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Hair: *ARGRACE* Tsukushi ❀New
Burguer: *Tentacio* Hamburguer take away ❀Kustom9
HeadPhones Hands: *Tentacio* hobby day ❀Kustom9
Top: KOKORO/PEACHU - Sana Top ❀Flora Event!
Shorts: parfait. Juniper Shorts ❀Flora Event!
Hair: *ARGRACE* Tsukushi ❀New
Coockie: *Tentacio* cookie take away ❀Kustom9
Bottle: *Tentacio* Gym bottle ❀Kustom9
Bag: *Tentacio* yoga bag ❀Kustom9
Outfit: ALTAIR* mikuzume - Bra // Sweater // Shorts ❀Flora Event!Read more at the source.

Pretty little thing

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bbq day.png

I am very excited to blog for Uber, especially this month because there is a lot of good creators in this round, including Vinyl and Blueberry! I am also excited to see the summer clothes appearing, especially these sophisticated shorts that Vinyl has made for this round of Uber.… Read more at the source.

~The Magic of Music

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Phew, the month of May was sure busy busy busy. I took a month off for blogging because so many things were happening in real life and I just needed to make sure I wasn’t disappointing sponsors by not meeting deadlines.… Read more at the source.

We are young

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Elise skater.png

For the past month, I had taken a break from blogging, and from Second Life altogether actually to focus on real life and I really needed the break from the virtual world for a little bit, I had been feeling drained from the work  and people here but I am feeling refreshed and I am back and throwing myself straight back into blogging because that has been my passion and reason for logging into Second Life for the past three years.… Read more at the source.

Wine O’Clock

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Wine O'Clock

Hello from my backyard! Cheeky Pea just released the Taula Gazebo Set, perfect for when you’re inviting friends over for a drink. I just enjoy being outside in SL, and this ‘wine shed’ comes with everything I need to feel like it’s an actual living space – gazebo, furniture, lighting, and decor.… Read more at the source.