Bedtime Story

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Bedtime Story

Featuring Cheeky Pea and {Old Barn Door}

It’s raining outside and I’ve got blog posts done and scheduled through Sunday.  I would say today is a good day for a double post…especially since Cheeky Pea has just released a new bedroom set that is gorgeous and oh so cozy! … Read more at the source.

Valentina E – Son!a – Casa de Bebe – Dahlia – Paper Moon – Dad – Wren’s Nest – Petit Chat – Myrrine – Psycho – Bauhaus – What Next

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Valentine's Shop & Hop free gifts:
* Casa de Bebe - Red Hot Table
* Valentina E - Andi bodysuit pink
* Son!a - Fairytale bracelet
* Dahlia - Lovestruck Angel Frame
* Paper Moon - Framed Vintage Valentines Blacksmith Cupid

* Dad - Hanging Hearts Decor
* Wren's Nest - The Adventure Begins

* Bauhaus - Gigi Purse
* What Next - Shagreen Photo Frame
* Petit Chat - Romantic Dinner Candlestick
* Myrrine - Love Sign
* Psycho - Bear Cozzy Coffee.
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For those who want curves - SLink Hourglass gives you all you need.
Giving support for many years in SL,  it is one brand you can depend on.
I hope you find acceptance.
The kind that rings through your bones, 
the kind that quiets the voice inside of you 
that tells you that you are not good enough,
or that you are falling behind.
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I cannot let you pass

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head: CATWA HEAD Catya
ears: Plastik – Variela Gatcha
eyes: S0NG :: Miracle Red Glow Eye (with added photoshop glow)
hair: Raven Bell – Adel Hair
hair base: Just Magnetized – Basic Hairbase – set 13
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
lipstick: Bossie.… Read more at the source.

Breakfast in the Garden

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Breakfast in the Garden

Not to toot my own horn, but I’m a pretty decent landscaper, though I’ll attribute it to my persistence, attention to detail, and willingness to spend hours working at it to get it just right, only to go back and change it all up with the season or when something awesome catches my eye. … Read more at the source.

Summer Goddess

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Photography by Bryan Trend

It’s Summer in Australia but we have been battling fires, floods and very bad air quality since last year :(. This pic is a reminder to be kind to nature, and the environment. I love the outdoors and would be devastated to see our flora and fauna destroyed for good.… Read more at the source.

Home clutter

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Hello everyone.  Today I bring you some clutter from Nutmeg to fill your homes with.  The home clutter is a new release currently at Kustom9.  I have mixed it up with some other decor pieces from Nutmeg and other designers.  I’m also featuring the old frame on the wall from Kraftwork, available at the mainstore.… Read more at the source.

Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay

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Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection and Lyrium Poses

I really, really, really am ready for some warm weather.  My daughter sent me a picture from Michigan!  They had gotten more snow and she is tired of it as well.  I guess I shouldn’t complain since it doesn’t snow here in Alabama. … Read more at the source.


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tram G0306 hair
T-Shirt V3.1 [Semller LeNoir Gacha] Maitreya
[La Baguette]1Cheese (add to Cheesy slice)
[La Baguette]1Cheesy slice (add to Cheese)

{BE} Industrial Wall lamp  [Shiny shabby]
{BE} Pizza Art  [Shiny shabby]
{BE} Ketchup & Mustard  [Shiny shabby]
{BE} Wall Table  [Shiny shabby]
{vespertine} comfort food - choco  milkshake 10
{vespertine} comfort food - strawberry milkshake 9
{vespertine} comfort food - french fries 3
[La Baguette] Box of pizza 3 slice left v2 (1Li)

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