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    The end of the day sunsets

    DaD “Positano Barn” v.1.0 c/m @ FaMESHed
    Footage: 19.5x 15.0
    Land Impact: 120
    copy/modify yes
    no transfer

    hive // hay bale
    hive // old tractor . forest

    Old Grass by S.R Creations 
    Grass by S.R Creations

    DaD “Guzmania Plant in pot” c/m
    DaD “Rustic Garden – Bundles of beauty” c/m
    DaD “Vintage Potting Bench” c/m v.1.0

    [we’re CLOSED] Seraphim 2nd BDTree B {past gift}
    [we’re CLOSED] Seraphim 2nd BDTree A {past gift}

    1 Prim Mesh Tree 10x8x8 by Felix Landscaping

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    The hot seat

    Black . Sand Kaif Sofa -Dark- PG @ The Mens Department 

    ..::THOR::.. Herbalist Scale
    ..::THOR::.. Metal Candle Holder
    ..::THOR::.. “Always” Books
    ..::THOR::.. Wizard Wand
    ..::THOR::.. Wizard Brew C
    ..::THOR::.. Teal Flask
    ..::THOR::.. Black Flask
    ..::THOR::.. Wizard Brew A
    ..::THOR::.. Wizard Brew B
    ..::THOR::.. Wizarding Class Bench

    SAYO – Charlotte Ottoman – A – Deluxe Pack @ FaMESHed 

    Foxwood – Floofy Kitty – Dark

    20_8f8 – Art of Nature – Gingko WOOD
    21_8f8 – forgotten secrets – distant calling
    17_8f8 – Art of Nature – Catch me if you can!

    Scarlet Creative Xander Skybox – Ground Version

    Nutmeg. Rug Gray, Group Gift

    Camdem – Quinces Tray / texture change
    Camdem – Quinces Duo
    Camdem – Quinces Solo
    Camdem – Quinces Branch
    Camdem – Season Change – 1.Devil’s Ivy Long RARE

    .Shi : Caleb Boots . Black / Bento

    KAZZA – BotanicalSet – ficuspot
    KAZZA – BotanicalSet – taiobapot
    KAZZA – BotanicalSet – bananapot


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    Conjured up memories

    Nutmeg. Conjured Wreath @ Collabor88
    Nutmeg. Conjured Books @ Collabor88
    Nutmeg. Conjured Lamp / 1 @ Collabor88

    Nutmeg. Lavish Lounge Sconce
    Nutmeg. Disarray Old Jar Plant
    Nutmeg. Disarray Chair w/Plaid&Cushion Linen, Single
    Nutmeg. Lavish Lounge Window Frames Bonus Item
    Nutmeg. Lavish Lounge Biscuits
    Nutmeg. Disarray Round Wooden Table
    Nutmeg. Lavish Lounge Keys
    Nutmeg.Disarray Wooden Candlestick 2

    elev8~Jasmine Long

    Ariskea[Doucy] Lace curtain 1

    Apple Fall Old Manufactory

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    The Caylin kitchen

    Trompe Loeil – Caylin Kitchen PG @ UBER 
    Trompe Loeil – Caylin Modern Ranch PG V1.3Apple Fall Cathedral Frame – Charcoal @ UBER 

    KraftWork Icelandic Dining Clutter . Chandelier LR
    {this set should be in main store after today}
    KraftWork Icelandic Dining Clutter . Place Set Pumpkin Soup HR
    KraftWork Icelandic Dining Clutter . Leaf Tray 1 LR
    KraftWork Icelandic Dining Clutter . Leaf Tray 2 HR
    KraftWork Icelandic Dining Clutter . Glass With Flowers HR
    KraftWork Icelandic Dining Clutter . Wine Glass LR
    KraftWork Icelandic Dining Clutter . Place Set Spinach Soup LR
    KraftWork Icelandic Dining Clutter . Dining Table HR
    KraftWork Icelandic Dining Clutter . Dining Chair LR
    KraftWork Icelandic Dining Clutter . Rug HR

    dust bunny . paradise plants . monstera tree @ FaMESHed
    dust bunny . paradise plants . pineapple plant @ FaMESHed

    Apple Fall Charred Terracotta Jug @ FaMESHed
    Apple Fall Cathedral Frame – Charcoal @ FaMESHed {placed on window}

    HISA – Climbing Vines – Green A @ Anthem 

    Toronto-Kitchen shelf B by Bazar
    Toronto-Recipe Chalk Writing by Bazar
    Toronto-Kitchen shelf A by Bazar

