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    A toast

    So, what are we going to do today?
    Why, the same as we usually do (and yes, I’m using it again) try to take over the world!

    Hi Saturday peeps! if you’re here on a Saturday then you’re a Saturday peep for today’s purposes. I apologise if you really hate that I do apologise, bear with me. I’m doing a thing here…

    Okay, I’m not. I’m just riding a sugar high to be fair. I’m happy, I just polished off half a pack of liquorice and my tooth hurts. I also just ingested a cup of coffee so techinically I’m riding both things. Happiness just hypes it all up a bit more. Let’s chat about today’s image. I’ve been wanting to take a picture of this suit since it came out but I had a few things to get done first. How cute does it look though? I’m not even usually a fan of pants or pant suits but there are the occassional things that I look at and think. I would totally wear that. Today is one of those.

    It’s from a gacha by Cheezu that released at The Epiphany. There are skirts and tops available as commons for for some reason I really liked the trouser suit. I want one. Can I have one, in real life? I want it in this colour. I think the colour would flatter me too.

    Collabor88 is also open for a new round and I love the touch that the held wine glass added to the overall coolness of this entire outfit. I also love this new hair by Monso, it’s so cute. I love love the long braid but I also love that it has framing curls which soften the pulled back look. This is how I would do a pull back.


    Hair: [Monso] Hunkaa – Red & black {@Collabor88}
    Eyepatch: [Cheezu] Heart Eyepatch {@Ota-con}
    Outfit: [Cheezu] Feel Something Rare (maitreya, legacy) {@The Epiphany}
    Wine glass: [ChicChica] Wine Glass* {@Collabor88}
    Neon feathers: [Disorderly] Windy Glow {@Collabor88}

    *All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.
    **Mesh body used is the Maitreya with Petite chest and Mesh head used is Lelutka EvoX Briannon.
    ***Items marked in above featured list with an ‘*’ are items being blogged for the event and were purchased.

    Supporting Cast

    Backdrop: [Minimal] Achelois Ruins Backdrop

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    Best seats in the house

    Bear seats!

    Aren’t they just precious?! I know you said yes because no one could possibly look at these lovely, soft looking chair bears and not think that. Yes, it was one of those ‘squee‘ moments again because how could you not. I absolutely love bear themed things and this one is perfect. There aren’t near enough cute bear themed things to satisfy me in all of Second Life. If I was bear queen for a day this would be my throne and for the whole day no one could make anything but bear themed items. What a glorious day it would be.

    Aside from getting excitable over soft bear chairs in-world, out in the real world it’s my Friday! I can’t wait to stay up late and watch lots of movies till my eyes are ringed and pop out. I have a whole list of things I want to get through. I wish I had a bear chair to do it in though. It looks like I have another quest to make come true.

    I am also really looking forward to enjoying a whole day on Second Life come Friday. It’s great because there’s the weekend sales shop, home decorating and picture planning ahead. It’s going to be positively wonderful. I’ll hopefully see you in a sale or two over the weekend. Do say hi, I don’t mind. I’ll be ridiculously shy, sure but I will still have been happy you said hello.

    Till I see you again, here come the credits.


    Frappucino 1: [Kotte] frappuccino – caramel (rez) *hold version available {@TMD}
    Frappucino 2: [Kotte] frappuccino – strawberry (rez) *hold version available {@TMD}

    Bear Chair 1: [+Half Deer+] Chair Bear – Chocolate (sleepy) 2li {@Anthem}
    Bear Chair 2: [+Half Deer+] Chair Bear – Pink (face) 2li {@Anthem}
    Boxes: [+Half Deer+] Purr-ty Boxes – Pink 3 – 4li {@Mainstore}
    Triio of boxes on top shelf: [+Half Deer+] Purr-ty Boxes – Pink – Small Boxes Row 1li {@Mainstore}
    Wardrobe: [+Half Deer+] Amelia Wardrobe – White 1li {@Mainstore}
    Bookshelf: [+Half Deer+] Amelia Bookcase – White (tex. change) 1li {@Mainstore}
    Rugs: [+Half Deer+] Basic Rectangle Rug – Pinks (texture change) 1li {@Mainstore}
    Pile of books: [+Half Deer+] Book Clutter 1li per stack {@Mainstore}
    Shoe Rack: [+Half Deer+] Shoe Rack – Pink 2li {@Mainstore}
    Sweets clutter: [+Half Deer+] Candy Clutter – Bright – Small 1li {@Mainstore}
    Build used: [+Half Deer+] Heart Window Skybox – Dove White 1li {@Mainstore}
    Hanging planter: [+Half Deer+] Life is Sweet – Ice Cream Planters (Vanilla) 1li {@Mainstore}

