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    L.O.T.D 9/26/2020 ft. Viv.a Kids at the Stardust Event


    "Like Stardust glistening on fairies wings, Little girls dreams are of Magical things."
    - Sherry Larson

    When I grow up.. I'mma be a UNICORN!

    The Stardust Event is a new kids event beginning on October 1st, Viv.a Kids is bringing an absolutely adorable unicorn outfit to the event. It is sized for Bebe Baby Fitted, Bebe Youth & Toddleedoo Baby Fitted and it even comes with a headband so you can be a unicorn too!

    Happy Shopping!

    Get the goods here:

    Dress & Crown: Unicorn Gown Dress - Viv.a Kids at Stardust Event

    Hair: J0813 - Hud A - Tram

    Pose: Pose Baby Unicorn - *MB* - Marketplace

    Unicorns: Unicorn Story - Sweet Dreams - Half Deer

    Location: Lost Unicorn

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    L.O.T.D 9/25/2020 ft. Mia Apparel at Color Me Cute


    Okay so I know I said that I wasn't ready for fall to come because I like running amuck without shoes on, but I love the colors and the break from the hot summer weather. I been noticing a family of squirrels hanging around so I decided to gather up all the acorns I could find and put them all in a pile for them so they didn't have to go hunting for them. I think the baby squirrel was really happy about it because he even climbed up on my shoulder to take one from me. 

    I love this new dress, It's perfect for this time a year because it's so up and down. It'll be cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. It's a pretty fall color but not super thick, so I just threw on some socks and shoes so I'm comfy all day. If I get too warm later, I can just rip them socks and shoes off. You can get this dress at the current round of Color Me Cute from Mia Apparel. It is sized for Bebe Baby & Bebe Youth bodies only and includes the alpha for BOM users and it is available in 10 different colors.

    Happy Shopping!

    Get the goods here:

    Dress: Cara Dress - Walnut - Mia Apparel at Color Me Cute

    Socks: From Anny Overall Amour Outfit - Viv.a Kids

    Shoes: Rhia Maryjanes - Ebony - Mia Apparel at Belle Bebe Event

    Hair: Lyric - Magika

    Pose w/ Props: Little Squirrel - P.O.S.E at Thimble

    Location: Luane's World

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    Fall is in the air ft. Sleepy Fawn at Color Me Cute

    Fall is almost here, I can feel it in the air if that makes sense! Today I actually had to wear shoes and a cardigan with my dress because it was kinda chilly, but my momma says that this chilly weather is just temporary and then it's gonna get warm again before it gets cold for a long long time! So I decided to go gather apples so that we'll be apple cider and apple pie ready for the fall, also we need them for bobbing for apples because you can't have a fall/Halloween party without that!

    I absolutely LOVE this new fall outfit, you can find it at Color Me Cute from Sleepy Fawn by Kricket Calamity. This is a gacha item, it is available in sizes for Bebe Youth, Bebe Chonk, Bebe Baby Fitted & Toddleedoo Baby Fitted bodies. I'm wearing the Bebe Baby Fitted body. There are a total of  10 color options for the cardigan, dress, & tights. Also please note that the dress version with the teddy bear is a rare, while there are common dress options without the teddy bear. The paci is also available in matching colors so you can coordinate with your outfit and with a hud you can put your initial on it for some added customization.

    Happy Shopping!

    Get the goods here:

    Dress: My First Fall Dress & Teddy - 3 RARE - Sleepy Fawn at Color Me Cute

    Cardigan: First Fall Cardi - 5 - Sleepy Fawn at Color Me Cute

    Tights: First Fall Tights - 14 - Sleepy Fawn at Color Me Cute

    Shoes: Rhia MJ's - Ebony - Mia's at Belle Bebe

    Binky: First Fall Paci - 2 RARE - Sleepy Fawn at Color Me Cute

    Hair: Pickle - Reds - Wasabi Pills at Anthem

    Bow: Dolly Hairbow - White - HunniBun

    Pose w/ Apple Props: Apple Season - .Click. Poses & Props - Marketplace

    Location: Luane's World

    Gacha Key:


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    Last Days of Summer ft. Lazo at Color Me Cute


    I woke up this morning and it was CHILLY! :o :o :o whaaat! That means I had to wear shoes today, and pants instead a shorts! I refuse to wear a jacket yet tho!

    My outfit is available at the current round of Color Me Cute from Lazo, it is sized for Bebe Baby Fitted, Toddleedoo Baby Fitted & Bebe Youth bodies. There are 4 packs available with 2 colors per pack. Each pack also comes with a denim pants option as well.

    Happy Shopping!!

