Don’t Panic – Sponsor – Pin Me Down

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Helena Stringer - Free*Style - Don't Panic Coverage - Pumpkin Queen

Pin Me Down is one of the sponsors this year for Don’t Panic. They mostly deal with products that are makeup layer based, but they do have other odds and ends in the store.

They are offering 5 little rats to find. There are 4 colours of eyes, and one makeup pack, with and without the veins.

Helena Stringer - Free*Style - Don't Panic Coverage - Pin Me Down


Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – R.Red in Cognac – Not Free
Shape – Infamous – Don’t Panic 2014 Female – Hunt Item @ Don’t Panic
Skin – Fierce Designs – Halloween Skin – Hunt Item @ Don’t Panic 
Eyes – Pin Read more at the source.

Rumpelstiltskin Was a Douche

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The Tale of Rumpelstiltskin was always one that troubled me as a child. Really this poor girl has been kidnapped against her will because her FATHER is an ass and you can’t be nice to her and help her out? You have to make a bargain for her FIRST CHILD?

And what’s he going to do with the child anyway? I can’t even remember what the story says. In my mind, he’s going to eat it.  WHAT A JERKWAD. 

That’s why I decided that when faced when Rumpelstiltskin for ENCHANTMENT, I’d just weave straw into gold and make a dress. … Read more at the source.

The Pumpkin Witch

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I got my title because when Etherian saw me the first thing he said was there is my pumpkin pie, which then set us on a six minute debate about what color pumpkins are and why did he call me a pumpkin pie.  At the end he informed me had I let him finish he was leading into something naughty but I ruined it.  Damn me and my logic again lol.  This is my Halloween post for the year and I had to get it out tonight since I head out of town tomorrow with hubby and kiddo to visit … Read more at the source.


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I haven’t blogged in such a long time, I’m sorry! I’ve been busy with making stuff for a bunch of great events to come this November. :)


[PF] Avery – Lid 01 (brown) / Female (at Genre)
[PF] Beauty Wrinkles Tameless Lashes 11 upper only (modded)
[theSkinnery] Autumn Eerie eyes – 16 (at Cosmetic Fair Halloween)
[KoKoLoReS]BP – Autumn Colours lipsticks – magenta (coming soon)
[KoKoLoReS] Hair – River & shaved base brown 004 (coming soon to Suicide Dollz!)
DCNY_Boho Baby Dress_Khol (closing Sale!)
REIGN.- Chamber Rings- … Read more at the source.

Coming Your Way

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Soon at Uber, from BAIASTICE a wickedly ladylike outfit in the best vein of “multi-purpose”. As I was trying this on I was thinking back to bridesmaid’s dresses (the pink probably had something to do with that but there are many dark and mysterious colors to choose from). It was such a thrill when you realized you could actually wear your bridal attire AFTER the event had passed.  

This set has lots of coordinating pieces. There is the lovely low backed and long gown that would be appropriate for most any elegant affair. There is the hat which boasts … Read more at the source.

They Wait

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They wait. Between the worlds, in the space of silently slithering thoughts and ancient memories they bide their time. Their time never runs out, nor their patience.


The realms shift, aeons pass, shadows slide in like the tide. They embrace the oldest of mysteries, the best-kept secrets: embrace and absorb before they retreat.


The shadows breathe the secrets into the night air, into flickers at the corner of your eye, into the certainty of someone watching. They dance with every dark story you’ve ever heard, whisper so low that your ears cannot hear, so low that you feel it at Read more at the source.

The expectant queen: More from Enchantment

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A quick post to show you some more items from the upcoming round of Enchantment.

W.Winx & Flair have produced some pregnancy-themed poses for this round as their in-store exclusive. The set includes poses with hands protectively cradling tummy, or supporting a tired back! They inspired me to take these shots of a pensive queen… perhaps remembering the bargain she made, to surrender her firstborn infant to the imp known as Rumpelstiltskin.

The circlet I'm wearing is the Rumple Tiara from Wimey. It represents the straw which the miller's daughter had to weave into gold, and it comes … Read more at the source.

I Left The Window Open

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Leaves blowing in are just one danger of leaving open your windows around here. Another would be that you might get burglars, or noobs.  I chanced it and only wound up with a shower of leaves as the fall colors are suddenly everywhere.

Cheeky Pea released this fall themed bed for n21 event and it even covers you up when you lay down. I love little touches like that.

The covers peal back when you have a seat, which I love.

I was asked to try out the AMPLE AVI shape THROE with clothes on, as there’s been problems by … Read more at the source.


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Skinflounce Scarlett Lace (group gift in store)
HairLittle Bones Transmute (group gift in store, 100L join fee)
EyesPoetic Colors Opal Seashell (subscriber gift in store)
LipstickAngelica Mellow Plum (30L gacha at The Season’s Story)
PiercingHoD The Dead, razor color (60L, 50% off at Tengoku no Rakuen)
NecklaceMaxi Gossamer Pearl Daisies (group gift in store)
TattooVestigium Skulls War (updated for SLink Physique)
TightsInsanya Lace Leggins Style 3 (updated for various appliers)
DressTee*fy Blair Puffy Dress (free gift at HavenHollow)Read more at the source.