• Weekend Bargains

    Out for the weekend from Nutmeg, a big  beach set.  The Nutmeg. Poolside Chair Set  Comes in both PG and A versions, with and without throw (a pink and blue throw style is also included) and a very pretty tray. All have great LODs even when downsized.   Land impact is between 5 and 7.  

    The Trompe Loeil - Zanda Beach Cottage is out for Superfans,   The home installer measures 30 by 35 meters.  Land impact 93. Good LODs it comes with some extra part for styling to your liking. 

    Even the very pretty and finely detailed tray stands up to long distance viewing. Do I hear some applause?  I love the folded chairs!   
  • School Days – FLF

    Sophistication  makes it into the schoolroom this Friday with two classy offerings. 

    cheezu. kei school dress black also comes in red  plaid. A necktie and shirt color hud is included. Maitreya, Legacy, Reborn

    Wasabi // Obsidian FLF ED. Hair - Absolute Pack

    Bdrop // Vintage School Set - White    by Tropix

    Pose by: SE Motion
  • El Parausi Libertad

    With not too much to inform you of today -- I give you a new build from the Destination Guide.   Picture perfect with bobbing boats and a view that goes on forever, you will need to crank up your distance to get the full effect. This is not a build for marginal computers as mine was running between 8 and 11. So be prepared to wait for a touch of warm Latin beach days.     

    Here is your motor boat. be sure and put your life jacket on.   
  • Vanda at Cosmo

    There are many times that I have sized earring smaller and being able to do so is indeed a plus especially in these modern days of resized scripted items,  but these new Vanda earring from Kunglers are so delicate and feminine the refuse to overpower -- and that is a great thing.  Full color hud of course. Find them at this newly opened round of Cosmopolitan.  

    Hair:  Stealthic - Searching (Blondes)

    Pose by: the Morgana fountain
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to SL20B

    Well not so funny really but "interesting" anyway.  

    Those of you who applied for a SL20B plot may have noted that they were also accepting previous builds from past years.  I had a 4096 build that had been in an invitational artist plot back when the birthday bash was a private citizen affair and not put on by The Lab.  I found the build in my inventory and rezzed it a couple hindered meters below my building pad so that the folks OKing admissions could see it.   All good. 

    Today I received a note asking me to confirm that I still wanted a large parcel.  I was in the midst of  filling out the form for what WAS to be my "retro" exhibit but forgot the exact name. I went over to check my sample rezzed build.  While some parts of the build were still there, the complex part -- the egg on pencil on rope held by pillars -- was gone. It was also nowhere in my inventory. I looked for over an hour with no success. 

    I always -- ALWAYS -- keep copies of past builds when they are over. I just this weekend picked up the styling stuff from the B&B Collective event.  Oddly as I was searching for that older missing build I found very few of my SL birthday builds still in my inventory.  I could find the take up of the Shop and Hop from the same year as the missing items, just not the birthday build.  

    This isn't a big surprise for me and I didn't rant or panic or swear.  I did plenty of that when I had my first (known anyway) inventory "deletion" about fifteen years ago. It was my complete House and Garden folder and as you can imagine that was a pretty devastating loss.  A decade and more ago the mantra was "oh you didn't really lose anything you just need to clear your cache - they never actually LOSE anything".    Well that has been proven wrong so many times I can't even keep count even to the point of items disappearing from INSIDE vendor boxes both inworld and on the Marketplace. 

    So -- I still keep taking backups in hopes of it helping now and then. I still rez lots of things that I love and are important to me.  I have the UUID written down on a notecard of Pearl, my Firestorm Kitty who has been rezzed ever day of her very VERY long virtual life.  Do I think it solves the problem?  Of course not.  This most recent disappearance most likely happened during those days when pretty much nothing was working if you wanted to do anything besides stand and IM or chat :D.  Not unexpected I guess but USUALLY things that are rezzed are "safer". Not this time. 

    I do now as you might have noticed paste in the EXACT names of items I am featuring. This is as much for ME as for you and let's me find out if I still have the item or not -- or at least it is a start in that direction.  We do what we can do and keep the memories in our heads for reflection.  The photo above was part of the build that disappeared. Some of you may have seen it at UWA or at a long ago SL birthday bash. You will NOT be seeing it at this upcoming event.   

    There will still be an ARTSCAPE exhibit with some gifts and hopefully the absence  of my fairly impressive for its time build will not make a huge dent in the festivities. 

