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    Layers to Beauty


    Zombie Brain Bloody

    How many layers does it take to be unique and beautiful?  Well in Second Life that is a lot.  Today I am showcasing some Halloween Makeup by Dotty's Secrets.  There are a few different variations from brains, zombie brains and blood slime.  Whatever your fancy maybe these eye makeups are for you.   Check out the credits for how many different layers I have on.

    Blood Slime

    Bubble Gum Brain

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     After he got rid of my afternoon lover, we went to Utopia to get these great outfits. 
    Then we ended the night dancing at Tempura, What a day! <3

    Friday, October 30, 10:18 PM
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    The reason I chose 'Ready' for this title of this post is because this house is one of the first of this season to contain a snow pack for the roof.  That means that this house is perfect for any time of the year including the upcoming snowy season in SL.

    The Trompe Loeil - Cubit Modern Cabin is perfect for a single (like me) or a couple who do not need loads of space to rattle around in.  You will see the inside up-close in the November edition of BOSL where I did an article about the joys of smaller home living.  In this house you have 4 separated areas, and I chose to make them into bedroom, lounge, office, and a kitchen/dining spaces.  I am loving it and it also means I have loads of space on my land to garden-up!

    Go grab it at Collabor88 or at the Tromp Loeil mainstore once this round of C88 is over.

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    When he comes unexpectedly to Second Life while I am working in my studio...
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): SURPRISE
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): hi baby
    Lori Novo: lol babyyyyy
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): how ya doing?
    Lori Novo: hold on babyyy, coming
    Lori Novo: hiding the lover under a box :P
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): haha
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): who is that ?
    Lori Novo: idk I just call him lover
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): mmm
    Lori Novo: I just threw a box over him
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): muchos besos my milkyway
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): i put up cams to catch that lover
    Lori Novo: damn it >:(
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): haha
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): bumps yur sweet ass
    Second Life: Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo) is offline.

    Friday, October 30 / 3:48 PM
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    In a Spin

    Hello Beautiful World!

    There are many good moments and others are simply doubtful moments. 
    I usually get highs and lows when it comes to my work in my blogging
    but mostly in my photography. I begin to start doubting if what I am doing is good enough. I begin to
    feel a lack of progress in my work as if I reached a point where I got stuck and just can't seem to advance anymore. 
    Actually, I feel as if I have gone in reverse instead of improving and when I feel this
    way, I start losing my inspiration and my mind goes blank to the point that I do not know what to write

    I know these feelings will pass in a few days or maybe in a few weeks so in the meantime I really need
    to stay strong and continue trying my best. The thing is never to give up. So just bear with me during this time. 
    I really need to figure out what is causing these feelings. ;)

    Much Love,
    Lori Novo

    Vanity Hair:: The Nest
    - shanghai - Grazie Jewelry Amber
    (NEW) Baiastice_Nimue Dress @ Satan Inc (Ends November 2 - Gallery)
    Maitreya Mesh Body
    Model & Photographer Lori Novo
    Thanks to my wonderful ●Sponsors for their kind support!

    My Vanity Hair Inventory ● Designer Tabata Jewell
    My Baiastice Inventory ● Designer Sissy Pessoa


    Baiastice_Nimue Dress-All colors+8 Bonus
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    Foliage in Fall

    I started my home decor blogging journey a few years ago.  Last year I started changing my landscaping with the seasons.  This brings me joy and I really enjoy doing it.  I love looking at this autumn walkway from my house to the greenhouse.  I love this green house so much by Roiro that it says up year round.  I also love Two Moon Gardens because they make wonderful landscape scenes that I can add my own items too.

