• A Smoken’ Hot Weekend

    The best deal in a long time from Nutmeg -- this whole set of vintage cooking goodness is yours for ONE weekend price.  You get several versions of the stove (empty and "stuffed" as shown plus all the individual pieces.  Amazingly the triangle count is much better than you would expect. The texture load is high. 



  • Duxbury for the Prim Challenged

    Hard to believe but the impressive little Duxbury Cottage  weighs in at only 32 land impact making it perfect for a 512 lot (barely)  or a guest house.  It doesn't have the longest LODs but honestly WAY better than I would expect from this "prim count".  With plenty of features and lots of open usable space it is a winner. 
    Trompe Loeil - Duxbury Country Cabin  (snow add=on is available)

     A coordinating barn is available at Uber.   

    Find it at the current round of The Fifty. 

  • PBR Growing Pains

    Eventually we will all be living under PBR. In the meantime there are growing pains. Most of us are in waiting mode, some are being very brave and testing; many kudos to those vanguard types. 

    A tip from the forums sent me over to Dutchie where there is a new gift out for everyone.  The Dutchie Bathroom Sink Vanity PG with experiemental PBR miror is impressive and gives us a hint of future. 

    You can see that the mirror is more like a convex car mirror with the "objects may appear further away than they are" view going on.  Indeed the house I am in is a very small cottage and looks extremely spacious.   Still that's a good looking reflective surface!

    Linden Lab has stated that theY have a "real" mirror project going on, but we know that priorities get moved often and it is difficult to say when we may see something close to our actual reflections in the looking glass.  

     Also experimental means there are some things you should be aware of.   

    Short term gift --- Buy for 0

    Linden Lab actually put out a "best practices" sheet for PBR.  How much all of that works -- I know not.  But in the instructions along with "make a legacy textured within the object for those without PBR" there is a "do not put reflection probes on furniture and small items" note. 

    This is what happens if you place an object with a probe inside a house with a probe.  See that box of light surrounding the sink set?  That is the probe prim.  I  am inside the Scarlet Creative LA House PBR which is one of the few houses I have found (well the only really but I haven't been looking much) that is a PBR home.  Charlotte followed best practices; Froukje did what was needed to make things work for the masses.  Both are very talented creators. Both doing their best I am sure. But ---- issues.  

    So be aware that there will be an interim period where there will likely be clashes.  Both creators projects here provide legacy builds as well as PBR.  

    There is an adult sink set for sale along with matching bathroom fixtures at the Dutchie link above.  

    The Trompe Loeil - Duxbury Country Cabin shown in the lead picture is coming up in a post tomorrow. 

    Poses by: Behavior Body
  • Wouldn’t It Be Better?

    Rather than trying to block an (oh so very long) article from public view, it seems wiser (to me) for Linden Lab to address the charges made. 

    Honestly, it IS their platform and their rules so all they actually need to do is change the TOS -- which from comments made at the end of the year about promoting adult content in the "future"  seems like they have been planning all along. 

    The cat is out of the bag so to speak or at least there are plenty of people wondering --- and kitties do NOT like returning to a closed environment.   

    Don't ask ME about this -- asks your friends :D. Someone will know. 

  • Getting off the Lists

    If you have been around awhile this scenario is probably familiar.

    You get a mailing in chat. You get a notecard in inventory. You might get a landmark? It happens over and over and "blocking" doesn't help.  

    What is worse is that you (that's YOU in cap) never subscribed to this mailing. 


    I almost never join subscribos --- even in the olden days they were a pain. But THEN most times you could teleport to the store in question, find the subscribo board (usually at the landing point) and UNSUBSCRIBE.  These days it is often more difficult and often very frustrating. 

    Some years back there was a forum thread called "What I Learned Today" or something close to that.  Well today I DID learn something new.

    I have tried oh so many times to teleport to the link given in the chat message that (again in the olden days) took you to the subscribo board.  I have searched the store trying to find a way to unsubscribe and today for the first time I was successful.  

    It i likely that this only works with some subscribe services but still it got me off of several that I never opted into. 

