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    Drop of a Dream

     “As humans, we innately search for meaning in life, constantly seeking answers from outside ourselves. But true meaning comes from inside us - specifically, in the form of dreams.”

    ― Lawren Leo

    Drop of a Dream


    Head: Ceylon EvoX 3.0 by Lelutka

    Skin: TB BOM Kendall (Medium Dark) by NonNative

    Materials Tattoo: Willow by Nefekalum Tattoos *Coming Soon to the Fantasy Faire - Somniatoris Arx* NEW

    Hair: Milk by Wasabi @ The Epiphany *NEW*

    Mademoiselle Harness by ERSCH @ FaMeshed X *NEW*

    Seelie Bento Wings by Celeste @ Chronicles and Legends *NEW*

    Tiny Pixies by Clover @ The Epiphany *NEW*

    Hedgehoggie by Foxwood @ Uber *NEW*

    Danica Panties #11 Black (Legacy) by Supernatural @ The Epiphany *NEW*

    Pose: Glance 6M & Stone Gazebo by Diversion 

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    All Ghosts

    Come alive

    See the signs

    Don't you see that all ghosts have rainbow eyes

    Have rainbow eyes

    I have been hiding

    In the dark that you left for me

    And now I'm flying

    As the ghost you don't want to see

    Oh oh oh

    I don't believe

    In the world that you see

    ― Chandeen, All Ghosts

      Its better to be invisible.  It is better to not say anything at all especially since I dont know what it is I'm talking about ever . . . I wish I was a ghost.  Life would become easier.

    All Ghosts


    Head: Ceylon EvoX 3.0 by Lelutka

    Vampire Collection: Spring Brows Line 06, Demon Make-Up 004 + 03 (Ears), Vampire Veins Makeup 03 by Glam Affair *NEW in Mainstore*

    Winter Eyes by Absinthe

    Faye Hair by YOMI

    Suzu Dress in Black by Una @ Neo-Japan *NEW*

    Spirit in the Past Headpiece by Tentacio @ Neo-Japan *NEW*

    Kitty Collar by Krescendo @ The Fetish Fair *NEW*

    Kingyo Tower Geta [Midnight] by MelonBunny

    Pose: Look Away by Diversion @ Access *NEW*

    Kitsune Animesh (Companion) v2 by Rezz Room @ Neo-Japan *NEW*

    Delicate Spring Flowers by Persefona @ Cosmopolitan *NEW*

    Forest Cats by Jian 

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    The Butcher

     Welcomed me in with open arms

    Said you were my saving grace

    Gained my trust

    Gained my love

    Gained companionship

    Got as deep

    Got as close as you could get

    I don't know, I don't know

    Don't know why

    You use love as a disguise

    Now I know who you are

    You're the butcher behind every broken heart

    ~The Dead Rabbits

    The Butcher


    We Love Role-Play Items *NEW*

    Luhla Skin for EvoX by Poema

    Urian (Helmet) by Pendulum

    FloatingNebula Bubbles - Blue by Puke Rainbows

    Mossy Stone Alter by Simply Shelby

    Everything Else:

    Head: Briannon EvoX 3.0 (Eyeliner from HUD) by Lelutka

    Unyielding Sword by RAWR!

    Body: Legacy Feminine by MeshBody

    Pose: Swords 02 by Aeon

    Chronicles & Legends Items: *NEW*

    Willow The Whisp - Wandering by Hextraordinary

    Sluagh Materials Tattoo (Gradient Pack) by Nefekalum Tattoos (Full body tattoo)

    A Touch of Darkness Wings by Quills & Curiosities

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    Sugah’s Sugar Shack

    Life is short and unpredictable. Eat the dessert first!

    ~ Helen Keller

    Sugah's Sugar Shack


    Death Row Designs *NEW STUFFS*:

    The Sugar Shack Set: Table Big 1, Shack Large, Table Big 3, Cabinet, Wood Platform, Lights Large, Lights Small, Bench A, Table Small 2, Coffee corner, Table Big 2, Chair O, Chandelier, & Stove @ Uber Hometown  -  Opens the 18th!

