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You still got time to visit the Très Chic shopping event.
Until August 10th all about the Glam Boho theme.
Have fun while you shop until you drop.
 Body Maitreya Lara v3.5
Head CatWa Sarah V4.8
Skin INSOL @ Très Chic Camila
Hair =DeLa*= @ Très Chic Maisie
Dress [sYs]  @ Très Chic Colette Dress Red
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Hair Fair 2016 – Info

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Hair Fair

hf2016 map blog

Additional Sims for cam shopping

Backlot This side 

Backlot That Side

Backlot West 


Modulus (male hair available)


Wasabi Pills




Tomboi (male hair available)

Bold & Beauty

Bliensen + MaiTai

Bandana Booth



Speakeasy (male hair available)



Unorthodox (male hair available)




Curious Kitties




The Stringer Mausoleum (male hair available)

Backlot North


Vanity Hair

INK (male hair available)

INK Hair


LaLa Moon


Pink Hustler

Bade (male hair available)

Tableau Vivant (male hair available)

Mystic Tiger

Bandana Booth


Lovey Dovey


Lock & Tuft(male hair available)

Elua (male

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The last Lazy Sunday

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This is the last opportunity to shop Lazy Sunday – Lucie Bluebird and PepperAnne Mint have decided that all good things must come to an end, and the time is now for Lazy Sunday. It makes me sad to see this well established event go, and I’d like to say thank you for all the […]Read more →


Bambi FoxdaleEvents, Fashion, Home and Garden

Caravans: Chez Moi Waves, Penelope, Canary and Nights @ Sanare Open Tomorrow
Arch at the Front and at the Back, Picnic Blanker and Basket in the middle: Circa “French Garden” Items @ Color Me Project
Picnic Table and Benches: Zerkalo Summer Day Set 
Picnic Basket: Vespertine autumn woods picnic basket
Sofa: Vespertine tiny dwelling – lazy sofa / beige 1
Mail box 1: dust bunny . makeshift mailbox . pink
Mail Box 2: {what next} Spring Garden Mailbox
Mail Box 3: Persnickity Shabby Mailbox
Mess near the Yallow Caravan:  -DRD-  MM attic
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The Story of Summer

Wendz TempestEvents, Fashion, Home and Garden


Season’s Story Summer Edition is coming to a close, and I have laid out a few morsels for a lovely Sunday respite. Hope you enjoy and have a terrific weekend!


This one I called, “curdled up and sour pussed”.

Raw shot titled, “Moana ain’t got nuthin’ on me.”

And last but not least, this picture I’ve titled, “PhedoraHasAwesomeShoesatOn9”.

These items can be found at The Season’s Story Summer 2016 Edition

*SAYO – Palisades Pool – PG –
*[Fetch] Shore Set – Beach Umbrella
*[Fetch] Shore Set – Beach Chair RARE
*[Fetch] Shore Set – Little Table
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Wicked Friends

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Wicked-FriendsLet no one put us under.

Big news, everyone!  Meeka is a guest in my photo this go around!  We decided to go dark with some Epiphany goods.  For us, it’s super fun to look wicked all year long and enjoy the oddities that intrigue us so!  Anyway, I am just in love with Pixicat’s Thorn gacha set located at The Epiphany (LM provided below.)  You have a choice of wearing quite the flirty dress with just an accent of edge to really catch another person’s eye.  I continue to get a lot of compliments while walking around in the

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# 218 I wanna do bad things with you…

Michael LostAngelEvents, Fashion, Home and Garden

*.birch breakfast high bench – BLACK*
*.birch. breakfast table*
*.birch. chalk coffee station – black*
*.Reckless. –  1 Pacific Northwest*
*.Reckless. –  10 Pacific Northwest*
*.Reckless. –  11 … Read more →

Of Seeds and Windows

ZeeEvents, Fashion, Home and Garden

Of Seeds and Windows
Sadie’s Stools White & Black – Kalopsia @ Kustom9 || My little plant – Tokusa Red (from “My little pond and plants” set) – Maru Kado || lab vase tall- [ keke ] || summer bottle – silence – [ keke ] || Lightbulb Terrarium – Apple Fall || summer jar – hare – [ keke ]

“There is no one, says another, whom fortune does not visit once in his life; but when she does not find him ready to receive her, she walks in at the door, and flies out at the window.”
– Charles de Montesquieu

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