUDE
    FluteBarbarian: TAKE A PICTURE IT WILL LAST LONGER!!!!!!!!!!
    Girl One: go beep yourself or better still go beep your friend
    FluteBarbarian: wow, you really have a penis staring problem don't u

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention Flute was with a friend but I only noticed Flute at the time
    maybe because he was the one in red and you know how much I love red.
    Sorry Flute's friend :(

    When I saw him honestly I couldn't stop laughing, unfortunately not everyone found this enormous
    and big man amusing like I did, hmmm, maybe there is there something wrong with me?
    Naw, I am fine... right?

    FluteBarbarian: can you not?????
    Girl Two: Not sure what you mean
    FluteBarbarian: can you stop looking at my penis please, i am married
    Girl Two: Don't troll me I am here to shop
    FluteBarbarian: DO NOT LOOK AT MY PENIS
    FluteBarbarian: THANK YOU
    Girl Two: How about you get out of my face
    FluteBarbarian: im going to have to tell my wife... she isnt going to like this...
    FluteBarbarian: u have been warned

    See what I mean? Poor Flute had to keep fighting left and right from all these girls that wouldn't
    stop staring at his jewels.

    FluteBarbarian: hi can you stop staring at my penis its rude..
    Girl Three: Umm
    Girl Three: I cant even see you cause im on "Show Friends Only"
    FluteBarbarian: well then turn it off of show penises only because i know ur lookin
    Girl Three: 'kay, yeah, bye
    FluteBarbarian: please i am married, i dont want to have to tell them
    Girl Three: Congrats, you just earned a block

    Some women wouldn't even take a "no" for an answer...

    FluteBarbarian: hi
    FluteBarbarian: i am married
    FluteBarbarian: pls stop lookin at my penis
    Girl Four: loooool you look so ugly I never looked at you I only wanted save bro save ur stupid words  OK  byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuc*ing asshole
    Girl Four: LMAO

    Let them laugh Flute, he who laughs last wins. (Winks, Winks)
    And what, do these ladies really think you are easy prey? Of course you are not!
    Plus what these ladies don't get is that you are already married to your beautiful Honeybear.

    FluteBarbarian: this is what u look like

    Girl Five: not my fault your connection is a sh*t
    FluteBarbarian: what
    FluteBarbarian: can u stop messaging me i am  married
    FluteBarbarian: i dont want to have to tell her about u
    Girl Five: beep you beep

    All that anger and hate my ladies, where is it coming from?

    Anyways, I am sure that many like me were having a great time watching Flute wearing
    the new red pants that he got just for fun. I would like to give him a HUGE thanks for making 
    my day. Also for inspiring me to start blogging again about the wonderful people I meet 
    in Second Life every day. And finally, for accepting to be my new victim, I mean, my new 
    interesting person to introduce to you all. I really had a great time and hope to continue to 
    find more interesting, beautiful, and funny content to share in the blog, hell yaaa!

    FluteBarbarian Resident: i looked at ur blog when u messaged me and noticed it looked serious 
    so i was thinkin, she's is for sure putting me in some idiot section lol

    Not at all dear friend, you go straight to my beautiful and interesting people section.
     Hugs for you and your beautiful Honeybear. Keep safe and happy.

    And for you all my beautiful readers, have an amazing night or day, wherever you are
    and much love.

    Thanks for reading!
    Lori Novo
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    Seabrook, South Carolina

    The story of our lives by Allison Hamilton Calhoun.
    "To my love Noah,
    read this to me and I'll come back to you."

    Hello beautiful world!
    For those of you that don't know it, the above quote is from one of my favorites movies,
    The Notebook (2004) romantic drama film starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams 
    based on the 1996 novel by Nicholas Sparks.

    The other day I came upon Aspen Fell, The Notebook (Moderate) and I am not really sure how 
    or why I accidentally ended up teleporting to this sim, but I am so glad I did. 
    Maybe it was destiny or fate that took me there since I am a big romantic and I love the movie. 
    This beautiful sim is a recreation of the town Seabrook back in 1940 
    where Noah's and Allie's love took place.

    Now, if you haven't watched this beautiful movie yet, I highly recommend it,
    it is absolutely one of my favorite love stories together with Love in the Times of Cholera.
    I was shocked to know that Steppenwolf has not watched the film yet.
    SAY WHAT???