    The Inithium Event *NEW* Opens April 18th

    After Midnight Dress by CryBunBun

    No_Sunray (Hair) by No_Match (Various chest sizes including Kupra)

    Leather Rings by #Schoen

    Pose: Sassy 1M by SSP (Pretzel is seperate has its own hold animation)

    Everything Else:

    Head: Avalon EvoX 3.0 by Lelutka

    Body: Kupra Kups by Inithium

    Skin: LELUTKA EVOX - Cassidy in Mediterranean by Deetalez @ Access *NEW* (Wearing included eyeliner, freckles & lip gloss) **Demo at the Mainstore**

    Flower Romance Gacha Items: Cotton Crown RARE, Only Roses Blue, & Daisy Pretzel by Tentacio

    Cowbell Choker by A*S

    Annabelle Cow Set by Salem @ LEVEL *NEW*

     Iriv - Lanterns (@Collabor88 *NEW*) and North Star - Trellis

    (@ Uber *NEW*) by Dahlia

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    When They Get What They Want . . . They Never Want It Again

    And the sky was all violet

    I want it again, but more violet, more violet

    Hey, I'm the one with no soul

    One above and one below

    Go on, take everything take everything I want you to

    Go on, take everything take everything I want you to

    I told you from the start just how this would end

    When I get what I want i never want it again

    Go on, take everything take everything I want you to

    Go on, take everything, take everything I want you to

    ― Hole, Violet 

    When They Get What They Want . . . They Never Want It Again


    Engine Room Items: *NEW*

    Timekeeper Top Hat by Quills & Curiosities

    Composite Materials Tattoo by Nefekalum Tattoos

    Raivo Eyes by Petrichor (Mesh Eyes with animations)

    Rayne Claws by Skellybones (Maitreya & Legacy)

    STEAMPUNK DOLL vs2 by Whats Lost Spirits

     L'inventeur  Chandelier (gears on the floor) by Struts

     Industrial Console Table Set - Fruit Bowl, Flask Terrarium by 22769


    Head: Avalon EvoX 3.0 by Lelutka

    Lelutka Juicy Wings HD Appliers (Mainstore) & Story Time HD Lips (@ Chronicles and Legends) by Shiny Stuffs

    Mona Hair by YOMI @ Planet29 *NEW*

    Becca Top & Panty by Luas @ FaMeshedX *NEW*

    Razor Legs by The Forge @ Neo-Japan *NEW*

    Pose: Marionette by Fructose

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     When we were lost,

    In darkest haze,

    Naught carried us

    Above time and space.

    Yet we would see,

    With our eyes closed.

    Awaiting what

    Fortune holds.

    And while the stars

    Were passing by

    You took my soul

    And made it fly.

    ― Tvinna, Partus



    Chronicles & Legends Items: *NEW* 

    Opens Saturday, April 10 @ noon slt (LM coming soon!)

    Unseely Fairy Wings by Jinx

    Pixie Beetle Sticks & Mouf by BTW

    Unseelie Portal by Harshlands

    Fae Embers by Static 

    (animated particles that swirl around your body! Made for male and female avis)

    Head: Ceylon EvoX by Lelutka

    Skin & Makeup: Jezebel Skin in Ivory + Eyeshadow, Veins, Blush & Lip Gloss BOM) by Glam Affair *NEW in Mainstore*

    Viscount Materials Tattoo (Looks like a shirt under my robe) by Nefekalum Tattoos @ The Engine Room *NEW*

    Siria Windy Hair by Tableau Vivant

    Elihu Mushroom Crown by Random Matter @ Collabor88 *NEW*

    Ashleigh Robe by The Forge @ FaMeshed *NEW* Legacy & Maitreya Sizes

    Lisira Collar by Aisling

    Elven Wrap Earrings by Auralia (Made for EvoX elf ears.  Static and not rigged for movement)

    Pose: Underwater 1 by Exposeur

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     We live in a windswept hell

    Where dust and death are neighbors

    We hide in a perfect storm

    Not even God remembers

    We ran from the wars of man

    From everything you are and will be

    We are invisible

    We are the dead ghost nation

    ― Gary Numan, Ghost Nation



    Death Row Designs Items: *Mainstore* 

    Use their handy search kiosk at landing to find these items!

