• peace out

    DeuxLooks - peace out

    Back to NY all week for work. And, I’m bringing with me some new items that I have never worn! Tags still on! This is a big risk in a lot of ways because I will be presenting and very visible – but I’m hoping it will all pay off. Likewise, I am taking a few risks here in SL. A frilly headband (love love love) and shearling boots with silver buckles? ‘Kay. It’s not too early for long shorts tbh.

    Every time I get on a blogging/styling roll, I need to skedaddle. Let’s see if I can pick up where I leave off when I am back at the weekend!


    ps – DDL, can you PLEASE start to add a texture of the item in your packs? Pretty plz.

    peace out

    • Head: LeLutka Inez
    • Eyes: AG Glassy
    • Cheekbones: Velour
    • Lipgloss: Top1Salon Affection Lipstick **@TheFifty**
    • Hair: TRUTH / Flutter **new**
    • Headband: ::C’est la vie !:: Luda Headband **@The Warehouse**
    • Bracelets: (Yummy) Blake Bangle Set **@The Warehouse**
    • Sweater: -Pixicat- Maisie Sweater – FLF **new**
    • Shorts: COCO Bermuda Shorts (Navy)
    • Boots: $NT Shearling Boots LEGACY
    • Bag: [DDL] Single (Beige) **@TheFifty**

  • iykyk

    DeuxLooks - iykyk

    You can find these new high-waist trousers at the Dubai event. Click carefully tho, the colors on the vendor do not necessarily look like the color(s) you get when you purchase the actual item. If you want the creme trousers like I have on here, be sure to buy pack #4 (not #3, which is actually pink, as I came to find out)…as always, I bought it so you don’t have to.

    To be clear, I love the style of the trousers. It’s refreshing to find items that don’t fall into the typical SL aesthetic that doesn’t seem to evolve…ever. However, the demo costs $1L, a practice you still see here and there, and one I have never understood (tho maybe there’s a totally reasonable reason). But per usual, I couldn’t help myself. I had to confirm the quality of the item and what the options were. I mean, since every avatar wanting to try the look has to pay a micro toll first, why not investigate? It turns out that my one main complaint is that there is no metal change option for the belt (at least in the single packs), so if you would prefer gold like me, you’re out of luck.

    Despite my slight snark, I will definitely wear these trousers again, though I probably won’t bother with the blouse (which comes in black and white-ish options in the single packs).

    So all in all, I spent $799 on two pairs of pants (1 in the wrong color) and a demo for the privilege. IYKYK.



    • Head: LeLutka Inez
    • BoM Skin: [Glam Affair] Nadia **@Kustom9**
    • Eyes: AG Glassy **@Access**
    • Hair/Bow: AD – Nique
    • Earrings: Gaury Petal Capiz Mirror Earrings
    • Necklace: TETRA – Vanity necklaces
    • Blouse: [COCO LOUIS] Tal Me Shirt Snow **@Dubai**
    • Trousers: [COCO LOUIS] Tal Me Set – 004 **@Dubai**
    • Heels: $NT Bow Down Heels LEGACY **@Dubai**
    • Bag: [DDL] Habit (Orange)

  • i don’t know about you…

    …but my avatar’s looking about 22 ♪♪♪. Has anyone else noticed a significantly younger look to many (most?) of the new BoM skin inventory lately? Good grief. I never felt like my avatar needed to age in the same way as her RL typist, but I feel like perhaps this is a little too far? I’m on the lookout for something a tad less “fresh out of high school.” But, I do love this new skin. And, I am really enjoying recent releases from Glam Affair in particular.

    DeuxLooks - i dont know about you

    The rest of my look is a mish mash of new and slightly less new. I’m getting more comfortable with the SL viewer settings, so I dislike this post slightly less than others.

    I am away next week for work but hopefully something will inspire me to blog again between now and then.


    i don’t know about you…

    • Head: LeLutka Inez
    • BoM Skin: [Glam Affair] Nadia **@Kustom9**
    • Hair: Ade – Iris **@Tres Chic**
    • Earrings: YORKE- Yanie Earrings **@Tres Chic**
    • Outfit: Belle Epoque – Shaila – White
    • Coat: DAMI Overcoat
    • Tights: C’est la vie !:: Emmi Tights (#2) – Milk
    • Socks: ISON – wool knit socks
    • Kicks: [Enchante’] – Thea Sneakers
    • Bag: ::C’est la vie !:: Wilma Bag

  • it was the 80s

    DeuxLooks - it was the 80s

    80s memories. Are you ready? Our moms dressed us in puffy jeans tapered at the ankles. Cyndi Lauper, Princess Diana, and Madonna were style icons. There were a LOT of bangle bracelets and for some reason, fluorescent socks. These new jeans in Second Life really bring me back to a time in my youth that I don’t really remember, but I am sure was really epic.

