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    And there you appear

    With your luminous soul

    And there you appear

    With your powerful soul

    With your luminous soul


    I saw inside of you


    Men who take care of the earth

    Women who nourish the plants

    Men who take care of the earth

    ~ Mose, ft. Danit 



    We Love Role-Play Items: *NEW*

    Hydra Eyes by Loa

    'Seeing Eye' Circlet by Venge

    Crystal Seahorses by Runic

    Head: Strange Face 002 by Genus Project

    Skin: Chloe Genus Applier 'AFAM' by Boataom

    Winter Courtier Materials Tattoo by Nefekalum Tattoos @ Aenigma *New*

    Freezia Horns by Axix @ Tannenbaum *NEW*

    Nine Dreads (+ Hairbase) by CAMO

    Pasties "Stella" - Legacy by Antaya

    Graciella (Harness) by Luas *Will be in Mainstore after 11/23/2020*

    Stiletto Mesh Nails (Legacy/Maitreya) + Lotus Polish by Venge

    LuxyFan~ ULTRARARE by Moon Rabbit

    WILDFLOWERS - Poppies by Heart

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    Her Twilight Time

     From shadow born

    Not a single reason

    To go on

    Darker days ahead

    We forgot about

    When too far gone

    In her twilight time

    Testimony of skin

    A ghost in the rain

    Cursing us by

    In her twilight time

    ~ Moonspell

    Her Twilight Time


    Death Row Designs Items: *NEW*

    Group Gift Items (October): Special Tea, October Lantern, October Shelf & October Mirror *MAINSTORE*

    Head: Nova 2.5 by Lelutka

    Beastie Fluff Ears by []Trap[]

    Jadwiga #18 Skin by Pumec @ Kustom9 *NEW*

    Empty Heart Eyeset by Psycho Pills @ Enchantment *NEW*

    Necromancer/FX Makeup Lelutka Evo by Suicidal Unborn

    Chained Stockings by This is Wrong @ Sultry *NEW*

    Gia Hair by Exile @ Tannenbaum *NEW*

    Ornate Sleeves (Legacy F/M, Freya, Gianni, Hourglass, Jake & Maitreya) by Aii *NEW*

    Caelum Collar by AsteroidBox *NEW Update 75L until 11:59pm 11/22* Previous owners get redelivery.

    Bodysuit: Mad Malice / Laudium Edge / RARE Lootbox MAITREYA by AntiNatural

    Bento Nail #087 by Pink Hustler @ Enchantment *NEW*

    Pose with Book: Avoidance 7 by Diversion (Slight modification with arms due to shape and long mesh nails)

    Dahlia Items: @ Mainstore

    Cherry Earrings *75L until 11:59pm 11/22*

    Cleo - Moon Bindi

    Music of the Night Clutter *Mainstore for the Enchantment Hunt* NEW

    Harvest Wreath / Multi / w/lights by Disorderly @ Kustom9 *NEW*

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    Lelutka 2.5 Mesh Head Video

     Hey Everyone!

    I had made this video a while back but never shared it on my blog so here it is.  It is just a short informational video about the Lelutka 2.5 head update.  I know there are others out there already but I hope you still find this somewhat useful.

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    Bring Me a Cup of Wine

    Pets, like their owners, tend to expand a little over the Christmas period.     

    ~ Frances Wright 

    Bring Me a Glass of Wine


    Head: Strange Face W002 by Genus Project

    Yda Skin Tone 008 (plus lip glass, eyeliner, freckles & moles) by Glam Affair @ Anthem *NEW*

    Hazel Hair by Tableau Vivant @ Collabor88 *New*

    Rachael [Christmas Panda] Onesie by Pink Cream Pie

    "Yana" Necklace by MOWIE @ Kustom9 *NEW*

    Enya's Necklace by Kibitz

    Pose w/ Wine: Wine O'Clock by Diversion @ Access *NEW*

    Warm Fall Tea Set: Bagels, Macaroons & Cookies @ Collabor88 *NEW* & Merry Catmas Lights & Bows & Ribbons Gacha *Mainstore* by Disorderly

