• Enjoying your weekend?

    I hope you are; I am.  I took off an extra day for a 4-day weekend.  Time to relax, enjoy, and simply just not think (much) about work.  Here's a super cute dress by 1 Hundred called Secret Garden.  Teeny tiny little panties accompany it.  My pose is by B(u)y Me Poses found at the Cosmopolitan Event.  Don't forget to check out Nuve's new body skin Rhea showcasing at the Reborn Event - body details are worth it!

    Happy shopping!


    1 Hundred. - Secret Garden Set
    Maitreya/Petite, Legacy/Perky, Pushup, Kupra,
    Reborn/Juicy Boobs, GenX Classic&Curvy
    Color Options
    @ Mainstore
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    More Store Info:

     B(u)y Me Poses - Rachel Set, Pose 4m
    @ Cosmopolitan
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    More Store Info:
    Nuve - April Eyeliner
    Nuve - April Skin
    Nuve - Ellen Lip Tin EvoX 12
    Nuve - Chin Dimple
    Nuve - Juicy Boobs Cleavage

    Nuve - Rhea Skin
    Specifically for Reborn, other fits to come
    Reborn Event until June 7th

    TRUTH - Twist Hair for The Saturday Sale
    .LeLutka. - SIWA 3.1 Bento Head EvoX
    Avi-Glam - Notoriety Eyes
    Vibing - Nyx Earrings 
    RAWR! - Sanguine Necklace/Bracelets
    REBORN by eBODY w/Juicy Boobs

    Pitaya - Riad Bathroom Green

  • Finally it is getting summer

    ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

    Bikini – Denver’s Fahsion & Studio – Spring Set Mega pack @Sense Event *My Sponsor*
    for Legacy (Perky), Maitreya, ebody Reborn, Kupra

    Bikini – District 28 – Siren Song @Sense Event *My Sponsor*
    BOM Layer in fresh and faded version

    Thank you to my sponsor! ❤

    others used:
    Shape / Körperform – selfmade
    Hair / Haare – Truth – Prissi
    Head / Kopf – Lelutka – Avalon EvoX 3.1
    Skin – Head / Haut Kopf – Avarosa – Raven – Chantilly
    Skin Body / Skin Körper – Velour – Ipanema
    Meshbody – Maitreya – Lara
    Pose – Foxcity – Bebe5

    Have fun shopping 🙂

    Follow me on Flickr to see more photos taken by me.
    Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog,
    it is much appreciated. ❤

  • … accessories …

    ...accessories ...
    I have found the cutest little shop called Versois et Mailloux. Totally by chance during the 99L sale tour. The clothes are darling, but the shoes and bags are what I love most. Original mesh jewelry, shoes, handbags, and accessories and high fashion clothing. I do not know the owner personally; her name is Isabella Bellisserian. I don't really shop for clothes since I blog so often, but I'm curious to see what is new at Versois et Mailloux each week. This place definitely deserves look-see!
    [Onyx] Savage Tattoo #District69
    [Onyx] Savage Tattoo- Full 3 (Fresh)
    :: DeepStatic :: Cred Goggles #UBER
    :: DS :: Cred Goggles (fit 2)
    FashionNatic - Maddy Set - Megapack #UBER
    FashionNatic - REBORN - Maddy Overall Fatpack Colors
    VeM Bad & Boujee Heels BLANC #99Sale
    VeM Bad & Boujee Heels Reborn BLANC
    VeM Signature Bag BLANC #SOSsale
    VeM Signature Bag Bougee R BLANC
    KUNGLERS - Jaiska rings set
    - EARS VELOUR - lel EvoX  - SNOW
    TRUTH Twist - Blonde #theSaturdaySale
    TRUTH / Twist / Size 2
    [Rezz Room] Box Schnauzer Adult Animesh FATPACK #UBER
    [Rezz Room] Schnauzer Small Animesh (Companion)
    Nutmeg. Gentle Melody Complete Set / add me
    Nutmeg. Gentle Melody Record Player
    Nutmeg. Nutmeg. Gentle Melody Wicker Pouf / Cuddles
    Gentle Melody Bench PG / painted
    Nutmeg. Gentle Melody Headphones

