• Addicted to the night

    Vintage Fair has been going on and I promised I would attempt to do a few post. I can’t do do the requirements. I legit spent almost 3 days off second life because I just can’t bring myself to deal. I only come on to do what I do and basically log off. If I am online I am most likely idle and went off IRL to the store and forgot to log off. I can honestly say I am happy to not have such huge commitments in SL at the moment till I am fine. I am glad my designers know and understand when I dropped it wasn’t because I couldn’t meet the requirements because I just need to focus on me. So I am glad I can combine nearly all my stores I do have left I can support into 1 major post or 2 and be okay instead of doing about 6 or more. Maybe about 4 tops a month I’ll be doing….unless I sneak in a event >.>’… but that event has to be something I really feel the inspiration for like another Cyber Fair o.o I’ll always do those lool Some sort of inspiration will pop up. Speak of I need to count to see if I did finish my requirements before I be like I’m DONE.

    Vintage Fair started on the 11th and goes till the 21st. It’s a really short event packed full of vintage items that is pretty much rare on the grid. Our sponsors for Vintage Fair are….. Yasum, Short Leash, Orsini, Simply Shelby, MVD, Eurphoric, Bespoke Caravan and Truth. Honestly I’m shocked to see Truth participate in Vintage Fair. Some of the landing point stores are The Annex, Atelier Burgundy, Aurica, Dish, Entice, Diversion, Malena Von Dash, NinaX and Mooh! Some regular stores include 1 Hundred, 3rd Eye Perceptions, 7 Deadly Skins, Arte, Antaya, Bliensen + MaiTai, and Exile. Another store I am shocked to see participate in Vintage Fair.

    Be sure to check out the stores at Vintage Fair before the 21st.


    Hair: Exile:: Something Wicked

    Head: BeSpoke – Vampire Constantius – Head [1.0] female neck [New][@ Vintage Fair]

    Skin: BeSpoke – Vampire Constantius – Skin – Nomadic [New][@ Vintage Fair]

    Eyes: -Suicidal Unborn!- Phantom Eyes V.2 ALL COLORS

    Body: Legacy Perky


    Dress: [Salem] Elvira Dress [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]


    Arm Bracers: V/.VoluptasVirtualis – Amaranth – Arms [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

    Nails: RAWR! Vintage Nails [New][@ Vintage Fair]

    Rings: RAWR! Vintage Rings [New][@ Vintage Fair]

    Earrings: -Suicidal Unborn!- Spiked Link Chain Earrings

    Snake: Black Cats Creations – Wrapping Python [New][@ The Darkness Event]

    Pose: Black Cats Creations [Slightly modified comes with Python]

    Nipples: TF: Squid :: Nipples – Light (BoM)

  • No TV, come see me, I’m flexin’ in 3D

    I am going to be starting a bit of Vintage Fair posts after this. I believe I have one more Cyber Fair post and a few misc. store posts left. Ya I have been behind with this month, but I am trying. I took a little time off to reflect on a final farewell to someone in my family and it wasn’t a good one. I’ve so many people in such a short span that I believe I am losing my sanity. I put on a happy face and I hate doing just to please everyone and I hate talking about what is bothering me because I’m a very private person. I feel bad after all these years working with Beuanna who is one next to Sugah my longest blog manager I still can’t tell her and it just eats me till I just stop mid way. So I feel bad I am not doing Vintage Fair on time and none of my stuff on time because I am dealing with my mental health to appease my designers because I’m afraid to upset them and lose my position or “favor” if I didn’t already ruin that. I already left stores and events to help ease my mind.

    SO lets talk about the avatar. This avatar is from Abnormality Event by Sugarcult the same person that did the Bunny head I wear. They did an entire avatar called Dragonbatte. I am wearing Common 3. I went back and played the machine to get common 3. I needed one with no design on the arm so I can wear Nomandy’s tattoo. The price is 100L for this entire thing all you need is just a body. So now my alt has a furry avatar I can send to her I can take pictures with her now. 😭

    Sugarcult Dragonbatte Avatar what you get:

    • Dragonbatte Head
    • Female/Female Flat Skin PG
    • Teeth/Mouth Aux 1 layer
    • Ears
    • Eyes
    • Feet [Legacy/System]
    • Shape
    • Tail
    • Wings [Big/Small]
    • Tail animator
    • Wing Animator
    • Hud for head

    The head is BOM only, and there are some limited features since it is a gacha so blush and eyeshadow won’t work. Sad face. The head only comes with the standard sl rigged neck connection. There is a applier/creator kid included incase you want to tint your brows or lashes without taking your head off!

    If your wing textures revert back to “Alpha blending” mode in the texture tab of your edit window just select them an set them to “Alpha Masking” to 150.

    So there won’t be any ONGOING support for this item!

    [Side note I have a 18 Rare if you want to trade for like another rare lemme know because I want something different 😭]

    Anyways enough ranting I am going to enjoy this beautiful day inside because it’s going to be over 100 today and Ya I am not ’bout that life today! So have a great Sunday!



    Hair: [Yomi] Sora Hair // [New][@ Warehouse Sale]

    Avatar Mod: Sugarcult – Dragonbatte – Common 3 [New][@ Abnormality Event]

    Body: Legacy Perky


    Top: SEKA’s Belted Top [New][@ Warehouse Sale]

    Panties: SEKA’s CuteBOT Panty [New][@ Cyber Fair]


    Collar: .Quirky. Jazzed Up Collar

    Cuffs: .Quirky. Jazzed Up Cuff

    Nails: .Quirky. Solid Gremlin Claws [Glossy]

    Tattoo: Normandy-FUZE.Arm Agument [New][@ Cyber Fair]

    Right Tattoo: THIS IS WRONG SW Enhancement [New][@ Cyber Fair]

    Leg Tattoo: THIS IS WRONG 404 Enhancement [New][@ Cyber Fair]


    Pose: Diversion – Disorientated Poses [Slightly Modified] [New][@ Cyber Fair]

    Backdrop: BellePoses – I feel tired [Slightly Modified] [New][@ Cyber Fair]

  • Bless me for I have sinned

    I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately and I got to be honest I really don’t want to continue on, but I am trying to push through and just be strong. There are days where I just don’t want to be bothered and give up and days where I want to be around everyone. I will be annoying and clingy on some days and then some days I might be mean and hateful. I am dealing with a lot and if no one can understand that then they do not need to be in my circle or around me.

    Anyways I have some really nice items that I pulled from Warehouse Sales. So please be sure to go visit that event. We have 8 days left to go. 💜



    Hair: +Spellbound+ Asylum (Halloween Gift) // Grimoire : Complete [No Longer Available]

    Head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Strange Face W001

    Skin: IVES x GENUS – Candy – (Cafeina) – B/WB

    Eyes: Pumec – Dusya

    Body: Legacy Perky


    Corset: [Salem] Millicent Corset //

    Pasties: [Salem] Lilith Pasties


    Collar: V/.VoluptasVirtualis – Amaranth – {LEGACY} – Collar [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

    Rosary: anxiety %prayer rosary gag (silver)

    Rings: RAWR! Medusa Rings [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

    Nails: RAWR! Medusa Nails [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

    Slime: \/\/ITCH – SLIME DRIPS

    Bindi: Wicca’s Originals – Carvis Bindi [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]


    Neck wounds: [Cubic cherry] {Infection} wounds RED (bom) [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

    Hand wounds: [Cubic cherry] {Infection} wounds hands RED (bom) [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

    Veins: Skoll – Sveltana veins 100

    Pose: Pixit – iPortrait – i1 – Pose Pack