• Be a G.O.A.T. (66Ld, Weekend Offer).

    Not FREE.

    I don’t actually know what “G.O.A.T” stands for but its just one of the weekend offers we all love and that also means its time limited probably till this weekend so…go now if like me you too get tempted.

    It’s not often I buy a “basic” item of clothing but I know I don’t have a cropped crisp shirt like this and in this pattern so for only 66Lds I just had to have it as a “go-to” top.

    If you have more Lindens or aren’t a Cheap B* like me then there is a Fat Pack of shades and a few patterns and I loved them all so in the end it really was a struggle which shade to buy for 66Lds but I’m very happy with my choice.

    This is a “HER” shop item and it and some other weekend offers and in the front entrance.

    The fits are: Erika, GenX Classic/Curvy, Kupra, Legacy/Perky, Reborn, Maitreya & Waifu Boobs.


    Style Card:

    Skin “YS & YS” Rosalie Tone 02 bomskin.
    Shape My own.
    Freckles Izzie’s & “YS &YS”.

    [HANDS] Legacy (f) (1.6)
    CAZIMI: Mesh Nails – Ballerina Short – Legacy (L & R)
    / HEAD / lel EvoX KAYA 3.1
    [+] Legacy (f) Optional Fit Deformer (Feet) (1.6)
    Sintiklia – Hair Ruby Fitted Breast size 2[MOD]
    ::TD:: Mesh Jeans ~ Legacy
    Back Lace-up Platform Boots (Lara) (Gift)
    [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.6)

  • -Birth- @ Kinky, HW Sales

    @ Kinky (starts 28th)

    ‘Caked Up 1 – Tushy Tango’

    Some of the most realistic booty and thigh moving animations ever made.
    Thighs moving in a way that helps the bum cheeks look like they are moving separately.

    4 Jiggle Booty & Thigh Animations
    3 speeds
    3 amounts for every situation.

    !!! Now compatible with Birth ‘Online’ Web Hud (see accompanying notecards) !!!

    Combine with various poses compatible with Birth ‘Online’ or 3rd party such as activated when you walk
    (works with any walking AO).

       ○●○○●○○     S A L E S    ●○○●○○●
    Happy Weekend 80L$

    ‘Perpetual Motion’ Thigh and Booty Jiggles and Pose

    3 jiggle animations, two of which are long form jiggles to give an almost
    endless randomly bouncing appearance –
    “Jello Thighs”
    “Boom Boom”

    3 booty pointing attention grabbing poses – fingers pointing at booty with both
    hands, left and right.

    Previews –

    Tp on down to Birth!

  • Free Cutie

    Free outfit with 2 styles of mask & Hud

    Found this free three piece set at Instyle, walk to the very back of the store and its with the other free gifts. Three separate items all with a Hud giving more colour options – love this baby blue though! The mask comes in two styles, over the eyes and on your head. Fits: Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya & Legacy. (Group is free to join)




    Ysoral .:Luxe Wedding Ring Juliette:.(Maitreya)(Left)
    SIGMA/ Heart bracelet [Maitreya 5]
    Beloved Jewellery : Spine Piercing-Gemstone (Maitreya)
    SNJ Arysta Earring R Gold Catwa
    SNJ Arysta Earring Gold L Catwa
    [Z O O M] Butterfly Heart Septum – Left Nostril – ADD
    [Cinoe] Wizard’s treasure – Small drop Ring (R)
    -Pretty Liars- Butt lift + Enhancements LEVEL 4
    Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.0.2
    SIGMA/ Hearts chain necklace [Maitreya]
    Lara top
    Lara panty
    TRUTH / Twist / Size 3

  • Dress like QUEENZ

     Hiya everyone! Tonight we're visiting QUEENZ, a wonderful store especially for the curvy avatar fans among us :) Their group is free to join, and there is an entire wall of treats for their members. I have been here before and shared gifts in previous posts, but it had been over a year and that's simply not okay! I need to share their terrific goodies more often, because I don't want any of you missing out on these sexy and elegant looks.

    My first look of the evening is the .Q. Athena -FTPCK- gift, a full length gown that falls all the way down past our toes. There are sizes for Kupra, Lara X, Legacy, Reborn, Juicy Boobs, and Waifu mesh bodies, with a wonderful HUD offering 12 textures. There are a few patterns and lots of solid colors, so have fun trying them all out!

    For a more casual look, pick up that alluring .Q. Premium -FATPACK- gift :) The bra top and leggings are each included in Gen X Curvy, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, and Reborn mesh body sizing. The HUD has 11 choices for each piece, so you can mix and match if you wish. I love the gold embossing on the waistband and bra elastic, adding a touch of pizzazz to the outfit.

    Sometimes we need a long gown with extra details, right? How about the .Q. Mercy -FATPCK- seen here! It will fit eBody C (sorry, it says EBODYC with no idea if classic or curvy), Freya, Hourglass, Kupra, Legacy, and Maitreya mesh bodies. We also receive a handy HUD with 10 beautiful colors, so your bodycon dress can be the color of your dreams with the fun cutouts all down both sides and sleeves.

    .Q. Zealous -FATPACK- is an irresistible skirt set with single long sleeve and hip cutouts beneath the bared midriff. There are sizes for eBody C, Freya, Kupra, Bimbo, Legacy, and Maitreya mesh bodies apiece, with a HUD that lets us select from 11 textures for each. It's like a sweet bonus when they add patterns to our mostly solid color choices, not that I mind all the pretty solids but variety is delightful too :)

    My final look of the evening is a perfect wardrobe addition for this time of year :) The .Q. Tahiti -FTPK- is an intricate one-piece swimsuit that shows off just as much skin as a bikini, while being linked by those slender strands crossing the front of the waist. It comes in Gen X Curvy, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, Peach, Reborn, and Reborn Mounds mesh body sizes, with a 14 texture HUD. Most are solids but I had fun with the patterns for some reason tonight I guess, and this is going to suit curvy gals amazingly, just like all of QUEENZ' fashions.

