May Day! May Fly! May May May!

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The May Fly is a magical creature, who packs an entire lifetime into a single day.  They flit from tree to bush, wafting gracefully on gossamer wings.  Some say May Flies don’t really die; they just become faeries.


The May Fly wings from Avatar Bizarre flutter delicately, like the tiny insect they’re inspired by.  These are modify and copy, and include both animated wings, and static wings (for areas that have scripts disabled).  You also get a color HUD, which includes a few colors, plus white, just in case you want a special color that wasn’t included.  There’s also a … Read more at the source.

I love puddings! ♥

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…I’m wearing…
Outfit {T.T}Harper set Purple @ Ninety-Nine Opens May 9th
more colors available at this event
Hair Blues. Bettie Naturals 1
ToddleTeeZ – Pudding Cups – Banana & Chocolate @ The Gacha Garden
There are 8 commons and 2 rares
Here are the instructions how to get “Seed of Inspiration”:
Players make pulls on their favorite machines just as they normally would.
Every time a player does 20 pulls on a single machine they receive a special gift called a “Seed of Inspiration” along with the 20 gachas they would normally win.
The Seeds of Inspiration cannot be … Read more at the source.

Clean Install! Clean Install! Clean Install!

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Fashion is only the attempt to realize art in living forms and social intercourse _ Sir Francis Bacon

Why do I procrastinate about doing a clean install? I know that when I crash just by turning or camming or razzing an item, it is time for a clean install, but I delay and try to muddle along, bring my draw distance down to 32 and crashing and getting fed up and closing out of SL for days. I put this outfit on last Sunday and only finally got around to shooting it – AFTER I did a clean install. It’s not like it that hard even.

I know why, though. I am always afraid the new version won’t … Read more at the source.

Legal Insanity and TUKINOWAGUMA for The Garage Fair by PetraLAlexander-Valerian©™

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You can find a little of everything, furniture, skybox, mesh hair, poses, animations, mesh layers and clothing, among many other things with 50 or 30% discount. The designers are really fantastic, unique and best of all only here you will find the best price, it’s because our Garage Fair is a fair offering discounts and excellent prices.

In addition, each store has GACHA with amazing prizes and gifts. You should not miss our discount area where each store has left designs in lower prices to 99 lindens. This area is located at each corner of the sim.

The Garage Fair Read more at the source.

Haberdash your way to FaMESHed’s 4th Birthday!

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These beautiful curtains are out at FaMESHed for May and boy are there an absolute ton of different options available!

All the curtains are texture change and 11 Land Impact, and come with 4 different hardware colors.

The Dips come with 16 color block options

The Solids comes with 25 color options

The Trims come with 17 drape colors and 12 trim options!


If you’re in the FaMESHed group you can grab these awesome tea trays too for FaMESHed’s 4th Birthday celebrations! Mudhoney is delighted to have been a part of FaMESHed for so long, and to see the event … Read more at the source.

Fantasy Faire: The Golden General

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STORYLINE: As surely as the Nile flooded each year, Horemheb was certain he was destined for greatness. He was born with gold hair and eyes. The faithful of the Two Lands took his golden features as a sign, for they believed the gods had skin of gold. Horemheb proved to be a skilled warrior and strategist. He ascended quickly up the ranks of Pharaoh’s army. But when he reached General, chaos struck. Pharaoh denounced the Gods of Egypt and declared the Sun Disk, the Aten, was the only true god. Enraged, Horemheb stormed into the darkest depths Read more at the source.

The Missing Mile

In Events, Fashion by Gillian Galicia

I do love the Missing Mile Dark Rural Community. I wandered the streets in search of ambiance and found it at every turn!
My jeans are the lovely bootcut Klara from Pixicat. I’ve never met a Pixicat I didn’t like! I love mixing and matching, so I paired up my perfect jeans with the top from a skirt/top combo outfit from Paris Metro. I love the texture of this top. My boots are amazing! Ankle boots, perfect for pants, leather and chains, from Bleich. I know I picked them up at an event but I neglected to write down where. … Read more at the source.

Cynful, Ner.Ink, Kunglers, Ricielli, Bens Beauty, Damselfly and 1 Hundred

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Cynful, Ner.Ink, Kunglers, Ricielli, Bens Beauty, Damselfly and 1 Hundred

Cynful, Ner.Ink, Kunglers, Ricielli, Bens Beauty, Damselfly and 1 Hundred

Cynful, Ner.Ink, Kunglers, Ricielli, Bens Beauty, Damselfly and 1 Hundred

Ben’s Beauty/Hairstyle
Image Studio New Landmark 2016
Lara Hurley
The Shops
Cynful and MG
Shiny Shabby
Tres Chic
100 Block
Black Fashion

Deeta Aeon

Pic 1

Head – Theshops, Meshhead *Fierce*
Skin and appliers – Lara Hurley, Scarlett *Dark Tan*
Shape – Image Studio, Charli Shape
Fitted mesh body – Maitreya, Lara
Hair – Exile, Loose ends *Fantasy 2*
Top – Cynful, Blazin top 3 in 1 *Black* New
Skirt – Cynful, Blazin skirt  New
Tattoo and appliers – Ner.Ink, Fantasy world  New on marketplace
Necklace – Kunglers, Cris necklace *Teal* New at Shiny Shabby
Feet … Read more at the source.

“At the center of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want.”

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“At the center of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want.”

ItGirls – FIORE Skin Applier – Carla Tan
.: fiore :. Mesh Head – Angelic
/Wasabi Pills/ Marissa Mesh Hair @ FaMESHed May 2016
Cae :: Flutter :: Collection (Necklace & Earrings) @ FaMESHed May 2016
*COCO* Cardigan Over Shoulders @ FaMESHed May 2016
*COCO* V – Neck Dress @ FaMESHed May 2016
[Z O O M] Quartz Glasses @ FaMESHed May 2016
Pure Poison – Shelby Sandals @ FaMESHed May 2016
Baiastice_Peony HandBag -Black/Gold @ FaMESHed May 2016
=Zenith= Kitten Basket @ FaMESHed May 2016

N4RS Tradition Bar Stool @ FaMESHed May 2016
[PM]Pixel … Read more at the source.

A golden state of mind

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Circa 0141

The birdbath reminds of the bird that I use to have come chirping near my window for the longest time.  In the beginning there were times that it was a bit annoying as the sound would wake me up and then after a while the bird just became a part of my day.  It’s a sweet memory that made me smile.

Today I am featuring the hair and jewelry by LightStar that are available at Fair Play this month.  The hair comes in six different color pack options and come with the whimsical butterfly attachments.  The  necklace and jewelry are … Read more at the source.