  • Quentyn Lodge

    This impressive and LARGE home is one of the items currently available for Trompe Loeil Superfans (free group) for 50 lindens.  Yep, hard to believe but true. It weighs in at 140 land impact and needs a good sized lot obviously.  Check it out if that criteria fits your bill.   Vendor near the entrance.
  • Currency Conversion Fees

    I don't have a pretty post for you today since SL hasn't been working for me (or my friends) this week. Others have mentioned big problems previously and yes I had some permission changes happening at PLAZA last week but thought it was just me.  

    There was an interesting old SL forums thread that was resurrected these last few days. Someone was charged a hefty bit more for currency conversion that they should have been apparently because Tilia did things in a certain manner.  But the issue wasn't rectified  and the person instigated a charge back through her credit card company.  She was also planning on leaving SL. 

    I am pasting in my response to her comments and calling it a day.   I am not in the best of moods either :D.

    Evening before posting edit:   

    I decided it would be good to have some background on this for the folks that weren't around with Tilia Took Over (you can search this blog for plenty of facts if you so choose).  

    When Tilia became a separate "division" of Linden Lab (before "selling") there was a decision to make it mandatory for anyone logging into SL to accept the Tilia TOS (July - August 2019).  There was a long dialog -- mostly on the forums -- about this edict. The Lab DID tell us about the change in advance which was a step up to the August 2013 TOS change where no one new until it was too late and some creators lost tons of earned income and sent a good portion of citizens over to Opensim.  

    So a plus there.  

    Anyway some folks (Chic's being the loudest voice I think and definitely a continuous roar) asked WHY.  Why should every SL account have to agree to the Tilia TOS if the were not USING the Tilia service?  In the end since there really was no logical answer to the question other than making Tilia look more popular than it was, The Lab changed the policy so that only certain folks had to agree. Their promises back then didn't all come to pass but at least "I" have never agreed to the Tilia TOS (and other folks too of course).   

    I am wondering as I think about the issue on the forum post above if AGREEING to the Tilia TOS gave away enough rights so that the OP will not be able to recoup their money.  There is supposed to be a "final report" on things coming up in a post.   

    It REALLY is importing not to sign things that you don't read or don't agree to.  It may certainly come back to haunt you. 

    That's the news. If I am not back tomorrow, I will be back eventually.  Meanwhile, stay calm and keep the faith. Things have been worse and we made it through.  

  • Rosemary

    Rosemary is an easy to grow perennial. It is hardy, grows very very quickly (both a good and bad thing) and can be left alone throughout the winter with minimal or no care. 

    Now I don't like to EAT rosemary, but I like the smell and it is a "good energy" feng shui plant, especially by your front door.

    I have two plants on my back deck.  They arrived last year from a friend and were tiny in four inch pots.  I really wanted larger ones but I planted the small-fries and let them grow up.  This year they are starting out at about 16 inches and look great along the side of the house. They will grow in sun or shade. My deck is mostly shaded until 3 pm when the sun comes around to the west and it can get really HOT.  Still they are happy.  

    These very pretty virtual plants are the new group gift from Ariskea (low join fee and past gifts available). They feature rock mulch which mirrors my corporeal versions.  Good LODs and 1 land impact at real life sizes.

    I am sure that in a couple of years my current plants will need to move to a more permanent area. Either side of my front stoup sounds like a plan. 

    Nutmeg. Vegetable Crate
    ChiC buildings Garden Potting with Crates

  • Hillvale

    New on the destination guide, Hillvale is a dystopian  build  mixing retro with futuristic, classic with grunge. 

    Flying cars vie for attention in the foggy night sky.  

    There is a feeling of vastness here.   
  • Summer Gardening

    It is looking like we might actually HAVE a summer in the Northwest US; it seemed questionable for awhile.  So time to dust off your pots, find the fertilizer and get to planting.  

    This great addition to your greenhouse is available at Nutmeg. Out for the weekend sales it boasts good LODs.  The land impact however is 11 (basically because of the way the physics was uploaded; sad). The triangle count is very good. So a good addition for folks with "prims" to spare. 

    BONDI  .  Mochi Greenhouse
    Apple Fall Potting Shelf (2015 gacha item)

  • Bay City’s Fifteenth Anniversary

    Bay City is turning fifteen this month and is having a big parade on the 21st. See this post to get all the details.

    I remember when Bay City came online. If my memory serves it was the first "themed" area and also the first double prim area. Lots sold fast for lotsa lindens and paved the way to other themed areas such as Horizons.   