    I've been overly focused on Paleo Pines, the video game I've mentioned a few times which is a farming type with dinosaurs that you can befriend and build pens for if they want to live on your ranch. One thing I appreciate about them behind the scenes is that they are a primarily female dev team, and incredibly LGBT+ friendly with several color schemes for the dinos being various pride flag colors. Well they added a new dinosaur species to the game today, and it is a big hit :) I'd been watching various youtube and twitch videos with people finding it for the first time, and one streamer was nearly in tears of happiness and excitement. I'm right there with her :) This is not a sponsored post by them, LOL, I just write about things that are catching my eye in RL as well as SL from time to time. Otherwise it was a stormy day and I lost power very briefly in the evening, but all is well and I am keeping my fingers crossed for an outing tomorrow. I hope you're all having a lovely day/evening, many magical magpie hugs to everyone!!

    All Group Gifts from QUEENZ:

    Photo 1:
    Dress: .Q. Athena -FTPCK- $0L Group Gift

    Photo 2:
    Outfit: .Q. Premium -FATPACK- $0L Group Gift

    Photo 3:
    Dress: .Q. Mercy -FATPCK- $0L Group Gift

    Photo 4:
    Outfit: .Q. Zealous -FATPACK- $0L Group Gift

    Photo 5:
    Bikini: .Q. Tahiti -FTPK- $0L Group Gift

    Head: LeLUTKA Fleur Head 3.1
    Hair: TRUTH Collective / Resonate - Essential
    Skin: .::WoW Skins::. .WS. pale AMELIE EVOX SKIN
    Ring: {Carter} Wedding Zoe (Marketplace)
    Body/Hands/Feet: [LEGACY] Meshbody (f) Special Edition (1.6)
    All Poses: Verocity  (Various Sets)
  • Hot Out

    Hat and glove blogging time and this post took me ages!  Mostly this was because I wanted to show off both the hat and gloves at the same time and I had trouble finding a pose that would work with both.

    Finally I grabbed one I had seen on MP and here we are in the middle of a field.

    The hat and gloves are both from MEVA and are sold separately.  They are the Savannah Hat and Savannah Gloves. They will go perfectly with a set I posted a while back called, surprisingly, Savannah that was in last month's round of Uber!  If you have that set then you need to go and get the hat and gloves and if you have none of it, then grab the whole lot!

    As with all MEVA items, both hat and gloves come with a hud that can colour and texture change so you can match them to whatever you are currently wearing.  Makes life so much easier.

    You can mosey on over and find the gloves at the Shotgun Wild West Popup Event and the hat at the MEVA mainstore. Sorted.

    Necklace:  UKIYO : Arya necklace (Had my name all over it, so had to get it!)

    Hair Base:  Augenweide - No excuses, she said - EVOX Hairbase - blonde 01 (Hair Fair Sneak Peek)

    Pose:  Amitie - Santa Fe POSES 

  • T-Minus 3 Days and Counting!

    It’s almost time for Hair Fair 2024! Excitement is in the air as bloggers and designers prepare to share the latest wigs, styles, and accessories. Honey, it’s all things hair, and I am here for it! Plus, it’s for a good cause, too—Wigs For Kids. Now this is shopping I can feel good about!

    Learn more: https://hairfair.wordpress.com/


  • The Market Square

    The Market Square

    Nothing says spring more than a casual stroll through the local market. Carry all your produce and other goodies in the Avril Tote Bag by Haus of Fauxberry. 

    Avril is sold separately (L$80) or as a fatpack. Every version has 2 left/2 right Bento holds and a decor version. Choose from tote trim colors white (shown below), black or brown. Note: this item does not have a texture HUD.  

    Available at Fauxberry as part of the Spring 24′ round of the Farmer’s Market Event. Teleport


    • head – kaya evoX by lelutka
    • body – reborn body by ebody 
    • hair – tara by wunshego
    • skin – gia by amara beauty
    • face – lumos gloss by purple beauty | jolie eyes/green by lueur
    • dress – keyla dress by pixicat
    • shoes – scrunch strap heels by reign
    • tote – avril tote bag by haus of fauxberry
    • earrings – prom queen earring by lagyo
    • mani/pedi – poppin by grippa nails
  • The girl behind the mask

    With magic pouring from her eyes
    There's nothing she can't recognize
    Makes me want to understand
    Makes me feel like melting black
    When you're the last flash
    When time stands still I ask
    Where to fall and I could be calling
    Never been in a dream where she could see

    The girl behind the mask
    She's the one
    Who never has to ask
    She reads through your disguise
    It's too late
    You never realize
    And I never realized

                     ~~The Girl Behind The Mask, Screaming Trees


    ERSCH Petrichor  Floregras Mask
    w/Texture Hud
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    More Store Info:

    Romazin Lasi Top
    Maitreya, Legacy/Perky, Kupra w/Texture Hud
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    More Store Info:

    DOUX - Joya Hairstyle
    Nuve - Maddie Skin - LeL EvoX/ HD /AK ADVX
    Avi-Glam - Seducing Eyes Pack 3
    .LeLutka. - ZO 4.0 Bento Head EvoX
    Legacy - Meshbody Special Ed 1.6

    [piXit] - Steamy - P2, F7