    Diffuser: [MishMish]  Cute Bunny Diffuser 1li {@Mainstore}
    Mini Fridge: [MishMish] Mini Summer Fridge (candy) 3li {@Mainstore}
    Gingerbread man: [MishMish] Gingerbread Cutie & One Candy Cane 1li {@Mainstore}

    *All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

    Supporting Cast

    Curtains: [Dust Bunny] sweet dreams . curtains . b 5li
    Poster: [Random Matter] Noticed By Senpai – Poster [Choco] 1li
    Hanging robe: [Dust Bunny] lauren bathroom . hanging robe . a 3li
    Grapefruit juice: [Vespertine] fresh grapefruit juice 1li
    Waffles: [Makokoi] Sweetheart Breakfast . Waffles Pink Mat 3li
    Strawberry bowl: [Makokoi] Sweetheart Breakfast . Strawberry Ceramic Bowl 1li
    Tarts: [Random Matter] Garden Party – Tarts 1li
    Vase of flowers and clock (on shelf): [Kopfkino] 08. Kopfkino – Miss Vanity II – Books & Flowers 1li
    Drinks on top of mini fridge
    Makokoi. Lovely Snacks . Yogurt Drink Deco 1li
    Makokoi. Lovely Snacks . Strawberry Soda Deco 1li
    Makokoi. Sweet Soda Drinks – Strawberry Soda 1li

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    I’m back! That was such a lovely weekend. I wish I could say I feel incredibly rested but I would be lying because I wish the break had been longer but hey, the sun is shining so that’s always a very good way to perk yourself up. Today’s happy colour to go with the happy day is green. i decided that was the theme I wanted. So I picked this top by C’est La Vie in Green. I also have a huge weakness for polka dots too so naturally I went for the polka dot option. There are other pastel colours available too. I really liked the yellow too but that’s one of my favourate colours so naturally I would be biased.


    Top: [C’est La Vie] Angie Tunic (Freya, S.Physique, S.Hourglass, Maitreya) {@The Warehouse Sale}

    *All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.
    **Mesh body used is the Maitreya Mesh body. Mesh head is Genus Strange. Skin is from Enfer Sombre. Eyes by OOYuki.

    Supporting Cast

    Hair: [Monso] Roseanne
    Nails: [Enfer Sombre] River – Maitreya Applier
    Earrings: [Makokoi] Golden Gel Bear Earrings . White

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    Rendezvous at the Cafe

    I’m so glad this crazy week is over. It’s Saturday! I went virtual weekend shopping really early today so I could get that out of the way. I’m saying this like that was my plan all along but let me tell you, it wasn’t. The actual plan was to actually resist shopping till after I had finished putting up today’s post. Then I got sidetracked because I realised since I had been working full pelt all week I had completely forgotten about Fifty Linden Friday and had to do some quick early morning shop hopping. Most people are too quick for me but I have love for those stores that leave things just that little bit longer for people that forget their whole lives. Like me.

    So now I’m finally here to tell you about the story of today’s image. Well, I really like those pop up parties on the sims and then you randomly turn up to it and it’s all decked out. I think I just like pop up parties in general. At least the thought of them. I remember really enjoying the Trolls episode when they were trying to attend a pop up party and the shenanigans that followed. I like the fact that it could be anywhere and unexpected. Well, this is my version of a pop up party and I did it in the new build by Fancy Decor because the middle area just looked like it would be the best place for a celebration. So, I’ve strung up the lights, let out the balloons, the flamingoes have come to play and the chairs are out. We are going to need you though. If you could bring some confetti with you too that would be grand.

    I don’t think that because I made it into a cafe with a pop up gathering that it means the building can only be used as a cafe, I think it would also make a really cool house. Can you imagine this kind of luxurious open living? It could be really amazing. I think it would also make a really good store, it’s got lovely high walls and windows. When I first unpacked it my mind exploded with all the different things I could possibly do with such a pretty building. I went with a cafe/eating area because it seemed to me to be very inviting. I particularly like the middle garden area (as I call it) it seemed like it would be a nice place to sit or stand in when it was a lovely sunny day and peer out over green fields or a combination of such with water on the horizon. It makes me take a deep breath in like I could actually smell the fresh sea air. Oh man, I just got a thought…what about on top of a cliff or mountain drop? maybe a more practical raised hill with a small drop…oooh a broadwalk!

