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    People are in such a hurry all the time. For no reason. Relax! Take the car and go for a drive with no particular destination in mind and try to just enjoy the ride.

    Did you see the futuristic [777] 4x V-T Turbo 2077 from 777 Motors that’s out at the Manly Arena Event? Whew, talk about going somewhere, or nowhere, fast! Demo available at the 777 Motors mainstore.

    I’m wearing the cool looking Noah set from FashionNatic which is available at this round of the MAN CAVE event. Shirt, pants and boots. Available for purchase in a few select single colors, fatpacks and mega fatpack. Fatpacks include bonus content. Compatible with Belleza Jake (shown on me), Legacy and Signature Gianni male mesh bodies.

    • Windlight: Jay BattleScars – PREMIUM – CLOUDS – BACKWATER 6
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    Dream A Little Dream Of Me

    Birds singin’ in the sycamore tree, dream a little dream of me… The Little Branch is participating in this round of the MAN CAVE event with the Sycamore Tree v2. “These beautiful trees can grow to be a massive tree that can attain the largest trunk diameter of any eastern U.S. hardwood. The native sycamore has a broad, outreaching canopy and its bark is unique among trees—you can recognize a sycamore just by looking at the jigsaw shapes of its bark.”

    777 Motors is at Shiny Shabby with the [777] Impalz-67. This is a beautiful vintage car with lots of paint job options. Now, I haven’t been watching much Supernatural but I know that this is THE car and 777 Motors has of course included a ‘Devil Hunter’s’ version which is a replica of the car from the show. If I have time I will definitely blog that one later on, it looks fantastic.

    And here’s another vintage treat for you! Muniick will be participating in the upcoming round of Cosmopolitan (opens January 25th) with the AMAZING looking Vintage Coastline Camper. Icludes a fully furnished camper and an empty one. The furnished camper contains bento animations in the booth, the kitchenette and the bed. Available in PG for 300L and Adult for 400L. Furnished version is 48 LI, empty is 38 LI. Both are Copy / Modify.

    In 1968 The Mamas & The Papas released their version of Dream A Little Dream Of Me, which happens to be my favorite version of this song. Sing it, Mama Cass!

    Previously blogged / Other items used:

    • CHEZ MOI Maluma Beach Chair and Accent Table from the Maluma Beach Set
    • Sari-Sari – Lifeguard Chair
    • Skye Beach Sign 6
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    To recognize one’s own insanity is, of course, the arising of sanity, the beginning of healing and transcendence.

    Eckhart Tolle

    To anyone who may be concerned about my well-being; this picture is just an expression of art and no Sander has been harmed in any way before, during or after the photo shoot.

    CAROL G‘s most recent release for us guys is the INSANE full body and face tattoo and it’s available right now at Men Only Monthly

    Other items used:

    • uK – Ambition Art Set
    • reBourne Prefabs Boho Pallet Bed
    • [DB]Poses – exhausted
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    Inside and Out

    Even though I can’t see the sun before February 5th where I live, my days are getting brighter and longer. Soon the sun will give warmth to the house again, inside and out.

    CHEZ MOI is at Cosmopolitan with the charming and cozy Quebec Patio Set. The set is available in PG and Adult versions and it comes with texture change HUD for blanket, gloves and tea set.

    At The Liaison Collaborative, The Shingled Roof Birdhouse by Sari-Sari is available with both wall mount and standing versions and snow / no snow.

    GOOSE is participating in this round of Cosmopolitan too with the Decorative Garden Obelisk. Available in black and white and with lights or no lights.

    Now available in the crate mainstore is the Pompous Pouf Set, which contains a contemporary designer leather pouf in black or brown and accompanying side plant. Very chic!

    • DaD “Hillside House”
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    How quickly a year has passed. But even though it’s been a year since I saw M. in RL, memories live for as long as you want them to and mine from January 2020 are just as vivid as if they happened yesterday. I’m extremely grateful for being able to make memories together with M. every day even though we’re 3800 miles apart. Hopefully soon we can again make new ones in real life too.

    B-Made is participating in the upcoming round of Shiny Shabby, starting today, with the Cracked Boat and the Rusty Lighthouse. The boat scene is 97 Li and the lighthouse is 27 Li. Both are Copy / Modify.

    The outfit I’m wearing can be found in its entirety at the Hoorenbeek mainstore. Bomber jacket, t-shirt, ripped slim-fit jeans, Patagonia boots and Wayfarer glasses (not shown) are all included in the Hoorenbeek NG Tad Outfit. The outfit is compatible with Belleza Jake (shown on me), Legacy, Signature Gianni and Geralt and SLink male mesh bodies and Classic avatars.

    The pose is called ‘The Memories’ and is a new release by Tribal Tuesday. Includes Poseball, single animation, Cigar, Cigarette and Camera and an “easy-fit notecard” to help get the perfect look.

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    Her Luxury Heels

    She wields a crop like a natural extension of her hand. Her specialty is to see into your mind with an ability to “soften the hard and harden the soft.”

    D. E. Thomas

    Hop on over to the MIIX Event and hunt the Furtacor exclusive BDSM gifts. I’m wearing the Suspender Shorts, Ball Gag and Cuffs for wrists and ankles. Mahogany holds the Riding Crop Flogger Whip and on the wall in the background you can see the Bondage Cross which are also part of the hunt. Mahogany’s boots and my collar and necklace are our own/not part of the hunt.

    The amazing body tattoo is the Traveler tattoo created with love by Resilience and also available at this round of the MIIX Event.

