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    FaMESHed is Fantastic

     Hiya everyone! Tonight we are heading back to the FaMESHed 9th anniversary round for a few more wonderful group gifts. The group is free to join, and most of the designers are offering a gift in pretty gift boxes at each display. There is a variety of offerings both for sale and among the gifts, so I hope you enjoy browsing and shopping as much as I did. 

    First we have the [Aleutia] gift which is their Chiara Tank Top - FATPACK. It has double straps (for double the fun!) and comes in sizes for Legacy, Legacy Perky, Maitreya, and Maitreya Petite bodies. There is also a HUD provided with 36 colors to choose from as well as on/off for glitter and several transparency levels. The glitter is subtle and difficult to capture in a still image but I strongly suggest turning it on just to see if you like it :)

    Meva is also offering a gift for FaMESHed group members, their Sue Dress Fameshed Gift 21. It includes Maitreya and Maitreya petite versions, and says "That ain't cool" on the frond with a cap-wearing skull in red and blue. The back has been playfully shredded, with horizontal slits stretched across for peeks of skin. I must have old school wrestling on the brain because the back reminded me of Hulk Hogan's shirts, and the front made me think of Rowdy Roddy Piper's movie They Live with the sunglasses and skull. 

    Next I changed into the M.NA Elena Birthday Dress which has neon colored bats and stars on a dramatic dark backdrop. The gift comes in Freya, Isis, Legacy, Perky, Maitreya, and Petite sizing to fit popular mesh bodies. The vivid colors really caught my eye, while the bats make me think I will be wearing this again when Halloween season arrives.

    Maybe you prefer something more sunny and cheerful, then how about this lovely gift from Seniha, called Maddy Dress // Yellow? There are two versions included (v2 is with polka dots as seen on the right above) and they are each provided for Freya, Isis, Legacy, Perky, and Maitreya mesh bodies. I think of the style as a sundress because of the ruffles and layers, which makes the sunshine shade of yellow even more appropriate. 

    For my final look of the evening, I am wearing two of the three versions included in the Ghoul gift called Iroe Play Dress - First Love. The main color is a delicate pink which is the 'solid' of the 3 versions: dark (black), mix (both, right above) and solid. Each of these come in Legacy, Perky, and Maitreya sizes, which all have that sheer black fishnet panel on the rear. I like the way the mix version provides contrast, a bit of edgy flair with the softness of the pink shade, so for today's mood that would be my choice. 

    It has been a long day, and fairly busy, but I am ready to relax in SL later so that is a positive thing :) I wasn't feeling well earlier (stomach) but that is calmer tonight, for which I am very grateful. The next several days will be quiet in some ways, but that will give me time to do a few things in SL that I really need to like sorting my inventory. I think my folders and categories are too general so the folders contain too much, and I'm sure there are ancient items that can be deleted as well as some duplicates. I hope you're all having a beautiful day/evening, many magical magpie hugs to everyone!!

    All Group Gifts from FaMESHed:

    Photo 1:
    Top: [Aleutia] Chiara Tank Top - FATPACK $0L FaMESHed Group Gift
    Pants: Delizio - Jeans + Applier for Maitreya + Omega (shown in Blue) $0L Marketplace

    Photo 2:
    Dress: Meva Sue Dress Fameshed Gift 21 $0L FaMESHed Group Gift

    Photo 3:
    Dress: M.NA: Elena Dress (Birthday Dress) $0L FaMESHed Group Gift

    Photo 4:
    Dress: Seniha. Maddy Dress // Yellow $0L FaMESHed Group Gift

    Photo 5:
    Dress: Ghoul - Iroe Play Dress - First Love GifT $0L FaMESHed Group Gift

    Head: GENUS Project - Genus Head - Classic Face W001 - Mocap 
    Hair: TRUTH Blush - Blonde 
    Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - MALOE cotton candy (BOM)
    Ring: (BENTO)~~Ysoral~~ .:Luxe Ring Lyanna 4:. (Marketplace)
    Body/Hands/Feet: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
    All Poses: Verocity  (Various Sets)
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    Happy Anniversary FaMESHed