     Two Moon Gardens - Breezy Autumn Escape

    Roiro - "Uekimuro" Greenhouse White RARE

    Harshlands - The Autumn Guardian Dead Leaves*

    Peaches - Emberly Fall Bench With Blanket 

    Lunaria - Herbalist Workbench v2

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     I find myself so full of doubts and this is becoming too heavy of a load to carry. 
    I need to make a decision pronto before I go crazy! :P

    Wednesday, October 28 / 10:35 PM
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    Just For You

    Last Night
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): baby you beautiful
    Lori Novo: mmm, no you are gorgeous my baby
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): just for you :)
    Lori Novo: sip :)))))
    Lori Novo: and me just for u
    Lori Novo: and the blog
    Lori Novo: and the readers
    Lori Novo: and my friends
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): and your designers
    Lori Novo: yeah :P
    Steppenwolf (steppen.crescendo): haha

    So this is an example of our little talks which I love so much. Now, we can't always be so serious,
    plus making my man feel very special is very important to me. He makes me feel like the most 
    beautiful woman on the face of the earth every single day. And he knows, that for me, he is the greatest man I
    ever met in my whole life, caring, loving, and gorgeous, and I am not just talking about in Second Life
    here. ;)

    Today, we are having a chilly day here in Texas and I am loving it.
    Now going out for a little walk in the park my beautiful friends. Have a beautiful day!

    Much Love,
    Lori Novo

    Credits On Me
    *LODE* Head Accessory - Zinnia Crown [autumn] RARE (Key CardThe Epiphany Event 
    (Ends Nov. 12 - Gallery)
    Maitreya Mesh Body
    Model & Photographer Lori Novo
    Thanks to my wonderful ●Sponsors for their kind support!

    My LODE Inventory ● Designer Chirzaka Vlodovic

    *LODE* Head Accessories - Zinnia Collection (Gacha)

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    Witch Way?

     I am meeting a friend here, but I am wondering if I am lost.  She told me to bring my cat.  He is a cute, wittle floofball.  Some people think he is scary, but look at those eyes!!

    I am showing off this cool photobox from CIRCA.  You just touch the box to change the forest scene and you can change out the witches to match your background colours.  Very cool.  Go and grab this at Trick or Treat Lane.

    I am also loving my dress from Meva.  I am wearing the Halloween style version, but there is also a non-spooky version which you could wear all year round.  Mind you, I would wear this all year round.

    Photobox:  [CIRCA] Blog Pkg - "Witches Brew" Photobox Set  (Trick or Treat Lane)

    Dress:  Meva - Sue Dress (The Warehouse)

    Hat/Hair:  Foxy - Maeve Hair - Blond (Saturday Sale)

    Boots:  [Ari-Pari] - Batty Boots (Gacha Life

    Tattoo:  Lush Poses - Black Roses tattoo (Boo Bunny Hunt)

    Jewellery:  Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Waldorf Pearl and Carved Roses 

    Pose:  Fashiowl - Which Witch 

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    andika[Le premier bonheur du jour]Set For Uber


    *Wood Table

    *Concrete Table

    each 2Li

    *Wood Stool/Black,White

    *Concrete Stool/Black,Gray

    each 2Li





    =andika bento drinking animation=

    **cocoa Dispenser(A,B,C)**

    each 2Li

    Copy Mod

    *Tray Set/Decoe/2Li

    Copy Mod

    Have a cup of cocoa and enjoy the fall:)

    Table, stools and cocoa dispenser all included in the set.

    thank you and much love( ˘ ³˘)♥


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    Pueblito Mexicano and Fridas Venue

    “I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learned how to swim, 
    and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good feeling.”
    ― Frida Kahlo

    And so there she was, sitting all alone. Her guitar on hand and singing her sorrows to the wind.
    No ears to listen to the laments of her guitar. No ears to listen to the pain that came out from her
    mouth. Just her and her guitar. All alone, but who needs an audience in a world that hears but doesn't
    listen. And here we go...