    Winter Pugs - Sleepy Pig, Robe Bow, Bed Time & Wrapped Up by Foxwood @ Tannenbaum *NEW*

    Masquerade's Christmas Tree  PG by Bee Designs @ Enchantment *NEW*

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    Secret Garden

    Take me to your secret garden

    Where the light shines through the trees

    Wander down that lonely river

    Whispers buried in the reeds

    Take me to your secret garden

    Walk me back through time we’ve lost

    Shake in blood, and I’ll tell no one

    That the river can be crossed

    And you know the waters will rise

    And wash it all away

    ~ Snow Ghosts

    Secret Garden


    Need Flowers: Blindfold, Mask & Horns White Copper by Tentacio @ Anthem *New*

    Hair: No Tenderness by No Match (0L Freebie)

    Pluckiana Hairbase by Revoul

    Bohemian Shine + Tattoo by This Is Wrong @ The Black Fair *NEW*

    Bento Nail #087 by Pink Hustler @ Enchantment *New*

    Wytch Armor by The Rotting Lab @ Necrotize *NEW*

    Pose: Staring At The Sky by Luane's World

    Night / butterfly cluster (mix) Gacha by Anc

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     So take a breath and run as fast as you can

    'Cause they just want you to feel dead

    Time is over, I'm condemned

    So take a breath, my scars and visions turning black

    'Cause they just want you to feel dead

    Time is over, it's a dead-end

    It's suicidal, it's a cycle

    Am I finding myself again?

    ~ Dead-End by Becko



    We Love Role-Play Items: *NEW*

    [Stargazer] Variety Skin Set BOM+3D - Opulae Aqua (3D Materials Skin!)

    Wicca's Originals - Impulse Headpiece

    + LUX AETERNA [Spiritus Belli] (Weapons Axe & Swords/Sheath)

    Alien Eyes by Loa

    Head: Strange Face W002 by Genus Project

    Legacy Classic Body by Meshbody

    Cyber Necromancer FX Makeup -Genus- by Suicidal Unborn @ Necrotize *NEW*

    Mythic Unicorn Hair by Mythril @ Enchantment *NEW*

    (Bento Animated with Pose HUD for photos!)

    Elise Leggings & Boots by Asteroidbox @ Kustom9 *NEW* (Fitted for Legacy, Maitreya, Freya & Hourglass)

    Ayda Outfit: Pipes Chest by Wicca's Originals @ Necrotize *NEW*

    Pose: Full Metal Panic 50 by Bauhaus Movement

    Gunner Gacha: Backpack Pink RARE & First Aid Kit Oracle by -ATTIC- @ Kustom9 *NEW*

    Metallic skull minion by Maru Kadu (Animesh Companion with Poses!)

    City Life Photo Booth by Foxcity

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    My Synthian

    Every night and day you lift me up

    You make it all okay

    My Synthian

    Like a neon light you shine the way

    You're my Synthian




     Head: Ryn 2.5 by Lelutka

    Beastie Fluff Ears by []Trap[]

    Skin: Lucy (Tone Medium) Golden by Nuve *New* 30% off Mainstore release.  Tan skin tone is a VIP group gift!

    Game Over Shine + Tattoo by This is WrongAccess *New*

    Danya Bodice by The ForgeAccess *New*

    The Cinnamon Hair by Olive 

    Cata Collars by Cubic Cherry 

    Teddy Pups by Foxwood @ Kustom9 *New*

    Cafe Neon Backdrop & Loner 5m Pose by Foxcity

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     “The mystic: a sleepwalker dreaming he's awake.”