     Hiya everyone! Tonight we are visiting the 9th anniversary round of the FaMESHed event, where we can join their free group and claim lots of terrific gifts to help celebrate. The designers work hard to bring us carefully crafted mesh clothing, accessories, home and garden items, and more, and I am delighted to share their generosity as well. The gifts can be found in front of the displays in white giftboxes wrapped in their signature teal colored ribbon/bow, very pretty and dispense a gift with a click. There are two neighboring cam sims in case the main one is full (links here and here) so you can use your camera controls to zoom over and click all the boxes and do your shopping. There are so many wonderful gifts to share, let's get started!

    First up, we have the sporty Neve - Free Gift - Peppermint outfit. The top and shorts each come in sizes for Legacy and Maitreya, with Legacy Perky and Maitreya Petite tops. There is also a HUD for the top that offers 4 colors for the shirt, 4 contrasting hues for the undershirt, and the ability to show/hide each layer. For the shorts there is also a HUD so you can choose from 4 colors each for shorts, trim, and drawstring, with buttons to hide the waistband or tie. Neve always provides such versatility with their HUDs and I love it!

    I kept the Neve shorts on here, but changed into the gift from ERSCH called BamBam Top -bluemarble-. There are solid and sheer versions each in Freya, Legacy, Legacy Perky, and Maitreya sizing. I am wearing the solid on the left and the sheer on the right, but there does not seem to be a huge difference maybe because of my lighting? I am a big fan of halter tops and this one gets extra points for the unique style. 

    Next we see the Florence No. 1 gift from #AplBlossom, with two versions for you to choose from. Both the long and short versions of this white bodysuit with built in belt and lace skirt are included in Freya, Legacy, and Maitreya sizing. Both styles have an athletic yet flirty feeling, don't you think?

    Candy Kitten has a free treat for us too, their *CK* Never forget dress FAMESHED. It consists of the dress and lingerie each in sizes for Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, and Maitreya Petite bodies. I have to be honest, I will probably wear the lingerie as a swimsuit and wear the entire ensemble to a beach or pool, then slip out of the dress for my swim and sun time. 

    For my final look of the evening I am enjoying the .Safira. Star Dress Mint gift. It is a sheer corseted mini with built in panties, in sizes for Freya, Isis, Legacy, Legacy Perky, and Maitreya bodies. The HUD lets you choose from color, silver, or gold stars (matching color on the left above, gold right) and 20 color choices for the panties. I also decided to accessorize with another gift, the .BF. Shanice Choker Gold from Beauty Factory. It includes one HUD with resize function and another HUD with 10 color options for the ribbon laced through the golden links, and I shared a closer view as the inset. 

    I hope you are all having a peaceful day/evening, many magical magpie hugs to everyone!!

    All Group Gifts from FaMESHed:

    Photo 1:
    Outfit: Neve - Free Gift - Peppermint $0L FaMESHed Group Gift

    Photo 2:
    Top: ERSCH - BamBam Top -bluemarble- $0L FaMESHed Group Gift

    Photo 3:
    Dress: #AplBlossom.Florence No. 1 $0L FaMESHed Group Gift

    Photo 4:
    Dress: Candy Kitten *CK* Never forget dress FAMESHED $0L FaMESHed Group Gift

    Photo 5:
    Dress: .Safira. Star Dress Mint $0L FaMESHed Group Gift
    Choker: Beauty Factory .BF. Shanice Choker Gold $0L FaMESHed Group Gift

    Head: GENUS Project - Genus Head - Classic Face W001 - Mocap 
    Hair: TRUTH Blush - Blonde 
    Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - MALOE cotton candy (BOM)
    Ring: (BENTO)~~Ysoral~~ .:Luxe Ring Lyanna 4:. (Marketplace)
    Body/Hands/Feet: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
    All Poses: Verocity  (Various Sets)
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    2021 0502 Tableau [email protected] | [email protected] | The [email protected] | :::ChicChica:::@Anthem | [email protected] | The Epiphany – Storybook ++ Acrid.