    I apparently didn't cover the opening in this blog, back then I was mostly doing lucky chair gifts and the like :D. Still I remember that there was a box of textures given out to whoever wanted them. The idea -- back then -- was to have the area sort of homogeneous.   That really didn't happen any more than it did with Horizons. Still lots of folks like to live over in Bay City and it is a part of our history.

  • Poop Hunt

    The Poop Hunt is underway again. Wander the sewers looking for mounds of "poop" and garner some gifts.   This is a free for all hunt with no group needed.  Prizes are varied, some just silly, some just old. But there some keepers in the mix and these are two of my favorites.

    Ash. Mako dress - HOTPINK - many current mesh body fits

    A. Rose 2023 // Something Special

    There is also a very pretty cake by Random Matter

    Random Matter - Bitter Sweets - Clearance Cake [Black]

    Hair:  {Limerence} Nata hair(Unrigged)

    Pose by HERA
  • Art Walk at Raglan Shire

      The annual Art walk is returning May 14th-June 16 in Raglan Shire!  

    There is plenty to see and a great variety of art to admire and some to purchase. The "art - O - matic" machine is super fun. Sit and it puts you in a prone position and draws your picture on a large textured canvas. 

    Wander the grounds and enjoy lots and lots of art ...

    and get some exercise as a bonus!

  • Akari – 25T

    Out for 25 Tuesday the On a Lark  *OAL* Akari Kimono with optional Obi and trim color hud.   I paired it with one of the colors available in the Blueberry - Poppy Leggings - Special Winter Etd. Colors Pack.    It definitely looks like Spring. Woot!    Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, Reborn with petites sizing fits available. Tons of base colors. This is "snow".  

    Pose: SEMotion

  • Next Up

    There are some nice gifts out at the current round of Next Up -- along of course with items to watch and try for :D.  This is a fee group but there are gifs out each month and of course other notices which might be of interest.

    Here are my personal favs:

    FF Original - Choker Lace Vivian (NO Shine) 05 with hud (Fatal Fashion)
    {Belissima} Flavia DRESS - MANY older mesh body fits and Legacy (add your own undies :D)
    Holding French Puppy from Vulnus

    There are some nice Home and Garden items and some white flat sandals also.   

    Hair: *TKW* Noah

    Pose by: Di's Opera

  • In the Garden

    If you are looking for bold eye-catching garb -- I have some items to interest you.  While  these KUNGLERS - Ezra earrings at FaMESHed  come with a extra large full color hud to change various beads and metals (over 40 choices), the default colors  are a great match for the new group gift dress from Belle Époque.  

    The Eva dress is primarily for photos with the long drape flowing across the ground. Pretty much backless is is fairly daring and folks will definitely notice you in this oversized flower pattern.   

    Go forth and gather. 

    Hair:  Stealthic - Clarity (Blondes)

    Poses by: oOo Studio and aDORKable
  • Gratitude and Virtual Living

    I don't talk about our corporeal world much on this blog -- other than the seasons and such -- but today I have been pondering and that lead to this post. Here's the story.

    A friend came by today to let me know that while checking on the price of bark mulch (the stuff that folks in the Northwest US put on their flowerbeds and sometimes their whole "lawn" areas)  he found it had more than doubled in the last five years.  I was not surprised.  Add to that the absence of free delivery on large loads. So thatt adds another 55 dollars for two miles.    And 3.5 percent charge if you use a credit card.   We are talking about a BIG BIG increase over the 2018 price. 

    Now anyone old enough to have a sense of the ups and down of monetary history KNEW this was coming. Governments can't keep printing twenty dollar bills without a day of reckoning.  My reply to his news was, "well at least we can GET it" and that is pretty much how I felt.  The COVID years aren't quite behind us but they are at least mostly in shadow. It is still very difficult to get workers in my part of the globe. Help wanted signs abound.  I honestly wonder how folks are surviving if they aren't working.  

    And that brings me around to our virtual landscape. While many real world prices have doubled in the last five years, our virtual costs have remained pretty constant for non-premium citizens -- and indeed have decreased in many consumer goods instances especially if you are a sales addict. Many creators are still here and for many that means making less money.  Most folks won't talk about their virtual earnings but for the record I am making about 20 percent of what I made five years ago and about 50 percent of what I made this time last year.

    So I wanted to note that yes, these are tough times and likely more difficult days are on the horizon but I for one am happy that we still have folks doing what they do because the love the process.  

    Hopefully we will clink on the bottom soon and work our way upwards.