• Aaah, sweet mysteries of life

    Aaah, sweet mysteries of life

    Medicine woman, shaman, wise woman, witch,  fae… there are so many synonyms and labels used throughout time and cultures to describe that one person who is both revered and (at least in the more primitive settings) somewhat feared… the Healer.  As a fae living in medieval times, I am caught in that squarely in that web of fear and mystery and awe… I’m the one they come to for help finding a solution to whatever ails them or their loved ones, but they also shun me out of their fear of “the dark arts” and the inherent mystery in what I do.  I don’t really mind because I have no choice… they mysteries of life call to me and I must answer, with study and experimentation and daring and love… above all else, there is love… No thanks is necessary, the eyes tell all, and they radiate gratitude when I am successful.  And when I fail, well, then I just study harder to divine a bit more of the mysteries of life and wellness…

    • Outfit:  Art & KO – Healer Set.  As always, the styling & textures are absolutely first-rate, as is the imagination behind it!  In a choice of 8 colors or as a fatpack, the set includes the dress (which looks like an embossed tunic with metallic clasps over a simple v-neck shift with lace edging at the hem, heeled booties, & thigh-high stockings with a matching color tie just below the knee, plus a cross-body bag that is just a touch too modern for a medieval fae like me (see the ad below).  Sized for Legacy & Maitreya; demo available. 
    • Head & Ears:  LeLUTKA – Gaia Head
    • Body:  LEGACY – Mesh Body Special Edition, Feminine
    • Skin:  Petrichor – Vareni Muted in Filaurian
    • Hair:  CAMO Hair Store – Ceres Braids
    • Eyes:  euphoric – Kyra
    • Ears:  PROMAGIC – Dhairya Ear Tattoos
    • Makeup:  Loa – Trance Face Paint; StunnerOriginals – Linette HD Lips
    • Wings:  PFC – Fae Wings
    • Pose:  LW Bento Poses – Til the Light Goes Out, combined with FLO – 5 bottles w/ bento holding animation
    • Owl:  JIAN – Barn Owl
    • Medical Props:  PPK – Small Healer Shelf; Velvet Whip – Large Medical Basket, Healer Toolbox, & Herbs Jars

  • A still-life watercolor, of a now late afternoon

    A still-life watercolor, of a now late afternoon

    As I’ve written, I moved (yes again!) in SL just about a month ago.  We’re back up in Second Norway, an area with open water access that we lived in several years ago; even though it was my favorite lot EVER (and believe me, with more than 16 years in SL and two avatars, loving landscaping etc., I’ve moved around a LOT), but left due to a “prim shortage (as a blogger, I need LOTS of prims for creating sets, using backdrops, etc., not to mention all the landscaping and decorating that is constantly ongoing lol).  Now we’re back but in a new “full prim” area…  and although I had to give up some acreage to fit our budget, I am totally besotted with my new lot and my new house.  I’m having so much fun pulling it all together, trying to think out every room, every nook and cranny in the house AND on the property (and I DO love those nooks and crannies!).  My new house features a huge walk-around porch on 3 sides, which has been taking quite some time to “figure out.”  With this set, I have to say the  empty space at the back, overlooking the sea and any passing boat traffic, is now complete. Yay!!!!

    Dreamland Designs – There’s nothing quite like outdoor wicker, especially when it’s obviously “the good stuff.”  If it’s one thing I’ve learned, everything by DD is “the good stuff.”   I just love this set, perfect for that special corner on my new porch!  Check out the demo at the mainstore, & sit back & relax!

    • Tropical Round Wicker Bed.  Big & roomy, the outdoor fabric looking extremely comfy on a well-padded bottom cushion, both in solid on the seat & then at the back with a large assortment of coordinated pillows.  Fully bento animated, for singles & cuddles-couples; your choice in Adult or PG.  One thing I especially adore is the fact that up close, the wicker shows signs of outdoor wear (if you zoom in on my pic, you can see it).  The whole look is just so welcoming, it beckons you to just come, sit & relax!
    • Tropical Round Table with Decor.   Great little outdoor side table that comes with a beautifully decorated & sinful-looking carrot cake, a stoneware cup, spoon, & saucer filled with a cup of steaming coffee (with artfully done creamer lol), & a single place setting for enjoying these goodies.  (Of course, since they’re copy/mod, you can always rez a second cup & fork if you’re willing to share!)
  • Even in the simplest moments, there is beauty…

    Even in the simplest moments, there is beauty

    “Daisies are the sunbeams of the earth, a reminder that even in the simplest moments, there is beauty.”  