    Welcome to
    Pueblito Mexicano and Fridas Venue (Adult)
    by Ariz Mx - His Flickr

    Sim Description
    Dear visitor,
    Welcome to Pueblito Mexicano and Fridas Venue :)
    This is a small and colorful town that is also a tribute to the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Enjoy the
    cafes, it's fair, bars, canteens, and the rodeo. Get to know its square and its kiosk. Visit the galleries
    where we expose great SL artists for you. Join the group for the schedule of live singers' performances
    and parties. You will also find some romantic corners to enjoy with your partner or friends, and of
    course for photographs. Share them with us in the Flickr group:
    Make Pueblito Mexicano your meeting point.

    Hello Beautiful World!
    I would like to dedicate this blog post to both my mother and grandmother that are in heaven now. <3

    When our friend Ariz sent me a message to invite me to his beautiful sim. he mentioned three things
    that I love so much in his message and that made me accept the invitation immediately. For one, it is a
    beautiful Mexican town and though he said it was small, it actually isn't, but I'll explain later. Second,
    it is a tribute to Mexican painter Frida Kahlo whom I am a big fan of. HERE, you can view the Pinterest
    board I put together to honor her life and her art. 

    And finally, the town also celebrates Dia de Los Muertos which happens to be my real-life birthday (November 2).
    So there you have it, why this beautiful Mexican town by Ariz is very special to me. It brings many
    childhood memories of the times shared with my mother and grandmother during the time of Dia de Los Muertos. Visiting the cemetery back in Mexico, buying sugar skulls with our names on them, and chewing on sugar canes while we walked around visiting the graves.

    Pueblito Mexicano is so inspiring for photographers. There you can find a tra-zillion little spots where you can take beautiful pictures. For me, the biggest inspiration was posing as Frida Kahlo. I honestly
    had not felt this excited in a while to pose as someone I admire so much.

    I once wanted to be known as Second Life's Frida and would wear flowers on my hair most of the time,
    but then many other Frida's whan-a-bes started popping up so I just gave it up. :P

    The very first picture I started this blog post with, was the very first one I took as soon as I landed.
    The greeting/landing point is already very beautiful and charming. Just a taste of what you can expect 
    as you begin to make your way up to the main point.

    As you make your way to the top you will come upon a carnival and then a market area.
    But the journey doesn't end there, as I mentioned before, this is pretty much a big town filled with many
    beautiful surprises. When you think you have reached the end, just take two more steps and you will discover a new area to explore and enjoy like the rodeo area with a mechanical bull.

    *Remember to click on pictures to view original size.

    Now, the biggest surprised for me was when I finally reached the main area. It was as if I made a turn at the corner and before my eyes, a beautiful scene appeared full of color. I couldn't contain my excitement that a "WOW!" escaped my lips. Actually many wow's I kept repeating as I cammed the area from where I was standing. 

    This part of the town is beautiful in any direction you look.

    You can enjoy a drink with friends in one of the many bars and cafes that can be found in this area.

    For our Catholic friends, a basilica of our Virgin of Guadalupe is one of the important points that
    you can visit to pray for world peace, a quick vaccine for Covid19, and to pray the peaceful
    rest for our loved ones that are now in heaven.

    You will also find an outdoor art gallery featuring beautiful pieces from some of Second Life's talented
    photographers. And of course, a beautiful and very festive cemetery couldn't be missing in such a beautiful town. 
    There, some of the permanent residents seem to be having the time of their life... oops,
    I meant, the time of their... oh well, you get the idea. :P

    Behind closed gates, you will find this beautiful home, which I want to believe is Frida's. And guarding the property stands alert and ready to bite any intruders, Mina the dog! So adorably cute and not mean at all, I was just joking. :P Mina is very friendly.

    I was able to take a quick look inside the house which is beautifully decorated and just a few yards from
    it, you can enjoy some time in this beautiful garden.

    So there you have it, our own Pueblito Mexicano in Second Life. Full of color and tradition. 
    Absolutely one of my favorites and so much recommended for you. Please make sure you pay it a visit
    and take many pictures for your SL memories. Also, if you can please show some Linden love during your visit. All donations big and small are so greatly appreciated! <3 I still have to go back and make a donation too.