    Happy Weekend,

    Today’s post is about sale that going on SecondLife, hope everyone is having a great fun shopping ^_^ <3, well without saying many words, I share some items that is on sale featuring Blueberry, Mazzaro, GUTCHI and K&S Pose

    Credits on Me :

    Hair : Truth – Blush ( Group Gift )

    Top : Blueberry Group Gift

    Short & Tied Sweater : Blueberry Venice Vibes for The Saturday Sale

    Shoes : GUTCHI OS Rockstar Cream – for HW 60 Sale

    Pose : K&S Pose – Reconnect for HW 60L Sale

    Credits on Him :

    Hair : Lock & Tuft – Sawyer Hair

    Body : Belleza Jake

    Top : Mazzaro Luca Shirt – Group Gift

    Pants : Mazzaro Cyro Pants for HW 60L Sale

    Shoes : GUTCHI OS Rockstar for HW 60L Sale

  • Post-Wedding Snacks!

    Post-Wedding Snacks

    On the way home from the wedding, I spotted a snack shop at the offramp. They had so many goodies! And since Maddie was so well-behaved at the wedding, we got ice cream and a balloon hammer the store clerk practically shoved into her hands. Great post-wedding snacks and the look of sheer joy on her face were well worth the stop on the way home.

    ❤ Kilo


    Clothing & Accessories

    • Dress: Kaithleen’s Brooklyn Dress – Fatpack (ebodyreborn)
    • Earrings: ~~ Ysoral ~~ .:Luxe Earrings Laila:.(LeL)
    • Rings: (Yummy) Oceana Ring Collection (reborn)

    Body & Makeup

    • Body: eBODY – REBORN
    • ☘ Hair & Hairbase: [LERONSO] HAIRBASE v19 for Lelutka EVO X @ Unik Event
    • All other body basics not listed can be found here.

    Background & Other Information

    • ☘ Self-Checkout, Snacks, Hammer: Junk Food
      • Junk Food – Self Checkout
      • Junk Food – Ice Cream Bouquet (Silver)
      • Junk Food – The Hammer Slammer (Purple)
      • Junk Food – Cereal Killers (Lucky Harms)
      • Junk Food – Cereal Killers II (Beetlefruits)
      • Junk Food – Cereal Killers II (Sanderson Cereal)
      • Junk Food – Cereal Killers (Freddy Pebbles)
      • Junk Food – Pantry Basket (Fatpack)
      • Junk Food – Heart Puffs Cereal
    • Store Shelves: {{Something Savvy}} The Complete Store Shelving System
    • Grocery Clerk: 3D People – FULL PERM Working People – Grocery Woman 1 (4 LI)
    • Back Store Shelf: Freedom Creations – Cleaning products display
    • Store Cases: Freedom Creations – Mesh commercial fridge fatpack
    • Additional Lighting by Lumipro

    Sponsored items have a ☘ before the item. Promotional items have a 🌈 before the item.

  • I’ve lost the plot…(Freebie(sss)).

    Good Grief I’ve had to give up. This is a follow up from yesterdays two posts as this shopping sim just keeps on giving. I ended up with 4 free generous gift cards and a massive folder of gifts from all of these shops but this is what broke me.

    This is the “Avatar Fair” building and yes even more gifts and pretty decent ones as well.

    Last night I chose just one of the many outfit to show you, took a pretty picture and now I am clueless as to where it came from. Obviously I know to click “edit” on the item for the info but trust me that’s no help in this case.

    So I’m not using the picture of the outfit and I’m going to show you the building you’re looking for as I suspect the LM will not take you directly to it.

    Check out my last two posts, then set some time aside to spend checking out this whole shopping sim as there is a lot of very generous gifts/lucky boards and as I’ve mentioned I ended up with 4 giftable Store Cards.

    Avatar Fair.