    --- Tableau Vivant@Kinky

    Tableau Vivant \\ leLutka EvoX Hairbase 08 - 003

    Tableau Vivant - Blush Add-on

    --- [Aleutia]@Fameshed

    [Aleutia] Chiara Jumper (LG) FATPACK

    --- [The Forge]@Fameshed

    [The Forge] Elise Heels, Legacy

    --- :::ChicChica:::@Anthem (May 3 -)

    :::ChicChica::: Rose candles


    DISORDERLY. / Delicate Tables

    --- The Epiphany(Mirror)

    Storybook - Blown Eyes - 9

    Acrid. gacha Marble office - black classic table

    Acridgacha Marble office - table lamp marble balance

    Acridgacha Marble office - marble lamp

    Acridgacha Marble office - marble time

    Acridgacha Marble office - marble frame

    Acridgacha Marble office - graphic tablet A001

    Acridgacha Marble office - flowers in marble and gold

    Acridgacha Marble office - marble balance shelf

    Acridgacha Marble office - Acrid. trash can

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    Glitter Karelis Fitmesh Dress Gold

    ✤ KARELIS Lingerie Fitmesh Outfit: Top + Skirt with Lace for BELLEZA (Venus, Isis, Freya), MAITREYA, SLINK (Physique, Hourglass), ALTAMURA (Sofía), TONIC (Curvy), LEGACY, eBODY (Curvy), SIGNATURE (Alice) and STAR.

    ☆ Available in 12 colors separately and also Fat Pack including 2 bonus colors as gift in the texture hud.

    SAVE 50% with FAT PACK + 2 BONUS COLOR

    • Mainstore: http/maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Misty%20Mountain%20S/27/190/994

    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Glitter-by-Shine-Messmer/180075682117206?ref=hl

    • Blog: https://glitterdesign.wordpress.com/

    • Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

    Find it at Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Glitter-Karelis-Fitmesh-Dress-FAT-PACK/21708800

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    Glitter Martina Fitmesh Lace Dress Turquoise


    ☆ Available in 10 colors separately and also Fat Pack with all colors and 1 bonus color through texture hud.

    SAVE 50% with FAT PACK + 1 BONUS COLOR

    • Mainstore: http/maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Misty%20Mountain%20S/27/190/994

    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Glitter-by-Shine-Messmer/180075682117206?ref=hl

    • Blog: https://glitterdesign.wordpress.com/

    • Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

    Find it at Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Glitter-Martina-Fitmesh-Lace-Dress-FAT-PACK/21127610

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    No one knows what goes on behind closed doors

    My baby makes me proud
    Lord, don't she make me proud
    She never makes a scene
    By hangin' all over me in a crowd

    'Cause people like to talk
    Lord, don't they love to talk
    But when they turn out the lights
    I know she'll be leavin' with me

    And when we get behind closed doors
    Then she lets her hair hang down
    And she makes me glad that I'm a man
    Oh, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors

                  ~~Behind Closed Doors, Charlie Rich


    Vanity Hair - Finesse w/ Hair Pins
    @ Fameshed Anniversary until May 27th
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    More Store Info:

    Rovan Store - MONY Set
    w/ Bikini (BOM)
    Maitreya, Legacy, Isis, Hourglass, Freya and Color Options
    @ Vanity until May 25th
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    More Store Info:
    InWorld Marketplace Facebook Flickr Flickr Group

    Nuve Nadia Skin - BOM - Wearing Sunkissed/Medium Pack
    Lelutka Evolution X
    More Info HERE
    Nuve Bubblegum Lipgloss - Hunt Gift! Info HERE (Tinted pinker)
    ♥ ♥ ♥

    .LeLutka. - Briannon 3.0 Bento Head (EvoX) w/Hairbase
     Avi-Glam - Starlight Eyes @ The Epiphany until May 12th
    RAWR! - Alice EvoX Earrings, Alice Rings
    Maitreya - Lara Bento Body

