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    White Valentine


    Dear reader. Hope you stay safe and doing well :) 

    The beautiful Chocolate day is almost here ♥
    Will you preset to your love one? :) I will send the present to all of who i love in SL in RL ♥

    Credit @ Raindale in The Liaison Collaborative
    " Driftport set"
    Raindale - Driftport sled parking sign (decor)
    Raindale - Driftport sled (with anims)
    Raindale - Driftport sled+fence (decor)

    [Harshlands] Old Stone Fountain & Steps (Snow)

    "Valentine's Day Yard Signs"
    2 KraftWork Valentine's Day Yard Signs . Tree
    1 KraftWork Valentine's Day Yard Signs . Wreath RARE
    9 KraftWork Valentine's Day Yard Signs . Bouquet
    6 KraftWork Valentine's Day Yard Signs . Cupid
    3 KraftWork Valentine's Day Yard Signs . Rainbow
    8 KraftWork Valentine's Day Yard Signs . Valentine's Day
    5 KraftWork Valentine's Day Yard Signs . Bird
    10 KraftWork Valentine's Day Yard Signs . Heart Low Fence

    Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in ACCESS (Current round close on Feb 7th)
    Whitby Lift Bench (Adult) CHEZ MOI
    *Bench design change by HUD

    Credit @ Little branch
    Tree : LB_WildBanyanTree{Animated}*4Seasons
    grass : LB_Snakeweed{Animated}

    Credit @ Hisa
    House : -Hisa- Forest Retreat - [email protected] 4 - Snow Add On 

    Landscape item 
    ~ xantes ~ Snowy Hillock with Horses

    Happy shopping and have fun :)
    Thanks for coming to my blog. 
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    Longing to be in the sunlight…


    Dear reader. Hope your lovely Friday :) 

    After i left from a event blogger, i have not seen with some designer and i felt sad. 
    but one designer in this blog post, i could met again and its really happy to me. 
    and i met first in this event with 2 designer also they made me happy :)  

    Credit @ Lagom in The Liaison Collaborative
    Lagom - Shopaholics Desk [ Desk ]
    Lagom - Shopaholics Desk [ Ladder ]
    Lagom - Shopaholics Desk [ Sign ]

    Sofa : 22769 - Puffy Fabric Sofa - PG

    [DD] Melissa Bed 
    *Texture change on Menu after you sit 

    Room decor 
    Plant tree : Kraftwork Small Light Tree . Rose 
    Plant tree : Kraftwork Small Light Tree . Yellow
    wall art : Kraftwork Old Frames Collection *art change by touch
    Hanging branch : Mithral * Branch Wall Display (White Ceramic)
    Hanging leaf : Mithral * Hanging Philodendron Hederaceum (Pack B)
    hanging boho cloth : Infinite - Claudine Boho Wall Hanger - Pink
    Rug : Apple Fall Althea Rug - Antique Light
    Cat : JIAN Ragdoll Cat Collection :: Wanderer (Rez me!)

    Enjoy and happy shopping! and be careful when you go to outside in RL please wear the Mask!
    Thanks for coming to my blog. 
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    Cozy January


    Dear reader. Hope your weekday is good anyway :)

    Annd, as i said before that something made me surprised, I am part of The Liaison Collaborative from this round! 
    I was waiting for this blogger call and i was thinking because other blogger's artistic picture are so awesome. 
    but i will try to make more good picture and other variation too :) 

    Credit @ Simple Reflections in The Liaison Collaborative
    SR Barbados Outdoor Nook PG

    Credit @ Tuesday in The Liaison Collaborative
    Tuesdays Antique Armoir
    Tuesdays Antique Dresser

    TBF Ground Vase - Short + Dried Pods
    TBF Ground Vase - Medium + Dried Pods
    TBF Ground Vase - Tall + Dried Pods

    [A] Rustic Glass Coffee Table - Small

    DD Cary Fireplace Set
    • DD Cary Fireplace Set
    • DD Golden Candle L
    • DD Cary Round Mirror
    • DD Cactus Pot