    ― John Ruskin

    Thought for the day… the beauty of simplicity… add a few stylistic touches, and there you have it…

    • Outfit:  Carol’s Store – Robin Top & Pants.  The fabulously ribbed sleeveless cropped turtle comes in 10 solid colors; the waist-high pants feature a decorative zipper in the front & an amazing “dip” in the back for a truly incredible look from behind, * also come in 10 colors.   Or choose a fatpack with all colors for either the top or bottom, OR a megapack with all options & full mix ‘n match possibilities.  ORIGINAL MESH with materials enabled, Robin is sized for Reborn, Legacy, GenX (Classic & Curvy), Lara+LaraX+PetiteX+LaraV.5, Kupra, Khara, Erika, & Love Momma.  Originally an exclusive at Uber through Feb 15th, she is now available at the mainstore.  See the ad below; demo available.  
    • Head:  LeLUTKA – Nova Head (EvoX)
    • Body:  eBody – Reborn
    • Skin:  DeeTaleZ – Heidi in Rosekiss (Velour body skin)
    • Hair:  Sintiklia – Hair Yon
    • Eyes:  euphoric – Hae
    • Moles:  poema – Molly
    • Makeup:  I n’ K Original – Deep Desire Eyeshadow; Dernier – Eyeliner Set
    • Tattoo:  Apollemis – Apple & Jasmine Blossom Sleeve
    • Nails:  Alaia – Square Glitt
    • Jewelry:  Maxi Gossamer – Katerina Necklace & Earrings; Chop Zuey – Bel Aire Gold Women’s Wedding Band
    • Pose:  Hazeel – Cute Daisy

  • How’s it working now?

    How's it working now?

    Just like life, blogging has its ups and downs.  Lately, I have to admit, it’s been more in the down mode.  Don’t get me wrong… I still love blogging per se, but it’s all the “stuff” that goes with it that has been exceptionally frustrating of late.  Part of that is SL itself… in playing with windlights, it no longer is “holding” where it was in the list so I have to remember to write it down or I have no idea what the last windlight was.  The LOD on items has been HORRIBLE… I had to derender about six of my birdhouses for this pic, and then move in a few more to give the effect I was hoping to get.  I couldn’t get my EvoX HUD to detach or open yesterday for modifying my makeup OR my expression (I had to resort to workarounds for both).  And then there’s FlickR.  Things not posting.  Comments not going through.  Minimal views.  Each thing in itself, not a big deal.  But when trying to make a deadline (and just winding up a 5-day migraine cluster does NOT help!), each and every one of those little things adds up to one big you-know-what.  Just a few more to do for February… hopefully March will be better technologically… and that definitely allows my creative juices to flow more freely as well.  In the meantime, happy shopping!

    • Outfit:  Evergreen – Ruby Outfit, worn in Salmon.  Available in 5 colors or as a fatpack, Ruby consists of a heart shaped corset with “stays” & a high waisted skirt.  With a mix of polka dots & a solid on the bottom half of the corset, the two pieces can be worn together or separately.  Sized for Reborn+Mounds+Juicy, Legacy+Perky, Nerido, Maitreya+Petite, & GenX Curvy, Ruby is EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE at the February round of Designer Showcase, open Feb 5th – 25th.  Demo available. (See the ad below)
    • Head & Lipstick:  LeLUTKA – Nova Head (EvoX)
    • Body:  eBody – Reborn
    • Skin:  DeeTaleZ – Heidi in Rosekiss (Velour body skin)
    • Hair:  TRUTH – Elusive
    • Eyes:  euphoric – Hae
    • Moles:  poema – Molly
    • Makeup:  Sugarose – Brooke ES & LS
    • Jewelry:  Cae – Reesha Necklace & Earrings; Chop Zuey – Bel Aire Gold Women’s Wedding Band
    • Pose:  STUN – Sydney

  • To watch the world go by…

    Watch the world go by...

