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I decided to do a picture for The Secret Store blogger search that runs until the end of the month. I tossed around a few ideas and finally settled on two ballerinas in a dance studio. Both avatars are me and I styled them with the Lily Scalloped Bodysuit and the Nathalie Tutu Dress at Collabor88. In the background you can also see the Becky T-Strap Heels and My First Boombox in candy, an old Arcade item. Add in some updos from Truth and the beautiful Reign Ballerina Warmers and you have a blogger search submission!

  The Secret Store - Blogger Search - Charisma Jonesford
On Left

Skin- … Read more at the source.

Sometimes It Seems the Arcade Knows EXACTLY Who I Am

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My work has begun, my joy has started – I get to bring to life the amazing creations from THE ARCADE and make them part of my own world. The creators have worked and worked making amazing things to contribute to the story of our lives, and now it’s our turn to give them life.

The are so many releases this round that said “Gidge, they knew you were coming” but I was tickled to see the Devil Wears Prada inspired items from new to me brand 1992.

I’m lucky that my work is also my joy. Fashion is my … Read more at the source.

Au bonheur des couleurs

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I know it’s been a while. A big while actually. I had things to think about, one of them if I even felt like continuing with this blog after my SL changed so massively over night.  I always felt that my blog was part of who I am in SL, but so I felt about having Don in my SL and since that suddenly changed on July 18, I don’t know, aside fromt he grief, some sort of an existential (blog) crisis happened as well.

However, I’m not yet ready to let go of this platform. I may not be … Read more at the source.

Escape Is Provided

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I’m hiding out in SL. No one can find me here. I’ve gone to one of Honour McMcMillan’s places and I’ve found the perfect spot to avoid the world. 

SL can be such a welcome distraction. Things to do abound, even when you’re alone.

At this selfsame place there is dancing, and a lot of it. I think I danced for a half an hour by myself, whirling and lunging to the beautiful music. Just touch the cello to dance? Yes. Yes I will.

The beautiful onlookers move subtly, amazing models that impressed me while I chose the next dance, … Read more at the source.

A Touch of Cute

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So what happens when you mix up a demon and a lolita styled goth dress?

Helena Stringer - IOF - A Touch of Cute - 1
I wouldn’t call myself a traditionally cute avatar. I am forever in the realm of odd and sometimes scary. When not designing, or blogging, I am most often a demon of some sort. But can a demon be cute? Of course! It is all in the eyes of puppeteer, how we perceive our digital flesh.

I fell in love with this dress from Adoness. It isn’t something I would normally wear, not for lack of liking the style, but I have entrenched my self so … Read more at the source.

The Mystic Blue

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all the manifold blue and joyous eyes

Out of the darkness, fretted sometimes in its sleeping,
Jets of sparks in fountains of blue come leaping
To sight, revealing a secret, numberless secrets keeping.

Sometimes the darkness trapped within a wheel
Runs into speed like a dream, the blue of the steel
Showing the rocking darkness now a-reel.  

And out of the invisible, streams of bright blue drops
Rain from the showery heavens, and bright blue crops
Surge from the under-dark to their ladder-tops.

And all the manifold blue and joyous eyes,
The rainbow arching over in the skies,  
New sparks of wonder opening in surprise.  

All these Read more at the source.

The Poetry Muses

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I like to thinks that there are muses for all sorts of things, like poetry. I also like to think they are specialized and need to recharge their musing powers. For today I have selected three of the poetry muses. First we will look at the one who inspires poems about the woods and tress and such.

Poesia Silvana

When this muse needs to recharge she seeks refuge in the forest surrounded but all the trees. She communes with the trees and after a while she feels rested and rejuvenated enough to go out and inspire sylvan poems.
The next muse is … Read more at the source.

Sami’s Free Picks 4

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Scandal Fashions Glamorous Girl (lucky chair) 
eXxEsS : X-MAS 2014 Dollarbie (marketplace)
little bones. Puck hair with extensive hud (free gift in store)
Iffyta Rains Pretty in Pink Outfit with 8 pink patterns by hud (marketplace)
  Iffyta Mesh Stilletto Ankle Boots – 8 pink patterns by hud (marketplace)
 Loordes of LondonCannes Biker Jacket-Blue (group gift – archives)
[Pure Melody] – Akira Earrings (group gift counter – need fitting)
“”D!va””  Hair “Bambi” (two styles – old group gift upstairs)

m/ LAVAROCK CREATIONS m/-HAIL SATAN Shirt (also for guys – in store)
Mesh Head – Read more at the source.

The Woodstock Cottage

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Today’s post is all about the new Woodstock Cottage from DaD Designs that you can currently find for 20% off at The Fantasy Collective.  The house has three large, high ceiling rooms in a beautiful rustic style cottage.  Coming with the home is the wall, extra yellow flowers and ivy in three colors.  Helping the cottage get a more lived in feel I included items from Jian, What Next, Garden of Dreams, Forest Floor, Bazaar, Circa and Rustica.  If you need a larger view click the picture and hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

flickr look 751

DaD Designs – Woodstock Cottage with … Read more at the source.