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    My lemon trees

    “Every mistake leaves a teaching, every teaching leaves an experience, and every experience leaves a mark.”

    My lemon trees

    DaD @Uber

    DaD “Les Memoires – Bust of Girl” c/m
    DaD “Les Memoires – Hydrangea Plant in pot” c/m
    DaD “Les Memoires – Wrought Iron Table” c/m
    DaD “Les Memoires Corrugated Rugs Set 01” c/m
    DaD “Les Memoires Corrugated Set Rugs 02” c/m
    DaD “Les Memoires Wrought Iron Armchair w. blanket” PG v1.1a
    DaD “Les Memoires Wrought Iron Armchair” PG v1.1a
    DaD “Les Memoires Wrought Iron Lounger” PG v1.1 c/m

    DaD “Spring Greenery Candle ring A – Lemon” c/m
    DaD “Spring Greenery Candle ring B – Lemon” c/m

    Dust Bunny @FaMESHed

    dust bunny . lemon plants . potted tree . large
    dust bunny . lemon plants . potted tree . medium
    dust bunny . lemon plants . potted tree . small
    dust bunny . lemon plants . sprigs vase


    HISA – Wall Foliage – B
    HISA – Wall Foliage – G

    Kalopsia @Anthem

    Kalopsia – Kendal Shelf Daisy
    Kalopsia – Kendal Shelf Flowers


    Nutmeg. Snug Daydream Book Pile / 1
    Nutmeg. Snug Daydream Book Pile / 2
    Nutmeg. Snug Daydream Wood Stove w/Firewood / Ivory
    Nutmeg. Sunroom Clock
    Nutmeg. Sunroom Coffee Pot
    Nutmeg. Sunroom Cup
    Nutmeg. Sunroom Cup Stack
    Nutmeg. Sunroom Filled Bureau
    Nutmeg. Sunroom Framed Art / 1
    Nutmeg. Sunroom Framed Art / 2
    Nutmeg. Sunroom Large Cup
    Nutmeg. Sunroom Lemon Tree
    Nutmeg. Sunroom Plate Stack
    Nutmeg. Sunroom Sugar Pot
    Nutmeg. Sunroom Teapot

    Pitaya – Handmade Curtains 6 (two faces) lace

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    Little corner

    “Difficulties do not exist to make you quit but to make you stronger.”

    Little corner

    Apple Fall Cushion – Satin, Beige

    Dahlia – Sunny – Crocus Big Planter – Cream

    Fancy Decor Metro Collection @FaMESHed

    Fancy Decor: Metro Art
    Fancy Decor: Metro Chair (adult)
    Fancy Decor: Metro Console
    Fancy Decor: Metro Lamp
    Fancy Decor: Metro Rug

    Kalopsia @Anthem

    Kalopsia – Kendal Ottoman
    Kalopsia – Kendal Salt Rock
    Kalopsia – Kendal Vase (Flowers)

    (Luc.) Carne Asada Tacos @Anthem
    (Luc.) Iced Tea [BENTO Server]

    Mithral * Living Wall Display (Light)
    Mithral * Wall Pipe Display (Silver)

    MudHoney Lana Set @FaMESHed

    MudHoney Lana Candle Tall
    MudHoney Lana Chandelier
    MudHoney Lana Sconce
    MudHoney Lana Table Lamp
    MudHoney Zola Bar Adult
    MudHoney Zola Bar Wine Bottles
    MudHoney Zola Barstool Adult


    .peaches. Makeshift Suitcase Table – Blue
    .peaches. Makeshift Suitcase Table – Bookstack
    .peaches. Makeshift Suitcase Table – Elephante

     Rezz Room Siberian Husky Adult Animesh  @Man Cave

    VARONIS – Luca Skybox

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    El frente del jardin

    “You’ve criticized yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try to flatter yourself and see what happens. “

    El frente del jardin

    Galland Homes  Galveston House Saturday Sale

    Kalopsia – Charlie’s Rattan Couch (Adult)  @Collabor88

    Kalopsia – Charlie’s Rattan ChairKalopsia – Charlie’s Rattan Table


    HISA – Climbing Vines – Green A
    HISA – Climbing Vines – Green C
    HISA – Greenery Bush 1
    HISA – Greenery Bush 2
    HISA – Greenery Bush 3
    HISA – Greenery Shrubs 1
    HISA – Greenery Shrubs 2
    HISA – Newland Mailbox

    Little Branch_SweetOrangeTree{Animated}4Seasons @Uber



    Lagom – Bianca Fence [ Gate ]
    Lagom – Bianca Fence [ Left ]
    Lagom – Bianca Fence [ Right ]

    Lucas Lameth @N21

    (Luc.) Bowl of Ice-Cream, ChocSyrup V2 [Decor, 9 FLAVORS TOUCH]
    (Luc.) Bowl of Ice-Cream, No Syrup V1 [Decor, 9 FLAVORS TOUCH]
    (Luc.) Bowl of Ice-Cream, StrawSyrp V2 [Decor, 9 FLAVORS TOUCH]
    (Luc.) Glass with Spoons [Decor]
    (Luc.) Ice-Cream Cone, No Syrup [Decor, 9 FLAVORS TOUCH]
    (Luc.) Metaverse Cones Box [Decor, BENTO Guest Server]
    (Luc.) Stack of Ice-Cream Bowls [Decor, BENTO Guest Server]
    (Luc.) Strawberry Syrup [Decor]
    (Luc.) Tub of Ice-Cream, Closed [Decor, 9 FLAVORS TOUCH]
    (Luc.) Tub of Ice-Cream, Open [Decor, 9 FLAVORS TOUCH]

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    Memorias de mis Bassets

    “We rarely realize that we are surrounded by the extraordinary.”

