Early Morning Runway Time

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It was early morning on the runway for Gidge, as she has lots of news from the MY ATTIC event to show off to you today. My shoes are from Essenze for SLINK Feet – Medium heel. THe shorty little dress is from FAUN.

W.Winx and Flair combined their talents again to release a new pose prop box, a WINXBOX as they all it, for us bloggers needing some variety in our lives. This one is RUNWAY themed and is also in keeping with the event’s theme – LINES. I love these boxes, they are always so much fun.

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Gidge UrizaEarly Morning Runway Time

*Funky*Junk* At Home And Garden Expo.

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Today I’m going to show you one of the homes that *Funky*Junk* has available at the Home and Garden Expo. The Darcy Cottage has several features including a custom-made side yard, modifiable walkway, add-on mini greenhouse with a few pieces of garden clutter, drapes with sunbeams for the living room, and a chimney and fireplace which can be removed to lower land impact. With autumn upon us, this cottage can easily be modified to fit your fall decor.



Build: *Funky*Junk* – Darcy Cottage w/all shown 155 LI (HGE)

Striped Mocha: Swing Autumn 7 LI (HGE)… Read more at the source.

Kimbra Iridescent*Funky*Junk* At Home And Garden Expo.

New Release At Sn@tch

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I often try to make and introduction with my blog posts.  Today, I am drawing a blank on what to put here.  I’m not even really sure that what is typed is even read.  All I know is that today is the first day of Autumn here in my part of the world.  A little chilly this morning, but suppose to be nice.  I suppose the outfit I’m wearing from Sn@tch fits just fine for today.
Medsy =^.^=

Parts of this look has mesh.  You need a mesh compatible viewer in order to wear mesh.

Sn@tch – Babette Argyle Outfit
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Medow ShilovaNew Release At Sn@tch

Leads us down a path like this

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Leads us down a path like this

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Lilo DenimoreLeads us down a path like this

Sk@di, the neice of Tyr

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2209 LuLu

Here is some yummy raw news items from [Skjern Design] at The Mystery Gacha Fair. The pants and the so cute bra is made for TheShop mesh body – a body that I personally find to be super cool, cause its so easy to work with. Skadi the set is called, the set from [Skjern Design] and as you can see, its totally viking. I do have to say, I was so lucky to get my hands on 2 ultrarares and ended up adding one of them to my chest, made it smaller and there you go, a collar … Read more at the source.

rikkesmSk@di, the neice of Tyr

EB Awareness

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Promoting EB Awareness

Epidermolysis Bullosa, or EB, is a very rare genetic connective tissue disorder that affects 1 child out of every 20,000 births (that means about 200 children a year are born with EB). EB is actually a group of disorders that share a prominent manifestation of extremely fragile skin that blisters and tears from friction or trauma. Internal organs and bodily systems can also be seriously affected by EB. The list of secondary complications can be long and may require multiple interventions from a range of medical specialists. As of today, there is no cure or treatment. Daily … Read more at the source.

purr FoxclawEB Awareness