Post 1735: Modificar pensamientos

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El mundo tal y como lo conocemos es fruto de nuestro pensamiento. No lo cambiaremos si no modificamos nuestro pensamiento. Albert Einstein.

KiB Designs - Juniper Outfit 
Top & Skirt in 8 Colors /Hud
Maitreya,Venus,Freya,Isis,Hourglass & Physique sizes
Available: Sense Event
Start on 18th

Fashiowl Poses - Disturbia Pose
10 bento poses
Settee included
Available: Limit8

Post 1734: Brindis por la mujer

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Brindo por esa mujer que en vez de suspirar por lo que no tiene, curiosea el mundo en busca de las herramientas necesarias que le ayudarán a alcanzar sus sueños. Brindo por la guerrera, la que nunca se rinde. (Anónimo)

JUMO Originals - Jessica Outfit
This time JUMO bring us Jessica outfit, a very sexy top and fitted pants to enjoy the fall intimate moments or parties.Read more at the source.

Flowers in the Rain

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Flowers in the Rain

**yawn** It’s way too early, FabFree-ers. I need coffee… lots of coffee. But I had to get up early so y’all would have plenty of time to go grab this gorgeous new set of lingerie from Entice.

Saturday Rain

This is the “Flowers in the Rain” bra and panty set from Entice and it’s the “Saturday Sale” sneaking in under our limit at 75L.… Read more at the source.

Azul runway

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Azul 30-50% discount for Black Friday! thank you Mami ❤

November 16th 0:00 – 25th 23:59 SLT

50 Limited Color items = up to 50% off


The dresses and outfits I show you here (many more are discounted!):

Clea in aqua (boots included), with Zibska Noir eyemakeup and Tableau Vivant Punky hair

Yazmin in lavender.… Read more at the source.

Taking A Moment

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Taking A Moment

Between blogging, my online business, and starting to get ready for Thanksgiving (I host every year, and actually cooked my first dish TODAY), lately it seems that I’m constantly running and moving on to the next thing. Sometimes I need to remind myself to just stop, take a moment, look around, and appreciate everything around me… good advice as Thanksgiving approaches, don’t you think?… Read more at the source.

Park Life

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I’ve been on a week’s leave and am not really supposed to be back until Monday, but I couldn’t resist doing another Autumnal scene!  It’s such a beautiful season and is rather short in our virtual world.  This scene looks like the foliage density of a park but it doesn’t take many trees and shrubs to get a really good effect,  so if you wanted to repeat this landscape on a more permanent basis than I did just for blogging’s sake, it wouldn’t break the prim bank. … Read more at the source.

Sweet saturday morning

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How to Make Hot Chocolate:

I heat up my milk in a saucepan per usual (with a smidge of sugar, which is optional): I bring it to a scalding temperature, which is about 180 degrees F.

If you don’t have a thermometer, no problem, because you can tell when it’s about 180 degrees F when little bubbles start to form on the side of the pot, but it’s not quite boiling. Read more at the source.

Singing in the kitchen

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Dear reader. Hope your cozy weekend :)

I really like kitchen decoration. Oneday i want to try to take picture that close up of food decoration.
Nowadays food items are very real and looks so good :)

Credit @ ~Adorably Strange Wares~ in Swank
Cabinet : ~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Cabinets Small
Shelf : ~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Shelf
Decor : ~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Pan Rack
Sink table : ~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Sink
Cabinet big : ~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Cabinet Large
Stove : ~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Stove Island
Stool : ~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Stool
Chair : ~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Chair w\ Pillow
~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Cups
~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Plate Stacks
~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Tea Tins
~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Cannisters
~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Cookie Board
~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Centerpiece
~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Jar
~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Pan Single
~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Cookie Tray
~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Dough Bowl
~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Dry Goods
~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Rolling Pin
~ASW~ The Main Street Kitchen Rolled Dough

Credit @ Tres Beau Maison in On9
Cage : TB Maison Birdcage
Chair : TB Maison Tiered Chair
Rug : TB Maison Criss Cross Rug
wall art : TB Maison Bird Painting 2
wall art : TB Maison Bird Painting 1

Vase flower : Ariskea {Winter Nostalgia} Mirtille Plant
Plant : {what next} Snake Plant
Plant : {what next} Snake Plant (stand)
Plant : {what next} Pothos Plant (small)

Enjoy your Secondlife!… Read more at the source.

My Secret Hobby

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Every month I delicately run around and pick up the gifts for Midnight Monthly Mania which is a free group with free gifts.  I figured I would blog about them more frequently.  Todays dress is from Cubic Cherry and was this months gift.  I love the variation in the pattern on the dress and it is great for fall.  I paired it with TIY Gold shoes from Heels which always has a great shoe for any outfit at a great price. 

Read more at the source.

Jim, Marissa and the LeLu dolls

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Guys!!! LeLutka has released a massive update to their heads and new heads wil be out as well soon!
The new HUD is sexy! I have no other words for it. It’s just UNF… love! 
Long story short: the heads have updated weighting, to make them more compatible with 3rd party skins (Omega), the expressions and moods have all been updated as well, the HUD has a new design AND is bake on mesh ready!… Read more at the source.

TLC Bird Feeders

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TLC Bird Feeders2TLC Bird Feeders3TLC Bird Feeders4TLC Bird Feeders5

💖 TLC Bird Feeders – @ Tannenbaum – November 17 – December 22
💖 TLC Feeder Meow’s Diner includes, Great Tit, Meow’s Diner without birds and Meow’s diner linked set.
💖 TLC Feeder Fly Thru includes, Red Cardinal, Green Finch, Fly Thru Diner without birds and Fly Thru Diner linked set.… Read more at the source.

It’s Not Christmas Yet

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Wandering around whether it’s restaurants or stores you are inundated with Christmas. Trees, lights, music, it surrounds us in every walk of life. The city I like in, the day after Halloween started putting up the Christmas lights and decorations, stores in the mall are spreading Christmas cheer through song.… Read more at the source.

A Real Page Turner

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A Real Page Turner.jpg

I wonder how many people today know what that title means.  How many of us still read actual books?  With all of today’s Kindles and Glowlights and audio books, having to turn the page is becoming a thing of the past. … Read more at the source.

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

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First off it’s my Rezzday I’ve been in Second Life for 10 long years…hehe! It’s been up and down rollercoaster but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Moving on I know it’s been awhile since my last post and it’s not without trying, but I’ve been working a lot (dang retail) and this past week my mom was in the hospital (she’s fine now) so there was that.… Read more at the source.

My Xmas Eve plans

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Will you come to join me? Let's keep it simple by just playing "Truth or Dare" after exchanging our presents. And don't worry, I'll decorate the place and wear a suit...


MadPea Truth or Dare - Adult Edition
Available at Cosmopolitan till November 17th and later at the main store

A&D Clothing
A&D Clothing - Suit -Santorini- GIANNI autohide
Available at the main store

Redneck's Xmas
BackBone Redneck's Xmas - Xmas Tyre
BackBone Redneck's Xmas - Bottle Tree RARE
BackBone Redneck's Xmas - Wheel Snowman
BackBone Redneck's Xmas - Bullet Wreath
BackBone Redneck's Xmas - Wind Chime
BackBone Redneck's Xmas - Plunger Tree
BackBone Redneck's Xmas - Gift not included
BackBone Redneck's Xmas - Washer & Dryer
BackBone Redneck's Xmas - Tattoo Kit
BackBone Redneck's Xmas - Backscratcher
Available at Man Cave till December 9th

..::THOR::..Read more at the source.