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SL FREEbies from AvaGirl & Kaithleen's @ the Free Dove

Hello dear friends ♥

I could hardly believe my eyes when I dropped in at the Free Dove and saw so many lovely things that are NEW since my last visit!… Read more at the source.


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Found such a great animesh octopuss at my new fav shop {aii}...the ball in my hand is from the shop too and has amazing animations.
Shorts are from SOLE shop, my top is from Caboodle, horns from The Horror and boots from CerberusXing (which is opening a new shop soon!… Read more at the source.

Coffee…With A Side Of Love

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Coffee...With A Side Of Love Please

Featuring Barley Home & Decor, Sway’s and {Old Barn Door}

This is going to be my second post of the day but I couldn’t hold it until tomorrow because a couple of the items are on sale for Fifty Linden Friday and I don’t want you to miss them….especially because they are just in time for Valentines Day which is right around the corner.… Read more at the source.

Round The Front Way

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Hola, loves! I absolutely adore 90s fashion. Well, the 90s in general, actually. Fashion, music, movies. Love it all! So I was super thrilled to hear that the theme for this round of Anthem is 90s Grunge!

I had the best time walking around Anthem yesterday!… Read more at the source.

Over the Hedge

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Over the hedge

Happy Friday! Welcome to the weekend. I’m so glad for it personally. It was beginning to be a terribly stressful week and I shed the first tears of 2020. Even if they were tiny ‘I really don’t want to cry in front of people’ tears.Read more at the source.

Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy

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Put up the spotlights one and all
And let the feelin' get down to your soul
The music's so loud you can hear the sound
Reachin' for the sky and churnin' up the ground

Whether you're the star of the show or just want to look like one, this jumpsuit that looks like separates from KiB Designs will fill the bill.  Available till January 28 @ Designer Showcase*
  • Chiara Rings from Livia also @ Designer Showcase. 
  • Nails are All that Jazz from Mani Pedi, of course!
Read more at the source.

Black & White

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“To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.”― Andri Cauldwell

Black and White

Shopping for a “Deal” this weekend?  Looking for a “Super” Sale?  Look no further than Stone’s Works. Read more at the source.

~ 873

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Dearly Deers,

The drama is not over yet.
Of course it’s not, whoever thought drama was easy to get over with is lying to himself, or herself.

It started with sending me money while I blocked him.
I am happy to get rich that way but sadly, it were just 1 lindens, so not such thing, too bad.… Read more at the source.

Hello, it’s me

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DeuxLooks - hello its me

Hello, it’s me. I’m back. In my Korina head, I mean. I promise I’ll work on my shape for the Evolution heads but for now, I strongly prefer this. I look forward to new releases for the Evolution head soon and of course, I am fully aboard the BoM train now.… Read more at the source.

Rural Life

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I’d like to welcome Tuesdays to my blog! Tuesdays is a Home & Garden creator who offers beautiful Mesh creations for your home; if you’re looking for timeless classic or antique furniture and decor, Tuesdays is a good place to look!… Read more at the source.

Don’t Let Go!

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Don't Let Go!

Featuring Vinyl and Fashiowl Poses

I had caught up on a few posts by the time I started this one so I played around with windlights…and that is saying a lot because I fuss with those often trying to find the perfect one. … Read more at the source.