Time to drop some Grenade Free Weekend on you!

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Grenade Free Weekend

It’s Friday and that means your Grenade Free Weekend has officially begun!   Loads of great deals await until 11:59pm Saturday so come on down, take a stroll along the Jersey Shore!   Ring in the weekend with a shopping field trip, come on over!



ABRASIVE - dress, 99L
BAD APPLE - boots, 99L each
CHUS - eyes, 90L
INFLICTED - top, 50L
ONE HUNDRED - dress, 90L
SASSY - lingerie, 95L
STATIC - top, 50L each
TD DESIGNS - boots, 95L
TOXXIC HIGH - shoes, 25L
VELOCITY - panties, 99LRead more at the source.

Eden MalikTime to drop some Grenade Free Weekend on you!

Autumn bells bringing me back home

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Dust Bunny is officially open inworld here! This is the Maple Cottage, which is by far my favorite. All of the builds are absolutely amazing though! I adore the small details on this such as the satellite dish, the mail box on the door, and the drapes on the inside of the door. Noel’s texturing always blows me away and the Maple Cottage is no exception. This build is the epitome of fall; cute, cozy, and warm. You must check it out!

House: Dust Bunny – Maple Cottage

Chairs:  Cheeky Pea@Fameshed

Lanterns:  Cheeky Pea@Fameshed

Wreath: KalopsiaRead more at the source.

Lauren MinuetAutumn bells bringing me back home

OotD :: Back to School!

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Hayy loves. I have 900 of you amazing people on my flickr now. 900! I can’t even believe it.. Thank you so much. ;3; Did you miss me?! Did you even notice I was gone? ..Be honest now! I know you probably weren’t expecting me back so soon, but my boyfriend’s laptop has a nice graphics card as I found out and he’s awesome enough to let me use his while we get my hard drive taken care of! I just got back home last weekend after spending 3 weeks at Chichi’s, so I’m still getting settled back in and Read more at the source.

Dori ROotD :: Back to School!

igotdressed 2014-09-19 02:54:29

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pose Label Motion – Paola Pose 2

hair little bones. Willow – @ The Secret Affair!NEW

skin Essences - Lily

top Maitreya * Crop Top Ash NEW

skirt {SMS} Skater Skirt NEW

bag {SMS} Doctor’s Bag Tomato

sandals tulip. Gladiator Sandals (Sand – SLINK) ( Sadly Tulip is closing so shop before its too late )

sweater *COCO_SweaterOverShoulders

jacket *COCO*_BikerJacketOverShoulders_White

jeans Maitreya Rolled Skinny Jeans – All Colours

Read more at the source.

igotdressedigotdressed 2014-09-19 02:54:29

Come with me now

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Come with me now

I finally had the time and attention span to do some decorating. I’ve missed doing home and garden posts so much! I love this cute little house from Haikei – I can’t believe I had never heard of this shop before! They have such cute builds there!

I have a lot of stuff set out but not all of it is shown in the pictures, so if I missed anything, let me know. Happy shopping!

Come with me now

:HAIKEI: Outdoor Open House | Kustom9 September

Sway’s [Crack] Birdhouse . tree stump

Alouette – Metal Flower Cart

[Consignment] Planter’s Habitat – Wheelbarrow | Arcade Read more at the source.

Isabelle RequiemCome with me now

Change happens…

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“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.” by _ Steve Maraboli

Change happens...

LUXE. – Snake Taper Black @ Jewelry Fair Sept. 2014
LUXE. Feather Chain – Gris @ Jewelry Fair Sept. 2014
LUXE. – Crown Heart Handbag @ coming soon to Kustom9
Blueberry – Carissa – Mesh – Tied Wrinkled Dress
Essenz – New York @ Thrift Shop
-Belleza- Venus *SlinkFit – coming soon!

Photo taken at Neva Sky Villi

Read more at the source.

Maya GeorgeChange happens…


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I feel like I just started summer a couple of weeks ago, and now I’m getting all excited about a cold front coming in…..holy cow it could dip down into the lower 90’s!!  Autumn is closing in…and except for the having to go back to work part…it’s my favorite time of the year.  The crisp air, the pumpkins, apple cider…and yes….hearing Christmas music in mid-October…crazy.  Boudoir always has a fabulous seasonal outfit ready to usher in the new weather and this fall is no different.  The Autumn Forest Fairy is a mesh wonder….sexy and striking…the headpieces always amaze me with … Read more at the source.


#406 More Dead Dollz at Penumbra

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Dear Readers,

In this Penumbra blog I’m showing you the 2 remaining items by Dead Dollz “Heisenberg Collection”.

And if you think the fun is almost over? Visit this link to see the schedule for this weekend.

I have to say, I find the name Heisenberg Collection just brilliant. Makes you wonder what her next line will be named after.

The gown that I’m wearing in the these pictures is called “Full Measures”.
The Look

Shaz bDazzle#406 More Dead Dollz at Penumbra

Run For Your Life To Level Up!!

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Level Up Survival horror logo

Level Up is back for another amazing round and the theme is Survival/Horror Games! I love everything about this event and it’s absolutely perfect for anyone who loves zombies and horror! There is also a ton of creepy and cute stuffs as well so pretty much anyone can come to Level Up and buy something just for their own style! So grab your axe and head to Level Up to chop up some zombies…I mean, buy everything before it ends on the 5th!


Teleport to Level Up


AYASHI - see description for details
BLUPRINTZ - vial, 50L per play
BLUPRINTZ - see description for details
BRIXLEY - decor, 75L/99L
CASITA - chest, 200L
CONSIGNMENT - see description for details
CUBIC CHERRY - toy, 250L
CUBIC CHERRY - toy, 50L per play
DOUBLE TAKE - pose/fatpack, 25L each/100L
FETCH - decor/nails, 99L/75L
FIGURE - nail, 99L
FLOORPLAN - decor, 175L/100L
FROGSTAR - decor, 100L each
FROGSTAR - decor, 50L per play
FUUBUTSU DOU - see description for details
GEEK - snap, 25L per play
HOPSCOTCH - pose/prop, 350L
HOPSCOTCH - pose/prop, 350L
HOPSCOTCH - book, 35L per play
ILAYA - pose, 100L
KATATONIK - see description for details
KATATONIK - mace, 50L per play
KURO - lamp/trash, 100L/75L
LE PRIMITIF - see description for details
THE LIBRARY - kimono, 200L each
MANGO CHEEKS - bows, 99L
MIEN - pose, 120L
MONSTER SLAYER- throne, 200L
MYRAI STYLE - collar, 50L per play
MYRAI STYLE - see description for details
NANTRA - pose/fatpack, 40L each/250L
PAPER MOON - cage, 300L
SARI-SARI - pose, 150L
THE SUGAR GARDEN - dress, 100L each
SWAGGA - weapon, 50L per play
SWAGGA - weapon, 399L
TEA.S - ring/brain, 175L each/150L
VALENTINA E. - see description for details
THE WICKED PEACH - tattoo/nails, 100LRead more at the source.

Callie AhrenRun For Your Life To Level Up!!