    Memorias de mis Bassets

    Body Maitreya Lara V4.0

    Head LeLutka Avalon New Evo Bento HD  

    Skin  Glam Affair Quinn Lelutka Evo Skin @Collabor88

    Top DEAD DOLL  Olimpia Top – Fatpack (Maitreya)

    jeans Apl.B Morgan Pants Capri Maitreya @Collabor88 

    Shoes [BREATHE] Miaka Heels-M.Lara @Fetish Fair

    Hair Tableau Vivant Windy ponytail Add-on & LeLutka EvoX Hairbase

    [Rezz Room] Basset Hound Animesh (Companion) v2.0. @Kustom9

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    A zen office

    “Even if you feel lost and without strength, remember that each day can be the beginning of something wonderful. Do not give up.”

    A Zen office

    DaD @Anthem 

    DaD “Mandala Pillow ALL COLORS” -a- c/m
    DaD “Mandala Wall Tapestry ALL COLORS” c/m

    Fancy Decor Marbled Tea Set @Collabor88 

    Fancy Decor: Marbled Tea Set – white
    Fancy Decor: Marbled Teacup – white
    Fancy Decor: Marbled Teacup – white – full
    Fancy Decor: Marbled Teapot – white (touch for tea)

    Granola. Jade Sun Palms. Rose. (modify)

    hive // leather tote . white
    hive // mass canes plant

    loft & ARIA – Troubadour Rug

    Mithral * Branch Wall Display (White Ceramic)

    Moss&Mink @Kustom9

    {moss&mink} Layla Chair
    {moss&mink} Layla Desk
    {moss&mink} Layla Lamp
    {moss&mink} Layla Shelves
    {moss&mink} Midas – Book Ends
    {moss&mink} Midas – Diffuser
    {moss&mink} Midas – Leaf Sculpture
    {moss&mink} Midas – Omega Sculpture
    {moss&mink} Midas – Palm w/Books
    {moss&mink} Midas – Stone Fruit
    {moss&mink} Midas – Twist Sculpture
    {moss&mink} Midas – Vine Planter

    More Moss&Mink

    {moss&mink} Aries Framed Prints
    {moss&mink} Desk Caddy (Pastel)
    {moss&mink} Files (Pastel)
    {moss&mink} Geo Computer (Pink)
    {moss&mink} Geo Keyboard (Pink)
    {moss&mink} Geo Mousepad (Pink)
    {moss&mink} Geo Speaker L (Pink)
    {moss&mink} Geo Speaker R (Pink)
    {moss&mink} Motivational Print A
    {moss&mink} Motivational Print B
    {moss&mink} Motivational Print C
    {moss&mink} Notebook & Pens (Pastel)
    {moss&mink} Planner (Pastel) LI:1
    {moss&mink} Postits & Highlighters (Pastel)
    {moss&mink} Stapler (Pastel)
    {moss&mink} Summers End – Books 1
    {moss&mink} Summers End – Books 2
    {moss&mink} Summers End – Mini Plant 1
    {moss&mink} Summers End – Mini Plant 2
    {moss&mink} Summers End – Mini Plant 3
    {moss&mink} Summers End – Rose Vase & Books

    Pitaya – Elegant pouf White L

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    My tropical retreat

    “Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”

    My tropical retreat

    DaD Designs “Double Roman Swimming Pool” c/m PG + FAMILY v. 2.0


    :Fanatik Architecture: Palm 10 natural
    :Fanatik Architecture: Palm 11 natural
    :Fanatik Architecture: Palm 2 vibrant
    :Fanatik Architecture: Palm 7 vibrant

    Hisa Kahakai @Uber

    Little Branch

    LB_CrispyGrass{Animated}Seasons LB_CrispyGrass{Animated}Seasons*Soft
    LB_PlumTree{Animated}4Seasons @The Men’s Department

    MudHoney @Bloom

    MH Della Rattan Chair
    MH Della Rattan Chair w/ Pillows

    Skye Alligator Apple Bush (small leaf)
    Skye Bamboo Palm
    Skye Sandy Beach (Pk1) 10 Skew Left
    Skye Sandy Beach Seabed Solid
    Skye Sandy Beach Terrain Blender Bank
    Skye Sandy Beach Terrain Blender Flat
    Skye Zingiberaceae

    {What Next}

    {wn} Swan Pool Float
    {wn} Swan Pool Float (SINGLES ONLY)

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    “The stronger your trials, the greater your victories.”


    Body Maitreya Lara V4.0

    Head LeLutka Avalon New Evo Bento HD  

    Skin  Glam Affair Quinn Lelutka Evo Skin @Collabor88

    Top The Secret Store – April Ruffle Blouse  @Collabor88 

    jeans OSMIA – Remy.Wide-Leg Cropp Jeans @Collabor88 

    Shoes [BREATHE] -Natsuzu Heels- @Collabor88

    Hair Tableau Vivant -leLutka EvoX Hairbase & Chloris Add-on @Collabor88

    [Rezz Room] Saint Bernard Animesh@Uber