Carrot Patch Paradise

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Carrot Patch Paradise 4K

Featuring [Krescendo] and Sway’s

It looks like these bunnies have traded in their usual fur for some beautiful Easter finery.  It also looks like someone foolishly placed their hutch in the middle of a carrot patch.  I don’t think they are complaining though.… Read more at the source.

Just a little more than usual

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Good morning.  This morning I am showcasing a fairly new release by Loft & Aria.  The Kendall Collection can now be found at the main store.  There is a mixture of other decor as well.  The scattered clothes and laundry basket are available at the Bloom Event for a couple more days. … Read more at the source.

Red dawn

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Zibska Helios, new release for Neo-Japan! thank you Zib ❤



Gabriel Arakan gacha Cyber Arm yellow green (Rare), Katana vest yellow green, for Neo-Japan

Shi Harem pants in paint



Anc Camellia Lantern, Hatsuyume Windparasol, Little berry in white, Mistcloud in sungold and Nebrabeats in sungold, Japanese Parsley in light green more at the source.

A lil’ Take-out

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om nom nom


*CK* - Follow me boots - Fits: Freya/Hourglass/Legacy/Maitreya
*CK* - Unicorn love Jacket & Skirt - Black - Fits: Freya/Hourglass/Legacy/Maitreya


TRUTH - Hair Kera - Reds (Gacha Machine Purchase at Store)

::Pose & Prop::

Secret Poses - Takeout 2 with box and chopsticks (The Saturday Sale Purchase)


The Bearded Guy - Little Doll *RARE* - Evil Cuteness (MM Board - 75L Join Fee)

Read more at the source.

Fabulous Finds 04/02/20 Edition

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Oh happy day!  Click on “Continue Reading” to see all the Fab Finds of the day!

[ Group gift ]Casse lustre . vintage Deli cafe building

Free Group Gift/Group is 99L to Join @ Casse Lustre

The Bunny Hop Hunt 2020

25L on The Bunny Hop Hunt by Go&See

Anthia Dress - BBK VIP Group Gift

Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join @ BouBouKi

Tastic-Teri Top with Hud free gift!!

Free Gift/No Group Join Required @ Tastic

Ema's Secret April 2020 Group Gift!

Free Group Gift/Group is 25L to Join @ Ema’s Secret

Free Group Gift/Group is 50L to Join @ Killers Productions


Free Group Gift/Group is Free to Join @ T1Salon

Hydrangea in Pot GROUP GIFT

Free Group Gift/Group is 500L to Join @ DaD Virtual LivingRead more at the source.

Walking On Sunshine

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Walking on Sunshine Blog

Head:LeLUTKA Erin Head 1.0

Hair:{Limerence} Aleksandra hair with hat [email protected] Gachaland~Thank You♥

Glasses::: DS :: Lillian [email protected]Cosmopolitan~Thank You♥

Necklace:.::Supernatural::. Makaila Set @ Access ~Thank You ♥

Top:RIOT / Indigo Crop Top – @ Uber~Thank You♥

Pants: RIOT / Indigo Ultra Flares – @ Uber~Thank You♥

Puppy:[Rezz Room] Box Yorkshire Adult Animesh @ Uber

On Set

Amitie May Basket Bike

[Since1975] Bohemian Gacha – Tent [email protected] Gachaland~Thank You♥

[Since1975] Bohemian Gacha – Coffee [email protected] Gachaland~Thank You♥

[Since1975] Bohemian Gacha – [email protected] Gachaland~Thank You♥

[Since1975] Bohemian Gacha – Cushion [email protected] Gachaland~Thank You♥

[Since1975] Bohemian Gacha – Cushion [email protected] Gachaland~Thank You♥

[Since1975] Bohemian Gacha – [email protected] Gachaland~Thank You♥

[Since1975] Bohemian Gacha – Cushion [email protected] Gachaland~Thank You♥

[Since1975] Bohemian Gacha – Rug [email protected] Gachaland~Thank You♥

[Since1975] Bohemian Gacha – Rug [email protected] Gachaland~Thank You♥

[Since1975] Bohemian Gacha – Rug [email protected] Gachaland~Thank You♥

[Since1975] Bohemian Gacha – Wood [email protected] Gachaland~Thank You♥

DaD “Pink Hydrangea pot A” c/m [email protected]Read more at the source.

Hailin From The Edge

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A king from the stars went through the Mars
I've seen way more that I can ever take
As you've got some time to spend with me, dear
So I've left it all behind

Say how are you out there (hailing from the edge)
Say how are you out there (hailing from the edge)



*Apocalyptic Hideout - Building, box 'n beers, Bed PG, Supplies A, Makeshift AKM decor, Watertank & Fire Barrel @ FaMeshed *New*
*Wasteland Leggings *Mainstore*

Head: Strong Face W002 by Genus Project
Skin: Tulip 010 by Glam Affair @ Access *New*
Harley Eyes by -bus- *New*
Unstable Makeup by This is Wrong
Hair: Barefoot by Little Bones (Discontinued.
Read more at the source.

I’ll Stand By You

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Hiya everyone! Tonight we take another stroll along the streets of The Wash Cart Sale, browsing their carts filled with selections for $10L - $50L and an exclusive offer per cart. The sale is open for about 2 weeks, until the 15th of April, so feel free to make multiple visits so you can take advantage of available demos and bring your friends :) I also have some group gifts to share, from [G-SHOT] store whose group is free to join.Read more at the source.

Virtue – Angelica

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Virtue's new release is Angelica.  Easter is near and Angelica is perfect for Easter Gatherings, weddings, and dates.   The dress is a sleeveless, straight cut bodice, natural waist, knee length, full skirt with a waist sash and off center bow.  Angelica comes in berries, blush, candy, dots, flora, glam, purple, and yellow.
Read more at the source.

Waitin’ for the phone to ring

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How many nights you cried
So sad and lonely
Wondering if he'll call
Waitin' for the phone to ring
Waitin' for the phone to ring
He said his love was true
You want to believe him
You're out there on a limb
Waitin' for the phone to ring
Waitin' for the phone to ring

How can you love a man
When he holds you like dirt
In the palm of his hand
His kind will always stray
After got through
He'll throw you away

Another night goes by
He's not there to hold you
You sit there like a fool
Waitin' for the phone to ring
Waitin' for the phone to ring
Waitin' for the phone to ring now baby
Waitin' for the phone to ring

                                ~~ Waiting For The Phone To Ring, Patty Loveless


Ade Styles - Kim Hair
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:

Egozy Paris - Lakshmi - Fair (Genus, Classic, BOM)
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:

[[ Masoom ]] - Julia Gloves
Maitreya, Vista
♥ ♥ ♥
More Store Info:
100% Original Mesh & Textures

Mosquito's Way - Sadie Dress (with panties!)
Read more at the source.

LETCIRREN. 우리 사랑하지 말아요

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LETCIRREN. 우리 사랑하지 말아요

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Buttercup @UBER

Head: GENUS Project – Classic Face

Body: Maitreya – Lara

Sweater: DAMI – just swervin

Skirt: DAMI – just swervin

Kitchen Cabinet Upper:  taikou – kitchen cabinet upper

Kitchen Cabinet Lower: taikou – kitchen cabinet lower

Stove Vent: taikou – stove vent

Gas Stove: taikou – gas stove

Rug: Nutmeg – Rug Creme, Group Gift

House: HAIKEI – Slowly Getting… Read more at the source.

Have I gone mad?

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Wednesday, not a happy one at that. I can’t stop coughing and my throat and temperature is still wonky. Family has been such a great rock during my down time. When I tell you I have cabin fever, I have legit cabin fever.
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