     Secret Poses - Renata, Pose 2
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    More Store Info:
    InWorld Marketplace Facebook Flickr

    The Bearded Guy - Dreamer - This is Sick Backdrop

     Simply Shelby - La Hoya Planter Set - tall w/flowers

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    #458 Meet me in the lobby

    LeLUTKA Avalon Head 3.0 (by Jaden Nova)
    [Glam Affair] Rain Skin - Lelutka EvoX - Honey (by aida Ewing) [New @ Uber]
    WarPaint* Virginia brows - Lelutka Evo/EvoX - naturals (by Mafalda Hienrichs) [New @ Anthem]
    TOP1SALON - HD NATURAL LIPSTICK - Lelutka Evolution - SUNNY (by FrauMuller Resident)
    TOP1SALON - HD MUSTHAVE EYELINER Lelutka X (by FrauMuller Resident)
    Stealthic - Harmony - Complete Package (by Stealthic Resident) [NewAnthem]
    Kirin - Mikazuki Torso Tattoo (by Carolina Sautereau)
    Glam Affair - Body skin Chubby - Maitreya - Honey (by aida Ewing)
    Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.3 (by Onyx LeShelle)

    Aurealis. Demeter Leather Set. FATPACK (by mysticSIM Resident) [NewAnthem]
    VARSITY/ COLD COAT - F/W4 (by KallenoBlush Alex)
    [DDL] Addie - Fatpack (by Melina Anatine) [New]
    [BREATHE]-Komichi Heels-FATPACK (by daisa Admiral) [New @ Fameshed]
    [ kunst ] - Elena Set (by Kunst Himmel) [New @ Anthem]
    Frayed - Boujee Clips (by FrayedStore Resident) [New @ Anthem]
    *PKC* Queen Bee Bento Rings (by selena Chastity)

    -David Heather-Empiro Living Room Set (by Gianni Broda) [New @ Fameshed]*
        *-David Heather-Empiro Mirror
        *-David Heather-Empiro Lamp
        *-David Heather-Empiro Champagne
        *-David Heather-Empiro Side Table
        *-David Heather-Empiro Plant
        *-David Heather-Empiro Chandelier
        *-David Heather-Empiro Clock
        *-David Heather-Empiro Phone
        *-David Heather-Empiro Book Decor
        *-David Heather-Empiro Vase
        *-David Heather-Empiro Sideboard
        *-David Heather-Empiro Floor Lamp
        *-David Heather-Empiro Frames 1 and 2
    FOXCITY. Photo Booth - Lobby (by Nya Littlepaws)

    FOXCITY. Bebe-2 - Alternate (by Nya Littlepaws)

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    Special Moment

    One of many special moments with you.. I love you more and more every single day especially when you give me surprises

    Scandalize Originals – SOIREE – Available @ Collab 88 – June 1st

    Pose – Chloe Poses –A Special Day – @ the main store inworld and Marketplace Store 1 Store 2 || Marketplace

    Hair – Truth – Vivid

    Skin : Pumec – Alice – May – BOM
    Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara 5.3
    Head: Catwa – Catya

    Lelutka – Skyler Evolution Head 2.5
    Body – Signature – Gianni
    Shape: – Tivoli -Ace – Boosted – Customized Heavily – Marketplace – MainStore
    Ysoral – Paul Wedding Band

    The Basics can be found in The Photography Section of my blog! Adding it to every single post would be repetitive!*
    May hair is usually the only thing that changes from time to time

    *Better Quality on Flickr!

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    On the Mend

    On the Mend

    Heya FabFree!  I’m feeling a bit under the weather the last few days, so I’ve been a bit quiet.  Though I’m coming around the bend of my ickiness, some cute group gifts will surely make me feel even better!

    Dress it Up

    There’s a new group gift over at Rosary!  This cute summery dress has been updated recently with some new sizes, so it may just be what you need for your summer wardrobe.  The Rosary group is currently 350L to Join, but you’ll get a new group gift really often and it’s always something fun!


