The Orphan Doll And Her Angels

In Events, Fashion by Anouk Anna


Wearing Tentacio Galatea Doll Inked Natural & Exile Spice Hair. Featuring Rowne Street Style Star – Art District RARE & Mutresse Cheeky Raccoons Diving & Sleeping & Lying on the head RARE (same on the arm) & Hanging on shoulder RARE (I wear it on my ankles!)

All available at The Arcade.

The Arcade

Also wearing Genesis Lab Emily Head.

Genesis Lab

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In Events, Fashion, Home and Garden by Kirsten Corleone

       Apricot! Apricot! Apricot! I have been longing for a version of this skin tone to be officially released for a long time because it is my FAVORITE Pink Fuel skin tone. I love it so very much! I wore a not released version of Sora in Apricot for my wedding, but because it was not available to purchase I did not blog with it (even though I adore it and Apricot). So I can wear Apricot now in my blog posts because you can get this new skin, Morgana, at the current round of Arcade GachaRead more at the source.

Drifter (new from PFC & Velvet Whip @ We <3 Roleplay; Ama. shines @ The Fantasy Collective)

In Events, Fashion by Heph

When people spoke about life after the big boom – the inevitable nuclear war that broke out in the first part of the twenty-first century – it was never like this. People would adapt, they said – even in the wake of war, mankind had always found a way to adjust. By then we’d have solar energy, sustainable farming practices; by then we’d have eradicated bigotry, strengthened infrastructure enough that nobody – no war, no tyrant, no catastrophe – could bring us low.

They were wrong.


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Tutorial Thursdays – Gacha Minion – Part 4 – Friendly Selling

In Events, Fashion, iheartslFeed by Helena Stringer

Today we will be continuing our ongoing series of tutorials based on Gacha Minion. I decided to show you a little technique I use, when I am able, to keep my Boxes more friendly, not only to those who actually use Gacha Minion, but also those who do not. You never know who might happen upon your little yardsale, and this is something simple you can do to make looking at your resells a bit easier.
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Fallen Angel

In Events, Fashion, Home and Garden, iheartslFeed by Lucie Bluebird

I admit that when I first saw the Ravaged Wings Jian released for Wrath at the Festival Of Sin II, I was a bit… well, horrified might apply. I mean, they’re pretty gory, what with the flexi blood hanging off them. But they’re also SO well done, and after looking at them for a while I found myself utterly captivated. I wanted to challenge myself… I’ve blogged fantasy, but nothing quite so dark as this, really. I was imagining an angel, fallen from grace, being thrown from the heavens by the gods. I took the photo at Blithe.

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Welcome to Garage Deals!

In Designers, Events, Fashion by Cherrie


Introducing the Garage Deals!  Garage Deals is eclectic mix of objects including clothing, furniture, jewelry, and so much more.  Until September 15th, take a walk in this themed venue, and search for some huge savings.  Find something old for 50% off, something new for 99L or less, even something free.  You can’t go wrong shopping the Garage Deals!


Garage Deals Blog

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Dark Savage

In Events, Fashion by Aerlinniel Roughneck

The streets are a bit lonely right now as I wander them, looking for any stragglers out here in the wreckage. The fog is rolling in, covering the earth like a wool blanket and I embrace the darkness as it embraces me like a mother would a child. This is my time..our time..the creatures of the night. 


Innsmouth, a dark New England Coastal Town 1930, HP Lovecraft,
Poses & Props-
 The Savage
The Alchemy Sept.
Clothing & Accessories-
The Secret Store 
 Juicy Spooky Heels – Oil

 [C]oma [B]lack 
Once In a

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For Me, Not You

In Events, Fashion, iheartslFeed by Dayal Navarathna

It’s for me, MEEEEEEE, not you!
Mens Only Hunt has started, with another round of awesome designer offering goodies for all you guys out there.
Shape – Belissima – Common Gacha Prize @ Mainstore
Hair – Ayashi – Mens Only Hunt
Skin – 7 Deadly S{k}ins – L’Homme Group Gift (Instore)
Eyes – Insufferable Dastard – Free Instore Gift
Tattoo – Identity – Mens Only Hunt
Shirt&Vest – ::K:: – Mens Only Hunt
Pants – X-Treme Vogue – L$10 SL Marketplace Deal
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In Events, Fashion by Belite Swords

I am so excited for this month’s We <3 RP, which starts tomorrow!  I have one more preview to show you before it opens.

I really liked the outfit that I’m wearing by Moon Elixer.  The Vampy Corset bodysuit actually comes in 4 separate pieces (5 if you count the collar) so you can mix and match pieces to your heart’s desire, and while it didn’t have a mesh body option, I was easily able to fit it to mine with minimal adjustments.  I’m also sporting Charm’s (That’s the new brand name for Keystone) Priss jewelry set and the Imogen … Read more at the source.