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    I don’t stay put, I stay grinding
    That’s my last name, bitch, no hyphen
    Throw it down, I’ll wine and dine ’em
    Flippin’ the script, so, let’s go
    Never second to the top, Joe Biden
    Clean it up real good, Dyson
    I’m the ozone to your climate
    Don’t need to flex, I lay low

    Happy New Year loves! I hope you continue to slay it just as much as you did the years before, and I can feel this year is going to be pretty amazing. It’s starting off to being a great one for me, I hope for you too!

    Today I bring you some items from WitchCraft!! The Dress I am showcasing is called The Billie Dress and it is located at GIRLS HEAVEN Event ~ which is running from January 10th – February 3th. So you still got some time to grab this sexy number!

    There is also special focus to my nails! Check ’em out, they are the Giselle Bento Coffin Mesh Nails! They were at the January round of Tres Chic, but I am pretty sure you can find them at the mainstore now. Enjoy ♥