    Other items used:

    • Dura-B103-HAIR
    • L’Emporio&PL::*Sid*::-Necklace+Collar-
    • Mahogany’s boots are part of the NyDesign ‘All Eyes On Me’ outfit
    • Backdrop: Synnergy – The Office
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    Farmhouse Dream Kitchen

    100% remeshed, redesigned and retextured, the Muniick Wickman Farmhouse Kitchen version 2 is a exclusive new release for Happy Weekend mainstore sale this weekend. It’s a 17 piece complete modular kitchen set and during Happy Weekend it’s only 60L$ for the complete set! 4 color options for the cabinets and 2 for the counter tops. Hop on over to the Muniick mainstore and secure your farmhouse dream kitchen!

    Happy Weekend runs every Saturday at 10am slt – Sunday 11:59pm slt.

    The Dreaming Flowers cookie boxes by Cinoe are available right now at Kustom9. Rectangle, square and round boxes in several different colors. Touch and they dispense delicious eatable Bento animated cookies. Also be sure to check out the orange retro coffee cup (dispenser) also at Kustom9, I completely failed including this item in this scene.

    • Muniick Wickman Farmhouse Kitchen v2 – 60L$ Happy Weekend Sale (through January 17th)
    • [Cinoe] Dreaming flowers @ KUSTOM9 (through February 10)
      • [Cinoe] Dreaming flowers – Rectangle Red
      • Circle Blue open
      • Circle Blue lid

    Previously blogged / other items used:

    • [Cinoe] Fluffy chocolate latte (Dispencer)
    • [Cinoe] White cosmos vase and flower
    • [Cinoe] Morning habits – Kettle
    • DaD “Copper Cookware Molds”
    • Nutmeg. Rustic Stool
    • dust bunny . hanging plants . ivy planter
    • Apple Fall West Village Live Basil w/ Terracotta Pot
    • Apple Fall West Village Wicker Basket
    • Apple Fall West Village Pears in Vintage Trug
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    Road Trip Picnic

    777 Motors is at the 2MUCH Event with the vintage Spyder inspired [777] Breeze. Available in FULL version and 8 LITE versions. ASCv7 scripted with many features. Try demo in the 777 Motors mainstore.

    DJ.SF is participating in this round of Cosmopolitan with the Lovers Blanket v2. The DJ.SF Lovers Blankets have been updated with new pillows, textures and tons of new animations, including some special tease him ones! *Looks at Mahogany…* 😉 The blankets are available in PG and Adult; single sits for male and female avatars, couple cuddles and couple activities in each (3some cuddles in the m/m versions). Many more adult animations than before and Bento!

    The Little Branch is also at Cosmopolitan this round with the Black Oak v2. Black oak, a native of the Chicago region, could be used as a parkway or street tree. The tree’s blackish outer bark is ridged in irregular blocks and the leaf buds are sharply pointed and covered with down. The leaves are usually seven-lobed and glossy dark green above, duller and sometimes fuzzy beneath, turning orange-crimson or brown in autumn.

    • [777] Breeze by 777 MOTORS @ 2MUCH EVENT (through January 15)
    • DJ.SF Lovers Blanket v2 – Vintage @ Cosmopolitan (through January 23)
    • LB_BlackOakTree.v2{Animated}4Seasons @ Cosmopolitan (through January 23)
      • LB_OakGrass_Spring{Mesh}2Li
    • [Cinoe] Autumun Picnic
      • [Cinoe] Picnic Basket
      • [Cinoe] Water bottle blue
    • BONDI . Picnic Radio . Fameshed Anniv. Gift

    Other items used:

    • Skye Wild Grasses
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    Safe At Home

    You’re not stuck at home.
    You’re safe at home.

    I’m super excited to welcome crate to my blog, so let’s kick start this relationship with the fun and a little different Vaporwave Collection just because it looks so cool! Television features ground sits (6 female, 6 male and 8 cuddles) and changing GIF monitor. Toy Gramophone has a spinning record. Available in 3 colors and discounted full set and mega set right now at Equal10.

    Cinoe is at ACCESS this round with the Stay Home Theater – A Couch Companion filled with snacks and sodas; upon touch it dispenses Bento animated snacks and drinks. There is also a single bowl of popcorn and soda for when you’re less hungry.

    The Couple Ottoman set consisting of a ottoman on wheels that is big enough for two and shelf with decor (unlinked) was recently released for Cosmopolitan but is now available at the GOOSE mainstore. The ottoman features 6 single animations, 8 couple cuddles and 8 couple adult animations and 4 different textures for pillows and blanket.

    The Kawaii Flower Seat from Refuge contains 5 single animations and is available in 5 different colors. This item is currently unavailable for purchase due to Refuge moving.

    • crate Vaporwave Collection @ Equal10 (through February 5)
      • crate Vaporwave Television – Lime
      • crate Vaporwave Toy Gramophone – Lime
    • [Cinoe] Stay home theater @ ACCESS (through February 8)
      • [Cinoe] Stay home theater – Couch companion
      • [Cinoe] Stay home theater – Cola bottle
      • [Cinoe] Stay home theater – Popcorn
    • GOOSE – Couple Ottoman set
      • GOOSE – Couple Ottoman
      • GOOSE – Shelf
    • Refuge – Kawaii Flower Seat Blue
    • Refuge – 4 Point Star Light Yellow
    • LB_FIddleLeafFig{Mesh}*Potted

    Sander is wearing: