Find Joy in Fifty Linden Fridays!

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We should all find a little joy in our lives somewhere and why shouldn’t it be Fifty Linden Fridays? A new hair or some new shoes or even some cute little home decor, and all for a teeny tiny price? What’s not joyful about that?! Just make sure to check them out quickly because, as the name implies, it’s only good for today!


MIA: Pilot


ANE - heels, 50L
BALACLAVA - decor, 50L each
BROCANTE - decor, 50L each
DEAD DOLLZ - dress, 50L
DIGS - decor, 50L
FANCY DECOR - pumpkins, 50L each
FUNKY JUNK - decor, 50L each
INGENUE - heels, 50L each
LIVALLE - heels, 50L
LIVALLE - heels, 50L
LUXURIA - socks, 50L
MAXI GOSSAMER - jewelry, 50L
OLEANDER - hair, 50L
TANAKAMURA KAGU - chairs, 50L each
WASABI PILLS - hair, 50LRead more →


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Skin: Rotten Toe – .:!RT:.:Saoirse.v.2:.:FatPack
Eyes: AMITOMO / Halloween ideas GACHA / EYE2 @SaNaRae NEW!
Leg Tattoo: antielle. Beauty Clinic – Nurse Garter (APPLIERS)
Hair: [Mello] Pretty Creature – Pale Pastels @Bloody Horror Fair 2016 NEW!
Headband: [Mello] Pretty Creature
– Crystalized Headband – Pearl/White @Bloody Horror Fair 2016 NEW!
Eye Patch: [Mello] Organ Donor – Eye Patch – White @The Gacha Guardian
Face Bandaid: [Mello] Organ Donor – Face Bandaid – White @The Gacha Guardian
Dress: :Moon Amore: The Butcher Dress (Fatpack) @… Read more →

The Decent

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I have been meaning to do a picture with the Azuchi Pirate skirt forever, so this weekend I travelled over to Woodbury Falls, a pretty creepy sim that is cool to explore.  I am pretty sure I have never blogged these boots by Reign, but I try to make them work with everything I wear.  It sometimes is so hard to make something work together, but I did it; I think.

N21 has really amazing items this round. My jewelry comes to you from Mandala.  They are pretty spectacular pieces.  Also, if you did not know, there are tons … Read more →

Quando ami una persona

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Quando ami una persona, devi fidarti di lei. Non c’è altro modo. Devi darle la chiave di tutto quello che è tuo. Altrimenti a che serve? E per un po’ ho creduto di avere un amore così.

Location:  The Portal Park

Hair: .:EMO-tions – VERA @The Boho Culture Fair 
Dress: Ghee – Frilled Steater Charcoal @The Boho Culture Fair 
Pose: IOS – Pose with raven @Designer Circle Rd141 (round ends Nov 5th)

Mesh Head CaTwa Anna Grey

Mesh body Maitreya Lara

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Living on the edge

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Livin’ on the edge
You can’t help yourself
You can’t help yourself
Livin’ on the edge
You can’t help yourself at all
Livin’ on the edge
You can’t help yourself
You can’t help yourself
Livin’ on the edge
You can’t help yourself
You can’t help yourself
Livin’ on the edge
You can’t help yourself from fallin’

{song below}

*Blairkini {Bikini Top & Bottoms} by #EMPIRE – NEW @ The Epiphany
*Tattoo: Huyasi by Aurica Store NEW
*Boots: Survivor by N-core – NEW @ Uber 
Hair: Cecile in Light Blondes by Murray
Old Farson Cigarettes {Box in Hand} by [Schultz Read more →


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Em homenagem a Tayga Steampunk


Nem sempre é possível conhecer pessoalmente os amigos do Sl. A distância, na maioria das vezes é o maior obstáculo. Este ano tive a oportunidade de conhecer pessoalmente uma amiga que mostrou para mim que é uma pessoa muito especial. Falo da queridíssima Tayga Steampunk. Eu só a conheço faz um ano mas nesse tempo nossas interações foram ficando mais constantes e descobrimos que temos muita coisa em comum além do fato de morarmos na mesma cidade. Vocês devem se perguntar, mas o que isso tem a ver com “Jayla” que é o título da Read more →

Sales Events at Siss Boom 10/27 – 11/1

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99L Sale

A 99L sale is going on right now at Siss Boom and running through November 1st. Below are just a few of the many items that are available at the sale




Fifty Five Thursdays

The Fifty Five Thursdays items start at 55L and some are a bit more but still a good price for the these lovely creations from Siss Boom. I have put the price for each item on the photos. 


Sixty Linden Weekends

The Sixty Linden sale items are put out weekly at Siss Boom on Wednesdays and the sale runs through Sunday.


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To take something from a Beatles tune: Doesn’t have a point of view
Knows not where she’s going to Isn’t she a bit like you and me?
Nowhere girl please listen,You don’t know what you’re missing
Nowhere girl, The world is at your command…… and this is how I felt walking around in the dark late last night. I seen so many things you can not even imagine it

Poses used in this post are Cucurbit pose set by Exclusive at Pose Lover & Friends 14th october until the end of the 30th october 2016 SLT midnight

Pictures … Read more →