• Second Life Mirrors

    I’m thrilled about the new Second Life Mirrors feature! While mirrors aren’t essential to see ourselves in the virtual world, they add an extra layer of realism to your home. Now, with working mirrors that reflect the scenery in real time, the virtual experience is even more immersive. This feature is a game changer for […]
  • Getting Ready

    Anya Ohmai has returned with an exciting new brand: James&Dew, a collaboration with her real-life husband. If you’ve been part of the Second Life community for a while, you’ll undoubtedly recognize Anya as a talented and beloved creator, celebrated for her high-quality creations and fantastic tutorials. The arrival of James&Dew in Second Life has generated […]
  • Miss Bridgerton

    I’ve been fashionably late to the Bridgerton viewing party. Typically, my taste in historical dramas veers towards the darker, more intense ones, like The Tudors, where beheadings are surprisingly frequent. However, at the insistence of my friend Sparkle, I gave Bridgerton a try, and found myself falling in love with the scenes and fashion. It’s […]
  • Target in Second Life?

    Joy is discovering a Target lookalike in Second Life, aptly named Bullseye! Picture this: walking in, grabbing a basket, and immersing yourself in an authentic Target experience in Second Life. It’s strikingly realistic, mirroring the brick-and-mortar store we all know and love. Imagine the thrill if Second Life boasted department stores where you could actually […]
  • Magic

    Head over to Altair! This limited edition Morgana Dress, available for only L$99 during K9 Weekend, is a must-have. It’s available for LaraX, so I rushed to buy it. I adore short frilly dresses, and the holographic texture on this one is simply stunning. SEmotion Libellune creates the most charming holdable animated animals. This Tiny […]
  • LeLutka Mesh Head 4.0 Update

    It’s raining updates! LeLutka just updated lots of their mesh heads to version 4.0. You can see the full list on their Flickr page and get your free update! I wrote a blog post about Billie 4.0 when it came out in March, so check that out if you want to see what’s new. Besides […]
  • Tropical Vacation

    Hello from Badu-Fiji! You can take a virtual vacation in Second Life to anywhere, it’s just a teleport away. When I landed at here, I was instantly greeted with a lei gift. I’ve been in a tropical mood since I bought this Tropical Vibe decor set from Movement. I intended to share a link to […]
  • Second Life Community Roundtable with Oberwolf Linden and Grumpity Linden

    Second Life is hosting a Community Roundtable on May 20th, allowing residents to engage directly with top executives like Executive Chairman Oberwolf Linden and Senior VP Grumpity Linden. Submit your questions in advance via the anonymous form. When: May 20th, from 9:30 AM SLT to 11:00 AM SLT Where:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Linden Estate Services4/237/19/27http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Linden Estate Services2/26/229/28 Learn more […]