Out with old, a new round of N21 is right here!

In Events by Atiya

We can all agree that 2017 was a great year for Nº21 and it seems like 2018 is starting on the right foot! Even tho the cold is still here, you will be sure to forget all about it when you arrive at Nº21 from makeup to hair and jeans to bralettes, I’m sure you won’t leave without snatching something for yourself! 😀 I hope you enjoy this round of N21 from January 21st – February 12th, 2018.

🌟 Atiya 🌟

Teleport to No21

MIA: Pumec, Valekoer.


ASTRALIA - accessory, 329L
ATELIER PEPE - skin, 998L each
ATOMIC - sweater/fatpack, 200L each/600L
BELLE EPOQUE - dress, 249L each
BESOM - hair/fatpack, 250L each/450L/950L
BETRAYAL - accessory/jeans/fatpack, 199L each/275L each/999L
BETRAYAL - jeans/fatpack, 275L each/999L
BEUSY - hair, 375L
CANDYDOLL - heels/pack, 259L each/1225L each
CHEEKY PEA - see description for details
EMPIRE - boots, 599L
EPOCH - makeup, 200L each/250L
ETHAM - sweater/fatpack, 149L each/399L
FLOORPLAN - neon signs, 150L each
FOXCITY - pose/pack/decor, 55L each/250L/470L
FOXY - hair/fatpack, 390L each/1600L
KIBITZ - jewelry/fatpack, 250L each/750L each
KIBITZ - accessory, 99L each
MISS CHELSEA - sweater/pack, 250L each/500L each
NEW REGIME - top/pants/fatpack, 225L each/295L each/999L
NEW REGIME - accessory, 999L
N UNO - shorts/sweater/fatpack, 255L each/1111L/1499L
PRETTY MESS AND VIBES - frames/decor, 50L/149L
PSEUDO - shorts/bra/fatpack, 190L each/225L each/1200L/1300L
PSEUDO - cardigan/fatpack, 225L each/1200L
REIGN - boots, 500L
REVOUL - shape/appliers, 250L each/899L each/999L each
RIOT - dress/pack/fatpack, 199L each/649L/1299L
SEUL - bra/skirt/fatpack, 235L each/215L each/1900L/1800L
VANILLA BAE - dress/fatpack, 299L each/1299L
VEECHI - applier, 249L each
YUMMY - ring set, 390L each
ZENITH - sweater, 250L each

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January 2018

In Events by kryptonia

Shopping Guide – January 2018

Theme: Faded/Vibrant

Visit us on: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New/223/208/2498

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✿.。.:* Look 1775 *.:。✿

In Events by Auryn Ruby


Post Orginal

Horns: [PR] Fantasy Horns – Full Gacha Rare

Hair: pr!tty – Chae – :Short:{Fades} Rare Gacha

Head: CATWA HEAD Catya
Eyes: {Demicorn} Glam Eyes – Blue Gacha
{Demicorn} To The Gacha Guardians
Skin: *Birth* Penelope (Catwa) GGJan – Tone 2 – Rare Gacha
Jumper: _CandyDoll_ Dayanis Jumper – Light Colors 25 ruffle colors
Cat: {YD} Little cats –  Affectionate Gacha
Thanks for support ❤
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Outdoor Fun

In Events by K4terinaPetrova

You can check this post and more at My Blog <

Doe @The Gacha Guardians
Doe: Fray V2

 Moon_Sha @The Gacha Guardians
“Moon_Sha” Frozen Ferns
“Moon_Sha” Frozen Fence
“Moon_Sha” Frozen Rabbits Burrow
“Moon_Sha” Frozen Fallen Tree
“Moon_sha” Frozen Dead Leaves
“Moon_Sha” Frozen Dead Tree 1

Lil’Bug @The Gacha Guardians
Lil’Bug Playing in the snow 7



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Already Slacking

In Events by Adalynnereed Resident

slacking already 1024.png


Oops! I’ve been caught. So I might have had this idea in the back of my head to walk more, drink more water, less fast food… LOL Who doesn’t have those typical goals right 😉 *slowly sneaks another fry*…. I won’t tell if you won’t 😀 … I’ll share.. 😉

Keep Smiling Y’all


Head: Catwa Catya Head
Body – Maitreya Lara 4.1
Skin: Lara Hurley Christy Rose Pale Catwa Applier, Fae Skin, and Body
Hair: Doe Deela @ N21

{Clothes and Accessories}
Jewelry: Earthstones All My love Bridal
Outfit: Rebel Hope Tally Sweater and Wella Leg Warmers @ Fameshed

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Get Past the Winter Chills with District20

In Events by Alex Markus

As January slides into February, District20 comes back around and helps warm you up, giving you some great discounts (which is great right after the holidays, isn’t it?)! So get on down here, check it all out, and find some amazing finds, all in one location. Just makes sure to get down here before it all poofs away on the 19th of Feburary!


