Oops she gonna burn ya, mo hotta mo betta…….

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Well I can taste her on my lips and her kisses burn like fire
And I try to resist her, but the pain is my desire
‘Cause she can rock it, roll it, take your heart and control it
She got me hot like a fever, and the flame keeps getting higher

Oh I’m on fire
Well I said, oh I’m fire

Oops she gonna burn ya, mo hotta mo betta
Oops she gonna turn ya, mo hotta mo betta
Once you take a sip from the devil’s cup
She’s gonna rock you an’a roll you and then messa-u … Read more at the source.

Cool Breeze

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I haven’t been blogging in awhile due to a lot of personal things going on in my life.  One major undertaking this past month was to move my Dad, who was living in an assisted living facility in South Carolina, back home to an assisted living facility here in New York to be by me.  He was all alone down in South Carolina since my brother left there and moved to Ohio for a new job.  Despite THE worst plane ride back home we both made it intact, even if we were almost 12 hours late in landing back in … Read more at the source.

NEW @ FaMESHed August!

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Just not ready to let summer go quite yet?   
This month at FaMESHed! 
First up is a really cute fringed mesh bikini.  The Chasta Bikini features flowing fringe and is adorned with metal studs and rings.  The bikini comes in 8 different colors and also has a Rebel Pack available as well.  The following sizes for mesh bodies are included. 
~Maitreya Lara Mesh Body 
~Slink Physique!
~Belleza Venus Mesh Body
~Belleza Freya Mesh Body (NEW)
The next bathing suit is a semi one piece / bikini.  This bathing suit is gathered in the … Read more at the source.

Weekly Hunt Survival Guide August 3rd – August 9

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The Seraphim Weekly Hunt Survival Guide brings back the fun in Mondays again!  With it being the first of the month we have had to say goodbye to a few favorites but welcome in several new hunts!  Be one of the first to check them out and collect some fabulous new prizes.  You will be glad that you did!



AROUND THE GRID IN 80 DAYS 3 - 6/13/2015 through 9/30/2015
AUDACE SIRENS SUMMER NIGHTS - 8/1/2015 through 8/31/2015
BEAUTY LIES WITHIN - 7/25/2015 through 8/25/2015
BIRDING BOTANICA - 5/29/2015 through 9/8/2015
COLLECTION, THE - 8/7/2015 through 9/30/2015
CRAZY FOR KAWAII - 7/23/2015 through 8/12/2015
FASHION PLAY - 8/1/2015 through 8/31/2015
GHEE SUMMER DAISY CHAIN HUNT - 7/17/2015 through 8/31/2015
HEAT IS ON HUNT - 8/1/2015 through 8/31/2015
HUNT FOR YOUR INNER SLUT 11 - 7/15/2015 through 8/15/2015
LAMMAS FIRST HARVEST GRID HUNT - 8/1/2015 through 8/15/2015
LANES QUEENS AND KINGS HUNT - 8/3/2015 through 8/16/2015
MARRY ME HUNT - 8/1/2015 through 8/31/2015
NICE TO MEET ME HUNT - 8/2/2015 through 8/16/2015
NISHI MALL CRAWL - 8/7/2015 through 8/17/2015
PINK AND BLUE HUNT - 8/1/2015 through 8/30/2015
ROCK IT OUT HUNT - 8/1/2015 through 8/31/2015
ROMANCE UNDER THE STARS HUNT - 8/1/2015 through 8/31/2015
STAR SEARCH HUNT - 8/1/2015 through 8/31/2015
YAGI IN SUMMER HUNT - 7/31/2015 through 8/30/2015
ZOZDOM GRAND OPENING HUNT - 7/25/2015 through 8/1/2015

 … Read more at the source.

+ Play Date with Mommy +

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Nyah is Wearing… 
.dl. // Weekly Onesies Toddleedoo
The Essentials…
~*Sweet Tots*~ Sweet Shooes ~TD ~ Flats Pink 
.ploom. Pwny – Indecisive
Aphrodite princess carriage interactive baby gym
Little Llama – Messy Room – Blocks!
Little Llama – Messy Room – Crayons!
Little Llama – Paints!
Little Llama Potato – OMG
FreakyDesign – Panda girl Pouf


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Omg Its Like Totally Top Shelf!

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Totally Top Shelf is back just in time to celebrate their 1 year anniversary with us..and we’re the ones getting all the goodies!  Packed full of amazing merchandise from some talented designers and great stores, you will shop till you drop and then come back for more!

╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy

Teleport to Totally Top Shelf

MIA: Astralia, Lulu


ARISE - accessory, 129L each
AZOURY - accessory, 249L
BITE AND CLAW - accessory, 149L
BLIENSEN MAITAI - accessories, 50L per play
BODY FACTORY - accessories, 120L each/110L each
CERBERUS XING - accessory, 350L
CHARM - accessory, 190L
CHIMERIC ARTS - hair/accessory, 205L each/155L each
CHOP SHOP - panties/fatpack, 150L each/899L
CILA - cape, 199L each
DIRTY STORIES - accessories, 269L/249L
DISTORTED DREAMS - accessory/fatpack, 125L each/650L
ENCHANTMENT - outfit/fatpack, 150L each/500L
ENDLESS PAIN TATTOOS - tattoos, 150L each
FDD STORIES - outfit, 75L per play
FUUBUUTSU DOU - accessories, 100L each
GLYPH - cape/accessory, 200L each/150L each
GO - outfits, 75L per play
GO - outfits, 75L per play
GO - outfits, 75L per play
GO - outfits, 75L per play
GO - outfits, 75L per play
GO - outfits, 75L per play
GOTHICO - dress, 280L
HONEY BS - gown, 100L each/140L each
IMMATERIA - gown, 275L each
LA JOLIE ROSE - poses/fatpack, 149L each/399L
LE FORME - accessory, 120L each
LOVELY DISARRAY - makeups, 125L/144L
LURE - skins, 1,000L/1,500L/1,750L/2,000L each
M AND A - outfit, 50L per play
NOCTIS - decor, 255L
NOVA - makeups, 79L each/129L each
PIXY STIKS - skin, 199L each
PLASTIK - accessory, 239L
PROCLIVITY - mantle/fatpack, 363L each/1,234L
SAHARAS - gown/accessory, 175L each/75L each
SECRET LOVE - accessory, 149L
SIRENS CALL - accessory, 260L
STARGAZER - skins, 2,250L
SWEET KAJIRA - accessories/dress, 75L each/80L each/150L each
SWEET LIES - gown, 50L per play
TAKEO - accessory, 100L each
TIAR - nails, 25L per playRead more at the source.

Space out with All The Little Things!

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Avoid getting all your little things lost in space, with this month’s round of All The Little Things, appropriately space-themed! Alien and spaceships and stars and all sorts of sci-fi treasures await you and at a little price too! You’ve got two weeks to make your space travel adventures real, the event closes August 18th!

Nivaya <3


Teleport to All The Little Things

MIA: Aphrodite Shop, Tiny Trinkets, Lil Unicorn



BABY BRAT - backpacks, 50L
COTTONTAIL - t-shirts, 75L each
GPDKIDS - outfits, 100L each
HIGH V - outfits, 75L each
KJIM KIDS - gacha, 50L per play
LIL BIG ME - outfit, 100L
LITTLE LLAMA - artwork, 75L each
MIKANTO - bed, 75L
PLUM - sneakers, 80L each
POLLYWOG - accessory, 65L each
RECESS - gacha, 75L per play
SPRINKLYWINKS - gacha, 35L per play
VICARIOUS YOUTH - t-shirts, 50L each

Read more at the source.