    If you have gone on your own journey you have likely tried area search and SOMETIMES (only sometimes) that will let you find the subscribe boxes. Many times they aren't even in the store or accessible to the public but if you can came and find the service box (again maybe just this brand) you can touch the box and find a list of ALL the subscriptions for that company. Take the check marks out of the ones you do not want to receive and SAVE.  In theory --- I just did this on Wednesday so we'll see) you will no longer get the spam mailings. 

    And thus my good dead for the day can be checked off LOL.

    Hope this helps some of you.   

  • Cute Clutter

    Out for the weekend at Nutmeg a big set of clutter and a desk and chair to go with. These pieces are sold individually at weekend prices -- which is -- yes --  switch from how things were when the weekend sales began.  Still cute and something you guys might be interested in!

  • Industrial Vibes

    If you are a proud owner - creator of an industrial area --- or simply a prop collector cause you never know when you will NEED bits and pieces for your photo shoot --- zip on over to M&P Kreation  and pick up this free for everyone nicely detailed tank.  It is simply called TANK and weighs in at 3 li at this size.  

    Note this is an adult sim with ADULT products so enter the store at your own risk :D . The gift is very nicely placed outside the shop; just touch the tank to have one arrive in your inventory. 

    .PALETO.Backdrop: SEWER  (low graphics)(physics)
  • Abyssal Odyssey

    Now most of you aren't going to have a PLACE for this beautifully crafted release but still ...

    The Victorian era was a strange one, the occult mixed with science and they sometimes made strange bedfellows. People lined up to be bitten by electric eels while electric LIGHTS began illumanating our city streets.  All things strange and wonderful attracted the attention of the populous. 

    The Dirty Rat - Abyssal Odyssey is available for your perusal at ABNORMALITY: SEABORNE.  

    Is she real or a hoax? And what really qualifies as "real" in our somewhat make-believe world? 

    [KuddelMuddel] VICTORIAN HOUSE Backdrop / Set A

  • Return to Santorini

    It's early afternoon in Santorini.  Looking for shade  and escape from the bright Aegean sun.   If only it was as easy to return to our favorite getaways in our corporeal lives. 

    I really like the anniversary gift from Salt & Pepper, but it really called for some added interest in accessories form.  Then I had nothing new to show you but Serendipity stepped in and here we go. 

    The KUNGLERS - Iolanda rings (both left and right ) come rigged for many of the current mesh bodies as well as unrigged.  It is smooth, feminine but bold and dare I say it  .... "Springlike".  A color hud for metals and gems comes with. Find it at the new round of Cosmopolitan

    Pose by: Di's Opera
  • Earth 2.0

    We have made some faulty choices as a species -- thinking about the NOW and not the tomorrows to come. It might be time to reassess the greed and give up some of what we have so that future generations can survive. 

    Choices -- they are ours.

    Dirty Rat - TerraFlora  at Tokyo Zero.  

    From the creator's notecard: 

    TerraFlora presents a futuristic vision of plant cultivation, encapsulating the essence of sci-fi innovation. This state-of-the-art incubator is a testament to humanity's commitment to sustainable growth and exploration beyond terrestrial boundaries.

    Crafted with three distinct glass chambers, each cradling a singular plant, TerraFlora embodies precision and individualized care. Its transparent enclosures invite observers to witness the intricate dance of nature's evolution, showcasing the resilience and beauty of botanical life.

    Powered by advanced climate control systems, nutrient delivery mechanisms, and adaptive lighting, TerraFlora recreates the ideal conditions for plant growth in any environment. Whether nurturing exotic flora or sustaining vital crops, this incubator stands as a beacon of technological ingenuity harmonizing with the natural world.

    TerraFlora symbolizes humanity's quest for sustainable living and environmental stewardship, transcending earthly boundaries to embrace the limitless possibilities of the cosmos.

  • Posh

    Heads up my lovelies -- there is a anniversary group gift out t Salt & Pepper (paid group). It is for LaraX and Petite and comes with a full color hud to fit your moods.  Main fabric and trim can be separate color if you like.   

    S&P Miley overall (LaraX)

    Stealthic - Capture

    MINIMAL - Santorini Backdrop

    Pose by: Eternal Dream
  • Caught My Eye – FaMESHed

    Does your bath or hot tub area need a bit of updating?  If so, then check out these shelves with plenty of choices for mixing.  Find them at the  KratWork booth at FaMESHed   A HUD gives you plenty of options for coordinating to your abode.  Low land impact.    Note that these were made for a linen closet or laundry room, but to me they sort of scream -- SPA!!!!

