Lets go green….

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Keeping with the tropical theme is the Annex with its gorgeous gown  – Arborea. This beautiful and evocative gown with its fern panels and satiny tones are sure to leave you with a fresh admiration for the gorgeous colors of the tropics.
Also, get ready for OMGacha that will start on July 10th and AlterEgo is participating in it with two gorgeous skins that you’re sure to love.
SlackGirl is participating in the Fashion limited with a limited edition of a fabulous eyeshadow. Get this only 25 copies will be sold and if you’re looking for something exclusive, this is … Read more at the source.

I’m in a trance or something…

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This summer’s gonna hurt like a motherfucker
This summer’s gonna hurt like a motherfucker

Her body’s hot
Her body’s like the summer
I’m in a trance or something
Her mind is not, no
As sharp as all her diamonds
She must be smoking something

I see her dancing in the streets
Sipping champagne on the beach
So expensive when she eats
Cause she’s so fancy
I see her when I go to sleep
I check my phone when I am weak
She never posts anything deep
Cause she’s so fancy, yeah

This summer’s gonna hurt like a … Read more at the source.

FEROSH Fashion AT SBL12 Celebration…..WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!!

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desireme Fallen feroshcake4_byrneLast Saturday I had the pleasure and honor of being in SLB12 FEROSH Fashion Show in celebration of Second Life’s 12th birthday! It had the fabulous and creatively fun theme of Marie Antoinette “Let Them Eat Cake” 1780 Couture. It was the stuff of fantasy and dreams as we got to express our individual visions of that using the gorgeous designs from Azul and Solidea. I picked and wore Solidea Folies MVW 2013 Italy Gown and accessorized with Chop Zuey Jewelry.

slb12 ad sl

Thank you FEROSH for such a fun fashion show, as everyone was styled to the nines showing why they are … Read more at the source.

Here Comes the Sun

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Summer is definitely here and sundresses are so comfortable in the heat.  LaVian&Co has Here Comes the Sun.  The dress features spaghetti straps with a cut out neckline and high-low hem.  A hud provides choices in colors.  Also, the Alexxis wedge shoe is new at LaVian. 

LaVian& Co

Hair:  Dura Boys and Girls 53
Earrings:  Finesmith Neta Jasper
Poses:  exposeur (former Advent gifts)

Read more at the source.

Five Things I Learned From Stephen King

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Five Things I Learned From Stephen King

I’ve been reading books by Stephen King for many years! Yea….lots of years! I was looking at my book case and while reflecting on his wonderful stories I thought of all the great tips on life one could get from him! Here goes!

1. Always vaccinate your dogs! Always!

2. Sometimes a nuclear bomb is the best solution!

3. Being a fan of someone can be taken too far. Don’t be that fan!!

4. Strawberry pie isn’t always what it seems!

5. Clowns really are evil!

And now for something about my attire! I’ll start with the SLink nail appliers! … Read more at the source.

American Woman – New AFI, ZOZ, AVALE

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Happy Independence Day! 

You’ll want to grab these awesome, unisex, shades from AFI now because they’re FREE this weekend only.  The mesh top is open and slightly longer in the back, and sale priced at 99L.  As always, nice quality from AFI.  

The leggings are an applier product only and part of the new, ‘Essentials” collection from Avale.  More colors and bodysuits there too.

More newness from ZOZ.  This is the black tip version of their DSignature Reds collection which is a must have.  There are Slink and Maitreya huds and the shades include pinks Read more at the source.