    • Freya
    • Hourglass
    • Kupra
    • Maitreya
    • Legacy

    Pink Time!

    There’s also a new group gift over at Pink Cream Pie – these cool heels that snake pleasingly up your leg.  They come with an HUD to change to several different pretty colours, so you’re sure to find a hue you like.  The Pink Cream Pie group is 314L to join, which is totally worth it because you’ll get a new group gift every single month, and there are a few of them out in the store right now (you’ll find them upstairs in the VIP lounge!)


    • Freya
    • Hourglass
    • Legacy
    • Maitreya

    Have a great weekend, FabFree!


    Aline is Wearing…


    Dress – Rosary Gabrielle (Free Group Gift/Group is 350L to Join)
    Shoes – Pink Cream Pie Lynn Holo Heels (Free Group Gift/Group is 314L to Join)

    Flowers – LODE Johanna


    Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
    Mesh Head – Lelutka Cate
    Head Applier –  Glam Affair Cate
    Eyebrows– Jumo Britani
    Eyes– Euphoric Dolly Babe Eyes
    Tattoo – [email protected] Filigree Sternum Tattoo
    Eyeshadow Applier – Lelutka Cate
    Lipstick Applier – Poema Kimi (Previously Blogged HERE)
    Nails – Alaskametro Gala II
    Hair – Magika Grace
    Pose – Belle Poses Luma
    Sim – Luane’s World

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    Body:LeLUTKA.EvoX.Freckles.011LeLUTKA.EvoX.Blush.011Lara Hurley - Hazel face [EvoX LeLutka] MIDTONE brows brown/ EYES / lel EvoX 3.0/ HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.0Avada~ Ballerina Nude Ombre Tips NailsMaitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.3WEaring:DOUX - Tisianna Hairstyle [M]Hangry - Noodles box and chopsticksSCANDALIZE. Taysha JEANS. @VanitySCANDALIZE.TAYSHA HEELS. @VanityScandalize.TAYSHA TOP. @Vanity~LF~
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    Springtime Swoon

    coming soon to fab free

    Hey gang!

    Now, I don’t know about y’all, but I absolutely *love* all the pastel colors that show up in the Spring!  They just make me swoon!  It’s the Springtime Swoon!  That’s like being twitterpated but you do it over the colors, the clothes, the hair, the makeup, the flowers, the decor, the freaking everything!!!!  I mean, I got an amazon gift card yesterday and I went all crazy about some pastel colored pens for my Bujo!  Just so refreshing and bright and cheery!  Can you tell I am not much of a winter time gal?  😉

    But!  I do digress!  (Picture it, Sicily, 1920….)  I have some amazing goodies for you today!  This adorable outfit I am wearing comes to you from our Fab Free Designer Phoebe ~Piercings & more~.  It is a MIIX Weekend Sale item, the top and bottom are 55L each and they come with a HUD that has pinstripes (so sassy and classy!) in every color your heart desires 20 choices!)!  That’s this weekend, as in *right now* so run and do grab!  They fit:

    • Freya
    • Hourglass
    • Isis
    • Legacy
    • Maitreya
    • Ocacin
    • Physique
    • Standar (Classic Avatar M size)
    • Tonic Curvy & Fine
    • Venus
    • Voluptuous

    The shoes I found on marketplace for a mere 50L and they are gorgeous!  They are from ROC, and they come with a HUD that has 25 color choices so these match *everything*!  They fit:

    • Belleza
    • Maitreya
    • Slink
    • TMP

    Now for those of you who are Mom’s, any kind of Mom (humans or furbabies!!) I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day!  Those of you who are missing your Mom’s (like me) for whatever reason, I send you big hugs!!!