    Pitaya – Organic Lunch – group of dishes BLACK
    Pitaya – Organic Lunch – Glasses – GOLD
    Pitaya – Organic Lunch – Bowls GREEN
    Pitaya – Organic Lunch – Bowls BLUE
    Pitaya – Organic Lunch – Bowls BLACK

    [FOURTH WALL] Spiced Winter Fruits Tea Jar
    [FOURTH WALL] Hibiscus Tea Jar
    [FOURTH WALL] Milk Oolong Tea Jar
    [FOURTH WALL] Sencha Green Tea Jar
    [FOURTH WALL] Chamomile Tea Jar

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    Hacienda La Veleta


    HISA – Hacienda La Veleta [email protected] @ Anthem Event

    HISA – Climbing Vines – Green C @ Anthem Event

    ..::THOR::.. Italian Clay Pot L
    ..::THOR::.. Homemade Lemonade
    ..::THOR::.. Squeezer
    ..::THOR::.. Scattered Lemons & Foliage
    ..::THOR::.. Lemonade Drink – rez

    Apple Fall Olive Jar – Olive Glaze
    Apple Fall Charred Terracotta Jug

    *AF* Hanging Plant – Pothos

    Nutmeg. Disarray Newspapers & Hat
    Nutmeg. French Cafe Iron Chair PG
    Nutmeg. French Cafe Table / 2
    Nutmeg. Laundry Day Old Bike_Bonus Item

    Kalospia – Fountain Forest

    Concept} 09. Sevilla. Med Pot
    Concept} 05. Summer Chair Yellow. PG
    Concept} 06. Summer Chair Electric. PG
    Concept} 04.Gentle Chair C
    Concept} 06.Gentle Chair E

    Apple Fall Elderflower Cordial
    Nutmeg. Laundry Day Armchair Adult
    Nutmeg. Laundry Day End Table
    Nutmeg. Laundry Day Clothesline
    Nutmeg. Laundry Day Clutter

    NS Dark Brown Horse

    8 Zinnias Hanging Ivy Basket

    Happy Mood Shrub03 – a

    1 Prim Mesh Tree 10x8x8 by Felix Landscaping

    [we’re CLOSED] grass field green 01 – random

    Studio Skye Four Season Oak Tree

    A completely restored 16th-century hacienda, originally owned by the local Marqués and his family and converted into an exclusive country estate, keeping many of the original details of this historic property. The main house holds 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, dining room, kitchen and living room. A curved staircase decorated with original tiles leads to a loft area, the bedrooms and a decorative gallery. In the courtyard you’ll find a garage and outdoor kitchen built around the beautifully gardened courtyard. Secure and private.

    The walls have been restored by using the traditional masonry and old sand stones. Old beams, ceilings, floors and pillars have been preserved where possible or have been re-created.

    The gate of the hacienda opens to an impressive entrance. The home which was the country residence of many noble families is completely walled. The main entrance leads to the courtyard, to your right you’ll see the original goat shed which has been converted to a garage. An outdoor kitchen with a wood fired oven was added in 1724 in it’s own covered area that has lots of room to add a table and chairs set for outdoor dining.

    All of the buildings have been finished to the highest standards. Wherever you look and go you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the buildings and the gardens

    This home will be available soon at Anthem and can be viewed right now inworld at Visit HISA


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    The Rochester

    Onsu ~ “Rochester” House ~ White *NEW*  (for full home view}

    Loft & Aria – Matryona Collection @ UBER
    Loft & Aria – Matryona Accent Chair With Pillow (PG)
    Loft & Aria – Matryona Accent Chair (PG)
    Loft & Aria – Matryona Sofa With Pillow (PG)
    Loft & Aria – Matryona Chandelier A
    Loft & Aria – Matryona Rug
    Loft & Aria – Matryona Canvas Art
    Loft & Aria – Matryona Coffee Table
    Loft & Aria – Matryona Vases
    Loft & Aria – Matryona Vase1
    Loft & Aria – Matryona Chandelier B
    Loft & Aria – Matryona Bar
    Loft & Aria – Matryona Bar Tools
    Loft & Aria – Matryona Bar Chair
    Loft & Aria – Lugano Decorative Martini
    Loft & Aria – Lugano Decorative Cosmopolitan
    Loft & Aria – Lugano Decorative Whiskey