    ― Marty Rubin



    Necrotize Event Items:

    Spliders by Tardfish

    Embed (Materials Tattoo) by Nefekalum Tattoos

    Dark Nigh Arms v1 by Death Row Designs

    Mesh Ears - Octopus by Andore *New*

    Hair + Hairbase: Aniya w/ Back piece by Punklist @ Equal10 *New*

    Shine Panty by Duckie

    Distant Light Pose 3 by Diversion

    Sophia Set: Wallart - White / Wood, Sunflowers & Wallart - Black / Gold by Dahlia @ collabor88 *New*

    Lestat - Sette - ADULT (Deco(c)rate October 2020 by Dahlia

    Halloween Night Backdrop by Paleto

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    A Stranger

    Cast the calming apple

    Up and over satellites

    To draw out the timid wild one

    To convince you it's alright

    And I listen for the whisper

    Of your sweet insanity

    While I formulate denials

    Of your effect on me

    You're a stranger

    So what do I care?

    You vanished today

    Not the first time I hear

    All the lies

    What am I to do with all this silence?

    Shy away, shy away phantom

    Run away, terrified child

    Won't you move away you fucking tornado

    I'm better off without you

    Tearing my will down

    ~ A Perfect Circle

    A Stranger


    Enchantment Event Items: *NEW*

    Music of the Night 1 Pose by Nantra

    Prima Donna Dress (Maitreya & Hourglass) by Poet's Heart

    Forgotten Masks by Nefekalum Tattoos (On Dark)

    Phantom Collar by Spookshow

    Emmy Necklace & Earrings by Kunglers

    Backdrop Phantom Of The Opera by Pink Magic

    Head: Ryn 2.5 by Lelutka

    Kate Skin (Shell) by Heaux

    Prizmo Shadows by #A (Adored)

    Rehab Hairstyle by Doux

    On Dark:

    Connor Head 2.5 by Lelutka


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    The Bitter Years

    A couple pieces of worthless trash,

    Trace fingers,

    Forgotten melodies,

    Too surreal,

    To be the end,

    The wise have said "divide and conquer",

    Two always seemed much better to me,

    I guess I'm doomed to be a number.

    Let the hate out,

    And you will see,

    That you have lost your humanity,

    Set aside those, long bitter years,

    Can't rise above what,

    Just draws you near.

    ~ Aesthetic Perfection

    The Bitter Years


    Enchantment: Phantom of the Opera Items: *NEW*

    Authra-Nith Mask by Drunken Brokkr

    Catacomb Candles v3 by 3rd Eye

    Phantom Crystals by LOVE Home & Garden

    Erzabeth Gacha Outfit: Collar Black, Dress RARE, Crown RARE by Luas @ The Epiphany *NEW*

    Krept Hands by The Forge

    Hair: Addison by Exile @ Anthem *New*

    Skin: Draugr [xx]+FGInc.+ Black Pearl by Fallen Gods

    Gothic Ombre Lipstick by Alaskametro

    Moonage Eyeshadow by Warpaint

    Smeared Mascara by Izzie's

    Pose w/ Lamp: Distant Light Poses by Diversion @ Shiny Shabby *New*

    (Slight arm adjustment to show off the cool hands)

    Phantom Gacha Set (Old Discontinued Gacha find on MP! or maybe they re-release in their shop for a special sale!)

    Vases C, Broken Mirror C, Covered Mirror 4c,  Cave, Bed RARE & Giant Curtain by Death Row Designs

    Cracked Glass by Anc

    Vulnerability mirror - pewter, cracked by Second Spaces 

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    Shadows & Waves

    “No matter how far you travel, you can never get away from yourself. It’s like your shadow. It follows you everywhere. -Komura”

    ― Haruki Murakami, After the Quake

    Shadows & Waves


     Necrotize Items: *NEW*

    NCHRGX (outfit) by Human Glitch (Legacy & Maitreya)

    Seer Horns by Lovely Alien

    Head: Nuri 2.5 by Lelutka

    Willow Lelutka Applier by Glam Affair @ Collabor88 *New*

    Batalie Hair by Exile

    BooHEL Gacha Set: Skull in Hand & Boo! Meow (ghosts) by Moon Rabbit @ The Epiphany *NEW*

