• I’ll take a bag check. (Freebie).

    I’ve had an “interesting” bat collar in my invent for quite a while and I was waiting for Halloween to show it to you but I decided it was time to check out the Absence shop. The bat collar is still there but I’m sure I’d not seen this dress before and so I grabbed it and TP’d home.

    I will say its SO GOOD! Yeah, ok its just a “LBD” but the quality is there with the wrinkles, folds and the fine lace on the cups.

    You get a Hud of 3 lush dark evening shades, 1 pretty pink and the last one is white and I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve found since the PBS update whites are TOO BRIGHT! so to find a really lovely cotton white shade was a pleasant change. You can also change the fine lace detailing as well.

    The fits are limited to just: Legacy, Reborn & Waitfu which is a shame but still grab it as its quite a forgiving style. Apart from the bat collar there was another couple of gifts but I grabbed this and TP’d home so quickly I didn’t even look.

    PS. This outfit screams for a bag so I dug this one out of my invent, if it is a freebie I will an update.

    Absence (I think you have to veer to the left for this shop and gifts are at the top of the stairs).

    Style Card:

    Skin “YS & YS” Rosalie Tone 02 bomskin.
    Shape My own.
    Freckles Izzie’s & “YS &YS”

    Cazimi lipstick
    [HANDS] Legacy (f) (1.6)
    CAZIMI: Mesh Nails – Ballerina Short – Legacy (L & R)
    / HEAD / lel EvoX KAYA 3.1
    [+] Legacy (f) Optional Fit Deformer (Feet) (1.6)
    ABSENCE – Helena Dress [Legacy]
    Rowne.Jai Classic Pumps – Deluxe.SLink
    [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.6)
    MEMOIRE Von Bag Noir (Hand-Held/Handle)

  • Wish you were here

    I sent you a postcard
    Thought it would be funny
    Would have sent a souvenir
    But they took all my money
    It's pretty warm down here but it ain't sunny
    And I'm having a hell of a time, my dear
    Wish you were here

      I tried to call you
    Long distance operators that only stall you
    Besides the damn rates are so high
    They just appall you
    And I'm having a hell of a time, my dear
    Wish you were here

    It started out a nice vacation
    Left the station right on time
    Can't get a ticket to get me home, dear
    They just don't have too many flights from twilight zone, dear
    So don't forget to feed my cats
    Spot and Jerome, dear
    And I'm having a hell of a time, my dear
    Wish you were here

    Seeing all the sights here
    I'm getting lonely
    I'd show you all the film I took if they would only
    Let me go home
    Dear, sincerely
    I'm having a hell of a time, my dear
    Wish you were here

                      ~~Wish You Were Here, Alice Cooper


    DICTATORSHOP Bondi - Palm Swing
    Texture Change, AV and PG versions included
    More Info HERE
    20% Discount @ Shop and Hop until July 21st
    ♥ ♥ ♥
    More Store Info:


  • Moondust


    Hey Fabs!  Quick one today, as you only have a few days left!

    It looks as though the MIIX Event has become a reliable source of gifts.  Last week Sky showed you a hoodie and some face tattoos and mentioned there were a lot more gifts for the ladies, so I went over to take a peek, and came back with so much!

    • Free Dress by [LA BELLE] (full color hud and sized for: Maitreya/Petite, Legacy/Perky, Reborn/Waifu, Kupra)
    • Free Eyeshadow by [Morning Star] (BOM in multiple colors)
    • Free Lipstick by PAIX – Lelutka  HUD


    I love the corduroy texture of this dress, I miss cords!  Also, I must mention that the lipstick by PAIX is named Y2K, and it’s so perfectly 90s, including the lipliner.

    There’s also a new gift for Fab Free members up at the event!

    The MIIX Event is open until July 20th so get yourselves over there and nab up those gifts (and do some shopping if you like!)  You need to join the free group to pick up the gifts.


