• Poems of the north.

    Up at the poles,
    towards the north of the north,
    in those magical skies,
    exists a Goddess called
    Aurora Borealis
    – Sayali Jadhav

    When I look at the Polar living room collection from SQUARE I’m looking at where I come from, interpreted through contemporary design. It’s beautiful and warm, like the soft northern lights, dancing across the sky. The gorgeous Polar Collection is available right now at the Anthology event, and it consists of a sofa (PG/Adult) with throw and pillows. The sofa comes in black and white, and there’s texture change options for the throw and the ball cushion. It is also packed with carefully chosen Bento animations. There’s a coffee table and side table, both also available in black and white. Furthermore the collections consists of the stunningly beautiful chandelier, a feature wall, floor art, vases, candles, penguins, and tic-tac-toe decor.

    • [ SQUARE ] – POLAR Collection @ Anthology (until June 17th 2024)
      • [ SQUARE ] – POLAR Sofa [ PG ][ADULT] [Black][White]
      • [ SQUARE ] – POLAR Coffee Table [Black][White]
      • [ SQUARE ] – POLAR Side Table [Black][White]
      • [ SQUARE ] – POLAR Chandelier [Black][White]
      • [ SQUARE ] – POLAR Feature Wall [Black][White]
      • [ SQUARE ] – POLAR Floor Art [Black][White]
      • [ SQUARE ] – Dandelion Vase [Black][White][Beige]
      • [ SQUARE ] – POLAR vase [Black][White]
      • [ SQUARE ] – POLAR Candle [V1][V2][V3]
      • [ SQUARE ] – TIC TAC TOE [Black][White]
      • [ SQUARE ] – PENGUIN decor

  • An evening dip.


    • DaD “Karen Daybed Set” @ ACCESS (until June 8th 2024)
      • DaD “Karen Daybed” (PG and Adult FM | FF | MM)
      • DaD “Karen coffee table”
      • DaD “Karen breakfast tray”
      • DaD “Karen books”
    • DaD – The Courtyard Roman Swimming Pool @ FaMESHed (until May 27th 2024)
    • DaD ” Daisy on Flowerpot”
    • Konoha – “Jest” Bushes


    • RAKE Facial Hair -5 o’clock- EvoX – GROUP GIFT
    • Volkstone Howard Chest Hair
    • L+B Swear Jett Graphics Board Shorts RIVIERA (comes in both wet & dry look!)

  • Feel it.

    If you’re going to do a cover of someone elses song, you better add something special to it. You know you made a f***ing fantastic song when Johnny Cash covers it! I’m a huge Depeche Mode fan since the age of 12, and whenever I see someone go “Hey, I made a Depeche Mode cover!” I’m thinking no, no, no, no touchy! But Johnny Cash? Ok, go ahead, Sir.

    The #130 [ ARCBACK ] – Jeans are now available in the ARCBACK mainstore. The perfectly imperfect jeans! This pair of skinny jeans are worn, and ripped, and got holes in them; they really did see better days, but gosh they are so comfy! Fatpack offers 12 denim textures. Compatible with Signature Gianni and Meshbody Legacy M/A male mesh bodies. I’m wearing the Legacy (m) body.

    • Guitars, and guitar pick by Versov
    • Pose by me
  • Living breezy.

    Life is easier
    Looking back
    Than looking forward
    For you already know
    The outcome
    – David KUSH

    While everyone else are updating their heads, I’m running on the beach, figuring out my life. No, you can’t figure out everything during a walk or run on the beach, and you might even derail your brain completely by taking in the majestic beauty of the ocean. Which is fine too, because your soul needs this. Try not to worry. Think positive thoughts, be more casual and kind to yourself, smile more. Live your life breezy.

    AGATA is participating in this round of ACCESS with the Muscle Outfit. Shorts and tank are separate, fanny pack and chest pack also separate objects. Fatpack comes with several mix and match color options. The Muscle Outfit is compatible with Belleza Jake, Kario, and Meshbody Legacy M/A male mesh bodies.

  • Frames.

    I’m inside the stunning Yoari house by La Petite Vie, where the natural light coming through the skylight above the entrance so perfectly hits the Yoari decor set I had set up for pictures. This decor set consists of an impressive balancing stone table, stone jar, rock branch decor, and a set of standing canvas frames. I let the sunlight coming through the windows create a spotlight for the decor, and no extra light added. There is a little bit of light coming from the ceiling spots, but it doesn’t reach all the way down. Same with the light strip above the feature wall in the living room, which beautifully lights up roughly 1/3 way down the wall. More about the Yoari house from La Petite Vie in my previous blog post.

    The Yoari decor set is available at this round of Equal10, as well as the Yoari house.

  • In the now.

    The Yoari house from La Petite Vie is a beautiful contemporary house, offering spacious living- and kitchen areas, a big bedroom, a gorgeous concrete terrace that’s like a piece of art attached to the house, and also a rooftop terrace for some relaxation in the sun. This house is breathtakingly beautiful, the lines. I particularly love the big windows, and big walls where you can hang your art. When you look inside, you’ll understand what I mean when I say it’s a contemporary interior photographer’s dream. I have one thing I would want that isn’t here, and that’s a back entrance through the terrace, but this is just a tiny thing really, I can walk around back and get the exercise. More pictures of the house in the slideshow at the end of this post.