    Since this image was taken yesterday, and now viewing it in the fresh eyes of the next morning, I dare say ‘someone‘, not naming names or anything…was a tad too happy about finishing work for the day. Just saying. It’s amazing what the clarity of dawn brings.


    Build and path: [Fancy Decor] Modern Structure 29li {@Uber}
    Path: [Fancy Decor] Modern Structure Garden 1li {@Uber}
    Furniture used on interior and seating area: [Fancy Decor] Cafe Voreaux Gacha set {@Mainstore}
    Flamingos: [MishMish] Flamingo – Pale 1li each {@Mainstore}
    Floating petals: [Half Deer] Flower Confetti – Pale 1li {@Mainstore}
    Welcome Sign: [Ionic] Reception Sign *from the celebration gacha set* 4li {@Mainstore} *under remodelling
    Lace hangings: [Ionic] Hanging Lace Drapes 6li {@Mainstore} *under remodelling

    *All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

    Supporting Cast

    Mini hot air balloons: [Tarte] hot air balloon tealight
    Confetti balloons: [Apple Fall] Confetti Balloon
    String lights: [ keke ] stringed garden lights . big *modified*
    Semi cloudy balloons used: [ keke ] starry balloons
    Wooden fence: [Apple Fall] Park Fence
     List of flora and trees used…
    Heart – Wild Flowers – Quenn Ann’s Lace
    HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass08 -greens
    HPMD* Garden Tree07 – green

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    Hi there, we are back on schedule again. I’m so excited for the approach of Friday. Sure it means the month will end and I’m sad about that but at the same time, bank holidays! sunny days! weekend! and all that good stuff. Are you excited too? Now I’m wondering what you’re going to be doing with all that time. I haven’t really decided yet what I will be doing. Whatever it is, I won’t be very far from here regardless so not to worry. I am however looking forward to drawing lots, playing a lot of sims and watching so much netflix my eyes cross over. I still haven’t baked anything nor felt inclined to because of my tooth but I do at least have a date for an appointment. Bad news is it is still at least a whole week and some days away at the earliest. In a way that’s good, in a way it is bad too I know I’m only going to be stressed about it all over again.

    Today’s image is of a sleeping Bear. Bless her, she worked so hard recently that she is now just getting forty winks. She is doing what I would absolutely love to be doing right now. I think I feel like I could sleep into all of next month and wake up at the end perhaps feeling refreshed. Since I can completely sympathise, I’ve decided not to disturb her sleep and just take the picture anyway. Creepy? yea…probably and yet here we are, you’re just as guilty as I am now.

    I love this little lace top from Le Fil, in fact today’s outfit is by Le Fil Casse, aside from the earrings which are by C’est La Vie. Le Fil always gives of this sweet girlish feel in their clothes that I thought this would fit the theme of the clothing. It always makes me feel wonderfully and yet unapologetically feminine. Look, I can even change the little ribbons. I’m imagining tying and un-tying them over and over again because…ribbons. Hello?.


    Top: [Le Fil Casse] Caliah Bralette (Maitreya, M.Petite, Legacy, L.Perky, Kupra, Freya) {@Inthinium Event}
    Skirt: [Le Fil Casse] Danica Skirt (Maitreya, Legacy, Freya) {@Equal10}
    Hairband used: [Le Fil Casse] Mei Headband {@Mainstore}
    Earrings: [C’est La Vie] Poppy Earring {@Mainstore}

    Supporting Cast

    Hair: [Doux] Mecca Hairstyle

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    Happy Tuesday, Everyone. Today I’m going to have a shorter post than usual so I am going to call it a credits only post, it’s been such a busy day that I almost didn’t make it. So, let’s pretend that I was totally going to make a credit’s only post anyway, sshh secrets time. That being said, let’s head straight to the credits right now.


