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It’s wild on the plains today, a mist pervades and heightens my senses and I look around for a source of perceived danger. But there is nothing I can see. No need to run – yet.

Good morning Tuesday people. I hope you’ve had a fabulous start to your day. Here, it is sunny and a tiny bit cold, but I’m completely ignoring the chilly bit and running with the Springtime bit. Thom’s got a bad head – has had ever since he got back from France. I’m trying to be gentle and calm around him, more like a giraffe … Read more at the source.

946. Cherry house [NEW @ The Gacha Garden Event] & Half-Deer [NEW @ FaMESHed Event]

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Cherry house -Alice afternoon Gacha NEW @ The Gacha Garden Event – By koala0409
– Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Alice afternoon-Princess sofa-green Gacha
– Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Alice afternoon-Roundtable-green Gacha
– Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Alice afternoon-Food & Fruits Gacha
More info :
+Half-Deer+ Ribbon Dog Bed NEWFaMESHed Event – By halogen magic
+Half-Deer+ Heart Glitter – By halogen magic
+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter – Toys Toys Toys – Neutral – By halogen magic
+H-D+/Le PC – Kitty Galore – By halogen magic
+Half-Deer+ Blossoming Birdcage – By halogen magic 
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Vengeful Threads & Wasabi Pills @ Fantasy Faire

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Vengeful Threads & Wasabi Pills @ Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire ended Sunday but the Lindens will not be taking the land til Wednesday so we have a couple extra days so shop, check out the sims and make a donation to Relay for Life. As of right now Fantasy Faire 2016 has raised L$ 7,558,286 ($ 30,233) for Relay for Life. That’s amazing but we can still raise that total so grab your friends, lovers, anyone you know and bring them to Fantasy Faire so we can raise that total over the last day.

Since we have some more time I wanted to do another post. o/ In … Read more at the source.

No me toques! (Don’t touch me!)

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Dear reader.

This post is for “NO ME TOQUES”. This is a campaign to stop for violent against woman.

LUXE Paris fashion house is proud to join the group ”Noli me tangere – No me toques!” (Don’t touch me! in Latin and Spanish) in its worldwide campaign to stop Violence Against Women.

The ”Noli me tangere! No me toques” group fights all kinds of violence against women: slaving, violence in the family, violence in relationships, psychological violence, rape, sexual exploitation, clitoris ablation and femicide (murder of a women because of her gender).

This outfit has been made to create … Read more at the source.

Shabby Rose Cabin

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I’ve missed building houseboats and the Shabby Rose Cabin can either be land or water bound.

I took these pictures on my water parcel where I build and where my in-world store is.

Above is the vendor pic.

View of the pergola and lattice walls.

The shabby rose wall print.

French doors, lattice walls and checkerboard floors.

Blush stripey walls upstairs.

The Shabby Rose Cabin is 58land impact with a 26×21 base. It is copy, mod and no transfer. It is partial mesh and unfurnished. The boat is not included. Some scripts are no mod.

The Shabby Rose Cabin is … Read more at the source.

The Dark Mage!

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Hey guys! Heres some cool idea for your RP, a bit modern and dark mage style…. Some items will be available soon @ We Love Roleplay 04/May/2016 and it will start @ 3PM SLT

Hat – [KROVA] – Witchfinder Hat Black

Muffler [KROVA] – Muffler Soon @ We Love Roleplay Start’s 04/May/2016

Necklace w/ potionL’enfant terrible – On the go/Licorice Necklace V2

Upper armL’enfant terrible – Danis Bracelets No4 left M Licorice

Chest belt[KROVA] – Witchfinder Bandolier Black

Jacket [KROVA] – Witchfinder Jerkin BLK Sleeveless TMP

Gloves [KROVA] – Witchfinder Greave

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Letting Go… First Aggression, Next Tears!

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Today I am in a bit of a bad mood… Perhaps it’s because I am visiting with mother nature, or more likely it’s due to the combination of that and the amount of blehish drama that is going on around me… SL really does seem to be a place where you see the way that people try to manipulate things to make themselves look better – I know it’s something that happens in RL too, but it always seems less apparent – things get twisted, people get hurt and true colours are revealed… 
It’s happening to me again, someone is Read more at the source.

Simple Mornings.

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The Scene

Build: Scarlet Creative – Rakkaus Skybox

brocante: hanging bed / wood light A (FaMESHed)

ARIA: Nixie Cashmere Throw

brocante: Throw Pillow Modified From Linen Chair

Jian: Kitten Collection :: Static (Hi!) (FaMESHed)

Jian: Kitten Collection :: Static (Sleepy 1) (FaMESHed)

Kalopsia: Madeleine’s Ladder 6 LI (Uber)

Pixel Mode: Long Drapes  – White Sheer (FaMESHed)

Little Branch: MysticBirch{4Seasons} (FaMESHed)

Kalopsia:  Madeleine’s Planting Pots (Uber)

brocante: cubby shelves (Uber)

brocante: Barn Door Slider / Light (Uber)

Kalopsia: Madeleine’s Watering Can (Uber)

kunst: Cell Planters #4, 1&2 RARE (The Chapter Four)

kunst: … Read more at the source.