So what’s happening in Mesh Land?

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Hi Maddicts! This week I’m busy updating some of my lists and getting ready for the next Weekly Fitmesh Finds (yes, they’re coming back!), and of course, catching up on what’s been happening over the holiday period. So before I give you a little run down on what’s happening in the mesh world right now, … Read more…

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Who Wants To Play

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Do I really need to write anything ? What is there to explain? Who wants to play ?
Here kitty kitty …… 

underwear – Pixie Lacy @ Sn@tch

choker – Meow Gacha @ Ersch

mask – Meow Gacha @ Ersch

ribbon – Meow Gacha @ Ersch

hair – F719 group gift – Tram

pose – The Simpli Series @ An Lar Poses

eyeshadow – Solstice by Veechi @ The Season Story

freckles – Foiled @ Veechi

mesh head applier – My Doll @ DeeTaleZ

mesh body applier – Nordic @ DeeTaleZ

mesh head – Alice@ Catwa
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C’est La Vie at Tres Chic!

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It is time to brush up on your French as Tres Chic has gone to Paris!  The city of love has a special romance with your favorite designers, showcasing some amazing items.  You have until February 5th to stroll the quaint cobblestone shopping for fabulous items or sitting at a table watching life and love stroll by with a croissant.  You won’t want to miss this round of Tres Chic!


Teleport to Tres Chic

MIA: Clef De Peau, Diram, Ilaya, Meisu, Mowie, Zafair


ALME - nail applier, 189L each
AMACCI - shoes/fatpack, 220L each/975L
AMERICAN BEAUTY - jacket, 110L each
AMITIE - pose set/pose, 199L/99L each
ASTERIA - bodysuit/fatpack, 199L each/1,500L
AVALE - skirt, 190L
AVAWAY - bracelet, 225L
AVENGE - jewelry, 150L/160L
BEUSY - hair/fatpack, 280L each/320L each/1,600L
BREATHE - shoes/fatpack, 250L each/400L each/1,500L
CHEZ MOI - stove, 360L/600L
CHIC CHICA - shoes/fatpack, 221L each/1,421L
DECOR JUNCTION & SHUTTERFIELD - chair/balcony, 150L each/190L each
DECOR JUNCTION & SHUTTERFIELD - chair/balcony, 150L each/190L each
DECOR JUNCTION & SHUTTERFIELD - chair/balcony, 150L each/190L each
DECOR JUNCTION & SHUTTERFIELD - chair/balcony, 150L each/190L each
DELA - hair/fatpack, 250L each/350L/1,295L
DOUX - hair, 250L each/300L each/350L each
EC CLOTH - dress/fatpack/earrings, 185L each/770L/90L each
ECLIPSE - suit/boots, 275L each/225L each
ECLIPSE - suit/boots, 275L each/225L each
ENTICE - sweater/fatpack/jeans, 99L each/500L each
ERSCH - collar/fatpack, 95L each/250L
ERSCAH - glasses, 95L each
EVANI - dress/fatpack, 225L each/1,099L
EVOLOVE - pose/fatpack, 50L each/499L
FAME FEMME - dress/fatpack, 280L each/2,000L
FASHIOWL - pose set, 250L each/150L
FONDE - dress, 175L each
FROZEN - pose, 99L each
GARBAGGIO - shoes/fatpack, 149L each/499L
GIZZA - outfit/fatpack, 450L each/1,750L
GUTCHI - hat, 365L
HAVE UNEQUAL - shoes/fatpack, 260L each/1,820L
INDENTED - dress, 200L each
KAITHLEENS - dress/fatpack, 279L each/1,199L
KC COUTURE - shoes, 175L
KENDRASY CREATIONS - dress/fatpack, 110L each/399L
KENNY ROLANDS - outfit/fatpack, 475L each/1,000L
LA GAZZA LADRA - outfit, 199L each
LEGAL INSANITY - dress/fatpack, 249L each/969L
LETITUIER - hair/fatpack, 250L each/500L
LUANES WORLD - pose, 79L
LUANES WORLD - pose, 99L
LUAS - pullover/fatpack, 99L each/490L
MEVA - top, 225L each
MEVA - top, 225L each
MILAN - skin, 1,099L
MIX - dress/fatpack, 180L each/450L
MOSQUITOS WAY - shoes, 349L
NANIKA - tights, 150L each
NANIKA - tights, 150L each
NUNO - outfit gacha, 88L per play
NUNO - outfit gacha, 88L per play
OPALE HAIR - hair/fatpack, 250L each/295L each/1,050L
PETITE MORT - dress/fatpack, 140L each/490L
PETROFF - watch, 350L
PUMEC - lipstick, 299L
RAMA - choker, 180L each
RUST REPUBLIC - top/pants/fatpack, 200L each/1,000L
SCANDALIZE - dresss/fatpack, 120L each/499L
SCANDALIZE - dresss/fatpack, 120L each/499L
SHAN GHAI - dress, 250L each
SHAN GHAI - dress, 250L each
SHINE - dress/fatpack, 289L each/999L
SINCE 1975 - skybox, 6,300L
SINTIKLIA - lipstick/choker, 260L each/65L
SYS - dress/fatpack, 290L each/1,490L
SYS - dress/fatpack, 290L each/1,490L
SYS - jacket/fatpack, 290L each/1,490L
SYS - outfit/fatpack, 290L each/990L
TREASON - jacket/top/pants, 150L each
TUKINOWAGUMA - hair/fatpack, 250L each/400L/750L
UNA - decor/outfit/fatpack, 100L/125L each/500L
UNITED COLORS - dress/fatpack, 249L each/1,699L
VANITY - hair/fatpack, 299L each/499L/399L/1,199L
VENUS SHOES - shoes, 399L
WAYNE - dress/fatpack, 150L each/1,500L
WAYNE - dress/fatpack, 150L each/1,500L
YOUR DREAMS - decor gacha, 80L per play
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Don’t Know Why

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Don’t know why I took such a moody picture. I am not sad, crying or emotional today. I just wanted to play  on the swings and  ended up with this. 

sweater – Bess @ Sn@tch

jeans – Basic Omega Applier – by Aliud @ Designer Showcase

hair – Rush by Exile @ C88

boots – Charity @

leg warmers – Marnie @

bodysuit – Cozy @ Luxuria
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