    Fancy Decor: Luann Art @ UBER
    Fancy Decor: Luann Sculpture @ UBER
    Fancy Decor: Luann Console @ UBER

    Apple Fall Large Terracotta Urn @ FaMESHed

    Loft & Aria – Lavinia Potted Banana Plant

    *LODE* Decor – Pampas Grass [dried]

    BLACK NEST / Iduna Book Pile

    Architect. Monto Vases (white)

    Muniick – Morgan Double Curtain

    The “Rochester” is an impressive 4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom modestly sized mansion perfectly suited for luxurious living and entertaining! Its detailed exterior is a subtle blend of coastal architecture, with delicate wood details and an eye-catching turret projecting out of the front facade. Long shutters adorn half-covered balconies which rest upon bay windows that let in an abundance of sunlight, giving the interiors a warm and cozy atmosphere.


    The interior layout features a two story inlaid wood and marble entry, with a stunning skylight crowning the paneled room. To the right you will find the sizable living room, with a limestone sitting nook and carpeted library. To the left, you will find the paneled formal dining room, as well as the kitchen and breakfast nook (with convenient access to the outside patio dining area).

    Upstairs, directly to your right is the master suite featuring a high end department store-style walk-in closet, and a magnificent master bathroom to match the splendor. To the left of the stair landing you will find a skylight-lit hallway which leads to the turret bedroom, a separate bathroom, a larger sized bedroom at the end of the hallway, and a mini “master suite” featuring a smaller closet and bathroom.

    The master suite boasts access to 3 private balconies, looking out over the side of the house, the back patio and the front of the house. The mini master suite has its own private balcony overlooking the outdoor dining area.


    – 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms (2 of which are private).
    – Two story paneled entry/stairwell.
    – Paneled formal dining room.
    – Built in Library.
    – 4 Balconies.
    – Large Master Suite featuring a luxurious closet & master bathroom.
    – Mini “Master Suite” featuring a smaller closet & bathroom.
    – Large patio featuring an outdoor dining area directly connected to the kitchen.
    – Materials Enabled Interior Floor (Hardwood, Tile & Marble).
    – Tintable Interior.

    And so much more!

    As always, the house comes with a Details HUD which includes a few different customizing options for you to play with!

    Full and half texture resolution versions are included with your purchase, with the latter being designed to prevent lag and/or texture thrashing on lower spec systems.

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    Boho Garden Party

    DRD – Boho Garden Party Set @ FaMESHed
    DRD – Boho Garden Party – Stage
    DRD – Boho Garden Party – Tree A
    DRD – Boho Garden Party – Tree B
    DRD – Boho Garden Party – Lemonade stand
    DRD – Boho Backyard Party – Trunk Snacks
    DRD – Boho Garden Party – Light Tent
    DRD – Boho Garden Party – Breadbuffet
    DRD – Boho Garden Party – Sofa ADULT
    DRD – Boho Backyard Party – Chair
    DRD – Boho Garden Party – Rug A
    DRD – Boho Backyard Party – Rug B
    DRD – Boho Garden Party – Blankets
    DRD – Boho Garden Party – TreeTrunk Sidetable
    DRD – Boho Garden Party – Knitted Poof
    DRD – Boho Backyard Party – Wool Poof
    DRD – Boho Garden Party – Sidetable A
    DRD – Boho Garden Party – Sidetable B
    DRD – Boho Garden Party -flower pot
    DRD – Boho Garden Party – Light Poles

    Ariskea[Amalia] Freesia – Ivory @ FC Plaza
    Ariskea[Amalia] Freesia – Peach @ FC Plaza
    Ariskea[Amalia] Freesia – Rose @ FC Plaza

    [Cinoe] Summer Watermelon @ Japonica Summer Festival

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    Kitchen essentials

    Loft & Aria – Bakers Rack @ Collabor88
    Loft & Aria – Bakers Rack Bottles Crate @ Collabor88
    Loft & Aria – Bakers Rack Canisters @ Collabor88
    Loft & Aria – Bakers Rack Serving Plates & Towels @ Collabor88
    Loft & Aria – Bakers Rack Butcher Block @ Collabor88
    Loft & Aria – Bakers Rack Mortar @ Collabor88
    Loft & Aria – Bakers Rack Big Bowls @ Collabor88
    Loft & Aria – Wood Tray @ Collabor88
    Loft & Aria – Bakers Rack Round Tray @ Collabor88
    Loft & Aria – Bakers Rack Sweet Bread @ Collabor88
    Loft & Aria – Bakers Rack Utensils @ Collabor88
    Loft & Aria – Bakers Rack Rolling Pin @ Collabor88
    Loft & Aria – Bakers Rack Plates and Bowls @ Collabor88
    Loft & Aria – Bakers Rack Glassware @ Collabor88