    So I’ve moved my home again in Second Life.  I say “again” because in the 16+ years that I’ve been inworld, I’ve probably done a move at least once a year (both Thea and I have separate homes; we tried sharing, but our styles are just way too different).  Most of my moves have been because of that delicate balance between space (land, more land!) and prims (is there ever enough), with things like access to open water and bad neighbors thrown in (though the bad neighbors is more of a Thea issue since she has a fantasy style home and has been living on mainland for a few years, where “neighborhoods” can change rapidly and poof, your view is gone.  And then again, each time I think that “this is it!), while acknowledging the fact that I just get bored.  Even changing for the seasons, once I’ve re-landscaped and decorated, eventually it becomes ho-hum and the moving bug sets in.  This time though, it feels like “this is it”.   I’ve been so happy creating this home… it’s a setup reminiscent of my favorite SL home ever and is in the same area with the same style (we had moved from that one because I was prim poor and having difficulty setting up large backdrops for photo shoots), but I’m having much more input into the shaping of the island itself.  I love to create little nooks and spaces to enjoy the view and the boats that sail by.  And this  daybed seems custom-made for this gorgeous little overlook, where my honey and I can just sit and cuddle and watch the world go by…

    Dreamland DesignsNEW!  Bernice Hanging Daybed.  Fully bento animated, for singles (male & female, with props), & cuddles-couples with sequences, in Adult or PG.  EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE at the February round of Designer Showcase, open Feb 5th – 25th. 

  • The cigarette break

    The Cigarette Break

    I don’t smoke.  Not for decades.  But I’ve noticed that for some reason, I like poses where I am smoking.  I’ve noticed a partiality to cigarette holders as well, which is something I’ve never ever in my life actually used.  I don’t actually know why this might be, although I do tend to prefer poses where I’m doing something rather than just posing for the camera.  And the cigarette break is a time-honored tradition, a way to take a step away from whatever is going on and collect your thoughts, something I definitely appreciate.  I guess the reason doesn’t really matter… smoking inworld has no health risks, and the smoke doesn’t annoy others around me.  I don’t create a mess with cigarette butts, I don’t need matches or lighters or incredibly expensive packs of cigarettes.  I know there are some FlickR group moderators who reject any pictures with smoking… in those cases, well, that’s their right.  Me, I’m going to relax and catch some air in this beautiful setting, and then get back to the party.  Enjoy!

    • Gown:  WILD Fashion – Ritz Gown.  Lovely two piece gown, featuring a sarong style skirt with chains on the exposed hip & a racer-back top with lace (see the ad below).  Ritz includes a HUD with 30 different satiny but slightly sheer textures (you can just see my tattoo through the top), plus optional Pearl Earrings (worn).  Sized for Reborn+Waifus, Legacy+Perky, & LaraX, Ritz is EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE at the February round of Designer Showcase, open Feb 5th – 25th.  Demo available.
    • Head & Lipstick:  LeLUTKA – Nova Head (EvoX)
    • Body:  eBody – Reborn
    • Skin:  DeeTaleZ – Heidi in Rosekiss (Velour body skin)
    • Hair:  S-Club – Katy
    • Tattoo:  Juna – Cattleya
    • Eyes:  euphoric – Hae
    • Moles:  poema – Molly
    • Makeup:  Goreglam – Borderlines ES; Dernier – Eyeliner Set Vol 1
    • Nails:  Miumiu – #28
    • Shoes:  KC Couture – Sarika
    • Pose:  piXit – Elle (modified)
    • Backdrop:  Synnergy Tavis – Garden Retreat

  • Bearing water means that I bear the essence of life…

    I bear the essence of life...

    Sometimes, there’s just not much to say… those creative juices need some watering! Enjoy!

    • Outfit:  Petrichor Ersch– Meloria.  Another soft, feminine, incredibly sexy look that (to me, anyway) is pure fae.  Available in 10 single colors or in 5 fabric packs containing 40-color HUDs for all the elements, all of which are also show/hide (I chose to hide the Necktie fabric but keep the Necktie decor; see the ad below for how it looks when shown).  There’s also a Megapack so you get all fabrics, all options, so you can mix ‘n match as you want.  Meloria is sized for Legacy, Lara+LaraX+Petite, Mounds, Kupra, & Reborn+Waifus.  Demo available. 
    • Head & Ears:  LeLUTKA – Gaia Head
    • Body:  LEGACY – Mesh Body Special Edition, Feminine
    • Skin:   Dernier – Foxxie in Grey Alien (Velour body skin)
    • Hair:  Nova – Zenith
    • Horns:  Les Encantades – Capri Horns
    • Eyes:  lovelysweet – Mallory
    • Makeup:  poema – Praline ES; PROMAGIC – Dhairya Ear Tattoos
    • Wings:  Aii and Ego – Fairy Wings
    • Pose:  Synnergy Tavis –  Pose #61
    • Backdrop:  Synnergy Tavis – Sunken Temple

  • Taking in my last sunrise…

    My last sunrise...