    In other news, I am still struggling to use the official LL viewer in any real capacity. It turns out – after asking for help (thank you!) – that most of you use Firestorm too! For now since I can’t use FS anymore, I have a temporary “fix.” I am learning to take screenshots with the official viewer (meh) but shop/TP around with Genesis, which rezzes things much faster. The Genesis UI makes no sense either so I can’t comfortably use it for snapshots. Obviously I really miss the bells and whistles in Firestorm. It had everything I wanted. %$#^&*!!!!!

    I will be experimenting with different viewer settings so I can markedly improve my snapshots. In the meantime, bear with me!


    it was the 80s

    • Head: LeLutka Inez
    • BoM Skin: amara beauty – Bianca Chantilly **@Access**
    • Eyes: AG **@Access**
    • Hair/Bow: WINGS-ES0901
    • Earrings: (Yummy) Amara Earring Collection
    • Necklace: OATMILK // Elijah Layered Necklace
    • Blouse: ISON – paulina cropped shirt
    • Trench: ARCHIVEFACTION_RAVEN Trench Coat_White **@Equal10**
    • Jeans: erratic / kourtney – jeans / darkblue **@Access**
    • Heels: [Gos] Charlene Satin Pumps – Doe [legacy]

  • is this minecraft?

    So apparently, my brand new computer and video card are actually fine. But it seems something changed in my Firestorm viewer (yes, it’s up to date) and even having a different GPU installed to test it doesn’t fix the flickering video and distortions. WTF?

    No idea what changed, but I am back to using the official LL viewer. It feels and looks like Minecraft. My avatar looks one-dimensional and the lighting is ultra dark and flat (even on ultra high). I have no idea if this is supposed to be an easy viewer to use, but for me, it’s incredibly clunky – and none of my preferences seem to persist session to session.

    So since Firestorm seems no longer to be an option for me, do you use a SL Viewer that you really like and would recommend? Appreciate your advice! Thank you <3


  • me myself & i

    DeuxLooks - me myself i

    Unfortunately it looks like my brand new computer’s video card is dying already and I can’t log in to SL without massive screen flickering and distorted colors. I managed to take this snap last night before it all went bonkers, but I won’t be able to include full credits for now.

    Hopefully it will be fixed soon! Until then, I do know you can find the hair and sweater new at Collabor88!


  • this skirt

    DeuxLooks - this skirt

    This skirt deserved its own post. So here it is.

    It’s so very good. The textures and details are perfection. Toast Bard of (fd) remains one of the most significant contributors to my SL wardrobe. And, looking back over the years, that’s been true for an incredibly long time.


    this skirt

    • Head: LeLutka Inez
    • BoM Skin: [Glam Affair] Revel [Lelutka EvoX] Valley B **@Access**
    • Eyes: AG
    • Cheekbones: Velour
    • Hair: DOUX – Rachel
    • Blouse: Baiastice_Peewit Blouse-Snow
    • Skirt: (fd) Date Night Skirt – LEGACY **@Fameshed**
    • Tights: :C’est la vie !:: Emmi Tights (#1) – Black
    • Boots: erratic / tasha – boots
    • Bag: [DDL] Habit (Black)

  • not quite right

    DeuxLooks - not quite right

    I have had at least 3 outfits on this past week and not a single one made it to the blog. Everything I put together is not quite right but I am leaving on another business trip tomorrow and wanted to get something up before I leave. TBH my “to blog” folder is embarrassing and I need to make some progress.

    For example, above is one of the looks that I wore for days but just couldn’t find the inspiration to blog. It shares the same sweater from Pixicat in the lead look, so at least I finally settled on something.

    I’ll be in NY all week and hope to sneak some shopping in if there’s time. If you didn’t know, I am NY born and raised. Going “home” is always a treat.


    not quite right

    • Head: LeLutka Inez
    • BoM Skin: Insol: face Jonmi, tone ‘Creme’
    • Brows: MILA. Yumi Eyebrows [BOM] 05
    • Lipstick: Euphoric Heather HD
    • Earrings: VOBE – Mikayla Earrings
    • Hair: TRUTH Collective / Elysen
    • Sweater: -Pixicat- Cari Sweater – Cream
    • Arm Warmers: fleur. cable knit wrist warmers
    • Skirt: {amiable}Satin Ruffle Tiered Skirt
    • Bag: MVT – Im ready handbag – Yellow