    <Heart Homes> Masters Chaise (PG)

    Room decor 
    Pot plant : Sway's [Hazel] Pumpkin with Succulents . green by Sway's
    Curtain : [ zerkalo ] Lace Curtain
    star light : Apple Fall Star Light - Leaning
    Star light on wall : Apple Fall Star Light - Wall Mounted
    Rug : Apple Fall Althea Rug - Antique Light

    I hope you stay safe and be careful when you go to outside. please wear the Mask! 
    Thanks for coming to my blog. 
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    Eternal existence


    Dear reader. 
    I know Monday is feel so darn but anyway i hope your Monday will pass good :)

    I wanted to show you Fanatik "PANTHEON" buidling. 
    I searched the picture on website about "PANTHEON". Because i never seen in RL. 
    I hope you like that i made picture with fanatik PANTHEON. 

    Credit @ :Fanatik Architecture
    Building : :Fanatik Architecture: PANTHEON
    Debris : :FANATIK: DEBRIS Stone 1

    Grass by Heart Garden
    Harmony Moon Lily - Short - White Blue - circle - AM - C/M
    Harmony Wild Iris - SHORT - Purple - circle - AM - C/M
    Harmony Wild Poppies - SHORT - Red - circle - AM - C/M
    Harmony Wild Poppies - SHORT - Blue - circle - AM - C/M

    Forest : Incendia Mesh Forest

    Thank you so much for take look my blog post. 
    Enjoy your Secondlife! 
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    Nap dream ..


    Dear reader. Hope you Sunday is / was / will great! 

    Dreamland Design released so beautiful bedroom set and Cabinet set fo Swank January round. 
    Swank January round will open until 30th. 

    Credit @ Dreamaland Design in Swank
    *DD Lorena Complete Bedroom Set-Adult*
    • DD Lorena Wrought Iron Bed-Adult
    • DD Lorena Round Rug 
    • DD Lorena Curtain
    • DD Lorena Vintage Mirror
    • DD Lorena Bedside Lamp
    • DD Rose Hip Vase
    • DD Life Word Decor
    • DD Love Word Decor
    *DD Lorena Ornamental Cabinet Set*
    • DD Lorena Ornamental Cabinet
    • DD Lorena Tall lamp
    • DD Sparkling Rose Dome
    • DD Twisted Candle L
    • DD Twisted Candle L

    Credit @ Dictatorshop
    [Ds] FROSTED Chair Adult Kink v1
    *All info -> Official Blog

    wall art : Apple Fall Original Artwork: Ladybird Sketch
    wall art : Apple Fall Original Artwork: Ampersand Graphic
    hanging branch : Mithral * Branch Wall Display (White Ceramic)

    Enjoy your Cozy life in Secondlife!
    Thanks for coming to my blog. 
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    My own village


    Dear reader. Hope your weekend is great anyway :)

    Today when i was back from work, Secondlife gave me very big surprise and very exiting thing for me :)
    I will tell in my blog later and this blog is for HIDEKI in Equal10! 

    Credit @ HIDEKI in Equal10
    "MY OWN VILLAGE Gacha"
    HIDEKI - My own village RARE
    HIDEKI - mood neon
    HIDEKI - street tree
    HIDEKI - playground
    HIDEKI - wasted frige
    HIDEKI - Rubble container and trash
    HIDEKI - cement mixer
    HIDEKI - wheelbarrow
    HIDEKI - wash dispenser
    HIDEKI - bicycles
    HIDEKI - white car
    HIDEKI - newspaper dispenser

    Fence : DRD - San Mora - Quarantine Fence - A by DRD
    Giant Tree : LB_GiantBirch{4Seasons}*Animated 1 by Little branch

    Happy shopping and enjoy your Secondlife!
    Thanks for coming to my blog.
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    Brick attic


    Dear reader. Wishes you stay home and enjoy Secondlife :)

    Every day, New record coming up who get sick by Corona. 
    But I like stay home even if there is not Corona around there :D
    I hope you dont get bored this situation in RL.   