    Hair pompom: [kotte] huli jing – pompom clip – white {@Mainstore}
    Hair: [monso] Roseanne Hair* {@Collabor88}
    Headband: [le fil casse] Mei Headband White {@Mainstore}
    Necklace: [LaGyo] Springtime Necklace – Gold – rare* {@Collabor88}
    Tattoo (leg): [Stardust] Thea – Pure Tattoo 100% {@The Fantasy Faire}
    Tattoo (chest): [Stardust] Althea – Pure Tattoo 100% {@The Fantasy Faire}
    Dress: [Sorumin] Boho Dress (Maitreya, M.Petite, Legacy, L.Perky, Kupra, Kups) {@Anthem}
    Shoes: [Pure Poison] Gia Sandals – Maitreya {@Collabor88}

    Lounger: [Refuge] Garden House Bench Seat Taupe c 4li {@Mainstore}
    Chair: [Refuge] Garden House Chair A c 1li {@Mainstore}
    Bee frame: [Lagom] 03. Lagom – BEEEEEESS!!! [ Frame Small ] 1li {@Equal10}
    Flying bees: [Lagom] 05. Lagom – BEEEEEESS!!! [ flying ] 1li {@Equal10}
    Lantern: [Refuge] Garden House Lantern Gold c 2li {@Mainstore}
    Canvases: [Refuge] Garden House Paintings c 1li {@Mainstore}
    Build used: [Refuge] Garden House RARE c 48li {@Mainstore}

    Items on chair…
    Nail polishes: [Lagom] 09. Lagom – BEEEEEESS!!! [ Nailpolish ] 1li {@Equal10}
    Potted rose: [Lagom] 16. Lagom – BEEEEEESS!!! [ Rose ] Rare 1li {@Equal10}
    Honey jar: [Lagom] 10. Lagom – BEEEEEESS!!! [ Jar ] 1li {@Equal10}
    Octopus on top of honey jar: [Lagom] 14. Lagom – BEEEEEESS!!! [ Octopus ] 1li {@Equal10}

    *All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.
    *All items purchased but still blogged for the event are marked with an ‘*’
    **Mesh body used is the Maitreya Lara Petite. Mesh head used is the Genus Strange.
    **Pose used is Serendipity – Eternity 2 slightly modified

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    Hi everyone, happy Saturday. did you do anything fun today? I did, can you guess what it was? that’s right…lot’s of shopping on Second Life. I felt better for a bit it was nice. My tooth is absolutely hammering me today so this is definately an ‘I need shopping therapy’ day. I can’t spend the whole day just sleeping to escape hurty teeth but oh how tempting it is. It’s so incredibly tempting.

    I shopped at the usual weekend sales and had to wait till today’s post to bring it to you but I hope you like it. I had such a fun time decorating this too. I wasn’t sure if the end result would portray how cute it was inworld. The decor is mostly made up of Lagom’s Ease gacha set but there are a few treasures still interspersed within so keep your eyes peeled. I also liked the decor so much that I’ve even added an image of set without my avatar in it. Cute right? I played around with resizing and putting things where one wouldn’t usually put them to try and make something fun.

    Speaking of fun and things that should be fun; I had a shortbread biscuit today and do you know there was absolutely no joy in it? Not even a bit. What kind of torturous level of hell is this? to eat a yummy shortbread biscuit with chocolate chips and feel zero on the richter scale of enjoyment. Turns out mashing it to a pulp in your mouth takes the fun out of it. The taste too apparently. I ended giving away my other half. If you know anything about me you’ld be reeling in shock right now. I don’t give away biscuits, I scavenge for more. So sadge.

    Let me take you to the credits so I can go cry in private.

    Supporting Cast

    Hairband: [Le Fil Casse] Mei Headband Pink {@Mainstore}
    Tongue: [Kotte] flower tongue {@Kustom9}
    Tattoo: [Stardust] Thea – pure tattoo 100% (Bom, Legacy, Maitreya, Omega) {@Fantasy Faire}
    Dress: [Cheezu] rose dress (Maitreya, M.Petite, Legacy, L.Perky) {@Anthem}


    Time sensitive items… from fifty linden friday (will be gone by end of weekend)
    Shoe Rack: [Half Deer] Shoe Rack – Mix & Shoe Rack – Pink *50l on flf* {@Mainstore}
    Cake cloche (on stool): [What Next] Coffee Time – Biscotti (white) 1li {@Mainstore}
    Coffee Tray (on bed): [What Next] Coffee Time – Tray (white) 1li {@Mainstore}