    Yeah, I know, kicking his butt, however, he has promised me he will watch The Notebook 
    tomorrow but I don't know, he had promised me before he would watch Love in the Times of
    Cholera like two years ago and still nothing.... hmmm >:( Promises, Promises!

    Anyways, I had him accompanied me to this beautiful sim to see if he gets inspired to watch 
    the movies with me tomorrow, we'll see.

    He was for sure inspired to take some pics of us during our visit.
    The above are my three favorite ones from the bunch he took. We talked about so many things
    in the back of that rusty truck,  like how August is such a special month for the both of us. This month we
    celebrate his birthday in real life, we also celebrate our partnership/marriage in SL and finally
    my rezz day. We ended the night listening to Hillsong United songs on the back of the truck while holding 
    each other and looking at the stars. What a beautiful way to end the day!

    But returning to this sim, I will continue by sharing with you the information that you will find in the NoteCard
    that you will receive as soon as you land there. Please my beautifuls, don't forget to show some Linden love 
    during your visit, remember that any donations, big or small are always so much appreciated. 
    This helps our wonderful sim owners/designers keep these beautiful locations stay open for all of us to enjoy.

    Welcome to yet another amazing Aspen Fell creation based on the movie The Notebook. 

    In 1940's South Carolina, mill worker Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) and rich girl Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams) are desperately in love, but her parents don't approve. When Noah goes off to serve in World War II, it seems to mark the end of their love affair. In the interim, Allie becomes involved with another man (James Marsden). When Noah returns to their small town years later, on the cusp of Allie's marriage, it soon becomes clear that their romance is anything but over.

    Set your sky to region windlight,  make sure you have sounds, music, and media on, and walk through the streets of Seabrook, South Carolina and feel the love Noah and Allie, through all the ups and downs, had for each other.

    Have a seat in the movie theater to watch the movie trailer of The Notebook, 
    have a tissue or two handy. (Make sure your Java and Quicktime are updated) 
    If you are unable to view the trailer on the screen you can view it here.

    Click on the "Sit Here" signs in the crosswalk to watch the street lights, 
    click on the manhole cover to dance in the street to your own music as you sing to your loved one 
    or turn your music on to listen to the soft soulful music Aspen himself has picked out for you,  
    just as Allie and Noah did on their first date.

    Stroll to the end of town, through the gates where the fun-filled carnival that awaits you. 
    Buy your tickets, bob for apples, warm up with a cup of hot cocoa or ride the rides 
    and you just might ask the apple of your eye for a date.

    Follow the path through the lumber yard to the take a canoe ride into the cypress forest 
    amongst the swans (Cam out into the forest and sit on the canoe, wonderful photo ops here).

     YES! THE HOUSE! The amazing house Noah rebuilt for the love of his life, Allie! 
    You are welcome to go in the house and take a look around, have a seat, kick your shoes off and make yourself at home. We know you have been walking a lot today and are so very grateful you have taken time out of your busy day to come to see us. 

    We have left rezzing open for you to be able to rez your own poses and such, we ask that you pick up your items when you are finished. Items that are not picked up will be returned, and we will not be held responsible for no copy items lost in the return. 

    We hope you enjoy your stay here with us as much as we have had making it for you. 

    Thank you, 
    Aspen Fell, Designer/Owner and Jessica Marabana, Aspen Fell Manager

    Hope you enjoyed reading the blog post as much as I did putting it together for you ;)
    Keep safe my beautiful people.

    Much Love,
    Lori Novo


    Credits on Me
    Newphe - Imani Necklace
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    Cooling Off

    Hot day at the beach so I am cooling off with a cola.  Beautiful day here on the Frogmore sim.  Quiet too.  Nice day just to hang out and wander.  Need to find an ice-cream spot though.  Seems like the perfect day for one.

    The events are all starting up again, so make sure you get to visiting all of them.  Some amazing items to be bought. 

    Outfit:  MadCatCreations - WOMAN - Bouquet Summer w HUD (Fable)
    Skin:  [7 Deadly Skins] - BODY 2020 RENLY skin applier CARAMEL (WIP)
    Hair:  ::C'est la vie !:: - Aurelie Hair [Blonde] (Fifty Linden Friday)
    Pose:  [Empowered] - Drink Cola Poses 
    Sneakers:  ~[LeiMotiv] - Mooni sneakers 
    Sim:  Frogmore

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    When I look into your eyes…

    November Rain
    ~ Sandi Thom ~

    Still, inspirational butterfly wings, tickling inside.

