Gonna love myself, no, I don’t need anybody else

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I know how to scream my own name

I am about to proud that I truly do not need any added sugar is my life. I am a tad too awake but, I wanted to share this hair with you, as well as all the other awesome items in this post..

I actually came across the group freebies by hunting on the website for, Teleporthub which shares many freebie offers, as well as group gifts, and promotions going on in Second Life.

That being said, here is a photo I took of just the decor items..

Pictures in my mind on replay

I recorded a video of everything close up.. mind you, please bare … Read more →

2017 0528 The Fantasy Gacha Carnival – .aisling. {Satrinah}

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— The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (~June 7th)

– .aisling. {Satrinah} Gacha

.aisling. {HG-Satrina} – Scarf {Aqua}
.aisling. {HG-Satrina} – Bra {Aqua}
.aisling. {HG-Satrina} – Armbands
.aisling. {HG-Satrina} – Forearms
.aisling. {HG-Satrina} – Belt
.aisling. {HG-Satrina} – Skirt {Aqua}
.aisling. {HG-Satrina} – Panties {Aqua}
.aisling. {HG-Satrina} – Legbands
.aisling. {SHG-Satrina} – Snakes  RARE

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My movie theater alt

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Don’t have a TV at home, but meet my movie theater alternative. Five channels with thoroughly selected refined content. And each bottle from the rack contains the best illusions cinematography can’t offer.


A Biker set that includes a Jacket, a Hoody and a Hat. 100% mesh with special version for Signature and TMP Classic. There are 4 color versions for a jacket for 300L per color or 900 for a fatpack, 5 colors for a hoody for 150L per option or 600L for a fatpack and 5 colors for a hat for 200L per item or 800L … Read more →

She’s got a list of moves to make.

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Dear SL…
Ok so fair warning this blog post is pretty graphic and may trigger some emotional response good or bad. Just know that my intent for this picture was artistic expression of my own reasons.
Please if you feel you need the help reach out, I am leaving the help lines in this link. https://i.gyazo.com/c5db2a29e4ba9769920cd124cc007ed4.png
I have had a lot of emotions of late and not all of them are so easy to express nor is it easy to admit them to yourself.
Anyways i wont go into it to heavy, Just needed to explain this a little.

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I Want It All

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Hello Virtual Land Owners,

Here’s a bunch of amazing creations from the RFL Home and Garden Expo  2017.

1)  House –  By  Dorian  “Lazy Days Cottage” is located HERE on Sim 4. This lovely home may look small from the front but is actually very  long and spacious.  It comes rezz boxed for easy set up and has working blinds, lights, and  windows. Almost all parts can be tinted how you like. Land Impact = 44 and event price is 1000L.

Picnic Area – Sahi Designs is a fabulous designer with all Read more →


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-Nivaro- ‘Harley’ Catwa Applier *COMING SOON
Drot – Hair
Mandala – Plugged Ears
-Nivaro- Tribal Arrow Tattoo
Aviglam – Hypnotic Eyes

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Time To Cool Off!

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Post Number 2 today, because it’s Sunday, and because I can!

The month is drawing to an end, and here in the UK the weather has been so hot over the last few days, It’s been quite unbearable at night. I slept two nights with my windows open and two fans going, and I still couldn’t get to sleep. Although I think it’s probably more to do with the noise of the fans than the heat! The solution to the problem always causes more problems!

Summer Lovin_003

Anyway, it’s so hot, it’s time to cool off in the pool! And I’ve got … Read more →