    Pose: Sleepy 3 by Foxcity

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    Big Bad Wolf

    Trap her in the woods see her hood flashing red through the pines

    Briars in her hair, bloody lip, where I'll sip, lapping red just like wine

    Granny's got a plan take my hand little girl, darling child

    Let me keep you warm, wrap you up from the wet and the wild

    My what big eyes you have

    My what big hands you have

    My what hot breath you have

    My what sharp teeth you have

    Nana how you've changed I feel strange, pardon me I'm a mess

    Can you give a hand helping me from the binds of this dress

    Look at me I'm torn, all the rips, guess I slipped caught a fright in the woods

    Nana you look funny, tell me dear, are you not feeling good

    ~ Elysian Fields, Red Riding Hood

    Big Bad Wolf


    Death Row Designs Items:

    The Forgotten Guest Room Bed & Side table @ The Warehouse Sales Event *NEW*

    Wasteland Bangles *Mainstore*

    Series 01 - Bookcase Mess and Floor Lamp - Dark, Series 01 - Chest - Light, MM blinderspile, Deerhead Chandelabra light @ Mainstore or Marketplace

    Head: Nuri 2.5 Boundless by Lelutka *NEW UPDATE*

    Lelutka Evolution Skin - Lauren Golden by Moccino

    Smeared Mascara by Izzie's

    Grim[m]Tales - Red Riding Hood (Hair & Hood) by Tableau Vivant @ Uber *New*

    Iohana Dress by Pure Poison @ Uber *NEW* (Maitreya, Legacy/Perky, Belleza Freya)

    Laying meaty skeleton corpse by Medieval Fantasy 

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    How could we be so utterly blind?

    How could we think that we were God-like?

    How could we kneel before tyrants?

    How could we live for ages in fear and denial?

    No more fighting

    Just the abyss

    Soon I'll be

    One with the sea

    No more pretending

    Only the bliss

    Soon I'll be

    One with the sea

    ~ Ensiferum, One with the Sea



    Head: Lake 2.5 (boundless) by Lelutka *NEW Update!*

    Lilith Skin (Midnight) & Beast Eyes by Nuve

    Hair: Grim[m]Tales - Water Nixie by Tableau Vivant @ Kustom9 *New*

    Toren Crown by Tentacio @ Warehouse Sales Event *New*

    Cleo Moon Bindi by Dahlia

    Chasm (Tentacles) by Storybook

    Fish / Goldfish by Anc

    Pose: Devilish 4m by Foxcity 

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     “You must learn to control your dreams or your dreams will forever control you.”

    ― Wayne Gerard Trotman

    We Love Role-Play opens November 4th t 3pm.  



    We Love Role-Play Items: *NEW*

    Brea Dress by Una (Legacy & Maitreya)

    Palm Alchemy by Clover

    Mask: Occultatum by Pendulum

    Hair: Siren [single] by Doe @ The Epiphany *New*

    Fae Drake: Lantern Bearer RARE & Sky Companion (Animesh) by Hextraordinary @ The Gacha Garden *New*

    Pose: The Fox by Poseidon

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    Witch Doctor

     Upon a wing, a flying thing, to you I seem so small

    But I look down on what you've done, my raven's eye sees all

    You people like a cancer grow, destroying all you see

    And 7 billion mutant monkeys, won't listen to me

    Because I don't speak human...

    You can't understand a word I'm saying

    I don't speak human

    You can't understand a word I'm saying

    ~Omnia, I Dont Speak Human

    Witch Doctor


    Witchdoctor Gacha Set: Skull Headpiece Oracle, Shoulder piece Bones w/ Leather Bands, Fur Bodice **Dark Zebra**, Sky Accessories #31 RARE, Ritual Staff *Lion Skull*, Leather Skirt **Silverfox** by Deviousmind @ The Epiphany *New*

    Corrupted Shine + Tattoo by This is Wrong @ Necrotize *New*

    Makeup: Loki by LuluB!

    Trapa Braids by Fabrixquare

    Hecate's Serpent (with hold pose) by Salem

    Staff comes with hold pose

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    The ocean is more ancient than the mountains and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time. 