  • Harshlands 10th Anniversary Hunt

    Harshlands is celebrating ten years with some lovely gift (some from friends) that you can pick up until the 29th. No group is needed. Just find the glowing crystal balls and touch. You can even cam hunt (my favorite method as it so saves on tired and achy toes).  

    I found all of the gifts I think. This wasn't as difficult as some of the Harshland hunts I have tried and there is even a hint sheet that you can pick up from the poster at the entry.  

    *KD* Mae hairsticks&earrings - (exotic and finely made)

    *KD* Chia red dress  (many older body fits)

    *KD* KaiDesign  

    I REALLY  love this bracelet! 
    *KD* Alet wrist ornament  pinkJade   (Unisex L and R)

    Most items are wearable for gals but there is an oh so pretty tabletop too.

    Swank & Co. Ethanol Round Tabletop Fireplace Pink Limestone

    Poses by: Eternal Dream
  • A Time For Love

    There are oh so many kinds of love.

    First kiss (Bobby at 8 years), first date, first "boyfriend", first lover -- and the list goes on. There is BFF love and love for children -- even very real love for pets.  And yes there is pain that often comes with the loving.  Still, saying "no" to love doesn't only protect -- it leaves you empty. 

    Second Spaces - STOP in the name of Love (stand) (wall version also available at Cupid Inc.)
    Faida - Qea Valentine (several current body fits) gift at Shop and Hop

    Paparazzi - BACKDROP - Love Scene 1

    Stealthic - Adore (previous gift)

    Pose by: aDORKable
  • Take Me To the Circus

    So fun!!!!

    I don't get to chat with Chandra often these days. She has a "day job" (or maybe it's a night job but it keeps here busy and out of trouble).  She sent this along the other day with a note about memories and it definitely brought back a few.  

    OH so long long ago when Chandra and I first met -- it was at the circus. Her circus to be exact. There were prizes involved if I remember correctly. I am guessing a lucky chair or board -- or perhaps just presents. A bunch of us went over and if memory serves we ended up with different bits and pieces of attire.  Blogger can't find the post which isn't unusual with over 6K to search though.  I DO however have a very old picture of a good friend with her outfit on in Chandra's tent. 

    November 19 2009

    So many great memories!

    ANYWAY --- you can make your OWN circus memories with this really REALLY big set of goodness which includes the outfit in different colors. I am wearing all but the black garter belt which I overlooked when taking photos (oops).  Along with the outfit there are a bunch of circus pose props and some really fun one prim watercolor backgrounds (resize hud).   

    Find the !dM deviousMind "Zazel" **LaraX can be found at the NEXT UP event.

    Woot! By doing a manual search I found the original article.  

    Pose by the pose prop. NOTE that a GESTURE is used to adjust the pose prop.   

    y: the prop --- adjustments are in a GESTURE -- take note
  • Romance in Red

    A quick post to let you know about two more gifts from Shop and Hop that might fit into your holiday plans.

    FOREVER GOWN from Queenz comes in lots of fits. I am wearing the Lara version on the LaraX body. This is the first that I have really looked at the new shoulders that folks keep talking about. Not sure I love them, but hey.   PS. this works fine for some poses but not others. However I am thinking that might be the case in general not a new version issue. 

    Not only is this MAke a MArk - Paravent  (byobu) hearts 1  screen pretty --- IT FOLDS UP and out on touch.  ^^

    Hair:  TRUTH / Lullaby 

    Pose by: Eternal Dream
  • Secrets in Dark Places

    My grandmother's house was always in shadow.  Few windows and an overhanging baloney saw to that.   Families have secrets. Some they share, some which come to light after they are gone -- some which remain in the dark quietness of Undiscovery forever. 

    The Dirty Rat - Mystique Drawer weigh in at 4 land impact. There are subtle cobwebs on the side which can (I tested) be easily removed using transparent in the build menu; this for folks who are neat and would NEVER EVER have cobwebs *wink*.  This coordinates nicely with the Lunarmyst Clock

    PBR and legacy texture versions are in the pack. 

    Find it at GOTHCORE.   Hurry as the event end soon or find it in a few days on the Marketplace.