Black Dragon Jelly babies and graphics presets | Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

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Inara Pey’s breakdown of new changes to the Black Dragon viewer, which I find very nice for taking photographs. I am going to download the new version so I can play around with the Avatar Complexity settings and see how the ‘jelly babies’ work. Most in the dance world (including me) generally have avatar impostors […]Read more at the source.

The Walls Are Closing In!

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Dear Diary:

Yes…the walls are closing in on me!!  Here I am…trapped in my house…can’t drive…can’t even sit at my computer for any length of time so I really am going stir crazy!!

I felt the need to go shopping so I flew into Collabor88.  I was having a wonderful day out but then knew I couldn’t be long.  Everything starts to ache.  I picked up this cute sweater dress from Decoy.

I really wanted a glamour shot but it was all I could do to take this one.  Hmmm.  The cast really doesn’t add anything, does it?Read more at the source.

My heart is black – Remarkable Oblivion and my lost mojo!

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Hi peeps!

I have been insanely unmotivated with SL lately, I am not even sure why. :( It’s not that anything has changed dramatically, it’s….a certain lack of having something worthwhile to do I guess, since I don’t have a role-play sim I am dedicated to. :( Blogging and events are fun, but to feel truly inspired to blog, I also have to enjoy SL, and currently, that is really hard for me, especially given that I am sort of super busy in rl lately. I really seem to have a hard time currently to get myself to blogging. I … Read more at the source.

A perfect day!

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For a perfect look of your kitty hat
Wear the chemistry bang and your favorite base hair color
so it will be  a little easier and you don´t have to worry.
My other secret is to make a copy of your kitty hat and then you can resize it
depending on your hairstyle.
Everytime you want to resize a hairstyle or shoes make a copy, specially if you are not
used to edit your hair or shoes.
Then have fun!
…I’m wearing…
Hat ~*Buglets*~@ Hello Beautiful! – Kitteh Hat
Kitty hat includes a hud of 12 colors:
Cranberry, forest, … Read more at the source.


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Click the picture to get a closer view.
Today I am mixing and matching pieces of furniture.
Some of them are older gacha items so I am not sure if there is a machine in the stores I sent you to.
The bed is a masterpiece made by C. Edo of Tromple Loeil called  Jayden Bed.
You can make endless combinations with the bedlinen and the bed comes with and without lights.
If and when  you want to dream  in this bed yourselt the only thing you have to do is take a trip to  ~uber~ 
Dream on
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I went to the dark side. They have cookies!

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Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica w/ Belleza Keira Catwa Applier Sun Kissed
Hair: D!va Hair “Bambi” (Red amber) 
Eyes: IKON Odyssey Eyes – Moor
Top: VAVIEN Stylish Lau Sweatsuit Black Top Designer Circle
Top: VAVIEN Stylish Lau Sweatsuit Black Pants Designer Circle
Bra: T.B.A
Sink with poses: Chez Moi Shabby Kitchen NEW
House: dust bunny . willow farmhouse Collabor 88
Read more at the source.