    Steampunk Airship

    Dangarnon- Huge megapack 

    **The entire build in the photo. I used DG background building 2a, Dangarnon  fire basket, DG background building 2b, Dangarnon boxes, Dangarnon Belltower, DG platform 1a, and DG platform arch**

    The Engine Room Items *NEW*

    Stylized Glasses Unisex by Dreamcatcher

    "Aeon" Gacha Outfit: Rose Collar RARE, Ruffle Pants. Silk Sleeves RARE, SteamBelts, SteamWings RARE, Steam Top RARE, Stockings Red, Corset & Boots by Deviousmind

    The Minuteman's Musket by Requisition

    Everything Else:

    Nina Dreads by CAMO @ Anthem *NEW*

    Libellune Little Monkey by SEmotion

    Pose: Thoughts_four by oOoStudio

    Mystic Dew Mist Gold by Unkindness

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    Without You

     Haunted by those that suck you in

    That pull you under

    Mm tied

    And your words are engraved in me

    So long as guilt resides here

    Carved into the walls in writing

    With our broken hearts imprinted

    Beside it

    ~ lapalux

    The Pure Poison romper is really awesome.  Not only does it have multiple colors in the HUD it has a feature where you can slowly strip or undress!  Many of Pure Poisons outfits have this and I have never really shown the outfits in any stage of undressing just because I don't usually do images like this.  But here you go.  The main image is one phase above completely undressing.  The second image is the second phase of undressing.  Enjoy. 

    Without You


    Head: Avalon EvoX by Lelutka

    Nina Skin in Almond (Plus Freckles, eyebags and eyeliner) by Glam Affair @ Uber *NEW*

    Tattoo: Yours Materials Tattoo by Nefekalum Tattoos for Humpday Sale (Will be on sale for 69L this Wednesday 4/7 then 150L afterward) *NEW*

    Hair: Doll by Lamb

    Linda Romper (Includes Stripping Feature.  Im stripped about 3/4 of the way) by Pure Poison

    Tokyo Bento Arm by Luas @ Neo Japan *NEW*

    Cubtek Kitty Ears by Solares

    Scorpion Nipples by NEO

    La Baronne (Hand) by Azoury

    Niamah Belly Ring by RAWR!

    Pose: Red Hot by Foxcity

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    Do Better

     Thousands of laps around the sun 

    We could do better, we could be one 

    Thirty-some laps around and around

    Still I've never seen a man without doubt

    We could do better 

    Work as one

    Life is all about good energy

    I will try to keep it all for me

    One day I will grow learn from this

    The taste of it leaves me thirsty 

    We could do better

    We could be one

    So hold my hands and gaze 

    Trace the lines on my paper thin skin

    Face the signs all the stars align 

    And still there is doubt in your eyes

    ― Shireen

    We Love Role-Play opens on April 4th and I am featuring so wicked cool items from this upcoming round.  The skin is by Loa and is simply gorgeous with its adorable freckles.  The eyes are also by Loa too and are full of purple, blue, green hues.  The face tattoo by Nefekalum, looks amazing and 3D and there is even a Lelutka EvoX version!  The bracer is by Clover and includes amazing animations for each potion.  You can drink one yourself or have someone else take one.  The animations that ensue are fun for everyone!  Hope you enjoy this post.

    Do Better


    We Love Role-Play Items: *NEW*

    Lola Skin in Golden & Abby Eyes by Loa (Classic Evo Skin)

    Halo Flowers by Lolla Thirst

    Amulet (Face tattoo) by Nefekalum Tattoo

    Potion Brace by Clover - Comes with different types of potions to consume or give to others.  Each has its own effect and animation!