    ~ H. P. Lovecraft



     Necrotize Items: *NEW*

    Corrupted Shine + Tattoo by This is Wrong

    Koshey Collar by ERSCH

    Echo of darkness (Spheres) by Dreamcatcher

    Tomb of The Ancients Items: *NEW*

    Clover - Whacsa (Whale)

    Cecaelia Bento Avatar by Jinx

    Head: Strange Face W002 by Genus Project

    disordered hair // 4 // monochrome by Pink Hustler

    Dalila Belt by GeWunod

    Atlantis Gills by Kio-Kio

    Glitter Boobs by LuluB!

    Wrecked Set: Skeleton RARE, Bone Pile, tall Rock Skull & Diving Helmet RARE by Disorderly

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    Day of The Dead

     “The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them.” 

    – Lois McMaster Bujold

    The Day of the Dead (also known as Día de Muertos in Spanish), which starts from October 31st to November 2nd, is a time to remember and pray for our loved ones who have died.

    Day of the Dead


    Misanthropic VEIL by Moon Amore @ Samhain *LAST DAY!*

    The Dark Forest Road by Milk Motion

    Fly Magic Spells Paper by Mushilu

    Expecto Patronum: Deer RARE & Rabbits by Pitaya (Formerly Florix)

    Haunted Woods Witch - Standing Rock Pile & Spirit Flames by Paper Moon

    Spirit Messenger & Standard Messenger Owls by Drot (Store closed)

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    The Asylum

    If you say that we're ill

    Give us your pill

    Hope we'll just go away

    But once you've inhaled death

    Everything else is perfume

    Maybe I'm just a mystery

    I could end up your misery

    Maybe I'm just a mystery

    I could end up your misery

    In the end we all end up in a garbage dump

    But I'll be the one that's holding your hand

    We are chaos, we can't be cured

    ~ Marilyn Manson, We are Chaos

    This gacha set is HUGE!  So big that I just could not rez out the build on my land.  I have a lot of land too!  I decided to give the Rosewood sim a visit to take photos of this awesome build.  There is also an Asylum Hunt going on right now for DRD.  Here is a link with more info about the hunt: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jaimyhancroft/50409750026/in/dateposted/

    Hunt ends November 10th!

    Visit Rosewood Hills for the hunt: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rosewood%20Hills/114/128/36

    About the Asylum (From DRD's product description):

    The Asylum built-in 1863 which stayed open up to the late 1960s has a long history.  Throughout its past, many tragedies occurred and could possibly explain the hauntings here.  From the painful screams of the mentally insane to the cries of suffering, every room inside the building is said to be haunted.

    The Asylum itself has been linked to the Paynesworth Family for decades, with many members either getting committed or working at the hospital.  It has been said that members of the Paynesworth Family still roam the grounds believing they are alive ... maybe they are.

    Its rich past is also a torrid one even after the Asylum closed down, many people have disappeared here, died a tragic death, or never were the same person ever again...

    Visitors who have dared to enter the Asylum today consistently report strange sounds, sights, and inexplicable events.

    The Asylum


     Rosewood Asylum Gacha Set: Asylum RARE, & Broken Gate by Death Row Designs @ The Epiphany *NEW*

    The Cemetery - Stone Fence - Crumbled by Death Row Designs

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    The High Price of Mistakes

     On the edge, I wait

    Hands held tightly... together

    Waiting for the name

    I wallow in my shame

    I played a dangerous game

    Hold it all inside, they said

    Don't you speak of this disgrace

    (Till you're six feet underground)

    People whisper silently

    I can't even show my face

    (Can you turn your life around)

    ~ Hungry Lucy

    High Price of Mistakes


    Maria Antoniete Gacha Outfit: Dress Green, Sleeves Green, Collar Green & Head RARE by Una @ The Arcade *New*

    Blood Sanctuary Gacha: Sanctuary / RARE Silver, Bridge / Black marble, Area /Silver marble, Showcase /Silver Exclusive, Blood /Silver marble, Arch / Silver marble & Bloodfall right /Silver marble by Dreamcatcher @ The Epiphany *New*

    Pose: Enchanted Ball 1 by Poseidon

    Skull Head Foxes by Maru Kado