• i must look better in the rear view

    DeuxLooks - i must look better in the rear view

    Feels like I am always running off to one place or another. This week, I’m off to the beach to spend time with family for some big birthdays. I suppose this style is a little hodge podge but I feel like it’s apropos the rainy fall weather in Boston. Comfortable and familiar.

    Incidentally, I tried to find these pretty flats from Friday in a darker color but I couldn’t find them at the main shop or on Marketplace (in case you’re looking for them too). I’d love these in a spicy pumpkin texture (and IRL too).

    Back after next weekend.


    i must look better in the rear view

    • Head: LeLutka Inez
    • Eyes: AG Mirror **@Cosmopolitan**
    • BoM Skin: tres beau farah **@Level**
    • Hair: Stealthic – Makeout
    • Earrings: (Yummy) Dainty Circle
    • Necklace: (Yummy) Dainty Layered
    • Sweater: Dami Ruby Outer 2
    • Cami: Tres Blah – Lace Cami – Fatpack **@Fameshed**
    • Trousers: [spectacledchic] Kyle Pants **@Kustom9**
    • Flats: friday – Reese Flats (Vanilla)

    • back in the city

      More than halfway through September and the weeks keep barreling away. I’m back in Boston (it sucks to be a Boston sports fan right now, tho – Red Sox and Patriots) and as my work winds down IRL, I have a lot more free time. I don’t always feel inspired to check out what’s new in SL but this offering from (fd) – Fashionably Dead – stopped me in my tracks.

      DeuxLooks - back in the city

      At first glance the ad didn’t speak to me so I almost skipped over the whole thing at Collabor88 but when all was said and demoed, I had fatpacked this gorgeous modern blazer and fallen head over heels with the sheer top and skirt – somehow vintage and futuristic at the same time. Completely brilliant. I added a shellacked hairbase to take it a bit more vintage and a bit edgier simultaneously.


      back in the city

      • Head: LeLutka Inez
      • Eyes: AG Sheen **@Access**
      • BoM Skin: Belleza- Jasmine Pale with Freckles
      • Brows: The Skinnery
      • Hairbase: VELOUR by addon+ Betty Hairbase
      • Earrings: (Yummy) Pearl Studs
      • Necklace: ARNAUD HAUS. HEARTBREAKER PEARL Necklace
      • Blazer: (fd) Avant Garde Blazer – FATPACK LEGACY+PERKY **@Collabor88**
      • Top/Skirt: (fd) Claire – Cream **@Collabor88**
      • Heels: [BREATHE]-Nanari Heels-Legacy-Nude
      • Bag: Ryvolter :. 25cm Kellie Bag

      • double down

        DeuxLooks - double down

        Who knew that a big bow could completely reengage me in SL fashion? As a result, I had to double down. One good bow deserves another…but this one’s on a headband ofc.

        I fatpacked this dress from SHIFUKU (a brand that seems to have just added Perky sizing, yay!) because I couldn’t choose just one pattern (florals mostly, but I was still so attracted to it!). First up, I went with this moody, deep fall number. In fact, I am probably pushing the season a bit with the overall look but today in Boston was so chilly in the early morning that I couldn’t resist. I do <3 Fall so very, very much.

        Hurricane Lee is heading in our direction tonight/tomorrow so depending on the weather, I might be inside long enough to style another look, this time inspired by something so frikking unique from Fashionably Dead (fd) that I didn’t love until I tried the demo!


        double down

        • Head: LeLutka Inez
        • Eyes: AviGlam Sheen Eyes **@Access**
        • BoM Skin: [Glam Affair] Tilly (Valley) – shown with eye makeup included
        • Cheekbones: Velour
        • Headband: LaGyo_Madeline Bow Headbend – DELUXE
        • Hair: Ade – Chela **@Access**
        • Earrings: [Z O O M] Karmila’s Earrings
        • Dress: [SHIFUKU] Vintage Dress **@Anthem**
        • Tights: ::C’est la vie !:: Emmi Tights (#2) – Moca
        • Boots: .miss chelsea. Rory Boots Legacy Mink
        • Clutch: Zenith Leather Clutch (choco)
        • Jacket (shoulder): C’est la vie Rosie JK

      • my big bow

        DeuxLooks - my big bow

        I haven’t been around for a few weeks but I felt like a really big bow would cheer me up. And it worked. When has it not? None of this stuff is new anymore, and tbh, I haven’t been to any event in weeks – but I love this look for fall.

        Unfortunately, I had to buy this skirt from Emery twice. I guess I must have tidied it too quickly and then emptied my deleted items without realizing it was in there. Needless to say, the creator didn’t seem to have a Redelivery option and never responded to two notecards with messages and transaction history. So, I bought it again because a good jean skirt in a perfect length is like a unicorn in SL. Hardly any creator releases skirts that don’t expose at least one ass cheek *roll eyes*. I love, love, love this one. Twice worth it, tbh.

        Hopefully will be back soon.


        my big bow

        • Head: LeLutka Inez
        • BoM Skin: amara beauty – Kyra Valley – DK BROWS
        • Mole: The Skinnery BeautyMarks
        • Hair: WINGS-ES0901-Flowing Hair
        • Big Bow: BTTB bowup head piece – navy
        • Earrings: Nov-Kai Diamond Studs
        • Necklace: (Yummy) Love Birds Layered Necklace [Legacy]
        • Blouse: (fd) Preppy Princess Shirt – Navy
        • Skirt: Emery Gonado Skirt Dark Blue
        • Tights: friday – Opaque Tights (Cocoa)
        • Boots: Eudora3D Ezra Boots (Legacy)
        • Bag: MVT – Diva’s handbag
        • Coffee: MVT – That coffee