    Peace ☮

    ♥ Beachy

    Beachy is wearing…


    Dress – [LA BELLE] MONICA Dress (Free gift at MIIX Event/Group is free to join)
    Earrings – Moon. Pixie Jar Earrings (Free prize on Midnight Madness Board/Group is free to join)


    Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara 
    Mesh Head – Lelutka Erin
    Skin – Glam Affair FLO (Almond)
    Hair –Moon. Hair // – Unicorn (Free prize on Midnight Madness Board/Group is free to join)
    Brows – Nuve. Adele Eyebrows
    Eyes– AG. Fun Eyes – BoM – 02 
    Nails – Rosary Base Nails with Regal Hud
    Eye Shadow – [Morning Star] Betty Glam Eyeshadow – Teal (Free gift at MIIX Event/Group is free to join)
    Lipstick – [PX] Y2K Lipgloss – leLUTKA HUD (Free gift at MIIX Event/Group is free to join)

    SIM –8f8 Black Kite

  • Looking for Flamingos

    I saw a photo on flickr of this sim and a flamboyance of flamingos all hanging out in the water so I decided to come and see if I could find them. I wanted to do a photo with them and I was quite excited. However, I looked all over the sim and couldn't find the pink birdies anywhere. I searched everywhere and come to the following theories:
    1. The birds all flew away.
    2. They knew I was looking for them and hid from me.
    3. The sim has been redone and the flamingos retired.
    It is a mystery, but I still enjoyed this stunning sim and will be back for some other pics in different spots. Lovely beaches and a Greek island vibe.

    Outfit:  [COSMOS] Sunny Top & Skirt Set Prints / 20 Colors Fatpack (SWANK)

    Hair: TRUTH - Element - Blonde (Saturday Sale)

    Pose: Fashiowl - Beach Tower 

    EEP: BATTLESCARS  - WL - Clouds - Dawn/Dusk  4.0 (Premium - EEP / PBR)

  • Beach Glamping

    I have created a wee oasis here on the beach and I will be doing some glamping this week because the view is awesome and I can go swimming when I want. I can also jet ski or paddle board if the mood takes me. Of course, there will be no cooking.  I will be getting takeout or visiting a local restaurant. This is not camping!

    I have tried to fit in quite a few items from SWANK today so you know what is on offer over at this awesome event. If you have never been to SWANK before, then today is the day to go check it out and grab some goodies.

    Spargel & Shine Homes - Leilani Glamping Set 

    Spargel & Shine Homes - Leilani Patio Lounge Set Floral 1

    Spargel & Shine Homes - Leilani Pool Floaties 

    .:Tm Creations:.- C.M10 Tropical Arrangement 

    BSHouse - Honeymoon Hanging Sofa (A)

    Other Items: 

    Sway's - [Moani] Jar Candles individual (Wanderlust) 

    Sway's  - [Moani] Jar Candles on string (Wanderlust) 

    (Fundati) - Tropical Palms

  • #720


    Glam Affair - Kuni - Heartsdale - Zibska - Ecru Couture - PiXit - Foxcity (1)

    Glam Affair - Kuni - Heartsdale - Zibska - Ecru Couture - PiXit - Foxcity (2)

    Glam Affair - Kuni - Heartsdale - Zibska - Ecru Couture - PiXit - Foxcity (3)

    Skin: Glam Affair Mharian
    Head: Lelutka Billie
    Eyes: part of Lelutka head
    Shape: My own
    Body: Ebody Reborn
    Nails: Pure Poison I <3 U Nails and rings (group gift)
    Eye brows: Voguel Millie HD Brows
    Hair: KUNI Lia Hairstyle
    Septum ring: Quirky
    Nose piercing: PKC and Lelutka
    Brow piercing: LittleFish and Lelutka
    Ear piercing: Lelutka
    Rings: Bonita Store Flower Meadow
    Earrings, choker, bracelet: Heartsdale Jewellery Kayan Princess Collection
    Top and pants: Ecru Couture Kesia
    Shoes: Cult Jinn
    Flowers and orbit petals: Zibska Agacia Set
    Poses: PiXit Framed
    Tea room and plants: Foxcity Tea Room

    Glam Affair - Lamb - Roslyn - Littlep - Synnergy.Tavis (1)

    Glam Affair - Lamb - Roslyn - Littlep - Synnergy.Tavis (2)

    Glam Affair - Lamb - Roslyn - Littlep - Synnergy.Tavis (3)

    Skin: Glam Affair Mharian
    Head: Lelutka Billie
    Eyes: part of Lelutka head
    Shape: My own
    Body: Ebody Reborn
    Nails: Pure Poison I <3 U Nails and rings (group gift)
    Eye brows: Voguel Millie HD Brows
    Hair: Lamb Switchblade (TSS)
    Septum ring: Quirky
    Nose piercing: PKC and Lelutka
    Brow piercing: LittleFish and Lelutka
    Ear piercing: Lelutka
    Rings: Bonita Store Flower Meadow
    Earrings and necklace: Bonita Store Zipper Set
    Top and skirt: Roslyn Madison Outfit (FLF)
    Boots: Roslyn Madison Boots (HW)
    Bag, strawberry box, yogurt: Littlep Healthy Shopping List (HW)
    Eyeshadow: WarPaint TwentyOne Eyeshadow (SL21B gift)
    Backdrop: Synnergy.Tavis Sansa Loft (group gift)


  • Luxe Paris Look of the Year – Frolic Mills


    The LUXE Paris Look of the Year competition fifth and final week's SL Fashion Icon is Frolic Mills.  The components of Frolic Mills's styling that I tried to incorporate are:  Flamboyant.  This outfit would be a wonderful complementary outfit to LUXE Paris Brewin Pond Linen suit modeled by Frolic Mills.

