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    “It’s Ms. Not Miss”

    It’s maybe not my bedroom but the Miss Vanity II Gacha Collection by KOPFKINO sure makes a beautiful and feminine bedroom for a sophisticated and romantic lady. I had lots of fun setting up this scene which consists solely of KOPFKINO Miss Vanity and Miss Vanity II gacha sets. You can find the most recent release, Miss Vanity II, at the ongoing round of The Epiphany. This set is the perfect addition to the already existing Miss Vanity Set. You can choose to play the machine for the items and also the exclusive item and the VIP gift, or, buy the c/m fatpack. The previously released Miss Vanity collection is available in the KOPFKINO mainstore.

    • DaD “Hampton Cottage”
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    Welcome To 1307 Bird Ln.

    There’s still 2-3 feet of snow on the ground where I live in real life. Yes, the thaw has started but spring has definitely arrived at 1307 Bird Lane in Second Life. The blackbirds are occupying the mailbox and it’s ok because we hardly ever use it anymore anyway. The plum tree outside the wall is starting to bear fruit and the car is clean inside and outside and it looks brand new again! Ok yeah, I’m really longing for spring now.

    • LB_PlumTree{Animated}4Seasons @ The Mens Dept (through April 30)
    • LB_WildPineTree.{Animated}4Seasons
    • LB_Grass.V4.1{Mesh}
    • TLC Bunnies from the ‘Little Thieves’ – Bunny Set
    • TLC Feathered Squatters – Blackbird Set
    • Refuge – Bunny Fountain (mainstore unavailable, you might find it on the Refuge Store marketplace)
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    Game Room

    Now the pool table is a bit of a fixer upper but this game room has lots of potential!

    For Fetish Fair InsurreKtion is offering the Spike Me Up Set of leather armchair and stool. PG and Adult versions available. Texture change menu for leather and spikes upon Touch.

    B-Made is at the 4 Seasons Event with the Old Pool Table. It’s a really cool piece of decor for any run-down bar scene.

    No. 59 made a wall mounted version of the Mexican Shot Dispenser and this can be found at this round of EQUAL10.

    • No. 59 F-Class Shot Dispenser Mexican @ EQUAL10 (through May 5)
    • No. 59 Asbrink Whiskey on tablet
    • Muniick– Vintage Industrial Foosball Game & Pendant Lamp
    • Refuge – Game Room Sign from the Aftermath Gacha Collection
    • [ zerkalo ] High Traffic – Liberty Neon (blink on/off)
    • [ zerkalo ] Bar Z – Vodka Neon Sign – on/off blinking
    • Build: [Schultz Bros.] Alleyway + Garage Skybox (modified floor texture)
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    Happiness is a long, warm bath. DaD knows this and has added a vintage soaking tub to their Les Memoires Cozy Bathroom. Les Memoires Cozy Bathroom Set 02 contains the tub, available in PG and Adult, tub mat, paintings and ceiling lamps. The rest you see in this picture is part of the Cozy Bathroom Set 01. The DaD ‘Les Memoires Cozy Bathroom Set 02’ is available right now at Uber.

    • DaD “Les Memoires Cozy Bathroom set 02” @ Uber (through April 22)
    • DaD “Les Memoires Cozy Bathroom set 01”
    • Build: DaD “Positano Farmhouse”
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    On His Farm He Had Some..

    ..Chickens! TLC Animals is having a gacha sale this weekend and there’s still time left to hop on over and collect some chickens or dragonflies or whatever else type of animals that might interest you to have on your land! Gacha fatpacks are 50% off through April 11th. Cluck!

    The Sari-Sari Ladder Shelves & Seedling Trays are at The Warehouse Sale event until April 18th and they are at a 30% discount for the duration of the event. Original mesh, textures, and bento animations, 1-12 LI each, copy/mod
    Includes A-frame shelf & angled ladder shelf (with linked trays and without). Two seedling trays (decor & holdable versions with m&f bento hold).

    • TLC Chicken Gacha
    • DaD “Positano Farmhouse”


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    Las Vegas Magazine about Cherry Boom Boom

    It takes hours and hours of practice, giving it all you got, to create a great show. Sometimes literally leaving your blood, sweat and tears in the cracks of the floorboards. No matter what kind of show it is your doing, the satisfaction of having it premier and then receiving rave reviews is absolute heaven.

    Now you can have your own Cherry Boom Boom dance chair and monkeybars as DaD and Paragon did another beautiful collaboration. Mahogany tried the dance sequences when I rezzed the set and wow, it is jaw dropping brilliance.

    • Prive by DaD “Paragon_CherryBoomBoom Set”
      • Paragon_CherryBoomBoom Chair Dance
      • Paragon_CherryBoomBoom MonkeyBar dance
      • Paragon_CherryBoomBoom Chair Dance Only decor
    • [Cinoe] Vitamin colorful refrigerator – Silver
      • [Cinoe] Vitamin colorful refrigerator – Oriental water open
      • [Cinoe] Vitamin colorful refrigerator – Oriental water (disp)
    • Nutmeg. Dacha Crumpled Towel
    • Build: Scarlet Creative Kert Warehouse Skybox
    • Panorama RealView 3.1 – Screen 30 x 16
    • Cherry Boom Boom poster by Douglas Leferovich
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    Welcome Weekend

    Welcome weekend. Stay as long as you like!

    The Mina Living Room by CHEZ MOI is cozy, fully interactive, and perfect for keeping lively conversations and a relaxing time. Kitty is having a very relaxing time before the humans come home to start their weekend. The Mina Living Room Set comes in PG and Adult versions and consists of the comfortable velvet settee, chair, coffee table, accent table and Orchid Vase. The purple orchid. The white one is another orchid also from CHEZ MOI.

    The Sari-Sari Hanging Pothos comes in 3 varieties of pothos; Golden, Marble Queen, and N’Joy. Each plant variety contains hanging pot with trellis and single pot versions. Put your own pictures on 6 polaroids on the trellis version. Fatpack includes HUD to change pot and string texture.

    • SAYO – Parisi Drapes – Escobar

    Geela says it so well! TGIF!