Hey There Summer Boy

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Hey there summer boy
Let's go for a drive
Take me for a ride
Never gonna close our eyes

Hey there summer boy
I'm a busy girl
Don't got too much time
Hurry up before I change my mind

Hey there summer boy
I'm taking off my heels
Lets go for a run
Have a little summer fun
Have a little summer fun
Summer boy

                       ~~ Summerboy, Lady Gaga


LURE - Alice Honey HUD
#10 Skin Fair North

[POUT!] - Alice Lashes- Genus Applier
[POUT!] - Petroleum Eye Shadow - Genus Applier
#89 Skin Fair North

#64 Skin Fair North

:ANDORE: - :Mesh Ears: -  Melkhi
#62 #64 Skin Fair North

ERSCH - Scales Glitter Bento Nails
#82 Skin Fair South

.:AuricA:.Read more at the source.

Adventure? Alpaca my bags!

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babygirl and llarma.png

N21 opened two days ago with some amazing items, including these shorts from Vincue. And the hair is from Beusy at Kustom9. Very cutesy and babygirl vibes all over it.


Caya CATWA head & Freya Belleza body


N21 event

Snugglie shorts ~ Vincue store


Kustom9 event

Numb hair ~ Beusy store


Solana slit top ~  Seul store


Alpaca plushie ~ Sakura store


I Want you backdrop ~ CMYK store… Read more at the source.

Summer Sun Respite

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Summer Sun Respite

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection

Let’s talk Second Life inventory for a second, shall we?  I spent a long time sorting mine out when I first started blogging because I knew it would be essential to get and stay organized…and it has been.… Read more at the source.

Who Wants To Ride Along

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Who wants to ride along?  I seem to have a nice ride on a night like tonight.   The new Sirene dress is hot with a lace up back on that is by Sexy Princess that can be found at this round of Designer Showcase.  I have a new hot release of Marie thigh high boots on by Heels that is currently at On 9 because who doesn't love a pair boots with a mini skirt.  My new ride the Thruxton car by Surplus Motors is a sweet ride that can be found at SL Home and Garden Expo who's event benefits Relay For Life in Second Life.  I am sure we can run this town.… Read more at the source.

A Million Light Years

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I’ve travelled millions of light years, and finally reached my destination.  How beautiful a planet this is!   Skin/Eyes/Headtails/Bodysuit/Shoes: [Stargazer Creations] Velveteen Avatar Special Edition Location: Luane’s Magical World Poses: FOXCITY Windlight: *Canimod Water Settings: [NB] Hidden Depths… Read more at the source.


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DeuxLooks - declutter

I felt the need to declutter my inventory slightly this morning, which means I found things buried deep in the corners of my “To Blog” folder that finally get to be styled. The only thing super duper new (I think) is my skin, which is once again, for LeLutka heads from Revoul.… Read more at the source.

Party Started

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Blasting this song while making this picture
Get this party started on a Saturday night
Everybody's waitin' for me to arrive
Sendin' out the message to all of my friends
We'll be lookin' flashy in my Mercedes Benz
I got lotsa style, got my gold diamond rings
I can go for miles if you know what I mean

stockings - Bride  @ Lybra
hair - Mia @ Iconic
purse - Kitti @ Una
dress & jacket - Bardot  by Kaithleen's @ C88
head applier - Tomi by Pink Fuel @ Skin Fair - closing date, 24th March
mesh head - Strong by Genus   @ Skin Fair - closing date, 24th March
pose - Sunday @ Fashowl
plants in pots @ Circa
backdrop - Instagram @ MinimalRead more at the source.

Blakely Home

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RFL Home&Garden Expo is still running until  April 7th. And I am showing you here items from Adorably Strange Wares, exclusive for the Expo.

Other items I added are from Boardwalk Event, which runs still until April 15th !

Blakely Bungalow – Adorably Strange Wares    ==>@RFL Home&Garden Expo, Hope9

232 LI  /  25x25m Footprint

This beautiful house has an inner courtyard which can be accessed from th long sides around it.… Read more at the source.

death, resurrection and fertility

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Click the small picture to enlarge
Osiris was for the ancient Egyptians the god of dead, resurrection and fertility. These themes are so fundamental and important through the ages.
Osiris was depicted as a green skinned deity, so that is why i chose the color green for the dress.… Read more at the source.

If I could…

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If I could turn back time...

...Turn back time

Featured Items:

.::WoW Skins::.Mainstore/MP Store/Blog/Flickr/Flickr Group Pool/Facebook

From SENSE Event (March  18th – April 8th)

  • VOSSE $ Velvet Blazer – Blush
  • Romazin – Set FatPack

Sense Event FacebookFlickr/Sepaphim/Blog

Other Items Used:

Read more at the source.

Let’s Play before sleep…

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Comment for a chance to WIN A RARE GACHA!!

LAGOM – Clouds&Unicorns Playroom [Blanketpile] *RARE*
LAGOM – Clouds&Unicorns Playroom [Dollhouse]
LAGOM – Clouds&Unicorns Playroom [Wall decal Play]
LAGOM – Clouds&Unicorns Playroom [Unicorn chair Pink]
LAGOM – Clouds&Unicorns Playroom [Table]
LAGOM – Clouds&Unicorns Playroom [Floor stars]
SSMS – Paris Nightstand w/Lamp @ THE IMAGINARIUM
SSMS – Paris Nightstand w/Stuffs @ THE IMAGINARIUM
SSMS – Paris Flower Pile @ THE IMAGINARIUM
YD – Cookware Cute – Lilac @ THE IMAGINARIUM
YD – Cookware Cute – White  @ THE IMAGINARIUM

After School

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Look 805

Comment for a chance to WIN A RARE GACHA!!

Original Post in HERE

Credits :

Outfits : Luas Ichi Gacha @ The Arcade

Hair : Opale . Maya Hair @ Main store

Rezz Room] American Bully Puppy Duo

from {Why Not?} Helmsdale Cafe @ Imaginarium
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Toast & Coffee
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Wall Shelf RARE
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Cake Stand RARE
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Cafe Counter RARE
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Wall Cuboard GOI
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Donuts Stack
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Donuts Stack
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Assorted Bagels
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Bread Buns
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Baguettes
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Cart
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Cafe Table
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Cafe Chair
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Center Piece
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Coffee Machine
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Milk Cartons
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Staws & Spoons
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Coffee Cup & Lid Display
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Fancy Cakes
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Pendant Lamp
{Why Not?} Helmsdale Wall Art Gift

Post 2028: El dinero

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No pienses que el dinero lo hace todo o acabarás haciéndolo todo por el dinero.-Voltaire

OUTFIT: *in.SANITY* -Ride or Die Mega Pack 
With 2 HUDS (Dark and light colors)

BACKDROP: Lop - Backdrop Money 
Backdrop for photographer with 2 poses (male, female) and 1 couple by sublime poses.Read more at the source.

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Dress : Virtual Diva Unique Dress Materials Sparkle for Designer Showcase http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Corrupted%20Innocence/39/199/23 Hair : Sintiklia Will… Read more at the source.

Weekend Wash and Boho Hunt

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Hiya everyone! Tonight I have some more Wash Cart Sale selections to show you, from their Spring has Sprung round that is open until the 10th of April. Each designer's cart has up to 6 items at $10L each, 6 items for $25L, and one for $50L, so there is a great variety of discounts at various prices.Read more at the source.