    Was hoping to be able to take a picture with Ariz but he couldn't make it. 
    However, I did have the pleasure of having a very nice chat with him. 

    Thank you Ariz for creating this beautiful place to share with all of us to enjoy.
    God bless you, keep safe, and sending you a HUGE hug!
    And many thanks to LODE for sponsoring this blog post! <3
    Lori Novo

    Credits On Me
    Sedora Bracelets ~ Kunglers. bronze
    *LODE* Head Accessory - Zinnia Crown [autumn] RARE (Key CardThe Epiphany Event 
    (Ends Nov. 12 - Gallery)
    Maitreya Mesh Body
    Model & Photographer Lori Novo
    Thanks to my wonderful ●Sponsors for their kind support!

    My LODE Inventory ● Designer Chirzaka Vlodovic
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    LOTD… 136


    Head: LeLUTKA Fleur Head 2.0
    Body: Legacy
    Skin: . MILA . Jenny Skin [Honey]
    Hair: Doux. Babyrose
    Blood: [POUT!] Brawl Blood - Face & Body Blood Salon 52
    Event Opening Date: October 16, 2020
    Event Closing Date: November 8, 2020
    Eyes: VAIN . GOAT Eyes 
    Event Opening Date: October 23, 2020
    Event Closing Date: November 15, 2020
    Nails: VENGE - Womens - 'Stiletto Nail' Starter Set
    Nose Ring: NBS* Septum Cross 
    Event Opening Date: October 22, 2020
    Event Closing Date: November 17, 2020

    Lip Tattoo: NBS* 1. DARKNESS LIPS (LEL &GENUS) 
    Start Date:  October 23, 2020
    End Date:  October 31, 2020
    Eye Makeup: Suicidal Unborn. Tremere Vampire FX Makeup
    Bodysuit: Scandalize. EVANORA. Black 
    @ Access 
    Event Opening Date: October 12, 2020
    Event Closing Date: November 8, 2020
    Event Opening Date: October 21, 2020
    Event Closing Date: November 12, 2020
    Horns, Earrings & Necklaces: .::Supernatural::. Katrina Gacha 
    Event Opening Date: October 15, 2020
    Event Closing Date: November 12, 2020
    Chain: Photoshop :p

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    Gothica Bedroom

    The end of the month is just a few short days away and events are starting to wrap up for the month.  Today I am showcasing items at the current round of Swank.  It is a mix and match composition of pieces from Mirage Gothica Bed Set and Park Places Phaedra Sitting Room.  Make sure to hit up this event before the end of the month for some shopping and to pick up the gifts designers have placed out this month.

    Mirage Gothica Bed Set*

    Gothica Bed

    Gothica Rug

    Gothica Candelabra

    Gothic Table 


    Park Place*

    Phaedra Candlestick Fireplace

    Goth Black Pumplins

    Goth Book Stack with Skull

    Golden Web Floor Lamp

    Phaedra Wing Chair

    Phaedra Footstool

    Goth Book & Plant Decor


    Haikei - Pot

    KraftWork - Noir

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    A Glimpse of Heaven

    I feel I'm knockin' on heaven's door.
    Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door...

    Did I just catch a glimpse of heaven?
    Is this heaven's door?

    Hello Beautiful World?

    Sometimes, actually, many times we will discover beauty in the most isolated places in Second Life.
    For example, today I spent some time at Daydreaming (Moderate), home of Bondi main store. I had
    been there last week shopping and cammed very quick outside. I discovered how beautiful it was the
    area that surrounded the building, so I saved the LM with the intention of taking pictures to show you
    that taking time to look outsides the shops you visit every day is so much worth it. Many are
    just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. Unfortunately, we might just be too concentrated on
    shopping that we miss so much more that is being offered to us by the designers.

    Anyway, the first picture was my favorite one from the ones I took today.