    Items by Lagom…
    Skybox used: [Lagom] 01. Lagom – Ease [ Skybox ] RARE 3li {@Access}
    Vanity table: [Lagom] 03. Lagom – Ease Vanity 4li {@Access}
    Small side table: [Lagom] 09. Lagom – Ease [ Sidetable ] 1li {@Access}
    Wicker stool: [Lagom] 05. Lagom – Ease [ Stool ] 2li {@Access}
    Pink Drink bottles: [Lagom] Pink drink set [ Wine Bottles ] 1li {@Mainstore}
    Sugar cube bowl: [Lagom] Pink drink set [ Sugarcube ] 1li {@Mainstore}
    lipglosses: [Lagom] Amazon Vanity Liquid lips 1li {@Mainstore}
    Wood polaroid frame (above vanity table): [Lagom] 11. Lagom – Ease Polaroid 5li {@Access}
    Claw machine: [Lagom] Desk Clawie [ White ] 1li {@Mainstore}
    Side table/dresser: [Lagom] 04. Lagom – Ease [ Drawers ] 1li {@Access}
    Wire mesh shelf: [Lagom] 10. Lagom – Artsy Makeup [ Shelf Makeup ] 2li {@Access}
    Wood shelf around bed: [Lagom] 10. Lagom – Ease Shelf 5li {@Access}
    Small Frame (near window side): [Lagom] 07. Lagom – Ease Frame 1li {@Access}
    Bed: [Lagom] 02. Lagom – Ease [ Bed PG ] RARE 18li {@Access}
    Rug: 06. [Lagom] Ease [ Rug ] 2li {@Access}
    Hanging chair: [Lagom] 12. Lagom – Ease Chair 15li {@Access}

    Picture frames on wall with hanging pressed flowers…(resizable…current resized Li’s given below)
    ♡ [KraftWork] Chamomile&Peony . Peony Frame 3li {@TLC}
    ♡ [KraftWork] Chamomile&Peony . Chamomile Frame 5li {@TLC}

    Book on bed with flower:[ KraftWork] Chamomile&Peony . Peony Book (Decor) 2li {@TLC}

    Extra items used…
    Books on shelf: [Fancy Decor] Flora Book Stack 1li {@Mainstore}

    *All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes
    **Mesh body used is the Maitreya Lara, Petite. Mesh head used is the Genus Strange.

    Supporting Cast

    Hair: [Yomi] Gwyn Hair
    Nails: [E.Marie] Forever Floral

    Make up bag: [dust bunny] violet vanity . makeup bag 1li
    Monstera plant in white vase: {vespertine} – monkey mask vine monstera. 2li
    Book stack with potted flowers: [dust bunny] violet vanity . trinket dish 1li
    Pink flower pillow: [dust bunny] planty pillows . succulent . pink 1li
    Large Cheese plant: [dust bunny] potted cheese plant 4li


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    Hi everybody. Happy Thursday. You’ve only got one more day before the working week is over. I personally think you’ve done amazing so here’s a super cute image for today. It’s featuring items from Collabor88 as well as some items you can pick up from mainstores. I just wanted the image to reflect something cutesy to match how I’m feeling today. I absolutely love clothing from The Secret Store, it’s always so feminine and cute it just plain makes you feel good inside. This adorable hairstyle is by Sintiklia and I adore the tiny little braids. I’ve actually been running around in these shoes and socks for weeks now so it was a complete coincidence that they happened to work well with the outfit.

    Last but not least I love the cute matching flowers and head dress by Tentacio, I doubt they were matched but they sure do look absolutely perfect together. Naturally being Spring what would Spring be if it went without me bringing in more adorable bunnies. Do you recognise them? they are by Half Deer they need a little home, will you adopt one today? You can even get a really cute little hutch for them from Half Deer too and it even comes in a larger size for a whole girl bunny. If you see one running around please send her my way!


    Floral Crown: [Tentacio] Suculenta lover headpiece {@Collabor88}
    Hair: [Sintiklia] Hair Luna {@Collabor88}
    Top: [The Secret Store] April Ruffle Blouse – All Colors (Flat, Maitreya, M.Petite,HG, Freya) {@Collabor88}
    ♡ Bottoms: [The Secret Store] Zara Lace-Up Shorts (bulge, Maitreya, Freya, HG) {@Collabor88}
    ♡ Flowers (held): [Tentacio] Suculenta lover bouquet {@Collabor88}
    Bunny in hutch: [+Half-Deer+] Snuggle Bunny (wear) – Honey {@Mainstore}
    Large bunny in foreground: [+Half-Deer+] Snuggle Bunny (wear) – Brown *holdable item* {@Mainstore}
    Hutch: [+Half-Deer+] Rabbit Hutch / Coop – Mint (small) 1li {@Mainstore}

    *All the above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes
    **Mesh body used is the Maitreya Petite used with the Genus Strange mesh head.