    Location: Backdrop City

    Style Card
    Hair Accessory - Zibska - Liva - Head Orbit
    Dress - LUXE Paris - Brewin Keeper
    Shoulders - Zibska - Liva - Shoulders with Orbits
    Earrings - Virtual Impressions - Yasmine
    Necklace -  Virtual Impressions - Yasmine
    Handbag - MY BAGS - My Coco Bag
    Shoes - Sheba - Evelyn Heels
    Pose - Poses With Attitude - Showleg009L

    Hair - Mina Hair - Marre
    Body - Maitreya - LaraX
    Head - LAQ - Gaia
    Skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Deliah - Apricot
    Eyes - Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eye Darkling Sea
    Eyeshadow - Zibska - Vaclava

  • How Could You?

    Sometimes some songs hit too close to home and though the stories may be different,
    the pain will always be the same...

    A single blow to the face that almost made her lose consciousness,
     now trapped between the hard cold cement floor and the brutality of her assaulter ...

    She walked in with a beautiful smile into the dentist's office where he worked as a dentist assistant.
    It was the weekend, so no one was there, only him waiting for her to show her around, as he
    had promised. She was happy and eager to spend that time with him, even if it was at his workplace.
    She really liked him, she liked him so much that since the day she met him, she couldn't stop smiling.
    He was older, but she didn't care. They were just friends, good friends, though she had a sweet crush on
    him, innocent and pure. He had always treated her delicately and sweetly. He was respectful and used
    the most beautiful words on her that would melt her heart. However, some of her friends didn't trust
    him, "He looks too good to be true." they would tell her. She however felt blessed by his presence in her life.

    As he guided her through the dentist's office, he began " playfully " teasing her.
    "You not scared to be here with me alone?" he laughed. "I might be the bad wolf and you little
    red riding hood." He laughed louder. She smiled at him and said that nothing scared her. "Ah, really,
    nothing?" and smirked. She laughed happily and repeated, "Yes, nothing scares me!".
    She just wanted to appear brave. Her innocence and youth didn't allow her to see that at that point his
    playfulness, which was something he had never done beforewas a warning for her to get out, to get
    away, and so she continued exploring the rooms and stopping to read some of the informative posters on
    the walls.

    Once they had reached one of the back rooms, she suddenly felt her body being pushed hard against
    the shelves and his body tightly pressed against her. His hands then began to touch her body.
    She began to cry and screamed at him to stop. But he wouldn't. Somehow, she managed to get loose
    and tried to reach for the door, but a blow to her face stopped her and sent her across the room, almost
    making her lose consciousness. As her head hit the cement floor, everything became a blur and confusion.

    Now her petite body trapped between the hard cold cement floor and the brutality of her assaulter
    began to tremble uncontrollably as he began to pull her clothes off. She begged him to stop
    and repeatedly screamed NO! But her screams were rapidly silenced by his hand strongly
    pressed against her face, making it difficult for her to breathe. Every second that passed her body
    began to feel weaker and weaker as he continued the assault. 

    Her whole being became numb as her tears kept running down her face. There was no more strength left
    in her. She closed her eyes and wished they never open again. He finally removed his hand from her 
    face while he was still inside her, and kissing her lips he asked, "I thought you said nothing scared you,
    so why are you crying?" as continued the abuse he asked again, "Isn't this what you wanted?"

    The noise from the busy street just outside sounded so far away, even the Tick Tocks from the clock in
    the room. Time stood still or moved too slowly. She opened her eyes as he continued and turning her face
    to the little light coming from the small window in the room, she continued to silently cry.
    She was being robbed of her first beautiful experience, of being touched gently and lovingly
    respectfully, and cherished. Now, she lay on a cold floor covered by her tears and the brutality of
    his actions.

