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--- [The Forge]@Blush

  [The Forge] Sara

--- taikou@KUSTOM9

 - taikou / kyoto roads set

  taikou / road (straight)
  taikou / floor rounded wide (B)
  taikou / kyoto road (4way)
  taikou / square manhole (A)
  taikou / circle manhole (A)
  taikou / circle manhole (B)

-- Culprit for Fameshed Go

  Culprit Modsquad Sphynxie Decor (Ride, Decor, Rezzer)


{NANTRA} Off the Wall 6

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Happy Hour

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Happy Hour

I’m one of those people who love Etymology, the origin of words.  I find it fascinating how words and phrases make it into our daily lexicon.  For instance, did you ever wonder where the term “Happy Hour” came from? It sprang from the mind of some marketing guru, and spread like wildfire throughout our society. … Read more at the source.

Rainbow popsicle

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Once upon a Summer day,
Birds chirped in a musical way,
Grass drenched in the morning dew,
The sky covered in a vast color of blue.

Once upon a summer day,
Flowers bloomed in full array,
Bright rays of sunlight spilled
Upon my garden on the hill.Read more at the source.

Let see who will win!

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I want more,
all I want to do is explore.
Not letting life slip by,
to take flight and not care about getting everything right.
To really live!
Not being the person just to give!
A vision,
just a dream no more,
now to embody which is truly in my core.Read more at the source.


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Hair: DOUX - Iggy hairbase |Rama Salon  Add-on PonyTail  (Bonnie Hair)
T-Shirt: Mai Bilavio:. Aga T-shirt in Black (NEW)@Here
Visor:Jeune by Rowne
Clutch: REIGN.- Flamingo Clutch 

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Just One Call Away

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FabFree: Just One Call Away
Hello there Fabulouses!  When I started to plan out this blog post for the brand new group gift at Safira that is a sweet little bunchy summer dress in three different textures, I thought to myself that I could add in a vendor ad like I normally do to show off all three textures and wear one myself, or…  I could put a call out in our little FabFree Blogger Group to see who was online that could help me show them off! … Read more at the source.

Summer in sweet home

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Dear reader. Hope your good weekday :)

It was soo hot day in japan. i know i have writing about weather often.
but it is really hot. today was over 38 degree Celsius. it is really hot.
i know i have writing "really hot" often lol because today was REALLY HOT!… Read more at the source.

In The Between

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Search for me in the pauses between my words.
In the silent moments.
That's where I hide.
Look for me beneath the lines of my favourite books.
In the between places.
That's where you'll find me.
Read me in the eloquence of my eyes.Read more at the source.

Bedroom games

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*[GoldFish] Set by Ariskea @ Uber
Ariskea[GoldFish] Bed Couples & Adult
Ariskea[GoldFish] Bamboo Bed Curtains
Ariskea[GoldFish] Giant Philodendron Plant[2] 1
Ariskea[GoldFish] Nightstand Plant
Ariskea[GoldFish]Wonderful Frame
Ariskea[GoldFish]Oldie Nightstand

*Harter Suit Stand by Serenity Style
*Yani Wardrobe by Serenity Style

*Wood Games – Rollercoaster by [IK] 

*Aura Wire Hanging Lamp.Gold by Llorisen

Oceania Beach House 0.3 by Scarlet CreativeRead more at the source.