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I don't have too many

I never started out with this many cats. You see I got one, but he seemed lonely so I got him a playmate. However they didn’t get along so well so I got another. I thought maybe having a third would make things a little better. I was wrong. Somehow in the end I ended up with five cats all with their own personalities.
This one is trouble

This little grey one though, if there is a bag or a box he will find a way to get his head stuck. I may be slowly turning into a cat lady, but never shall I … Read more at the source.

My Slink Obsession Brings Us Full Circle

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I’m not obsessed
So don’t forget it
It’s just a silly phase I’m going through

I must confess that clothing appliers amuse me. After all, when I began back in 2007, most clothing was made of textures applied on the avatar’s system layer. Details like buttons and collars and cuffs were usually drawn on and even photo sourced clothing had an air of unreality to it. Flexis and sculpts added depth and form, but they did not add verisimilitude. And then came mesh and there was a revolution in fashion where most of the design effort was focused on the … Read more at the source.


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A lot of the time I put together outfits in world that I just wear and go out in with friends, but I never end up blogging them I decided that I loved this outfit so much, that I had to take a picture and blog it. I’m seriously in love with the bikinis from Miss Chelsea at FaMESHed this month. There are various color packs you can get or single colors and I went with the Luxe pack, which are different sparkle textures. I’m also wearing one of the Exile hairs at Collabor88 this round along with shorts from … Read more at the source.

Bright, Bright Sun-Shiny Day

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The rain has been gone for several weeks now. It did not even rain for the Grand Floral Parade during the annual Rose Festival, which is, I think, a violation of the Oregon Constitution. I guess we are going to get all of our 68 sunny and 74 partly sunny days in one fell swoop.

I have been feeling lethargic with the uncommon and unprecedented heat wave flattening us here in Oregon, but despite the heat, I did make it to The World’s Largest Louie Louie Sing-a-Long last week.


At least I look comfy and cool in my Second … Read more at the source.

My Slink Obsession RETURNS

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All you SLINK girls rejoice, the event for SLINK GIRLS by SLINK GIRLS is BACK July 5th with a whole new round of goodies made just for those SLINK HEADS, HANDS, FEETS and BODS! I know it’s pretty exciting stuff right? 

The skin is new for SLINK VISAGE from YS and YS and the bikini is from FORZE for your SLINK PHYSIQUE BOD, I’m wearing it with a system bod however and it works fine. The poses are from PRETENSE and include a cute shades prop to hold.

The event opens on Sunday the Fifth so let’s get that on … Read more at the source.

Hang on to a dream

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So it seems we have something of a summer going on in Europe. Don’t complain about the heat, after all, we have been complaining about the lack of summer like forever. We wanted summer, we got summer!

Instead make sure you drink plenty of water or green tea, stay out of the sun, especially during the top hours of the day 11-17 and indulge yourself with some delicious chilled water melon cubes and/or your favorite ice cream.
Oh and while you’re at it, bring some of that to your elderly neighbor! You know, the one that doesn’t have a lot of … Read more at the source.

Trois Petits Danseurs

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Three Little Dancers

I will apologize right now if I terribly butchered the French language with my title. You see I never learned French and so I had to rely on Google Translate for it. If you are like me an only know certain words in French and none of those are them I will translate for you. The title says ” Three Little Dancers”, mostly because there are three of me. If you couldn’t guess I did edit this picture, but I tried not to mess with the over all look of what I am wearing, I am still an super new … Read more at the source.

Mixin’ It Up

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Sway’s [Filis] Set in Black and White is an exclusive release for MIX in July. Two chair styles with different animations (color change black or white) with plenty of pillows to keep you comfy; ball lights, stacking tables and some lovely 1 land impact tulips!  Items can be purchased as a set or singly.

Items for mix (82 stops in July) can be NEW, ON SALE or EXCLUSIVE (and I am guessing some might be more than one :D). You can pick up a hud for easy shopping and there is a notecard list also. 

Land impact ranges from 1 … Read more at the source.