    Another glimpse into an alternative reality for a fae hybrid like me…  I’ve always loved almost anything scifi.  I know that I’m too timid to ever be an actual space explorer, flying off into the great unknown (no red shirt for me lol!), but I DO know that at some point, there will just be a lot of rather ordinary jobs that involve space without having to be on the front line of discovery (working on the station, shuttling folks up and down, basic operations, you get the idea).  It’s a future where all races mingle equally, where the uniform code allows for individual “embellishments” for rank, family, and even religion (think about Ro’s earring on Star Trek), native hair styles, and so on.   Seems like a great future, but there are definitely sacrifices to be made, including sunrise, sunsets, and shopping!  Perish the thought!  Shudders, and rushes off to hit more events and weekend sales…  Happy shopping!

    • Outfit:  Jangka Design – Alcyone.  Incredible detail & texture (the hallmark of ANY Jangka outfit IMHO), with what to me has a futuristic military style (a very STYLISH military style), with golden epaulets & a little half-tail over the butt.  Alcyone is designed (& sold) in 2 matching pieces — the outfit (shown in the ad below) & the boots.  Available in 6 individual colors or as a fatpack, plus a LIMITED EDITION (black). Sized for Legacy, Maitreya + LaraX, she is 100% original mesh, & EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE at Mainframe Event, open Jan 20th – Feb 13th.  Demo available.
    • Head & Ears:  LeLUTKA – Gaia Head (EvoX)
    • Body:  LEGACY – Mesh Body Special Edition, Feminine
    • Skin:  Moccino – Boo in Papaya (matching body skin by Velour)
    • Hair:  NO.MATCH – No_Cycle
    • Horns:  Petrichor – Sylaine Horns in Brass
    • Eyes:  Gloom – Tirel
    • Ears:  Venge – Ear Blushing
    • Makeup:  Loa – Gaia Face Paint
    • Wings:  FAS– Bento Faery Wings
    • Pose:  Versuta – Dream
    • Location:  Sindaria, Elven Cyberpunk Fantasy Roleplay

  • Patience, my pet…

    Patience, my pet

    Another moment in time, a glimpse of another life, another story… is it home that beckons, returning after a long journey? or is it the next step in her plan to wreak havoc and destruction of some sort?  The outfit definitely tugged me towards the latter (and it IS at Midnight Order!), but in other hands, another mind, another personality, who knows what is truly in her heart and mind at this moment?  That’s the essence of fantasy… it can be whatever you make it! Happy shopping!

    • Outfit:  Art & KO – Evelyn.  So beautifully done, but she definitely brought out the bad-ass in me, the young evil queen  (or the one scheming to be) & all that!  In a choice of 6 colors or as a fatpack, the set includes the amazing dress, thigh high boots, double strap belt, choker, & crown.  Sized for Legacy+Perky, LaraX+PetiteX, Gen X Classic+Curvy, & eBody.  EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE at Midnight Order, open Jan 20th – Feb 20th.  Demo available. 
    • Head & Ears:  LeLUTKA – Gaia Head
    • Body:  LEGACY – Mesh Body Special Edition, Feminine
    • Skin:  Petrichor – Vareni Muted in Filaurian
    • Hair:  Yomi -Sachiko
    • Eyes:  lovelysweet – Forest Fae
    • Ears:  Venge – Ear Blushing
    • Makeup:  Loa – Ninsar Warpaint Cheek Dots; TaoX Tattoo – Akiyiki Neck Tattoo
    • Horns:  Venge – Simple Daemon Horns
    • Wings:  Les Encantades – Natural Wings, Olive
    • Nails:  Stargazer – Ultimate Bento Nails, Sprocket Glam
    • Pose:  Reina Photography – FAN0013