    Get the goods here:

    Outfit: Lana Romper - Lazo at Color Me Cute

    Shoes: Sweet Sneakers - Green - Beau Bebe - Marketplace

    Hair: S15 (04) - YumYum (I use the mix+pink hud and tint it to get my shade of red) at Anthem

    Bear: My Teddy Plushie - Soft Brown - Hive

    Location: Luane's World

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    L.O.T.D 9/10/2020 ft. Lazo


    It's the last days of Summer, pre-school will be starting back up again soon my momma said and that makes me sad face. Because I like running amuck all day, everyday! It's still super hot out too, fall nowhere in sight! So I love this new top, perfect for the weather. 

    My shirt is from Lazo, it is a new mains store release. It is sized for Toddleedoo Baby Fitted & Bebe Baby bodies only. There are 2 packs available with 5 colors in each pack, plus the fatpack with 2 fatpack exclusives.

    Get the goods here:

    Top: Marie Top - Lazo

    Shorts: Ida Shorts - Lazo

    Hair: Kotoko - Style 2 - Reds - Wasabi Pills

    Candy: Bubbleheads Candy - Grape - Junkfood

    Face Stickers: Face Stickers - Heart - Izzie's

    Pose: Sweet Pea - 1 - Bellybean - Marketplace

    Location: Prim River National Forest & Campground

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    I got it from my mama! ft. Elodie at Bebe Youth Fair


    My Momma says i'm her Mini, I kinda love it! :D We like to dress up fancy sometimes, even if we have no place to go. So we take pictures to remember!

    My outfit is available now at the Bebe Youth Fair from Elodie. It is sized for Bebe Baby Fitted, Bebe Youth & Toddleedoo Baby Fitted bodies. This is a gacha item, but the outfit for each body is in separate gacha machines. All together there are 20 commons and 2 rares. The rare items include color change huds as well.

    Happy Shopping!!

    Get the goods here:

    ~ On Me ~

    Top: Ash Outfit - 3 - Elodie at Bebe Youth Fair

    Pants: Ash Outfit - Rare 1 - Elodie at Bebe Youth Fair

    Hair: Lyric - Magika

    Hair Clip: Candy Hair Clips - White - Viv.a Kids

    ~ On Momma ~

    Dress: Leanne Dress - 25Black - JustBecause

    Hair: Apple - Redhead - Truth Hair

    Necklace: Pearl Strand w/ Diamond - AvaWay

    ~ Misc ~

    Pose: Mommy's Girl - Extra - Marketplace

    Gacha Key:

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    L.O.T.D 9/2/2020 ft. Mia’s at Bebe Youth Fair

    My Uncle is gonna marry his happy ever after next month! So I'm already hunting down dresses to wear for the big day, because a Princess has to look her best! So my Momma took me to a dress shop to try on new dresses, I picked the pretty blue one because she says it goes with my ginger hair and it's also a good color for fall!

    My dress and shoes are both available at the Bebe Youth Fair, the dress is available in Bebe Youth & Baby sizes only. It is available in 11 colors and is BOM compatible. My shoes are available in Bebe Baby & Youth sizes, both fitted & unrigged. They are available in 10 color options. 

    Happy Shopping!!

    Get the goods here:

    Dress: Risa Dress - Teal - Mia's at Bebe Youth Fair

    Shoes: Ava Mary Janes - Cream - Mia's at Bebe Youth Fair

    Binky: Binky Clip - Nuhnite - Razzberry's at Bebe Youth Fair

    Hair: J0731a - Hud A - Tram

    Pose: Darling - 1 - .Click. Poses & Props - Marketplace

    Closet Backdrop: Boudoire - Closet RARE - Birdy (Check Marketplace for Extras)

    Pose Stand: THoB - Fitting Stall - Dead Dollz (Check Marketplace for Extras)

    Rug w/ Stool: THoB - Stool & Rug - Dead Dollz (Check Marketplace for Extras)

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    L.O.T.D 8/30/2020 ft. Viv.a Kids at Belle Bebe

    "I believe in Manicures.
    I believe in overdressing.
    I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick.
    I believe in Pink.
    I believe in laughing.
    I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.
    I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls.
    I believe that tomorrow is another day,
    and I believe in Miracles."
    - Audrey Hepburn

    I absolutely love Audrey Hepburn.. and Paris! So chances are I may never change out of this outfit again. You can get it at the upcoming round at Belle Bebe, which opens on the 1st. It is sized for Bebe Fitted & Youth, and Toddleedoo Baby Fitted. This outfit comes in 6 different colors & shirt designs.

    Happy Shopping!!

    Get the goods here:

    Outfit: Zara Mullet - White - Viv.a Kids at Belle Bebe

    Hair: Hiccup - Pr!tty

    Hair Bow: Velvet Bow Headbands - Coal - Lula Belle

    Phone: Glitter Phone from Miss Selfie Pose pack - Petite Bowtique - Marketplace

    Pose: Fashionista - 3 - .Click. Poses & Props

    Bathroom Set: Regina Bathroom Set - *AR*