    ❤ Arielle

    Arielle is stylin’ in…


    Top & Pants – Phoebe ~Piercings & more~ Dana Mesh Pants Stripes 20 colors & Dana Mesh Top Stripes 20 colors (MIIX Weekend sale, 55L each)
    Shoes – ROC Rita Heels  (50L on Marketplace)


    Mesh Body – Maitreya  Lara
    Mesh Head –Lelutka Nova
    Head Applier –  Velour Amanda Pale
    Eyes– LAQ  Bento Eyes Green
    Hair – Exile Thinking About You


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    Diana and*amara beauty*

    *amara beauty* Amalia BOM Skin for Lelutka EvoX, Shape incl.(i have edited) – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hell%20Fire/174/208/22

    *Lelutka* Bento Head EvoX Avalon – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LeLutka/121/137/24

    *IDTTY FACES* Honey Bee Eyeshadow – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Auro/161/141/23

    *Ikon* Babylon Eyes Starfall, incl.System+BOM+Mesh Eyes and Appliers for Catwa, Lelutka, Genus and Omega – https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/IKON/143/128/501

    *Maitreya* Mesh Body Lara – https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maitreya%20Isle/207/165/26

    *Truth* Unravel Hair – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Truth/158/27/34

    *AvaWay* KEEP TIME Necklaces and KEEP TIME Bracelets & Rings Set – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/AvaWay/96/117/22

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    Maybe there's a part of me that wants to be alone
    Maybe there's a part of me that's looking for a home
    Searching for a place to be, don't wanna leave a trace
    I'm tryin' to start my life again so please forget my face

    I don't wanna stand out
    I don't wanna stand out
    Live my life in a wallflower garden
    With my friends and the fickle hearted

    I don't wanna stand out
    I don't wanna stand out
    No one told me when I started
    Now I'm wishing I could hide it
    I don't wanna stand out

    I could sit and stay outside and watch the thunder clouds
    Counting on those raindrops, give me roots into the ground
    Never thought I'd be the one to say there's something wrong
    Can I call and tell you that I don't wanna be alone?

                                ~~Wallflower, mxmtoon


    Nuve Nadia Skin - BOM - Wearing Sunkissed/Medium Pack
    Lelutka Evolution X
    More Info HERE
    ♥ ♥ ♥

    Mutresse - Bella Top & Shorts
    Maitreya, Legacy, Belleza Isis & Freya, Slink Physique & Hourglass
    30 Mix&Match Textures
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    More Store Info:

    Wasabi // Midnight Mesh Hair w/ Hat - Group Gift
    Sintiklia - Bangs style 1
    .LeLutka. - Briannon 3.0 Bento Head (EvoX)
     Avi-Glam - Starlight Eyes @ The Epiphany until May 12th
    RAWR! - Alice Rings
    Maitreya - Lara Bento Body

    Secret Poses Evanna, Pose 1
    @ Shiny Shabby until May 15th
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    More Store Info:
    InWorld Marketplace Facebook Flickr

      Serenity Style - Spanish Patio Corner
    ♥ ♥ ♥

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    A toast

    So, what are we going to do today?
    Why, the same as we usually do (and yes, I’m using it again) try to take over the world!

    Hi Saturday peeps! if you’re here on a Saturday then you’re a Saturday peep for today’s purposes. I apologise if you really hate that I do apologise, bear with me. I’m doing a thing here…

    Okay, I’m not. I’m just riding a sugar high to be fair. I’m happy, I just polished off half a pack of liquorice and my tooth hurts. I also just ingested a cup of coffee so techinically I’m riding both things. Happiness just hypes it all up a bit more. Let’s chat about today’s image. I’ve been wanting to take a picture of this suit since it came out but I had a few things to get done first. How cute does it look though? I’m not even usually a fan of pants or pant suits but there are the occassional things that I look at and think. I would totally wear that. Today is one of those.

    It’s from a gacha by Cheezu that released at The Epiphany. There are skirts and tops available as commons for for some reason I really liked the trouser suit. I want one. Can I have one, in real life? I want it in this colour. I think the colour would flatter me too.

    Collabor88 is also open for a new round and I love the touch that the held wine glass added to the overall coolness of this entire outfit. I also love this new hair by Monso, it’s so cute. I love love the long braid but I also love that it has framing curls which soften the pulled back look. This is how I would do a pull back.


