[theSkinnery] for Collab88

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New skin applier for Catwa mesh heads only : Maddie

Released in 6 skin tones (milk, champagne, honey, toffee, mocca and brownie) all packs include a white face base skin for system avatar, appliers for mesh bodies are available at the mainstore.
Maddie comes with 4 brow options : no brows, blond, chestnut and dark at the price of only 388L.

Happy shopping!
See you at Collab88 : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/8%208/27/169/1100

Valentine’s For Your Soul

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It’s Mardi Gras and that can only mean one thing, Valentine’s day is ALMOST HERE! I know yesterday I bemoaned the oncoming never ending red and pink sea that SL was about to come. But then I looked up and remembered OMG I LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY!!

I can tell you WHY very easily. Valentine’s day has never been about romantic love to me. It’s about LOVE. Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Platonic, familial are just a couple. Romantic is great and yes all the heart shaped dildos and cupid buttplugs are definitely geared to a sexytimes romantic evening.… Read more at the source.

#181 Flower Puff Girl

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Flower Puff Girl

Are you ready for Flower Power event presented by WeDoSL Events? It opens at 1pm SLT, on February 12, 2016! Yes! It’s almost there! So check your calendars and be ready for it! (All items are from the event except the hair.)

Hair: TRUTH HAIR *Group Gift* Kizzy
Dress: :: D-Style – Tube Dress w.HUD ::
Shoes: [RISQUE] BP2 -Flower Power (Maitreya Fitted)

:: D-Style Bow w.HUD ::
HORNTAIL – Alicia Face Mask (U)

Litrato – Cutie Pie 5

Holding Onto The Moment

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Holding Onto A Moment

Hey Everyone!

We hope Tuesday is being kind to you?  Bray and I have been so busy getting our Pretty Things Shopping District up and running, and wow has it been a crazy couple of weeks!  We have 3 entire districts full of top Second Life designers.  We also have set up a new gacha event,  called GachAmazin which opens on February 14th.  It’s an exclusive event and if any creators out there would like a gacha machine with us, we only have 4 still available, so head on over and see us and we will do our best to … Read more at the source.

Flutterpaws caused by Hallucinations

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I’m not feeling very great this morning. Mother Nature is awesome but sometimes her visits leave you feeling worn out and like crap so today I am going to have a PJ day and remain high on drugs until I feel better! 
Of course being high on drugs is great – depending on the drug of course, I am not advocating the use of anything illegal – perhaps?! – but sometimes they make you have hallucinations… 

I took a walk at the StoryBrooke Gardens this morning, and I kept thinking I was seeing adorable little kittens flying around with Butterfly Read more at the source.

The Half Life

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So I had a bit of a setback, RL wise, and had to attend to that over the last 2 weeks. I just can’t seem to get a break with the start of this year. Hopefully it is all past.


Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Yakumi in Fawn(Tinted)
Skin – Dulce Secrets – Felicity Skin in Milky Tone/Bare Makeup – L$1
Eyes – Banana Banshee – Futuristic 3 Eyes
Lashes – AlaskaMetro – Diva Prim Lashes – L$5
Hands – Slink – Casual Pose
Nail Appliers – HopScotch – US of A Nails – L$1
Outfit (Lingerie and
Read more at the source.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival hasn’t forgotten the furniture lovers!

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Fantasy Gacha has finally opened and there’s not only outfits that you can play for but some awesome decor items too! The-Inn-1

Before I get into the gachas, I want to make mention of the skybox that I’m using today. It’s the Molly’s Room Skybox by Fiasco and is going to be available at Enchantment from the 13th – 29th of February. It’s a cute little skybox that’s L shaped and is great for those who want just a small space to decorate! Now on to the gachas!

The first gacha is from Artisan Fantasy and is called The Inn Reception Desk … Read more at the source.

One Billion Rising

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2/14、バレンタインデーであると同時に2013年からはOne Billion Risingの日でもあります。
One Bilionというのは、世界の女性のおよそ1/3にあたる10億人が、つまり世界の女性の3人に1人が身体的、性的暴力を受けたことがある…というちょっとショッキングな統計からきた名称で、One billion risingは歌や踊り、フラッシュモブでそういった現状を訴え改革していく運動です。

SecondLifeでもOne Billion Risingが行われているのは知っていたのですがなかなか参加できる機会がなく…今回ちょうどOne Billion Risingの公募撮影とタイミングが合い、参加することが出来ました。

約60人もの参加者が集まり同じOne Billion Risingのロゴ入りTシャツを身に着け撮影する、貴重な機会でした。


Filomena’s Yard Sale