Teleport to District20

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Time to sparkle at The Avenue White Nights!

In Events by Mocha Delicioso

The dazzle from this sale will sure make your eyes do more than twinkle. Starting today and ending on the 11th of February your pockets are going to love you!! You are going to save so much it will blow your mind. These designers have set some amazing items at an outstanding price. Make sure to grab your shopping buddies and prance around to stuff those bags full!


Teleport to The Avenue White Nights


ANASTYLE - outfits, 280L each
ANNYS FASHION - outfits, 81L each
BEAUTIFUL HUSTLER - dresses, 130L each
BELIER - choker, 130L
BLOSSOM - shoes/bottoms/tops/swimsuit/outfits, 49L-130L
CHARME - hairs, 130L each
CRAZY GARDEN - decor, 290L each/110L
CRISTAL POSES - poses, 140L
DESIRE BOUTIQUE - outfits/dress, 94L each
DOCK17 - vanity, 260L
DUST - headpiece, 195L/227L
ENIGMA APPAREL - outfits/dress/shoes, 84L each/88L/123L
ENIIPOSES/ENIIKIDS - outfits/poses, 79L each/25L each
EVOLOVE - jewelry, 99L
FORTUNA - jewelry, 130L-260L
G&D WOMAN - boots, 254L
GIULIA DESIGN - necklace, 98L each
IT - necklace, 98L each
KIRA TATTOO - tattoos, 99L each
LE FASHION WHORE - coat/dresses/jumpsuit, 162L/227L each/650L
LIL BUG - poses, 65L each/97L
LIVIA - nails/lipstick, 65L/110L
LIZIAAH - tops, 199L each
LOREA - dress, 130L each
MILA RASMUSON - makeup, 162L each
MOOH - tops/pants, 129L each
MOSQUITOS WAY - shoes, 260L
MY PRETTY PIXELS - eyes/shirt/shoes, 320L each/645L
NEW LINE STORE - skins/shape/boots, 300L each/50L each
ORQUIDEA - corset/dress, 82L each/33L
PARTNERS IN CRIME - outfit/furniture/decor, 130L-178L
PARXDESIGN - accessory, 260L
PINK UNICORN - pose/oitfit/fatpack, 75L/100L/200L
RAINDALE STORE - platform, 163L
SLIPPER ORIGINALS - nails/sandals, 194L each
SOHOE SHOES - shoes, 130L/162L/455L each
TWS - horns/jeans/shoes, 75L-225L
UDESIGN - tattoos, 150L each
VIKI - shape/dress, 130L/137L
WITCH CRAFT - outfits/tattoo/lingerie, 75L each80L/164LRead more →

You Will Fall In Love Again With Shiny Shabby!

In Events by Cherrie

You thought last year was great, I promise you, you will fall in love again with Shiny Shabby!  Just when you think you can not enjoy an event, even more, your favorite designers surprise you yet again with a fabulous new year of great, must-have items.  From body to home, you can’t get better quality for a better price than you can at Shiny Shabby!  Stop by this round before February 15th.


