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Winter crept
Through the whispering wood,
hushing fir and oak;
crushed each leaf and froze
each web-
but never a word he spoke.

Winter prowled
by the shivering sea,
lifting sand and stone;
nipped each limpet silently-
and then moved on.

Winter raced
down the frozen stream,
catching at his breath;
on his lips were icicles,
at his back was death.

~Judith Nicholls~

Winter has reared it’s ugly head here in the Canadian prairies. There’s nothing quite like the first breath of frozen air, while under the morning stars. It’s a shock to the system to inhale such cold air! … Read more →

The truth is, we are who we are

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Whew, it’s been a while, right? Missed you guys ♥ I had a little bit of winter slumming going on, but the latest Collabor88 round pulled me right out of it! It’s a magical winter wonderland and you need eveything there is for sale!

The truth is, we are who we are
Pose: Girl653, girls674, model347 – Everglow [Using Tillie’s posestand]

Head: Tumble – Catwa
Skin: Moirah – Glam affair
Eyes: Soul II- Banana banshee
Body: Lara – Maitreya

Hair: Loni – Truth
Necklace: Stardust – Yummy
Dress: Sugar plum dress – Ison [Collabor88: 8 December – 6 January]
Shoes: Laurie.platforms –

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The Deeper Reality

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“There is more to the world than what we can see,” she said, before rising on a great cloud of violet light. “And I will guard that knowledge from anyone who would try to take it and use it for evil!”


Yep, this outfit definitely gave me a kind of Doctor Strange vibe. I decided to run with it. Because why not? 

Head: CATWA HEAD – Catya. The recent 1.4 update did a lot to fix expressions for me. Thanks Catwa! I am honestly becoming more and more attached to this head every day (and the face I … Read more →

Christmas Birds @TJC

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地球のみなさんこんにちは、Rehana Seljan です㋡
Hello Earthling, I’m Rehana Seljan㋡

去る12月9日、SLTV の番組「TAKESHITA★JETCITY」に出演しました。
I had appeared Japanese streaming TV “TAKESHITA★JETCITY” at 9th Dec. 2016.

Christmas Birds

Christmas Birds

[Styling Note]
+ Dress | Moon Amore & Disorderly – Sugar Branch (for Lara) @Collabor88 (6th Jan) – NEW!!
+ Jewel | CHOP ZUEY – Amore Campari
+ Jewel | CHOP ZUEY – Consecration (Red)
+ Body | PROMAGIC – Abhang (Gold) @anyBody (31st Dec) – NEW!!
+ Shoe | EMPIRE – Pansy (for Maitreya and more) @Collabor88 (6th Jan) – NEW!!
+ Nail | La Boheme – Garland (Gold / for Slink and more)

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A book … Un libro

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A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.
un libro è come un giardino portato nella tasca.

proverbio arabo

Skin: *ScS* – Ice Princess @SWANK (round ends Dec 30th)
Hair: NSP – Pandora’s Poppies Natural @SWANK (round ends Dec 30th)
Lashes: *ScS* – Princess Eyelashes @SWANK (round ends Dec 30th)
Lipstick: DS’Elles – LIPstick dor Catwa Serie Rose GIFT @2nd level event
Nails: IP Nails – Wunter Wedding @SWANK (round ends Dec 30th)
Jewels: [H] – Mangalsutra Collection Silver and Diamond (earrings, necklace and ring) @SWANK (round ends Dec 30th)
Dress: ..:AVALE:. – Vicky
window: [Park Read more →

Something Fancy

Tilly ThirdbornEvents, Fashion

Something Fancy

Hey Guys & Girls!

Welcome to the weekend!  We hope you guys have lots of nice things planned to do.  My gorgeous Bray and I are busy trying to catch up on our work, and our current round of the :{Pretty Things}: Showroom Event opens tomorrow!   So make sure to head on over, and find some amazing exclusive designs ready just for you!  You may find some great Christmas ideas there too!

Today, we have some great items to share with you.   First of all I am excited to introduce the new Irenka hair by Truth.  This is a really … Read more →

So Much Amazing, So Little Time

Beu AnnaDesigners, Events, Fashion

SL has so much amazing, dreamy , magical stuff in it right now and I am in a panic I won’t get enough time to blog it all before seasons change again.  Same with the Sims, people have created magical winter places and opened them for us to visit and I am trying to take the time to look around properly yet get around them all. Get out there and enjoy it when you have the time.

Hair – Eyes One Me by Exile @ C88

crown/ bindi/ choker/ earrings/ roses – Crosses Gacha @ Ersch

dress – Angel  by Read more →

Christmas Spirit

Trey MelodyEvents, Fashion

Oh, to be a kid again at Christmas, although, there are so many advantages to being an adult at Christmas as well!  Even though you are all grown up doesn’t mean you can’t act like a kid this time of year.  1 Hundred and BAXE poses at the Designer Showcase event can help with that.  The Warmth outfit from 1 Hundred is cozy and cute and BAXE poses Christmas Spirit express the yuletide feeling.

Designer Showcase 1 Hundred and BAXE Poses

1 Hundred and BAXE Poses @ Designer Showcase

Hair:  Runaway Design Jade
Slippers:  [Phunk] Unisex Rudolph purchased on the Marketplace here
Snowmen:  Glitter Advent

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Deco(c)rate in Second Life – December ’16 Round Unboxed

harmonysandalphonEvents, Fashion

Hi guys! I’m really excited to bring you my unboxing video of the December round of Deco(c)rate!

Deco(c)rate - December '16

Deco(c)rate is a mystery subscription box featuring 15 high-quality home & decor designers and is released on the 8th of the month.

Following similar formulas to other boxes, you pre-order at a kiosk for $1500L and will have the box delivered to you on the 8th. You can purchase past crates at the headquarters for $3000L.

This is great if you love to decorate (and hoard items like me) and well worth the fee, check out the video below!

On … Read more →