Relax, Relate & Release…on the Nile

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Shot on location at:

So after an amazing night partying with with my fellow Sorors honoring my sister Stevie’s 10th year in Second Life, we decided it was time to exhale and relax…on the Nile…


If you have never been to The Nile  [A Second Life Relaxation Experience], it is the most wonderful experience!  For one to two hours, you get to experience yoga, tai-chi, aerobics, African dance and Indian dance. LP Kidd (same name inworld) has managed to capture a tranquil audio, visual and physical experience that will put your mind, body and soul at ease.

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Meet Ella!

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If you haven’t stopped by the magical event called Enchantment, then you still have time to do so. The theme is based on Cinderella, so you can imagine the wonderful things that are out and about. Blacklace Lounge currently has the Ella Outfit in 5 colors – something for everyone. The event ends tomorrow, so don’t wait too long!

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“Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.” Benjamin Franklin
I found this quote at a time contemplating my own mistakes in all worlds. Benjamin Franklin simply meant that mistakes and failures don’t ruin us. They give us opportunities to grow and move on from them. They teach us something about ourselves good and bad. I made a mistake this week, but not the kind where you left your keys on the counter instead of the key ring. It was this blaring mistake with awful consequences. I ended up hurting my friend in … Read more →

Stay Home

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That sound when tender glass hits a hard surface, and you are just waiting for the sound of glass shattering, never came, thankfully.  The moment her foot hit the wine glass and tipped it over, he was over top of her on the rug and they both stopped moving immediately.  They looked at each other, frozen, except their raised eyebrows and grins that wanted to surface.

Simultaneously they both looked over his left shoulder towards the wine on the floor.  Taking the opportunity that he was distracted, she slipped out from under him, laughing once she got away.  His fingers … Read more →

LOTD 662

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Tableau Vivant \\ Long pigtails @Kustom9
^^Swallow^^ Gauged Ear

.•.Clothes & Props.•.
Luas 90s Remember Gacha @Rewind
{VINCUE} Hawie+Short  @Kustom9
**RE** Jassy Corset Gloves @Whore Couture Fair 7

.•.Deco & Pets.•.
PILOT – Inflatable Chair [White] @Rewind
PILOT – Inflatable Table/Ottoman [White] @Rewind
Les Sucreries de Fairy * Paddy’s Doll * Pink Decoration 1 @Sanarae
Les Sucreries de Fairy  * Paddy’s Doll * Pink Decoration 2 @Sanarae
Les Sucreries de Fairy  * Paddy’s Doll * Tons of Cauldrons RARE @Sanarae
[COPPER MILL] iMill 2.0 – Sanarae Edition @Sanarae

Are You Ready? Whore Couture Fair March 1st

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And…here we go! The Whore Couture Fair 7 begins March 1st. Are you ready? Better save up those lindens, work some extra SL shifts, or wheedle your fashion heart’s desires from a sweetie – you will NOT want to miss this one. I’m amazed by what our wonderful designers are offering; this event just gets better and better!
In this first post of the month-long event goodies, I’m sharing hair from No.Match, a little lingerie/bikini set by Hilly Haalan, and a body tattoo by .:AS:. Store. They are all scrumptuous and will be waiting for you.
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Piaggio – Hipil Outfit

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Piaggio is ready for spring with Hipil Outfit.  This outfit includes dress, earrings, handbag, and shoes.  The dress is a cotton, 3/4 length sleeve, V-neck with a collar, a fitted bodice and a knee length A-line skirt.  Down the front of the dress, on either side of the neckline, from the shoulder to the hem is intricate embrodiery of beautiful roses and leaves.  To help accentuate the small waist is a sash tied in a bow.  The dress comes in three color combination pink dress with a lime sash, white dress with a pink sash, and black dress with a dark pink … Read more →

Carnival – Brii Underground

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It is Carnival in Brazil! The biggest party of the world when million of people goes to streets to dancing samba, drinking and joy yourself during 5 days. These photos are from the largest block of carnival on the planet according the Guinness Book of World Records: O Galo da Madrugada. More than two million costumed people accompany this block of Carnival. Are groups of friends and families all gathered together dancing with peace and joy every year.
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