    She walked away that day feeling as if a big part of her had died. She felt pain and shame in every
    part of her body that he had touched and kissed and taken by force and without her permission.
    She felt ashamed and guilty as if it was her fault for staying alone with him, for trusting him and
    believing he was a good man, She was afraid people would blame her and judge her and wouldn't
    understand. So she hid her face looking down as she walked down the streets so no one could see
    her tears or know her pain. She wanted to disappear and felt dirty. She wanted to peel off her skin to
    cleanse herself but she knew that what she was feeling was deeper than just the surface. The horrible
    abuse that she had just suffered was now imprinted in the deepest part of her soul and couldn't be 
    erased or forgotten. It had just become now a very horrible and sad part of her life that she would
    be keeping a secret for many years to come.

    He walked away and continued life as if nothing ever happened.

    NO! means NO!

    Credits On Me
    bonbon - Nadia Hair (Naturals) ● e.marie // Jenna Earrings - Golds ● Feather Ear Tattoo - BOM Lel Evox
    KIPRIDA - Bruises set BOM - Lel EvoX ● *COCO*_MidiSlipDress(White)
  • Hips don’t lie

    Hips don't Lie

    I have had this belted corset look for a while now, and am a huge fan of it. I often wear the brown belts with gold, just because it stands out so much, but decided that the black and silver was a fun mix today also. The set is all included and actually also comes with a hot choker that I have worn in the past. I wanted to try my hand at mixing stores though, which of course with something like this, was not so easy…the world of fashion in Second Life has definitely changed over the past few years, but what made me laugh is that while a lot of clothing has become more revealing, dresses, tops etc, pants seem to have gone in the other direction, with a lot of pants being higher waisted or just regular fit, and that is hilarious to me, seeing that a billion years ago now pants were getting so low that I had to do a whole post on pubic hair on skins, because the pants were getting so low, everything was falling out…which actually did lead to a change in how skinners did their skins. So I did some thinking, and I thought to myself, I thought ‘SELF! Who will still have some really low rise hip hugging jeans for me to wear with this belted corset’, and myself said “TO CYNFUL”. This actually did happen, and off I went.

    I remember Cynfuls first releases, they were also denim items, and I mention that to Cynthia at least every five years or so. I probably still have them. I also remember she did some denim corsets over jeans like extensions, I need to find those, even though system layers I am on a mission now. So anyway, to Cynful I went and I saw that the Keeper jeans had been updated to include the body I wear now, but to also have the Slink Hourglass (and many others) I go back to, so that is a huge win for me, because I get to have for both. The jeans fit perfectly under the belted corset, as I knew they would, and there is a cute metal belt on them, but that has a toggle on/off switch and can be changed colour wise even if you buy the single colour of jeans. I was also able to change the button on the jeans so it was black not brass, which helped with my monochromatic look. The top is part of the Sega set too (as is the belt) and I have worn it a few times now, because the fatpack has solid colours as well as graphics, and it is just so versatile and pretty the way it drapes, it is also of course made to fit the belt.

    ADE has released this beautiful style of hair with its face framing layers at the front look. I like it because it reminds me of both layer cuts and growing out your bangs looks. It also has left, right and behind the shoulders looks, which we all know is my favourite, and I did start out that way, but decided to go with forward of the body this time, so you see more of the length and how well it fits across the chest, as there are many sizes to choose from.


    Equipment Used

    VR Studio and HUD/Library  – VR Foundry Marketplace

    LeLutka Axis HUD Face – LeLutka

    Poses & Props by :


    Body Parts

    Body :

    Reborn – EBody


    DollNose, NaturalPiercedLips, RoundEyes, TriangleHead, Genus Morph – Genus

    Nail Polish:

    appliers – Flair – Marketplace

    Skin Worn:

    Emma Skin (face and body) – Nuve

    Head and Body BOM Layers:

    Noah Brows, strapless cotton bra and panties – Nuve

    Ozone eyeshadow – AlaskaMetro


    Sega Long sleeve Top – Pare

    Keeper Jeans – Cynful

    Hair Worn:

    Mine Hair – ADE


    Sega Belt – Pare

  • The rhythm of my heart is beating like a drum

    I am not quite sure when the Pandora fashion brand came to be.  What I do know is that since I first saw one of their new releases I was captured by the style of their designs and the quality.  You must check them out when you get a chance.  The dress I am wearing is a new release — beautiful modern vintage style dress with geometric and psychedelic print that comes in the colors of black, white, nude, rose, coral, wine, brown and lemon.  I’m wearing the color nude and using Legacy Perky body.  Also made to fit the dress is the sandals which come in two sizes, low and mid and also in the same colors of the dress.  Find the details below.

