A heart like ice

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Sparklies – soon @ Winter Solstice (Opens 9th December)
**CC** – Ice Queen Aura (add to wear)
**CC** – Ice Queen Feet (l. foot) (add to wear)
**CC** – Ice Queen Feet (r. foot) (add to wear)
**CC** – Ice Queen Halo (add to wear)
**CC** – Ice Queen Wisps (add to wear)
You’ll find these stunning new sparkles by Cole’s Corner at A Winter Solstice in the Mystic Realms, a wonderful winter fantasy event by Pale Girl Productions. Open from 9th December to 19th you’ll find over 100 creators offering winter themed exclusive items for the event. I visited Read more →

Dezembro chegou!

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Getting home

Dezembro chegou! Viva!

Dezembro sempre chega com uma energia gostosa, aquelas musiquinhas infernais legais que tocam nas lojas em looping e não saem da sua cabeça, além daquelas comidas deliciosas e o famoso mimimi por causa das uvas passas… hehehe. Mais um dezembro chegou e se você está lendo este post significa que você sobreviveu ao difícil ano de 2016. Ainda faltam alguns dias para terminar então segura firme que vai dar tudo certo e com fé chegaremos em 2017.

My little cottage

Indo direto ao ponto post, o que trago hoje?

Pus um look confortável composto de calça e suéter da Perch Read more →

Look No. 348: A Preview of anyBODY’s December Round

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Hello again my lovelies!
The December round of anyBODY opens at 7AM SLT on December 7th and it’s going to be full of fabulous designers and things to add to your closet and I will be showcasing one of the designers in this post. The designers participating in that event are: 1 Hundred, Adored Bodyshop, Belle Cherie, Bens Beauty, BF Accessories, Birth, Black Haus, Black Swan, Blink2Wink, Bossie, Cheeky, Chemical Princess, Clockhaus, Emporium, Éprouve, FnH, Go*DiVa, Have Unequal (Method), Holli Pocket, I<3C, Identity Body Shop, Indented, Insanya, JamBee, JF Design, KC Couture, Le Forme, Pervette, Pinkranger, Promagic, ScS Sinful Curves,
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This is a mix and match of things i received over the weekend and introducing a new sponsor Cwtch. .
Couple that with a few things from [blissiere] and birch. and just for good measures throw in some goodies from the Arcade and this is what came out.

A Scandinavian Fireplace
Heart Print
Wonderful Time Print
Merry Christmas Baubles Card
Hanging Advent Calendar
 Potted Poinsetta 1
Potted Poinsetta 2
Angel candle holder
Wooden Tree decor

available at the naughty List Event opening December 10th
upcycled holiday parlor set – crate coffee table
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Weekly Hunt Survival Guide December 5 – 11

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Happy Monday, Hunters!  The Seraphim Weekly Hunt Survival Guide is back for another week with a report on all your grid wide hunts.  Even though we lost quite a few hunts this week, we have gained a few more for your hunting pleasure.  December is full of gifts, goodwill and fun so you don’t have time to waste, grab The Seraphim Weekly Hunt Survival Guide and get to hunting and we will see you again next week!




ADVENT CHASE HUNT - 12/1/2016 through 12/25/2016
CATWAHOLIC HUNT - 11/12/2016 through 12/12/2016
CHRISTMASFY YOUR BODY - 12/1/2016 through 12/31/2016
FANTASY CREAM - 11/18/2016 through 12/18/2016
FEEL MY SACK - 12/5/2016 through 12/31/2016
FURGET ME KNOT HUNT - 11/23/2016 through 12/23/2016
HELLO DAVE CHRISTMAS HUNT - 12/1/2016 through 1/9/2017
JINGLE BELLS TO JINGLE HELLS - 12/1/2016 through 12/31/2016
JINGLE OR CAROL HUNT - 12/1/2016 through 12/31/2016
MEET ME UNDER THE MISTLETOE HUNT - 12/1/2016 through 12/31/2016
MERRY CHRISTMAS HUNT - 12/1/2016 through 1/2/2017
MERRY ELFMAS HUNT - 12/1/2016 through 12/31/2016
NAUGHTY OR NICE HUNT - 12/1/2016 through 12/31/2016
SANTAS WISH LIST NAUGHTY OR NICE HUNT 2 - 11/20/2016 through 12/16/2016
SERIAL SANTA HUNT - 12/1/2016 through 12/31/2016
SOMEONE SPECIAL HUNT - 12/10/2016 through 12/7/2016
THE FIRST NOEL MARKETPLACE HUNT - 12/7/2016 through 12/28/2016
THE HIGH LIFE HUNT - 11/15/2016 through 12/15/2016
TWINKLE STAR HUNT - 12/1/2016 through 12/8/2016
WOMEN ONLY HUNT 2 - 12/3/2016 through 12/24/2016Read more →

If I Were a Rich Girl

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If I were a Rich girl? I am a rich girl but maybe not in the way you think. When we hear the word rich we tend to think of money and decadence. Well I do. But I thought this weekend about all the other ways we are rich. At this time of year, with…

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Draftsman and More

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The Draftsman, as I have previously mentioned, is a new event in SL that focuses on quality home and garden items and only happens once every two months.  This is a BIG reason to get on over and check it out and today I have a few more items for you to ogle from Draftsman PLUS a few more bits and pieces from around and about.

House and Path:  [Chic Buildings] – Sunrise Beachhouse with fireplace and plant balcony PLUS Path and Patio Stone Walkway and  Roofed Path Light (Draftsman)

Seat:  Serenity Style- Wooden Swing  Bench (#unitedandkind)
Telescope: … Read more →

Thirst Trap

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Thirst Trap

Hello lovely internet addicts! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I worked so didn’t get to enjoy it. So hope you guys had fun for me!

New items from: The Signature Event, Mens Only Monthly, and The Arcade


Body: [Signature] – Gianni

Head: [Signature] – Gianni Mesh Head

Skin: Stray Dog – Franco {NEW @ The Signature Event}

Ears: ^^Swallow^^ – Pyramid Ears

Hair: .:Cheveux:. – M096 Hair Brown {NEW @ Mens Only Monthly}

Jockstrap: [Noche] – Essential Jockstrap Gold&Black {NEW @ Mens Only Monthly}

Pose: Come Soon Poses – Video Call… Read more →

Mr. X and Celeste * New* Jumo @ Swank

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I want to have an elegant evening at home tonight with Mr. X… and what better way to do that than to dress in the opulent new holiday gown by Jumo called Celeste that is an exclusive at the December Swank. This gown is made for regular bodies and comes with a handy alpha layer in five sizes. I am wearing it with my Lara body minus a few alpha layers.

Celeste is made of a fine chiffon full ball skirt that with a gorgeous hand sewn bead work that flows down the front of the skirt in a festive … Read more →