Teleport to Shiny Shabby

MIA:  Convair, Dystopia, Kunst, Vexiin, Yasum, Zerkalo


ACORN - decor/fatpack, 89 - 249L each/425L each
AMERICAN BAZAAR - jacket, 249L each
AMIAS - necklace/fatpack, 150L each/450L
AMITIE - pose/fatpack, 50L each/249L/99L each
ANA POSES - pose set/pose/fatpack, 400L/50L each/200L each
APPLE MAY DESIGNS - anklet, 175L
ARISE - earrings set, 109L
ARISKEA - decor/fatpack, 99 - 159L each/499L
ARISKEA - decor/fatpack, 99 - 159L each/499L
BAMSE - decor gacha, 50L per play
BEE DESIGNS - decor gacha, 55L per play
BEE DESIGNS - decor gacha, 55L per play
BELLEQUIPE - decor, 150 - 250L each
BIRTH - eyes/fatpack, 99L each 450L
CAROL G - tattoo, 280L each
CHEZ MOI - decor/fatpack, 56 - 600L each/560L/704L
CHEZ MOI - decor/fatpack, 56 - 600L each/560L/704L
CLEF DE PEAU - dress/fatpack, 199L each/2,000L
CONCEPT - decor gacha, 80L per play
CONCEPT - decor gacha, 80L per play
CONCEPT - decor gacha, 80L per play
ECLIPSE DESIGN - dress, 275L each
ELVEN ELDER - skirt, 249L
ERSCH & BEO - accessory gacha, 75L per play
ESSENZ - shoes/fatpack, 250L each/900L
FAME FEMME - jacket/fatpack, 280L each/2,600L
GABRIEL - outfit gacha, 75L per play
GAEG - makeup, 220L/275L
GIZ SEORN - dress/fatpack, 275L each/850L
GO - doll gacha, 75L per play
I HEART F & CO - blouse, 229L
ILAYA - jewelry/fatpack, 175L each/215L
ISUKA - backdrop, 285L
KAITHLEENS - jacket/fatpack, 289L each/1,499L
KUNGLERS - jewelry set/fatpack, 240L each/660L
LAGOM - decor gacha, 50L per play
LAGOM - decor gacha, 50L per play
LOCK & TUFT - hair/necklace/fatpack, 199 - 299L each/549L/149L
MERAK - decor/fatpack, 75 - 225L each/375L
MEVA - pants/bodysuit, 360L/380L
MINIMAL - decor gacha, 75L per play
MODULUS - hair base/hair/fatpack, 320 each/1,020L
MOON RABBIT - balloon gacha, 65L per play
NANIKA - accessory gacha, 50L per play
NAVY AND COPPER - hair/fatpack, 250L each/900L
NUTMEG - decor/fatpack, 299 - 399L each/599L each
ONE DECOR - decor, 250L each
OPALE HAIR - hair/fatpack, 250 - 350L each/990L
PAPARAZZI - backdrop, 250L
PLAAKA - decor/fatpack, 150 - 280L each/1,100L
PLASTIK - nail applier/mirrors/fatpack, 199L each/239L each/549L
PROMAGIC - outfit gacha, 50L per play
RAMA - hair/fatpack, 285L each/985L
REVOUL - skin applier/body applier/fatpack, 999L each/5,994L/899L
ROZOREGALIA - ring gacha, 88L per play
RUNAWAY - hair/fatpack, 300 - 425L each/1,500L
SAFIRA - outfit/fatpack, 199L each/999L
SAVIN - bodysuit/fatpack, 200L each/1,800L
SCANDALIZE - dress/shoes/fatpack, 250L each/1,499L/699L
SERENITY STYLE - car gacha, 70L per play
SERENITY STYLE - car gacha, 70L per play
SHI - outfit/boots/drape/fatpack, 425L each/1,500L/485L each/1,200L each/385L each
SLACKGIRL - shoes, 240L each
STRAY DOG - skin applier, 590L each
SUICIDAL UNBORN - makeup, 285L
SUPERNATURAL - necklace, 220L
SWAYS - decor, 195L each
SYNCD MOTION - dance/fatpack, 225 - 325L each/999L
SYS - dress/fatpack, 200L each/700L
SYS - dress/fatpack, 200L each/700L
TABOU - shirt/fatpack, 199L each/999L
THE OAK - kimono/fatpack, 145L each/499L
THE OWL - pose, 200L each
THE SILAS GALLERY - decor gacha, 50L per play
THE SILAS GALLERY - decor gacha, 50L per play
THE SILAS GALLERY - decor gacha, 50L per play
TOKSIK - top/skirt/bag/fatpack, 200L each/800L each/100L
ZIBSKA - makeup/accessory/fatpack, 250L each/400L/450LRead more →

We want more, We want Men Only Monthly!

In Events by Smokeahontis

Men Only Monthly first round of the year is blazing a trail of sexyness. Men stop on by Men Only Monthly, this round have new & some old  designers that have worked hard to give you hot exclusives. You need a new and updated look for 2018, now is the time to get started. This round will only last until February 15th, hope to see you soon.


Teleport to Men Only Monthly

MIA: Dappa, Legal Insanity, LouLou & Co



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