    Everything else:

    Head: Briannon EvoX by Lelutka

    No Saint Eyebrows by Mewsery

    The Solar Hair by Olive

    Diabolus Horns by Aii & Ego

    Faded One Tattoo v1 by Emotional Circus

    Arachnophillia Gift Spider by Salt & Pepper

    Pose Made Up 5 by Foxcity

    Backdrop: Mausoleum by Paleto

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    The Trouble . . .

     My, my—I came this way

    That explains the trouble that I'm always in

    That explains the trouble that I'm always in

    That explains the trouble that I'm always in

    That explains the trouble that I'm always

    Trouble that I'm always in

    ― Pogo

    The Trouble . . .


    Head: Briannon EvoX 3.0 by Lelutka

    Skin: Rose in Caramel by Heaux (Discounted Fatpack)

    Aesthetic Overlay Collection (butterflies) & Fay Lips by Gloom *NEW*

    Eyeliner: Line Up by Rekt Royalty

    Body Sparks Cyan by 13ACT! 

    Hair: Drucilla by Exile @ Bloom *NEW*

    Fleurir Dress (Maitreya & Legacy) by Moon Amore @ Bloom *NEW*

    Somni estival: Bouquet & Headpiece by Tentacio @ Kustom9 *NEW*

    Little Rabbit by Foxwood

    Pose: Detached 7 by Foxcity

    Enchanted Playing Cards by Boudoir

    Cheshire Cat Tree by Hextraordinary

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    Acid Rain


    In bad dreams

    In a cool world

    Full of cruel things

    Hang tight

    All you

    Nothing like a big bad bridge

    To go burnin' through

    ― Lorn

    Acid Rain


    On Me:

    Head: Ryn 2.5 by Lelutka

    Hair: Beatriz Shorter by MINA (Gacha Hair)

    Skin is discontinued sorry

    Bullet Hole Tattoo by Mad'

    Rabid & Survivor Tattoo (Dirt and scars) by The White Crow

    Ripped Out Throat by MoonPhase

    Blood Bath Complete Set by Fallen Gods, Inc.

    Blood Cheerleader Outfit by Legendaire (on MP)

    Nose Bleed Pom Poms #13 Black by Reign

    Valentine's Heart / GroupGift by Cureless

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    Epoch’s Time Machine – When Time Fades Away

    Time will go on

    And we are drifting away in the night

    I've been searching so long, but I will find you

    Even if it takes my whole life

    But tonight I feel so alone and I know

    That you are forever gone

    Oh time, don't fade away when I need you here

    Oh please don't leave me now



    Fades away! 

    When time fades away! 

    I'll never be the same

    ~ Wintersun, Time

    There is only one day left at The Skin Fair and before it ends I wanted to share with you all the George Catwa HDPro head.  This is Catwa's first HDPro male head.  This head is at the Skin Fair and will be in Catwas store afterward.  There is a lot to this HUD so I decided (no actually, I was convinced to) do a video tutorial on it.  I apologize for the sound I don't do these very often.  Maybe it will help someone out there or maybe it will just annoy the crap out of you.  Either way, check out George.  It is a pretty cool head.  Video is below.

    Epoch's Time Machine - When Time Fades Away


    Skin Fair Items: *NEW*

    Head: George HDPro by Catwa 

    Skin: Enzo in Nude by Go & See

    Sovereign Eyes by Gloom

    The Engine Room Items: *NEW*

    Epoch's Time Machine by Deadly Nightshade

    Steamskull Cane by Badwolf

    SpyCam 6000PxFs (mini camera) by The White Crow

    Pedro Beard by Fuoey

    U98 Hair by Dura

    Kingsman Suit Jacket and Pants by HEVO

    Pocket Watch by The Forge (modified it is actually a necklace)

