• The Rise & Fall of Gachas

    The Rise & Fall of Gachas

    It’s official – Second Life has banned gachas! I expected under the new regime leadership, this policy and many others will follow to clean up the grid and be in compliance with governmental regulations.

    While I occasionally played a gacha machine here and there, I’m mostly a benefactor of the extras from friends. Gacha was fun when it was cheap, but over the years, pull prices have doubled, and the chances of a rare nearly impossible. But I do realize the reason why people play – cos it’s cheap, random, and fun, unless you had terrible luck! If you can score the rare after one or two pulls, you felt like you were winning. I asked my friend Sparkle, aka the Gacha Queen, her thoughts on this policy change.

    Here’s what Sparkle had to say on the policy change:

    Banning gachas is something that will impact both designers and collectors financially. Designers will need to find a way to replace this income loss with something that is fun and exciting. Weekend sales are great but they are getting saturated. Collectors will be impacted because reselling allowed them to spend more and offset spending a lot on a machine through resale.

    It will also impact designers that are at a beginner level of mesh creation; gachas allowed them to create fun cute uncomplicated items, that were not expensive. Many residents liked gachas because it allowed them to check out a new designer they were not familiar with, at a low price point. Lastly, it is a piece of Second Life history that changed Second Life’s design marketing and shopping. We went from crazy fun collecting, running to yard sales to find that one of kind cute item at a good price, to a proliferation of gachas events, that became less fun and overpriced.

    I will miss playing and chatting with people about collecting, trading, and bitching about how hard it was to get an item. I think it will hurt not just economically but socially; gachas events were something we talked about, anticipated, and was a shared experience.

    Sparkle (Gacha QUEEN)

    Banning Cons – It will mean we pay more for novelty and decor items. There will be potentially less of those around, but designers could make that work as a weekend sale item. Cheap decor items may be less abundant.

    Banning Pros – Less inventory bloat, you are more likely not to spend impulsively on an item. You’re more likely to be able to get the items you want as copy, if you want to build a fence, for example, you won’t need to play multiple times for the section, less likely to lose an item due to inventory loss.

    Many brands have already begun offering sales on previous gacha collections and converting the items into fatpacks or a direct sale model. I’ll miss scoring items cheaply, but I won’t miss the frustrations of not getting a rare and ending up with 20 chairs in my inventory.

    Let me know what your thoughts are on this gacha ban in the comments!

  • Back to School

    Back to School

    Hi everyone! School is back in session! I have always had such a love for school uniforms, and have collected so many over the years. The new Dream Girls Gacha outfit from Cheezu is a must-have! One of my friends played this gacha and sent me the rare outfit, but I would have gone broke trying if she had not.

    Truth just released the sweetest Trinket hairstyle that comes with attachable bangs! Truth is having a 50% off sale until August 7th for the entire store. Get this hair, and you can wear the bangs with some of the other hairstyles too. I love bangs!

    Back to School

    Let’s talk about Izzie’s. This store is the only reason I’m ever happy with my Second Life face. Before Izzie’s came along and brilliantly made fixes for skins, I just dealt with the flaws on skins or begged designers for a fix. Recently I tried on a skin that I loved except it had these crazy lower lip shadows that I could not live with. Izzie just released the BOM Lower Lips Concealer that saves the day! Do you see the difference? Wow!

    Lower Lips Concealer!!

    I have most of Izzie’s “fixer” products, but these are the ones I highly recommend:

    BOM Lower Lips Concealer
    Nostril Lightener
    Nose Shading Fix
    Lips Concealer
    Highlight Corrector
    Blush/Contour Remover

    I’m always wearing some combination of the above on my skin, and layering further with BOM/HD makeups. Sometimes, it feels like my skin is Brand + Izzie’s. Today I’m wearing the new Alba skin from Glam Affair (for LeLutka EvoX). This skin is so pretty, except to me, the brows are too thick, so I just wore different brows with it and piled on a ton of Izzie’s to lighten the nostrils, fix lower lips shading, removed contour, and now I love it.

    What I’m Wearing:
    Truth – Trinket (Blonde)
    Glam Affair – Alba (Beige)
    Cheezu – Dream Girls, Shoes
    Nuwiggles. Lookbook Prop Box

  • Sunday Morning

    Sunday Morning

    Hello from Pemberley – my friend’s gorgeous private estate. I found this cheezu outfit in my inventory and felt inspired to do a photo. I played around with the lighting a bit to make my photo pop a little more. It’s hard to get lighting/shadows in the room AND also have a well-lit face. I used a face light to brighten my avatar here, but I would never ever recommend wearing them out.


    Do you ever use materials on your mesh head? I turned everything on today to try and get a more 3D-looking photo. I turned on the face glossiness material on the LeLutka hud, lip glossiness, and even the waterline! Everything is subtly shiny, but not so much that my avatar looks plastic.

    Sunday Morning

    What I’m Wearing:
    Magika – Mood
    Zenith – Esme Bow Headband (White) I tinted it
    Cheezu – Comfortable Bra (White), Pants (Grey)
    dust bunny – Blooming Holdables (Bouquet Cone)

  • Garden of Whimsy

    Garden of Whimsy

    Hello from the Garden of Whimsy! I’m wearing the Saki Dress from Rosier, it’s so frilly and very doll-like. For some reason, it’s only made for Maitreya Flat, so it’s really flat and unflattering at the chest area, but you can wear it with the regular Maitreya body.

    Glam Affair (Milou skin) default brows | with HD brows in LeLutka HUD | with HD brows + brows BOM layer

    Brows Secrets

    I’m wearing the new Milou skin from Glam Affair. I love this skin, but I don’t love thick brows. I’m going to show you my brows secret for better brows in SL. If you don’t love the default brows, you can always wear the no-brows option, and turn on the HD brows in the Lelutka HUD (middle photo). But, for an even more natural look, layer BOM brows below the HD brows and turn the opacity of the HD brows down slightly, or until it blends to your preference. I do this all the time, and the brows turn out great.

    What I’m Wearing:
    Glam Affair – Milou (Beige)
    Cae – Pearl Headband
    Rosier – Saki Dress (Lilac)
    Toksik – Amai Heels (White), Amai Socks (White)
    Toksik – Dolly Nails

  • Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day!

    What I’m Wearing:
    Truth – Bunny
    Cae – Sucre Necklace, Earrings
    Violent Seduction – The Strawberry
    What Next – Party Sparklers