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Cajsa’s impeccable taste and Second Life’s lack of effective inventory searching lead to me getting this dress. There is nothing about that which I find to be a problem. In fact, I feel like I’ve totally scored.

She’s been taunting me with my birthday gift, I have to admit I thought this was it, it’s THIS gorgeous it’s worthy of being a gift on it’s own.

She picked it up from KELINI at Penumbra Fashion Week (I think) and it’s so slinky and gorgeous I have to admit feeling very 20s Hollywood glam right now.

Truth’s throwback style TULIP was … Read more at the source.


Angelica suzy Vip Gift Pack

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Hello ladies,

I had this look half ready to blog, but sometimes I wait too long so I can post things that match perfectly (at least for me). As you know most of my looks are entirely freelike this ANGELICA super cute skin, it´s a group gift and there is a fee to join, it comes in a exclusive tone, eyes and slink hand and feet appliers. Also CES´T LA VIE has this lovely necklace as a group gift. Hope you enjoy my lotd!

hair Cheveux F055 Pink04 > group gift
eyes Angelica GLASSY EYES #pink (comes with skin)
skinRead more at the source.

Druuna MetallAngelica suzy Vip Gift Pack

Week of Nails – The Little Bat

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I have to say, I’ve been enjoying my new hands, and various polishes. I’ve also enjoyed trying to find other things to put in the hand pictures, so that they are more visually appealing.
Today I show you one of the polishes from a Group Gift pack, offered by The Little Bat. There are 6 purple polishes to choose from.
Slink Nails Applier – The Little BatFree Instore Group Gift
Hairband – MagikaSubscriber GiftRead more at the source.
LadyLight KoolhovenWeek of Nails – The Little Bat

Week of Nails – Alaskametro

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Alaskametro has a bunch of offering in their SL Marketplace store. I use to buy makeups from this shop, way back when, because they were one of the few to have bright greens and oranges. There is a free applier pack, but I’m showing one of the others they have for purchase. This hud comes with a wide variety of polishes. I just really liked this one, with the large sparkles. I have something like it at home.
Slink Nails Applier – Alaskametro - L$10 SL Marketplace Deal
Clutch – Baby MonkeyMidnight Mania Item
LadyLight KoolhovenWeek of Nails – Alaskametro


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When I put on this dress, Half Measures, from Dead Dollz for Penumbra’s Autumn/Winter Fashion Week, I immediately thought of Audrey Hepburn. It has a similar front neckline to the little black dress by Givenchy for Breakfast at Tiffany’s. While the wide circle skirt is a complete opposite to the long, slim pencil skirt of that iconic gown, it is still something she would have worn.

Audrey Hepburn remains one of the great fashion icons achieving a kind of immortality with her legacy – not just in film but in fashion and even more importantly, with her activism. She was … Read more at the source.

Cajsa LilliehookAudrey

The Wrench Hand

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“Miss Abigail, a moment of your time?”

“Abby. By Gear and Gadget, do I look like a nob? ‘m a wrench hand, you can drop the blasted misses.”


“Abby. I was just wondering what exactly it is that the… wrench hands do in the Spiral?”

“What does it look like we do? Pick daisies? We make sure the bloody thing doesn’t blow up while you folks prance about in the fancy dances. ‘n it ain’t easy sometimes, let me tell you.”


“Ah. At least I am extremely grateful for that, let me assure you. But isn’t that dreadfully dangerous? Isn’t Read more at the source.

Sonya MarmurekThe Wrench Hand

Week of Nails – By Snow

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By Snow has been carrying nail appliers for a long while now. If you have never been, it is worth your while. Each pack variation has a wearable tester, which is like a demo, but usable. The regular packs are also very affordable.
Above is just one of the versions from the Bug Collection.
Slink Nail Applier – By SnowFree Gift
Bracelet – LW - L$1 SL Marketplace DealRead more at the source.
LadyLight KoolhovenWeek of Nails – By Snow

Pumpkin Season

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We are coming up on October and that means pumpkin season. The typist LOVES pumpkin in all forms.  Out for Fifty Linden Friday from {what next} a mouth watering pie and pie slice. And of course you can SHARE your pie with guests as the tinned pie offers separate pieces when touched — fork included.

Along with the ready to eat pie, you get a set of two pumpkins, one with pie recipe. These can easily be rotated to fit into other types of Fall decor.… Read more at the source.

Chic AeonPumpkin Season