    Barn Owls by Maru Kado

    Fly Magic Spells Papper by Mushilu

    Flying Papers by Kalopsia

    Pose: Swag Sit-6 by Retro-Box

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    She Dwells

     She dwells

    She dwells in the gap between nights and days

    She dwells under the surface of your grace

    She dwells in the gap between nights and days

    She dwells like a formless infant in the storm

    She dwells as an ancient womb of time and space

    She dwells under the surface of your grace

    She dwells

    She dwells

    ~ Nami & The Dancing Wind

    She Dwells


    Underwater Gacha Set -  Underwater Scene RARE, Shark 1, Shark 2, Rock 1, Animated Coral, Rock with Coral, Coral Branch 1, and Coral Branch 2 by Milk Motion @ The Arcade *NEW*

    Head: Ceylon EvoX 3.0 by Lelutka @ The Skin Fair *NEW*

    Body: Lara by Maitreya

    Skin: Aria in Mediterranean (for Lelu EvoX) by Deetalez @ The Skin Fair *NEW*

    Mermaid Scales by Antaya

    Roosje Hair by MINA Hair

    Lorelei Bento Mermaid Tail by Cynefin (Maitreya size only)

    Siren Scales (Bra) by Sweet Thing (Maitreya Only)

    Shibari - Harness - Onyx by Moon Elixir (Maitreya Size only)

    Clingy Octopus by Aii (Bento Animated)

    Pose: Part of Your World by WetCat

    Mighty Big Tentacles by Weather! or not? (MP only)

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    Some Kind of Strange

    I calibrate you

    Could get lost

    Along the way

    I confiscate you

    While I find the meaning

    I feel I could not escape you

    I feel I could not escape you


    Close to euphoria

    I could get lost


    Come closing in

    Evaporating what I am

    ~Collide, Euphoria

    Some Kind of Strange


    Head: Ryn by Lelutka

    Skin + Body Eyes: The Oculisk in Angelite by Phobia @ The Skin Fair *NEW*

    Tattoo: Deep by Nefekalum Tattoos

    Bang Gang (Set of 4 Bangs) @ The Warehouse Sales *NEW* & Aura Hair @ Mainstore by YOMI

    Shinju Shibari by Luas @ Kinky Event *NEW*

    Mommy Milkers by Salem @ The Warehouse Sales *NEW*

    Reprogram Eyes RARE 2 by Gloom

    Metal Heart Dark Nails by RAWR!

    Pose: Endless 3 by La Baguette


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    Sorta Fairytale

    On my way up north

    Up on the Ventura

    Pulled back the hood

    And I was talking to you

    And I knew then it would be

    A life long thing

    But I didn't know that we

    We could break a silver lining

    And I'm so sad

    Like a good book

    I can't put this day back

    A sorta fairytale with you (a sorta fairytale with you)

    A sorta fairytale with you

    ~Tori Amos

    Sorta Fairytale


    Head: Lily 2.5 by Lelutka

    Gaia Skin by Loa @ The Skin Fair *NEW*

    Mix 1 Animated Tattoo Cry by This is Wrong @ The Skin Fair *NEW* and Stardust Shine @ Mainstore

    Phoebe Hair by Exile

    Lovely Cute gacha - Dress RARE, Bindi, Gloves, Headband, and armbands by ERSCH @ The Arcade *NEW*

    Pose: Disconnected by Diversion 

    Andolys cinderella's carriage by Death Row Designs

    Faunicorns by Jinx

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    Where Dragons Dwell

    “No, I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith.”

    ― R.A. Salvatore

    Hello again!  Today I present to you another Skin Fair preview featuring the Crystal Skin by Nuve for Lelutka Evo heads.  I am displaying the tan and dark skin tones in this post today.  In the main image, my avatar is wearing the Nougat tone found in the tan skin tones pack. I am also featuring a lovely tattoo and accessory by Aurica.  The bows accent on the shoulders and chest giving a fantasy look.  It is gorgeous.  I am in the Lily head which is my favorite and the Legacy Perky body.  I hope you enjoy this preview.  The skins are really beautiful.

