Fringe Benefits

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I really enjoyed doing the vlog yesterday and I have more planned but I am going to mix it up with doing regular blog posts too for now. Part of the reason for that is that I have a routine and plan in place for blogging and while I quite enjoy change I have to…

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Past, Present & Future

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“Divination is the quest to understand more about the past, present, and future. In other words, Tarot readings are an attempt to understand ourselves better and discover how we might live better in the future.” 
― Theresa Cheung

Fire in the eye
Realm of mystic majesty

No escape
Binding spirits
No escape
Trapped in time space

Madpea has a new game out called “The Tower”.  It is a puzzle and find the clue mystery game.  The puzzles range from easy to super difficult.  But do not despair if you get stuck on your quest the Madpea group will provide Read more →

Bohemian Heat

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A touch of boho here and there can definitely bring a whole new taste to sexy! So happy that this month’s BishBox theme is boho-inspired Indie Chic, absolutely love the items in the box. In here I just needed to add a tattoo and feet accessories from the box to my lingerie – and BOOM the result is just amazing! Sexy with a taste of bohemian!

Credits :

Mesh Head : LeLutka – Bento Head – Simone

Mesh Body : Maitreya – Lara

Mesh Hands : Vista – F-Vista Bento Prohands Fem-v.2 Final

Skin : 7 Deadly s{K}ins – Ever –
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Light and Love

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I love it when you can get the light to flow through a window like this with the windlight in perfect sync.  It can be quite a rare occasion without having to move whole builds to try and get it just right.  However, today just worked so I just put the items in the light to show them off.  Love it.

Some lovely items to show you today.  What am I saying?  I am always showing you great stuff.  Only the best for out readers!

Serenity Style:  Serenity Style- Heavenly Feel Col. (Shiny Shabby)

Spring Sale!

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Serenity Style and Shutter Field are having a spring clean-out and that is great news for you as that means sale items at great prices just in time for you to redecorate your house!
You can grab the TAXI and head on over.

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Bad Day

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I try to make up a story to go with each of my posts.  It helps me work out what is going on and what kind of light to use, pose etc etc.  Today’s post pic makes me wonder if she is having a really bad day.  I get the feeling she is missing a motorbike and she is not happy about it at all.  If this was a movie the voice over would say something like, “She is a loner, minding her own business but they have taken what she loves the most and now it is personal!”  You … Read more →

Nice Day for It

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I am not sure any day is a nice day for running, but in SL you don’t get hot, sweaty or puffed so I will go with it.

It is important, however, to look awesome while doing any exercise so I made sure I have all the right gears for this event.

Today I am styling items from 7 Deadly Skins, American Bazaar, Rebellion, Image Essentials and Damselfly.  A good mix if I do say so myself.

Top to Toe:
Hair:  Damselfly – Tristan
Skin:  7 Deadly Skins – FIER caramel smooth
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The Quiet Guest Room

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I stood in the entrance way to the carefully decorated spare room. My grandmother, busied herself inside cleaning the room as if someone had been in it. I smiled watching her clear a bit of dust off the wall hangings, light the small candles, and freshen the flowers. I watched on as she carefully laid fresh linens on the bed and fluff the pillows. I knew though that no one had slept in the guest room since I was younger. The room remained quiet in hopes that one day someone would come bounding in and ask my grandmother about the … Read more →

Essenz at Shoetopia

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        Essenz is at Shoetopia with the sexy Puerto Rico heels with interlaced thigh high parts. When you get to Shoetopia, make sure you check out these new heels from Essenz! I got my pose from a new-to-me pose store XXY at the current round of Shiny Shabby. They are sexy static dance moves and I thought it would be cool to show my avatar dancing high on the metal infrastructure over city streets. I definitely have my dancing shoes on! Dance on over to Shoetopia!

Shoes: Essenz – Puerto Rico @ Shoetopia
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