And Now…

In Events, Fashion, Home and Garden by Amaryllis Oona

New Faces / Cheryl / Mocha @ October 15th kustom9!

EYES: IKON / Lucid Eyes / Brown

LIPSTICK: Handmade / Marina Lipstick / Purple

HAIR: little bones. / Dark Chapel / (Browns HUD) – @ October 2014 No21!


TOP: [Foxes] / Simple Crop Shirt / Grey – @ October 2014 No21!
   — NEW BRAND from Nina Helix / Tyr Rozenblum (Birdy/Alchemy creators)
   — Opening of inworld store is expected by mid-November!
   — SO MANY COLORS; so little lindens. However, each Read more at the source.


In Events, Fashion, Home and Garden by Kirsten Corleone

I am a very sexy kitty cat! Putting this costume together started with this hair by lamb at collabor88. I needed this hair and then I decided the hair should be part of a whole costume. I wanted to wear my curvy shape and found this applier latex suit for my physique from Sn@tch. I paired it with some new original mesh Irena spike boots in latex. I previously blogged the leather version of these boots, here, and now the designer updated with a latex texture version. I am all ready for Halloween!
My very cat-like poses … Read more at the source.

Belleza’s Mae.

In Events, Fashion, Home and Garden by Elvi Hartley

Belleza is at the Vintage and Cool Fair till October 24th (only two more days left!) with Mae. She has that look that I adore so well and the makeups are perfectly done which makes you feel like you have gone back in time and you are one of those classy ladies from way back […] … Read more at the source.

Tableau Vivant Hairdressing.

In Events, Fashion, Home and Garden by Elvi Hartley

Tableau Vivant recently redid their store with new colour hair HUDs and with new exciting features, part of their re-opening for their hair salon they released some gorgeous hairs for all of us. Glam Affair did some hair accessories to go with these new hairs, which I will be blogging about soon! The new hairs […] … Read more at the source.

Glam Affair’s Sia.

In Events, Fashion, Home and Garden by Elvi Hartley

Glam Affair is at Sia’s was released at Collabor88 with 8 gorgeous makeups along with 4 tones of Pearl, Artic, America and Jamaica. Collabor88 had opened on October 8th with the theme of Motel Spoopy. The designers had out done themselves this round with all the gorgeous creations for this perfect theme for October. I […] … Read more at the source.

Out of Place

In Events, Fashion, Home and Garden by Arya Braveheart

Sometimes I put in an outfit and I have no idea where I want to go to take the photos.  I did know I wanted to show these Ilaya poses so I wanted rain.  I remembered the Flanagan Falls sim had a lovely Autumn rainy area, but was aware that the outfit didn’t quite go with the setting.

I decided I didn’t care.  I often feel out of place with what I am wearing in RL.  In fact just yesterday I was walking down the street and I was aware that people around me were dressed in suits while I … Read more at the source.

Taking a stroll.

In Events, Fashion, Home and Garden by spunknbrains


I had a particularly rough day that I needed to distract myself with something lighthearted and fun.   Bringing out my child alt gives me that in an odd way, not only the silliness of being in a small body, but she makes me laugh at myself as I’ve mentioned before and that’s enough to lighten the load somehow.

Nothing much then a simple picture of walking through the grass at home and on that note we’re calling it a day in both worlds.

Hair – Truth – Neria in Blacks & Whites @ Mystic Realms Faire
Tattoo – … Read more at the source.


In Events, Fashion, Home and Garden by Medow Shilova

This is a character that I created during my old role-playing days.  Its a bit of a read, but I do hope you enjoy it.  Medsy  =^.^=

In the year 1560 of the family estate in Transylvania, Medow was born to the royal parents of Gerald and AnnMarie Nadis.  Medow grew up a privileged child.  Always getting what she wanted.  When Medow was the age of 11, she began to suffer from seizures, intense rage, and uncontrollable behavior.  It was thought to be Epilepsy.  Not knowing how to treat Medow’s illness, her parents would give into her wants and needs.Read more at the source.