    Supporting Cast

    Smaller bunny on step: [Foxwood] Little Rabbit – Lay – Patch
    Socks: [Bonbon]cher socks – solid (maitreya)
    Shoes: [Bonbon] cher heels
    Background/garden used: [Lyrium.] Garden View – Chicory Field 160li
    Trees: [*alirium*] DwarfForest [OldGold] 3li

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    Today’s image is a little bit late in the day but for some reason I came on wanting to do one thing, completely forgot what that thing was and then decided to do something. It was while trying to do this something else that I realised…I don’t even know what that something else was. It was a whole confusing evening. I think it was partly caused by my mind being somewhere else for most of the day. I had something else I was really stressed by. So much so that when it finally got resolved I think I was still too spaced out. So I had dinner and decided to come back to it. After dinner, this was made.

    I wanted to use this skin because you know what? I really liked this skin tone when I got it, it was different to what I was used to. Yet it is still one of my favourates. I don’t know, something about smooth dark skin? I like picturing dark skins with striking colours sometimes so today was me attempting to try that with my mediocre skills. I hope it’s vibrant enough for your Monday night.

    I can’t take all the credit because when I unpacked the dress, which was the first thing I did, it came out in this colour and of course that set the tone for everything else. This is such a yummy colour. I’m adding it to my favourate colours list and if it wasn’t already there, then a crime was committed. I really love that the dress says oranges but the lips say lime and the hair streak says lemon.

    Anyway, I won’t be saying too much today because it is rather late in the day so the credits will be coming up quicker than you can say “boo“!


    Hair: [Miwas] Hair #Kee {@Kustom9}
    Lollipop: [Kotte] Flower Lolly {@Kustom9}
    Lipstick: [Cubic Cherry] Tenuous Lipstick (Lelutka HD lips) {@Planet29}
    Tattoo: [Stardust] Daphne – White tattoo {@Mainstore}
    Dress: [Kotte] Mini Dress (Maitreya, Kupra, Bimbo, Low) {@Access}
    Pose: [Serendipity] Agnetha 5*slightly edited {@Mainstore}

    *All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.
    **Mesh body used is the Maitreya Lara. Mesh head used is the Lelutka Briannon Evo X. Tan lines are from Velour I believe.
    ***Pose used is slightly modified by using the Lelutka axis HUD and pose that comes with lolly.

    Supporting Cast

    Backdrop: MONS / 3D – Leafly Photoshoot Decor (white) 25li

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    Hi everyone, guess who it is again. This time bringing you more pink goodness because how long could I really stay away from the wonderful colour. It’s not all pink though. I feel like I am trying to apologise for it when I am really not. Let’s all live in pink!…what? too much? Okay, let’s do it in secret. It would make for a torrid secret affair. Just imagine it. Today’s image is a furniture decor piece. It’s one of those scenes that I enjoyed setting up too much to have time to add anything more. I did want to take a fashion shot in it but for now let’s just appreciate how much cute furniture items there are to have right now. I love how the sleek lines of the chair fits in with all the frills and florals of everything else.

    I really really like the curtains, there really isn’t quite enough uses of the word ‘really’ in this sentence to define how much I really do like them. The frills are gorgeous and you wouldn’t want it without the retty sparkly glitter. Even if you only have a small tiny skybox with an equally tiny prim limit you need to make room for this as your curtain of choice now. It’s just how it is. When your friends come round they will say “wow, what beautiful curtains where did you get it from” and you can say I’m sorry, it’s a secret. If I tell you’ll I will have to kill you. It will just remain a secret between me and you okay? Okay?! Right click? right click what? Pft, that’s just a rumour.

    The asesthetics of the post was mainly inspired by Collabor88’s current theme, it’s everything! then again I am biased enough that I actually haven’t found a Collabor88 theme I haven’t enjoyed yet…or if I did, they are obviously so few because I don’t actually remember them. The cute tiny flower jars are from Collabor88, I’ve missed them in with a lovely potted one by What Next and the lovely bird cage of candles and florals by Disorderly. The pile of books and candles are also by Disorderly and you have to admit even you get weak at the knees for a pile of books to decorate your home. Well in this case it comes with candles and petals. What you love was taken and elevated. The wicker frame by Kalopsia is a texture change and comes with very pretty floral illustrations. I picked this one because it had pink blossoms, something also found in the canvas by Fancy Decor. I loved the splashes of pink and greens. That set isn’t for Collabor88 but you wouldn’t have thought it the way it fits in so good. I took some close ups of the table. Unedited, just using windlights so you could see the pretty details.