    Ariskea[Fraise] kitchen Favs @ FaMESHed

    K&S – // Small loft kitchen. White PG @ Anthem Event

    Nutmeg. Porcelain Curiosities China / 1
    Nutmeg. Porcelain Curiosities China / 2
    Nutmeg. Porcelain Curiosities China / 3
    Nutmeg. Porcelain Curiosities China / 4
    Nutmeg.Porcelain Curiosities China / 5
    Nutmeg. Porcelain Curiosities China / 6
    Nutmeg. Porcelain Curiosities China / 8
    Nutmeg.Porcelain Curiosities China / 9
    Nutmeg. Porcelain Curiosities China / 10
    Nutmeg. Porcelain Curiosities China / 11
    Nutmeg. Porcelain Curiosities China / 12

    Nutmeg. Farmhouse Brunch Bread Basket
    Nutmeg. Farmhouse Brunch Eggs
    Nutmeg. Farmhouse Brunch Basil Bonus Item

    Nutmeg. Tea Kettle 1
    Nutmeg. Pitcher & Wooden Utensils
    Nutmeg. Wooden Board
    Nutmeg. Casserole Black
    Nutmeg. Old Frying Pans

    Nutmeg. Kate’s Bowl w/White Napkins

    dust bunny . farmers market . lettuce
    dust bunny . farmers market . tomatoes
    dust bunny . farmers market . bell peppers

    ionic : Hanging casseroles
    ionic : Onions & Potatoes shelf {modded}

    KraftWork Alexa’s Farm Kitchen Clutter . Book Holder
    KraftWork Alexa’s Farm Kitchen Clutter . Chicken&Eggs
    KraftWork Runner Rugs . Stripes Mix 2

    LISP – Mesh Blinds Narrow Long – Teak

    Apple Fall Copper Pan Stack
    Apple Fall Hetton Barn Conversion


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    Have a seat and enjoy some butter cookies

    Good morning.  Hope everyone is well.  I know it’s been a while since I’ve wrote anything in my blog.  It’s been super busy in every aspect.

    Today I am bringing some newness from all around the grid.  Apple Fall releases lots of new items recently. The mantle with logs, the mirror, frames, lamps and pots.  These are all available in different colors, so you must go and check them out.  The Anthem Event just opened yesterday, and you will find the royal butter cookie tin, which serves on touch.  DaD released a new decor gacha — the cutest sailboats.  I’m also showing a recent release by Black Bantam, the Yorkie and also featuring a new texture changing painting, the Lost & Found collection by Atelier Burgundy.

    Have a seat and enjoy ♥

    Apple FallCamille Mantle w/ Logs – Charcoal
    Apple FallBotanical Mirror – Gold
    Apple Fall Eden Frame, 4:3 – Burnt Ash
    Apple Fall Penrose Task Lamp, Tall – Copper
    Apple FallCathedral Frame – Reclaimed
    Apple Fall Cathedral Frame – Charcoal
    Apple Fall Stoneware Dish w/ Lemons
    Apple Fall ‘Love’ Metal Sign – Nickel

    Apple Fall Olive Jar – Olive Glaze @ FaMESHed
    Apple Fall Charred Terracotta Jug @ FaMESHed

    Atelier Burgundy . Lost & Found (texture change)

    [Black Bantam] Cutie Animesh Yorkie Decor @ Equal10

    (Luc.) Royal Butter Cookies Tin (DECOR BENTO Guest Server) @ Anthem

    09 – DaD “Driftwood Sailboat 02” cm @ Anthem

    Apple Fall Oxford Wingback Chair
    Apple Fall Cushion – Tudor Trellis, Blue Large
    Apple Fall Ornamental Elephant – Bronze
    Apple Fall Masculine Bar
    Apple Fall Lemon & Lime Water
    Apple Fall Wine Glasses
    Apple Fall Stacked Books
    Apple Fall Brass Candlesticks
    Apple Fall Rustic Cart Coffee Table
    West Village Heart Eucalyptus Spray

    Nutmeg. Dreamy Pastels Rug

    .:YN:. Wooden house – Venil –