    Where Dragons Dwell


    We Love Role-Play Items: *NEW*

    Octavia's Fountain & Candles by Laminak

    Eastspell fire pit & Cauldron by Raindale

    Alma Tari Elf Queen - Sleeves, Top, Leaf Necklace, and Ferronnier by Cog & Fleur

    The Skin Fair Items: *NEW* Closes March 30th @ noon SLT

    Crystal Skin: Tan Pack (Main image is Nougat Tone), Crystal Eyebrows tintable, and Crystal Lipstick pack 2 by Nuve

    Bow Tattoo by Aurica

    Truth Eyes by Majestique

    Head: Lily 2.5 by Lelutka

    Legacy Perky by Meshbody

    Taeyeon Earrings by RandomMatter

    Lovey Dovey Bun by Brat$y

    Flower Poppy Crown by Una @ Dubai Event *NEW*

    Welsh Dragon by Hextraordinary

    Valyrian Dragon Shoulder Pink #30 by SEMotion

    Dragon Arm Pet (Static) by Jinx (Comes with Arm Pose)

    Pose made by me

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    Nothing Can Stop Ileana

    Fathers and lovers make lumbering shadows

    Don't look away, don't you look away

    Their frail ambitions can lead to the gallows

    But she's not afraid

    Oh, Ileana!

    Nothing can stop Ileana

    Nothing can stop Ileana

    A tangle of traps set to mangle her pride

    Don't look away, don't you look away

    But scoundrels and monsters cannot break her stride

    She's not afraid

    Oh, Ileana!

    ~ Johnny Hollow 

    **Please note all my skin comparison images are taken in high graphics with Xanthes Flawlessness or Strawberry Singhs Closeup windlights.  I use Black Dragon which is an EEP viewer that can use windlights along with EEP **

    Here is another lovely Aetherpunk image to share with you all!  I am featuring both Skin Fair and Engine Room items in this post. Yomi has her first skin release at the Skin Fair this year called Mizuki.  It is an adorable skin for Lelutka Evo heads.  I am wearing the Lily 2.5 head and the Legacy Perky body in the images below.  There are 8 tones to choose from and they are really very beautiful.  Even the dark tone shave skin crease details on the hands and feet that are usually absent in the darker skins of many brands.  The body skins come with thin, regular, and chubby options.  All are featured below.  The eyes in the main image are by Elemental, also at The Skin Fair.  The ears are brand new by Andore and are Bento.  

    The Engine Room is open again for another amazing round and I am featuring loads of goodies from it.  I have always enjoyed the magical side of Steampunk so I had to go with an aether-themed picture.  The orbs are by Petrichor and have many different animations.  There is a static and animated one in each pack.  Be warned rezzing them will cost you 319 LI per ball . . . I was lucky I had a lot of prims!  They are still beautiful and should be held for the best effect.

    Nothing Can Stop Ileana


    The Skin Fair Items: *NEW*

    Mizuki Skin + Body by Yomi (Maitreya/Legacy/Lelutka)

    Zombie Eyes by Elemental (BOM)

    Mesh Ears Koeh by Andore

    The Engine Room Items: *NEW*

    Babette Corset & Accessories by ERSCH

    Korsik Orbs (Static & Animated) by Petrichor

    Divinity Halo by Garmonbozia

    The Third Eye by Rich B.