    It is Monday, time for a new weekly resolution. Last week our resolution was about lying, today's
    it is gossiping. There is so much of that going on in Second Life and it is truly a very nasty habit.
    I personally try to keep away from people that seem to enjoy spreading personal things about other
    people. I find this a very low thing to do since the person they are talking about is not there to defend
    themselves. It is cowardly and speaks very low of the person that is doing the gossiping. Remember,
    while they are pointing a finger, three are pointing right back at them!

    It is best to hush-hush because not everyone enjoys hearing other's people's lives by gossipers.
    If someone wants to share with me something personal about themselves, I am all ears, but I am
    ZERO interested in hearing anything secondhand.

    So yesterday I spend some very special time with my daughter watching Pen15 on Hulu and drinking
    watermelon juice. Omg, Pen15 has to be one of the best shows I've seen in a very long time, now I can't wait for season two. Oh, and yeah, the watermelon juice was so yummy in the tummy. :P

    I invite you all to visit this beautiful sim and say hi to the doves for me. I think I am taking
    doves as my personal symbol. They have a very special effect and meaning on/to me. They
    bring so much peace to my heart and such beautiful memories. So if anyone ever asks me again
    what animal I would like to be, my answer will be, Paloma, a dove.

    Also my beautiful people, for those of you that do not do photography, I invite you to start. 
    It is so easy and enjoyable and so very much gratifing. It will keep all those memories of the beautiful
    places you visit, the people you meet, and the very special moment you share with your friends, all
    beautifully saved in a free Flickr account that holds 1000 images. Now, you do not need to be a
    professional to do this, it is about having fun and having one of the most beautiful and free hobbies
    in Second Life, think about it.

    Now before we go, I would like to thank
    for sponsoring this blog post. <3

    Goodbye for now. Love you all tons.
    Please don't forget to take care of each other and spread the love.

    Lori Novo

    (NEW) Sintiklia - Hair Paula (Details) @ Tres Chic Event (Ends Nov. 10 - Gallery)
    (NEW) LOTUS. Monsoon Eyes 04 (Gacha) @ The Epiphany Event (Ends Nov. 12 - Gallery)
    (NEW) Jewelry - KUNGLERS - Zayra set (Details) @ Dubai Event
    Maitreya Mesh Body
    Model & Photographer Lori Novo
    Thanks to my wonderful ●Sponsors for their kind support!

    My Sintiklia's Inventory ● Designer Sintikliasim
    My Kunglers Inventory ● Designer Ava Kungler
    My Lotus Inventory ● Designer Ana Maria Njohr

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    Sit For A While


    Welcome!! Why don't you sit for a while and relax.  In our crazy world things go lighting fast.  The Kos Collection by Decor Junction/Shutter field provides a cozy space to relax in.  The couch and rugs come in a few fall shades that are perfect for any decor.  They can be found at the current round of Cosmopolitan.

    DJ.SF - Kos Collection*

    Kos Rug Green

    Kos Sofa Green

    Kos Coffee Table


    Tarte - Glass Pumpkins 

    Tarte - Havana Accent Table

    Tarte - Boho Curtain Cream

    Dust Bunny - Bone Appetit Bunny's Cake

    Dust Bunny - Elephant Ear Plant

    MudHoney - Books Advice

    Nutmeg - Countryside Dream Open Lattice Wardrobe

    Worldprim - Window 5

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    Not Every Witch

    I am sneaking in another post today so that I can show off all of the Halloween items before the time is up and I have to move on to the next occasion.  

    I was horrified today to realise that I need to do a winter article next month, and I had to change my platform texture from grass to snow!  Eeek!  

    Still, I will enjoy the last few days of Halloween and then one more month of autumn before I have to go full on snow and ice.  I do love the winter items, but I admit that the autumn leaves make for lovely pics.

    Serenity Style - Carson woodshed set (Man Cave)

    Serenity Style - Not Every Witch Lives in Salem Set (Holiday Replay Gacha)

    Trompe Loeil - Cubit Modern Cabin (Collabor88)