  • !SALE ALERT! Rowne

    Another weekend is here, tons of sales around the grid – time for another SALE ALERT! This week I would like to put the spotlight on Rowne’s Happy Weekend Sale products. This week Rowne put up a few pieces of apparel for 60L for the weekly sale event. They have a lot of color options for each piece, so you can choose your favorite or of course you can just buy the fatpacks. I bought the black one of each variation and tried to do some mixing and matching. Check it out :

    Blog Post - 28-Jun-23
    Blog Post - 28-Jun-23
    Blog Post - 28-Jun-23

    Gah, I seriously love how elegant these pieces look no matter how I put them together! Anyways, I do have a thing for black, so I bought them all in black. What color would you choose? Hurry up, the sale is only until today!


    Rowne – Vika Puff Top | Brauw Crop Top | Estelle High Skirt | Nicolas Leather Leggings

  • Backyards


    Sway’s [Peony] Garden soil . lean on
    {vespertine} – gardening clutter. – soil & water
    {vespertine} – gardening clutter. – wooden caddy.
    {vespertine} – gardening clutter. – toolbag.
    Nutmeg. Garden Pot Rack
    Pitaya – Paper flower garden – Wood @ FaMESHed  ❤
    Sari-Sari– Potting Bench & Tray @ Anthem ❤
    Lagom – Sarah Privacy Fence [ Wood ] @ Equal10 ❤

  • POST 3308

    Change your thoughts and you change your world
    Cambia tus pensamientos y cambiará tu mundo 


    ♥ GIRL IN JUMPSUIT: FashionNatic - Maddy Set - Megapack

    Compatible with Maitreya Lara -Lara Petite - Legacy - Nerido - Reborn - Reborn & Rolls. 

    You can find in single colors and Fatpacks. A Megapack is available with a Big discount!! 





    eXxEsS : Top No.8 (strip me)

    eXxEsS : Hotpants No.2



  • Spring Clean My Inventory

    Spring Clean My Inventory

    Hello to new beginnings! I rented a sweet seaside cottage in New Haven, so I guess you could say Gogo is a resident of New Haven, Maine now. I’ve always wanted to move to Maine, to be closer to one of my favorite authors. Can you guess who that is?

    New Haven is a roleplay estate with commercial and residential rentals for all budgets. You can even just rent a boat slip, horse stall, or hotel room for as little as L$100/week. This is a roleplaying community if you want to roleplay, but if you just want a nice place to take photos, you can do that too.

    From what I’ve seen, New Haven is always full, so if you’d like to rent a home, just sign up for the waitlist! That’s how I got my current place. I signed up months ago, and it just recently became available.

    And while we’re talking about new beginnings, I have decided to seriously get my inventory under control. I have friends carrying 200k-400k inventories, and that’s a reasonable amount for bloggers and older residents (for years I’ve kept my inventory below 100k). Before I started cleaning this week, my inventory was at about 82k. Even though that sounds like a reasonable number, I still found myself wasting a lot of time scrolling and trying on things to find what I want. I am not that sentimental, but I did keep things that are older than 5 years and from brands that are long gone. I decided to get serious after I saw a tweet from Alexa Linden.

    How I deleted 50% of my inventory in 2 days:

    1. Filter for things Older than 1825 days (5 years), and delete 90% of it.
      There are the occasional items that will be sentimental or necessary, you can keep those, but delete the rest.
    2. Delete items for bodies you do not wear (especially for clothing/hair/shoes).
    3. Delete items you no longer love, delete entire brands.
      Let’s be real, you’re never going to wear or use those things again. You’re just scrolling past them, so it’s time to delete them.
    4. Delete notecards, landmarks, unpacked scripts, textures, sounds, etc.
      This is easy! Do this! I do this all the time.
    5. Filter for “Trans” aka no copy items, and make a folder called Gacha.
      You didn’t open them, you’re not using them, and you have no idea what they are. Creating the Gacha folder was the saddest thing I realized about my inventory. I haven’t opened over 500+ gacha items. I started giving some away to friends who will appreciate them more.
    6. Get your Objects folder under control!
      Open things as soon as you get them and organize them or delete them. I was so bad about this, that I had nearly 2,500 items in there but now it’s organized.

    Did you know that you can select a bunch of your inventory (in the same folder), then right click and select “Create Folder From Selected”? This saved me a bunch of time when I sort my inventory by Name, then created folders for brands.