    Head: Lily by Lelutka

    Body: Legacy Perky by Meshbody

    Ecate Horns, Tattoo, + Shine by This is Wrong @ The Black Fair *NEW*

    Pose: Magic Spell by PSYCHO

    Paper Magic - Paper Halo & Floating Book by Disorderly

    The Mad Scientist's Bird - Gunmetal-Blue by Half-Deer

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    It’s Just A Dream

    My, my—I came this way

    That explains the trouble that I'm always in

    That explains the trouble that I'm always in

    That explains the trouble that I'm always in

    That explains the trouble that I'm always

    Trouble that I'm always in

    ― Pogo, The Trouble

    Well looksie here . . . more Skin Fair 2021 previews!  This time I am featuring the darker tones for Glam Affairs' new body line.  The 4 tones are Caramel, Almond, Mocha, and Cocoa. The body skins now include 2 chubby options, a regular, and soft body. These are absolutely gorgeous with a nice range in between each of the tones.  There is something for everyone with the new BOM body skins and additional layers!  I am featuring the Almond tone from the Tierra skin pack in the main image below plus some of the BOM layer add-ons that come with each skin.   The Tierra skin images are also featuring the Meiga Eyes by Loa.  They are so gorgeous as are all of her eye palettes.  Enjoy!

    It's Just A Dream


    Engine Room Items: *NEW*

    Tempus - Gears, Collar, Hands & Numerals (headpiece) by Zibska

    Countess Longsleeves by Static 

    The Outlaws Tea Set by Reliquary - Fully animated wearable tea set!

    The Skin Fair Items: *NEW*

    Head: Briannon EvoX by Lelutka 

    Tierra Skin (Lelutka EvoX) Tone Almond by Glam Affair 

    Meiga Eyes (in skin previews) by Loa


    Cotton Usagi Ears by Aii

    Bunny Legs by Jinx @ We Love Role-Play *NEW* (Maitreya, Legacy & Kupra)

    Jinx Centaur - Silver Buckskin Applier by Cinnamon 

    **All third party centaur appliers can be used on the Bunny Legs!  Cinnamon has some of my favorites**

    Mahalia Braids by CAMO @ Access *NEW*

    Bompu Corset by PFC (Pucca Firecaster)

    Cherry Spring (Purple) - Petit Fours, Cake, Tea, and Macaroons by DisorderlyBloom  *NEW*

    Sia - Sphere Moss Planter - Tilted & Lanterns by Dahlia @ Bloom *NEW*

    Curious Set - Drink Me Bottle, Key, Pocket Watch & Cards, & 

    Stacked Teacups by Dahlia *Mainstore*

    Pose: Highlights Vol. 2 - 6 by Foxcity (modified in Black Dragon)

    Pocket Watch by Apple Fall

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    The Suffering of Spiders

    Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.

    ~ Charles Addams

    The Suffering of Spiders


     Jumping Spiders: Raindrop Spider RARE, Nanny Spider RARE, & Blue Face Spider by Hextraordinary @ The Arcade *NEW*

    Cyber Fair Items: *NEW*

    Hat: Cyber Sakkat RX-1 - Metal + GOLD  v 1.0 by CREATiCA

    Ogres Mask by Lanevo

    Metallic Geta + Tabi by Antaya

    Borg Nails by RAWR

    Atomy Cyber Suit by A&Y

    YNT S5812X Case V1.0 by VSD

    Hair: l0618 by Tram

    Deep Materials Tattoo by Nefekalum Tattoos

    Pose: Adapted for the Spiders.  Original is Popstars Gacha 4 by Poseidon

    Solo - Turret by BAMSE @ The Arcade *NEW*

    City Hacked Backdrop - The Bearded Guy

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    Clocks Forward . . .

    “While you'll feel compelled to charge forward it's often a gentle step back that will reveal to you where you and what you truly seek.”

    ― Rasheed Ogunlaru

    Clocks Forward . . .


    Skin Fair Items: *NEW*

    Skin: Rose in Dalam by Mudskin

    Fabu Eyes & Beauty Marks by MAJESTIQUE (BOM Layers)

    Head: Strange Face W001 by Genus Project

    Bambi eyebrows by Little Devil

    Pluckiana Hairbase by Revoul

    Frances Gacha Outfit: Outfit RARE, Boots RARE, Plushie Berry, & Bag Red by Luas @ The Arcade *NEW*

    Coffee Blossoms / Purple by Disorderly @ Kustom9 *NEW*

    School Days - Student Bag Leather by KOPFKINO

    Winged Cat - In Flight by Half-Deer

    Pose: Action 02 by Sari-Sari