    If I sound quite bubbly again today, that’s because I am. I’m still in pain but it’s a sunny day and my Youtube is working again. I’m tentatively hoping that whatever the engineer did to the box today fixes the internet once and for all. I don’t want to be hurt again so I’m not definately calling it right now. I also decided to make an appointment to have this tooth looked at. I’ve been told that it’s better to have it looked at now than leave it. I sort of realised something, I had already resigned myself to loosing a tooth once the thing started so what harm would there be in having a dentist look at it. That’s all it would be right? I would have to consent to anything more so I could still say no. It’s not like they would whack me over the head and drill out all my teeth…



    Curtains: [Lagom] Silvia curtains – Sparkle 10li {@Mainstore}
    Wicker frame: [Kalopsia] Charlie’s Rattan Frame 1li {@Collabor88}
    Pom Pom garlands: [What Next] Spring Felted PomPom Garland 2li {@Mainstore – Vip gift (L$250 to join, previous gifts available)} {@Mainstore}
    Canvas: [Fancy Decor] Olsson Painting 1li {@Equal10}
    Hanging lights: [brocante] starburst light (L) copper 10li *resizable, various length options {@Collabor88}
    Chair: [Fancy Decor] Olsson Chair 2li {@Equal10}
    Lamp: [Fancy Decor] Olsson Lamp 1li {@Equal10}
    Side table/colum: [Fancy Decor] Olsson Side Table 2li {@Equal10}
    Table: [What Next] Bailey Coffee Table 2li {@Mainstore}
    Vinyl player: [What Next] Bailey Turntable V2 1li {@Mainstore}
    Vinyl player stand: [What Next] Bailey Vinyl Shelf 1li {@Mainstore}
    Records on ground: [What Next] Bailey – Pile Of Records 1li {@Mainstore}
    Book pile: [Disorderly] Delicate Blooms / Books / Yellow 2li {@Collabor88}
    Cage with candles: [Disorderly] Delicate Blooms / Birdcage / Pink 2li {@Collabor88}
    Green Jar of flowers (next to cage): [Schadenfreude] Sakura in Glass Tiny Round Bottle 1li {@Collabor88}
    Lone egg on the blankets: [What Next] Decorative Egg 1li {@Mainstore}

    Items on the table
    Cups: [Fancy Decor] Marbled Teacup – white 1li each {@Collabor88}
    Teapot: [Fancy Decor] Marbled Teapot – white (touch for tea) 1li {@Collabor88}
    Matching tray: [Fancy Decor] Marbled Tea Set – white 1li {@Collabor88}
    Egg on stand: [What Next] Decorative Egg (medium) 1li {@Mainstore}
    Round ceramic flower jar: [What Next] Bailey Roses Decor 1li {@Mainstore}
    Daisy: [Schadenfreude] Daisy in Glass Tiny Square Ink Bottle 1li {@Collabor88}
    Pink jar rose: [Schadenfreude] Rose in Glass Tiny Round Bottle 1li {@Collabor88}
    Sakura blossom jar: [Schadenfreude] Sakura in Glass Tiny Sphere Bottle 1li {@Collabor88}
    Jar with small blossom: [Schadenfreude] Sakura in Glass Tiny Square Ink Bottle 1li {@Collabor88}
    Cup in tray: [What Next] Bailey Coffee Cup 1li {@Mainstore}
    Leather Tray: [What Next] Bailey Tray 1li {@Mainstore}

    *All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creatiors for blogging/review purposes.


    Build: [Scarlet Creative] Scarlet Creative Stargazer Gazebo – Wood 51li
    Blanket/rug: [Elm] Indie Summer Bare Blanket [PG] Pastels 6li
    Pillows: [Elm] Indie Summer Cushion Pile # 1 [Pastels] 4li
    Hanging Monstera: [Mithral] Hanging Monstera Adansonii (Pack C) 3li
    Hanging Vine: [Mithral] Hanging Philodendron Hederaceum (Pack C) 3li