    Spring Clean My Inventory
    Spring Clean My Inventory

    Now that my inventory is a manageable 46k, I will go into each folder and organize them even more. I organize my inventory by brand, and I also use the default folders cos they’re protected. Have you ever tried to delete the Basic Root, Body Parts, or Clothing folder? You can’t delete them! That’s why I decided to use them years ago, to protect the things I don’t want to accidentally delete.

    Going through this whole process made me realize that I have a lot of unworn things in my inventory. I could probably shop from my own inventory for a whole year and still be able to wear a new outfit for each blog post. I also want to be better at opening the things I do acquire through shopping, gifts, gacha, and freebies and blog about them in a timely manner. It’s a shame that I didn’t open so many nice things simply cos they got lost in my Objects folder.

    Spring Clean My Inventory

    Most of my outfit today are gacha items that I forgot I had, except for the new Truth hair and Donut from Hangry. I can’t believe the Mikunch dress was released 6 years ago, and I’m only opening it today.

    Have I inspired you to clean your inventory? Let me know in the comments!

    What I’m Wearing:
    LeLutka – Ubon Mesh Head
    Glam Affair – Diana (Beige C)
    Truth – Twist
    Hangry – Cereal Donuts (Marshmellow Charms)
    Uzu – Last Summer Gacha (hat 2)
    Mikunch – Bare Top OP RARE
    Mikunch – chouchou 9
    Mikunch – Girls Parade /Little bear bag white
    Friday – Nellie Sandals (Blush)

  • POST 3307

     The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.
    La mejor manera de pagar por un momento genial es disfrutar de él.


    ♥ DRESS: ::TD:: Danna Outfit {Mesh}



    ♥ BUNNY IN HAND: YOKAI - Cute Galaxy



    ♥ HAIR: {Limerence} Becca hair-Fatpack



  • Blog # 297 Featuring and Sponsored by Tip Toes

    Blog # 297 Featuring and Sponsored by Tip Toes 

    Artisan Cookies in 3 flavors. - From Tip Toes

    - Decor bag is clickable to get an adult or kid sized cookie
    - Includes kid/adult sized accessory versions in 3 options: normal hold, bumper version (drops 5 cookies when your avatar is bumped, rezzing required), and drops, which randomly drops a single cookie (rezzing required).- Also includes single cookie with hold version and eating animation version

    Clumsy Baby Face Mess from Tip Toes
    - Lullabeebs Infant Avatar heads (tested on all three, works best on Aquarius/Virgo)
    - Evox mapped heads (tested on Lelutka EvoX Avalon and Toddleedoo Head+ Lemon)
    - SLUV (the system head map; tested on Toddleedoo Head Opal)
    Each 'size' sold has 16 messes, including chip crumbs, cookie crumbs, ramen, spaghetti, peanut butter/jelly, nacho cheese, watermelon, and frosting!
    * All options are modify so you can tint them freely; Includes bonus cheesy dust hands - Available at The Roselline Event

    Oversized shirts from Tip Toes - Meipon at the Roselline Event
    - Shirt rigged for Lullabeebs, Toddleedoo 4.0+, Tweeneedoo, and Bebe Toddler/Youth
    - Play the machine for a transfer version of the prizes or buy the fatpack for a copy shirt in all 5 sizes and a fatpack HUD, including mess overlays
    - Click the size button first, then pay the machine for a prize

    Pose i am using is from Lovey - new location here

  • POST 3306

     Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity
    Busca siempre la semilla del triunfo en cada adversidad


    ♥ SKIN: enLight UNA head skins+shape (EvoX) GROUPGIFT 

     enLight ~ VIP group GIFT! UNA comes in 6 skin tones - free body skins included - Lelutka Raven shape included! 

    ♥ BODY SKIN: ND/MD HDL*Plus* body skins



    ♥ HAIR: TRUTH - FAGA - Pihu - Fatpack



    ♥ DRESS: Tiffany Designs Loretta Dress

    Dress & boots

     Reborn, Legacy, Perky, Maitreya, Petite, Kupra, GenX, Curvy, Hourglass, Freya, Star, eBody, Curvy w/glitter effect hud 




    ♥ PHONE: #187# Emoji Love Phone - 60Ls 

    This one is for Happy Weekend