    Hello beautiful world!
    May you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you.
    So I was laughing at myself just a while ago because, yes, I do find myself funny sometimes...
    ok, maybe more than sometimes. I was thinking, am I actually starting to blog again?
    No, No! no way. The idea was to take a long break from my photography and blog and
    returning next year on January 1st to start with a "BANG!", but I just can't, at least not on
    my photography. So then I thought that I might as well add the pictures I take to the blog and
    simply add a quote and a song or both, right?! Something simple you know, but then I thought,
    again, I might as well add quick credits just in case someone wants to know what I am wearing,
    right?. So what I end up having now looks very much like I am blogging again :P


    So just for my sake let's pretend this doesn't look at all like before. These are not ReAl blog posts,  ok? ;) 
    Anyways, life is about doing what we like, when we feel like it and for now, 
    I feel like doing my photography, sometimes and adding the pics to the blog, sometimes.
    Because sometimes I am a nut, so indecisive and confused that keeps changing direction 
    in the middle of the road with a U-Turn here and suddenly turning left when I have my blinker 
    to the right. and dragging with me whoever stands on my way, in this case, you, my beautiul
    readers, bless your hearts, that's why I love you all a ton. ;)

    Thanks for reading,
    Lori Novo

    *LODE* Head Accessory - Begonia Petites Fleurs [raspberry]

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    A baroque Gothic masquerade

    A real life techno DJ we don't introduce anymore, Cari Lekebusch will be playing in Second Life for an exceptional set. Jeena Perl will be there too. Theme is : baroque/Gothic. Come dressed
    Special thanks to : SisterButta and Robijn, Hern Worsley, Code 415/ United Beats, and all the people who support our madness to do an illegal rave party in a field near a mansion 

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    Didn’t I Do It For You?

    Hello beautiful world! I felt like Flickring today...

    While listening to this beautiful song by FKA twigs I suddenly got the urge
    to run back to my studio and shoot a close-up. I had not felt this inspired in months
    and I am starting to feel again those butterflies in my head, you know the ones that awake
    inspirational thoughts in us.

    This time, I'll take it slow, no rush and no pressure. I don't want to start feeling again
    burned-out. I am now starting from zero, let my new journey begin.

    Smooth sailings my beautiful people!
    Lori Novo

    Sintiklia - Hair Shay 
    Flowers - Winter Clematis - Naminoke
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    Shopping Spree

    I have a credit card and I am in Paris.  Things are good.  Of course, if I was really in Paris I would be more interested in the croissants and coffee.  I am not much of a shopper in real life.  I just like to sit in cafes and read books.  Yep, I have just ruined my rep.

    Dress:  Meva - Emery Set (Cosmopolitan)
    Skin:  .::WoW Skins::.  - Kami SANDY  Skin (Kinky)
    Pose:  [Empowered] - Credit Card Poses 
    Hair:  Doe - Emma - Indecisive 
    Shoes:  -KC- - Cindy Heels
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    Beach Time

    So before I take my leave I just wanted to leave you with a beach photo.  Dotty's Secret just released the Summer Glam Eye Shadow in a bunch of fun colors.  The designer states, "Our Summer Glam eyeshadow palette is a dramatic cut crease, with a wing liner and a bright inner-corner. Including 8 vibrant and ultra-pigmented summer inspired shades."  This is a must have for any summer collection so make sure you don't miss it.  I also included the store ad in the bottom of my post.  Ok I will see all of you later in August.

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    A Penguin is Watching

    Most of these penguins are going about their business and are heading for the water.  However, there is one who is not.  He seems very interested in my fruit popsicle.  I thought penguins ate fish.  Is he the vegetarian of the group?  Are penguins vicious?  They look so cute, but I am worried these ones are up to something.  There is a sign on this beach that says, "Beware of the penguins!"  Concerning.

    Outfit:  MOoH! - Morgan outfit (50% Discount Item)
    Skin:  .::WoW Skins::. - MARCELA - Sandy (New Release)
    Hair:  MINA - Maddie - Blonds  
    Tattoo:  Lush - Henna Faith - Female tattoo (UNiK)
    Sim:  Boulder