    Credit @ GOOSE in Cosmopolitan (running Jan 11 to Jan 23th)
    GOOSE - Obelisk BLACK small
    GOOSE - Obelisk with lights BLACK big
    GOOSE - Obelisk WHITE big
    GOOSE - Obelisk with lights WHITE small

    Credit @ GOOSE
    GOOSE - barrel sofa B
    GOOSE - barrel table
    GOOSE - barrel sofa B

    Credit @ Sway's
    Sway's [Odin] Fake Fireplace
    Sway's [Odin] Frame Shelf

    <Aphrodite> Xmas Hot choco & marshmallows tray

    Room decor 
    Book : Apple Fall Books - Arrangement 7
    bar : Apple Fall Masculine Bar
    Plant : Scarlet Creative Nerites Plant in a Cage MC

    Enjoy your Secondlife! 
    Thanks for coming to my blog. 
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    Frost winter Love


    Dear reader. Hope you stay safe and be careful when you go to outside. 

    It is complicate to make the winter scenery. 
    Almost are white color in picture but if you see the only white color you would get bored. 
    im trying to make different color but white color is complicate to make :) 

    Credit @ The Looking Glass in The Saturday Sale
    TLG - Winter Log Planter
    TLG - Winter's Love Frost Flowers

    Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in ShinyShaby (Current round close on 15th)
    CHEZ MOI Winter Time Set (Adult)
    CHEZ MOI Winter Time Sled

    Credit @ Hisa
    HISA - SommerHus [email protected] - Winter Edition
    HISA - Snow Pile 1

    Credit @ Little branch
    LB_GiantBirch{4Seasons}*Animated (Small type)
    LB_GiantBirch{4Seasons}*Animated 1 (Giant type)

    Landscape item Credit @ Fanatik  : :Fanatik Architecture: SKELLIG Ramp 2
    Pathway : Heart - Pathways - Crazing Paving - Snowy - SQ by HEART GARDEN

    Enjoy your winter life in SL! 
    Thanks for coming to my blog. 
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    Winter day


    Dear reader. Hope your great weekend :) 

    Today was cold winter day and very dry .. 

    bench : Sway's [Mira] Covered Bench . Snow

    Scarlet Creative The Nook Cabin & The Nook Furniture Fatpack
    Scarlet Creative The Nook 1
    Scarlet Creative Nerites Plant in a Cage MC
    Scarlet Creative Rustic Artist Desk and Plant MC
    Scarlet Creative Brooklyn Plant
    Scarlet Creative Mountain Lodge Birch in Belts MC
    Scarlet Creative Campbell Vintage Scale MC
    Scarlet Creative Nook Coffee Table
    Scarlet Creative Nook Telephone MC
    Scarlet Creative Nook Cabinet
    Scarlet Creative Cordelia Armchair Light G MC
    Scarlet Creative Monteverde Rug - Circle Blue
    Scarlet Creative The Nook Rug
    Scarlet Creative Nook Sofa MC
    Scarlet Creative Nook Fireplace Insert

    Fountain : Frost Pixie Frozen Fountain Scene by HJM Design
    Tree : Skye Enchanted Woods V3 -8 (small group) Better LOD @ Marketplace

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    Bright snow whispering


    Dear reader. Hope your weekday is still good anyway :)

    Right now my blogging motivation is up up up! Yay! 
    This time blogging items are not relative with any event. 
    All items are not most recent items but they still very winter so please visit to main store! 

    Credit @ Hisa 
    Cottage : HISA - Wanderlust Cottage - Snow

    Tree : LB_DouglasFirTree{Animated}*4Seasons
    Grass : LB_CrispyGrass{Animated}*Seasons*Soft

    Credit @ GOOSE
    "winter camp"
    GOOSE - Lightstring
    GOOSE - decorated fence
    GOOSE - Campfire
    GOOSE - Couple bench ADULT
    GOOSE - Tree log/pillow grey sit
    GOOSE - Pile of wood
    GOOSE - Tree log/pillow white sit

    <Aphrodite> Snowmen wooden deco 1 (family)
    <Aphrodite> Snowmen wooden deco 2
    <Aphrodite> Snowmen wooden deco 3

    Landscape item 
    Rock by Fundati  group gift (Fee to join 99L)
    (Fundati) Snowy rock 3
    (Fundati) Snowy rock 1
    (Fundati) Snowy rock 5
    (Fundati) Snowy rock 6
    *This is gorgeous gift! 

