a dark alley and a bad idea

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It all started with this skirt…

The skirt is one of the newest designs from Blueberry, available at Uber this month. Like many of you, I’ve been watching this brand closely, not only for fun designs, but for clothing designed to fit mesh bodies. This skirt is a stunning fit on my Maitreya mesh body, and comes in a large array of color options. The fun design can be styled any number of ways, from sexy, to summery cute, to role-play garb. As you can see, I embraced my inner bad … Read more at the source.

The Painter’s Workshop

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This month’s theme for The Challenge is Workshop – Studio – Atelier.  There are plenty of creative builds for this round. One of my favorites is this tiny cobbled together studio. So fun!   I love the mismatched window wall. The official name is  the Garden Atelier.  

Some painterly accessories are available too. The painter table is VERY clever and makes me smile.

Find all these pieces at 22769 ~ [bauwerk].

Read more at the source.

From another era

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A different era

I have spoken time and time again about my love for old movies and often times that love flows into my pictures and styling. As is the case with today’s look. The bolero combined with this style of dress just makes me think of a ballroom scene in many old movies.
The Silver Screen

The bolero from Fallen Gods Inc. and Faida comes with a HUD so you can choose between a few different textures. I picked a the brocade texture because it just added that feeling of elegant opulence.

Dress: *{Junbug}* The Debutante [Cream]Bolero: Faida & Fallen Gods Inc.~ Ravel … Read more at the source.

Mesh heads will not make us all look alike.

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One of the fears people have about adopting mesh heads is that we will become clones of each other – all looking the same, but that is not something we really need to fear. There are many mesh heads from which to choose. There are many skins that can be applied to each head. Different hair colors and styles, different eyes, different skins with varied makeup. All theses styling choices give us variation. Sure, I would love a mesh version of my own face, but with the many mesh heads out there, it is possible to find something close. The … Read more at the source.

Days Pass And This Emptiness Fills My Heart

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“Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on the object we’re waiting for.”

~Charles Stanley

Time passes so slowly sometimes. I’m filling my hours with activities, with music, with writing, with thinking and reading. I added a new show, I’m working out, but still there is no moving time forward I must walk through every hour while I wait, in silence.

“why don’t you tell me that if the girl had been worth having, she’d have waited for you? no sir, the girl really worth having won’t wait for anybody,”  ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald.

It’s a time to … Read more at the source.

Til the cows come home

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Let’s talk about cows. I know that’s probably a strange first sentence to an SL blog, but I promise it will all make sense soon. Or, well. To me, anyway. I can’t promise it will make sense to you. But give me a try!

In RL I live not far from a ranch. And every year, right around my birthday in late February, there are newborn calves. Our second year here, my husband mistakenly called them “mooborns” as a joke, and I squealed in delight. Now “mooborn” season is highly anticipated by all. Or at least by me, and possibly … Read more at the source.

- 515 -

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- Style -
MOON  Hair. Pennyroyal Tea
BOOM  Last Goodnight Satin Blindfold/windblown lt navy   @C88
Glam Affair  Grazia Skin – America 04   @Uber
Bauhaus Movement  Nanny Necklace   @Shiny Shabby
Bauhaus Movement  Mrs. Hill Skirt midnight   @Shiny Shabby
Nailed It  Glitter Silver Set – Black   @Nailed It
- Pose -
Bauhaus Movement  Zerkalo 17B (fem)   @Bauhaus Movement
- Background -
Kalopsia  Lace Tapestry

(This tapestry is shipped with a box of “Recycled Bed” @KUSTOM9)


Mean Comments Meme of the week

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LEA29 – Mistero Hifeng

Berry’s theme for the week is on cyber bullying.  It has been a difficult month (well year) for many of us and that has lead me back to typing in that literary sense. So here is my input and answers to her questions.

Have you ever been subjected to mean comments online by strangers?

Long ago and far away in a land called the Newly Burgeoning Internet, I was kind of a super star. The web was young then and SMALL you understand. So it wasn’t all that difficult to be noticed. What I found … Read more at the source.