    Enjoy ♥


    -PANDORA – VINTAGE Dress – Nude – @ Belleza Event 
    -PANDORA – VINTAGE Sandals – MID – Nude – @ Belleza Event

    Dress in 8 colors (Black, White, Nude, Rose, Coral, Wine, Brown, Lemon).
    Made to fit: Gen X Classic / Dainty | Lara X / Petite X | Legacy F / Perky / Petite / Bombshell

    Sandals in 8 colors (Black, White, Nude, Rose, Coral, Wine, Brown, Lemon).
    Two sizes: Low & Mid
    Made to fit: Gen X | Lara X | Legacy F

    Other items shown:
    Mesh Head: Lelutka Avalon
    Mesh Body – Legacy Perky
    Skin: DeeTaleZ
    Hair: Sintiklia – Hair Nara Rigged h.s.1
    SIGMA Wire flower armband

    Pose: Loel – Debut

    [ kunst ] – Recording player console / Polished mahogany
    KraftWork Vinyl Rewind . Wireless Headphones (dispenser)
    KraftWork Vinyl Rewind . Vinyl Display 01
    BALACLAVA!! Vinyl Record Ledge
    Muniick Albums – Scattered (MW)
    {A} Vinyl Records Collection – Is This It
    {A} Vinyl Records Collection – Nevermind
    {A} Vinyl Records Collection – The Wall
    -Jane&Finch- Vinyl Disc Stack [scraps]
    Midwest – 90’s – Vinyl + Headphone
    [ zerkalo ] Cape Town Vinyl Records
    Muniick Vinyl Collection Crate Vol.3 (MW)
    .05 [ kunst ] – Recordings pile #3
    BUENO -Nown Rug

  • POST 3794

     "Every person has the capacity to change themselves." Albert Ellis.
    "Toda persona tiene capacidad para cambiarse a sí misma". Albert Ellis.


    ♥ SKIN: AKERUKA [AK Skin] - Milena skin Access

    ♥ HEAD: AKERUKA [AK Evox] - Milena Head

    Available at Access Event 



    ♥ SHIRT: ~Nerido~ Lika Shirt




    ♥ EARRINGS: [VIPERA] Charlie Earrings

    Unrigged mesh earrings

    → Resizer script → Swaying Animation script (on/off on touch)

    ► HUD for color changing: → Metals: 6 colors → Gems: 12 colors 

    ► Hide/Show the crucifix




  • I’m Afflicted By The Not Knowing

    I'm Afflicted By The Not KnowingHi there. I’m popping in with a quickie since these gifts seem to be there and gone without warning. No time to waste.

    Hasty Havoc

    Yup, Havoc comes and Havoc goes – but I was happy to grab this Havoc while it lasts. The dress that I’m wearing is actually a skirt and top that can be colored and worn separately, I love that! It is the current free group gift at Havoc and the group is free to join. The free gift includes a HUD with a fatpack of color choices and these sizes:

    • Hourglass
    • Kupra
    • Legacy
    • Maitreya
    • Reborn

    To Havoc!

    Allison is Wearing…


    Outfit – Havoc Jasmine Skirt and Top (Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join)
    Earrings – Vibing Maia
    Rings – Rawr! Mea Culpa


    Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
    Mesh Head – Lelutka Avalon
    Skin  –  Pumec Lauren (Free Group Gift/Group is 399L to Join) previously blogged here
    Tattoo – Vegas Good Feeling
    Hair – Truth Collective Serenade
    Pose – Still Life

  • NomNom

     Best Second Life blogs & bloggers

    Top virtual games, avatars, shopping, fashion


    Glo (Left): 
    Outfit: adorsy - Wendy SET BUY ALL PACK @ Cosmopolitan Event
    Includes: Shoes, Skirt, Top.  Group Member Bonus HUD also available for Top
    Fits:  LaraX + PetiteX, Legacy, Reborn

    Hair: S-CLUB LISA FATPACK @ S-Club

    Hotaru (Right):

    Outfit: Epoch - Hazel Set @ Epoch
    Fits: LaraX, Legacy, Reborn

    Hair- Stealthic - Escape @ Stealthic

    BellyButton Piercing: Astralia - VIU Unicorn Belly Piercing (GIFT!) @ Astralia

    Pose: Lyrium. Girls Dual Pose 32 @ Lyrium

    Backdrop: K&S - // Cosy Cafe. 1. Backdrop @ K&S