    Enjoy winter season in SL!
    Thanks for coming to my blog. 
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    Take your time


    Dear reader. Hope this week will be great for you! 

    Dutchie released new Pool Billiard table. Please check below the picture! 
    It will showing you detail information.  

    This time i tried to put the people and that is not only 1 or 2! 
    I tried to open the viewer as 3 avatar but my computer gave up :D 
    Featuring my partner, and me and my alt and my partner's alt 😏😊😋  

    Credit @ Dutchie
    Pool Billiard table New
    • Dutchie pool table Adult 
    • Dutchie A game of billiard by A. Holzgen
    • Dutchie At the billiard by Adam Adolf Oberlander
    • Dutchie cue rack
    All info about Billiard table

    Dutchie vintage cafe interior
    • Dutchie cafe table with tulips
    • Dutchie cafe table
    Cafe bar : Dutchie vintage cafe bar 
    Ceiling Light on cafe bar : Dutchie art deco bar lights
    Ceiling light on the cafe table : Dutchie double ceiling lamp
    • Dutchie enamel advertising sign Dutch Skate Cocoa
    • Dutchie enamel advertising sign Hollandischer Cacao
    Wall decor : Dutchie cafe etches and drawings
    Wall decor : Dutchie enamel cafe board: Man and woman and 2 waiters
    Price list : Dutchie chalkboard bar price list
    • Dutchie corner stage
    • Dutchie stage lights

    Rug : Dutchie Persian rug @ Marketplace
    Cage : Dutchie/Rustica - La Signora Della Pazienza @ Marketplace

    Plant : LB_DracaenaMilkiway{Potted}B by Little branch
    Skybox : ChiMia:: Norsk Loft [Wood]

    Enjoy your Secondlife! 
    Thanks for coming to my blog. 
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    Cozy study corner


    Dear reader :) 
    Happy new year ♥ Hope this year will be great year for you than last year. 
    and for all people of the world. 

    This my first blog post of 2021! 

    Credit @ Dreamland Design in Secret Sunday Sale 
    Bed : DD Cary Wrought Iron Bed-Adult @ 50%OFF
    Desk set : DD Cary Desk Set Adult/ADD @ 50%OFF
    • DD Cary Desk Seat-Adult
    • DD Cary Desk Set
    • DD You're My Person Cup
    • DD Planer 2021
    • DD Cary Desk Set
    • DD Casy Home Sweet Home Sign
    • DD Olive Tree Planter
    • DD Cary Messy Rug

    Credit @  Dictatorshop in Cosmopolitan (Current round end date : January 9th) 
    Bookcase : [Ds] PORT ROYAL Bookcase Double ADULT KINK v1

    Rug : DD Vintage Tan Rug @ Dreamland Design
    Rug : DD Vintage Yellow Round Rug @ Dreamland Design

    Enjoy your secodnlife more than 2020!
    Thanks for coming to my blog. 
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    Dear reader. Hope you stay safe and enjoying your style :) 

    End of the year is here.... How are you? 
    I heard the news that different type Virus is coming in Japan too and it will be spread more than before one. 
    Situation will getting bad more and more but i hope you keep having your heart in your mind. 

    Credit @ :Fanatik Architecture
    Cave : :Fanatik Architecture: CAVES Belize Chamber Add-on

    Piano : Pink Magic : Garden Piano by Pink Magic 
    Rock : :Fanatik Architecture: SKELLIG Mountain by :Fanatik Architecture
    Cage : Fapple- Angel Oak Hanging Cage by Fapple

    Enjoy and happy shopping :)
    Thanks for coming to my blog.