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So I’m used to blogging all of the time and I love it. I got the chance to go to We Love To RP early, and this was supposed to be out early, but I had technical difficulties, but I found this cute outfit and the hair and I loved it. My body credits are on the front of my blog, but of course if you have any questions about anything just IM me and I’ll answer it as soon as I see it. Have a good night, and see you soon. So happy American Horror story is starting tomorrow. … Read more at the source.

Look No 173: Crisp Air, Falling Leaves And A Comfy Sweaters

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“Each leaf plays a note in the symphony of autumn.”
~ Pepper Blair ~
Hello again! Within a few weeks, most of us will start feeling the crisp air of autumn; who knows, maybe some of you are feeling it now. So in this post I’m going to bring you a couple clothing items from Toxic Candy Couture that just might keep you warm for when that day comes…if it hasn’t arrived already.
The wool sweater I’m wearing in this post is called Svea. It is mesh and comes packaged in 5 standard mesh sizes. It does works wonderfully with … Read more at the source.

.. and life passes you by ..

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“Some luck lies in not getting
what you thought you wanted
but getting what you have,
which once you have got it
you may be smart enough
to see it is what you would have wanted
had you known. “
                                          – Garrison Keillor
Blog 100615 an lar and !gO

Yeah life passes you by

Don’t be wasting your time
All alone
As your heart gets bigger
And you try to figure out
What’s it all about

The Scene:… Read more at the source.

~Beneath your beautiful

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Would you let me see beneath your beautiful?
Would you let me see beneath your perfect?
Take it off now, girl, take it off now, girl
I wanna see inside
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful tonight?
starry eyed
I met a girl about a year or so ago. She was a fellow blogger and often helped me via Blogger Support. I knew her, but I wouldn’t say we were friends. We were on friendly terms. I can’t say I knew very much about her other then I admired her, I liked reading her blog entries. I knew … Read more at the source.

something shows in your face

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Collabor88 opens up in a few days and it is promising to be a great round. The Secret Store is releasing this perfect sweater, Helena. The undershirt and the sleeve patches are texture change and yeah…how great is that? The texturing on the sweater is just fantastic, I love how they did the back.

Still wearing the Rene pants from Blueberry. Big love. Also, big butt. Heyyyyyyy

Sophia Harlow

The Secret Store – Helena V-Neck Sweater – Snow  – NEW Coming Soon to Collabor88 
Blueberry – Rene Pants – Regular – Maitreya – NEW 
Deetalez Read more at the source.

357 – just a small bump in the road

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hi lovelies ! If you know anything about me and I’m sure it’s quite apparent on my blog that I love EVERYTHING fall. I wouldn’t say I’m basic bitch pumpkin spice status but I def love all and everything fall decor related. A wonderful Isla Gealach of Cheeky Pea let me in on a little secret that she was working on and I can def say it went up on my little piece of land ASAP. This gorgeous covered bridge is probably my favorite landmark of my home now. I love to just sit on the bridge and look around … Read more at the source.

Meanwhile @ Nightmare

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Phew! All moved and back in PA! I got to spend the weekend with my lovely niece and sister and catch up, which was awesome. You know how kids are always shy at first… and she hadn’t seen me yet. Bladdy blah. What a nightmare, eh, bloggers talking about their personal life when you just wanna know where I got something cute that I’m wearing from, eh? EH? WELL. I got most of it from the NIGHTMARE event! I have goodies coming at you from A few amazing designers, one of which is a collaboration between my meshing friend Rik Read more at the source.

Beautiful Devoré

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People will stare. Make it worth their while.

Baiastice has released a stunning dress with a gorgeous devour skirt. I love how it goes from opaque to sheer and how the hem is cut away to follow the pattern of the stamped print. It comes in gorgeous colors and I was at a loss which one to wear until I decided to wear a hat – and finding the hat made my color choice for me.

People will stare. Make it worth their while.

I went to  Lost Stars which has some seriously creepy sound effects. I did not realize that at first and then I was walking up this fallen column and heard what must have … Read more at the source.