    Hair: [Monso] Hunkaa – Red & black {@Collabor88}
    Eyepatch: [Cheezu] Heart Eyepatch {@Ota-con}
    Outfit: [Cheezu] Feel Something Rare (maitreya, legacy) {@The Epiphany}
    Wine glass: [ChicChica] Wine Glass* {@Collabor88}
    Neon feathers: [Disorderly] Windy Glow {@Collabor88}

    *All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.
    **Mesh body used is the Maitreya with Petite chest and Mesh head used is Lelutka EvoX Briannon.
    ***Items marked in above featured list with an ‘*’ are items being blogged for the event and were purchased.

    Supporting Cast

    Backdrop: [Minimal] Achelois Ruins Backdrop

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    ✿.。.: * Look 2130*:.。.✿

    Hair: Exile:: Simone 150 Colors and Style Hud Incluide
    Head: LeLUTKA Fleur Head 2.5
    Skin: Glam Affair - Lelutka Applier - Blake 004
    Lip Gloss: TREND - Traviesa Lip Gloss - Fatpack 
    ❤ Outfit: Seniha. Kim Set // BigFatpack
    Controler Hud : 30 Basic Colors + 10 Extra Patterns + 30 Colors for joggers
    Sizes for Suit : Maitreya,Petite,Legacy,Perky, L Petite
    Single Items available
    Water: :::ChicChica::: Mineral water
    Deco: 10.{Why Not?} Lochrin Wall Ivy Gacha
    12.{Why Not?} Lochrin Wall Shelf 1 Gacha
    17.{Why Not?} Lochrin Wall Plates Gacha
    20.{Why Not?} Flower vase Gacha
    7.{Why Not?} Lochrin Table Clutter Gacha
    21.{Why Not?} Drawer Cupboard Gacha
    11.{Why Not?} Lochrin Floor Plant Gacha
    8.{Why Not?} Lochrin Magazines and books Gacha
    15.{Why Not ?} Lochrin Chair Gacha
    18.{Why Not?} Lochrin Table Lamp Gacha
    16.{ Why Not ?}Lochrin Lamp Table Gacha
    {Why Not?} To The Gacha Garden
    Thanks for support ❤
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    I know we didn’t choose to change……….


    HAIR: DOUX – Yves Hairstyle at mainstore

    CHOKER: [-] N A N A O – My Leather Choker MEN ONLY from APRIL 20th till MAY 15th 2021

    LEASH: [AYO] XXVI at MEN ONLY from APRIL 20th till MAY 15th 2021

    GLASSES: [AYO] XXVI at Mainstore



    SNEAKERS: ASCEND – AIR SNEAKERS at MAN CAVE from APRIL 17th to MAY 11th 2021

    DOG:[ REZZ ROOM ] – Basset Hound Animesh (Companion) at KUSTOM 9 from 15th APRIL 2021 to 10th MAY 2021.

    CAR: 777 MOTORS – [777] Hurricane, at MANLY ARENA EVENT from MAY 3rd to 26th May 2021
    *Demo is available at the mainstore.

    BACKDROP: PALETO Backdrop:. Stari Depozit at mainstore

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    I do not know why……..


    HAIR: SINTIKLIA – John , at mainstore.

    Nails: CHEERNO NEXUS – Mesh Nails , at mainstore

    BOM SKIN: ~Little Foxy B.~ – Haro Skin at mainstore (only for mix event (till 9th May) price is 77L

    MESH HEAD: LeLUTKA – Connor 2.5 (Boundless – please do read the notecard in the pack) , Evolution Line Male Head , at mainstore.

    NECKLACE: [DOPE+MERCY] – CONTROL NECKLACE at ANTHEM from May 3rd till May 30th 2021


    TOP: ODIREN – ALEXANDER SHIRT at THE MENS DEPARTMENT (TMD) from 5th MAY till 30th April 2021

    TATTOO: BOLSON DELON at Anthem Event MAY 3rd to 30th, 2021.