    La Petite Vie – Yoari House details: 82 Li – 35 m x 25 m – Realistic size – Colorable – Materials enabled – Copy/Modify/Transfer.

    Out in the garden I placed the stunning Modern Corten Steel Fountain by Imegica. This makes a beautiful eye-catching water feature in your modern garden, city square, or park. Click the picture to see the high res image. This fountain is on sale right now for 50L$ only, at the Imegica mainstore for this week’s Fifty Fifty sales event. The sale ends on May 24th.

    • .imegica. Modern cortenSteel Fountain – 50L$ for the Fifty Fifty Sales until May 24th
    • Konoha – Platanus Mari – Old Plane Tree T1 @ FaMESHed (until May 27th 2024)
    • Konoha – “Jest” Weeds II – Summer Blossoms Set
    • Konoha – Fluffy Natoma Grass
    • {-Maru Kado-} Stone wall set
  • Enchant me.

    These Mid Century floating box shelves from Soul2Soul are my new favorite pieces in the living room. See how good they look?? Made from hardwood, with LED strip light, they are separate shelves to place on any wall in any arrangement. Vinyl storage, record player, speaker, books, retro radio, lanterns, candles – All the decor you see on the shelves is included. A potted bamboo plant completes the collection. The items are all Copy/Modify.

    You can’t see it in the picture, but the wood on the shelves matches the wood on the Easy Sunday Coffee Table, also by Soul2Soul. As I was hopping around shopping weekend sales, I stumbled upon the Melancholy Grooves collection from MERAK, and I just HAD TO HAVE IT. The ‘Puff ‘n Pour Decor’ from this collection got a place on the coffee table, to enhance the mood in this scene.

    • Soul2Soul. Easy Sunday Collection
      • Soul2Soul. Easy Sunday Armchair
      • Soul2Soul. Easy Sunday Coffee Table
      • Soul2Soul. Easy Sunday Vases
    • MERAK – Melancholy Grooves – Puff ‘n Pour Decor
  • Donuts and meditation.

    The very charming and cute Ava Desk Cabinet by Imegica, is available at this round of the Cosmopolitan event. The Ava chair is included, with 13 single animations. The Ava Desk Cabinet comes with and without decor and laptop. The laptop is a functional browser. I listened to Blender Guru sculpting donuts in while setting up this scene, and ended up trying a little chakra meditation lol I needed to balance them a little, it can sometimes be frustrating to learn something completely new.

    For your inner peace and chakra balancing, LORE has the Ceramic Wall Chakras, and Boho Wall Beads out at this round of Flourish. The Ceramic Wall Chakras come in 3 texture options, I’m displaying the classic chakra colored one. The beads come in 4 different versions, and I’ve chosen the natural version for this scene. There’s also a gorgeous Pyramid diffuser, to complete the set. I’m going to make room for it in one of my next scenes.

  • Here comes summer.

    Konoha is participating in this round of FaMESHed with the ‘Platanus Mari – Old Plane Tree T1‘. This is a stunningly beautiful mature Platanus, or plane tree. And if you know your trees you know that this one is big, as it should be. I had to resize mine down a little to fit more of it in my picture. It is 46 Li out of the box, copy/modify, and season change menu upon Touch. A gorgeous eye-catcher, in your park, or in the wild. Other plants in this picture are also from Konoha, see list below.

    For this round of the Cosmopolitan event, CHEZ MOI released the Camperini Set. PG and Adult versions. The set contains camping chair, and portable kitchen. Both come with numerous animations; solo and couple, temp attach props, and the kitchen also comes with 11 activity animations. Texture change HUD for the chair. Copy/Modify. Always a lot of fun and enjoyment, with CHEZ MOI creations in your home.

    Imegica has the Victoria house on sale at 50% off for this week’s Fifty Fifty sale event, and today is the LAST DAY. Lol, I’m happy every time I manage to squeeze in a sale item on my blog. This is a Victorian style house with a garage extension. Intricate layout, two big porches, the biggest one in the back. This house is so charming and idyllic, and spacious! 2 main living areas + kitchen + 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms (or more bedrooms) + 1 car garage. Touch the blinds of the arched window above the garage door, and you get to choose between 13 colors for the exterior wooden walls. Touch the blinds of the top arched window to rez snow roof. 2 versions available; with and without a built-in fireplace.

    Imegica Victoria House details: 117 Li (114 without fireplace) – 24.4 m x 30 m x 15.6 m high, or 732 sqm – Copy/Modify/Transfer.

    • Konoha – Platanus Mari – Old Plane Tree T1 @ FaMESHed (until May 27th 2024)
    • Konoha – Fluffy Natoma Grass
    • Konoha – “Jest” Bushes
    • Konoha – “Jest” Weeds II – Summer Blossoms Set
    • Konoha – Buttercups – Ranunculus aamilee
    • .imegica. Victoria House – 50% off for Fifty Fifty Sales until May 17th 2024 LAST DAY!