Shiny Shabby Has Out-Done Themselves This Round!

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Just when you think Shiny Shabby couldn’t get any better, they have!  Stop in before November 15th, to shop all the amazing items your favorite designers are showcasing this round.  From home & garden to clothing and so much more in between, you are sure to find something you need at Shiny Shabby!

ღCherries & Sabs

Teleport to Shiny Shabby

MIA:  New Faces, Lybra, Revoul, The Oak, Varonis, Zerkalo


A & D CLOTHING - jeans/fatpack, 199L each/1,299L
A & D CLOTHING - jeans/fatpack, 199L each/1,299L
ACORN - bed, 699L-999L each
AGATA MODE - outfit/fatpack, 290L each/580L
ALME - nail applier set, 189L each
AMIAS - skin, 350L each
AMITIE - poses/fatpack, 50L each/199L
ANA POSES - poses/fatpack, 50L each/200L
ANA POSES - poses/fatpack, 50L each/200L
ANA POSES - poses/fatpack, 50L each/200L
ARISE - eyelashes, 109L
AVI GLAM - eyes, 350L
BAMSE - lamp, 99L
BEE DESIGNS - decor, 69L per play
BESOM - hair, 300L
BIG BEAUTIFUL DOLL - lingerie/fatpack, 399L each/1,999L
CAROL G - tattoo, 280L each
CHEZ MOI - tent, 520L-840L
CHEZ MOI - tent, 520L-840L
CINPHUL - decor, 25L-488L each
COMPLEX - joggers/fatpack, 299L each/1,449L
CONCEPT - decor gacha, 75L per play
CONVAIR - decor set, 275L
DOMUS AUREA DESIGN - table/chair/fatpack, 150L/175L each/320L
DIRAM - coat, 450L each
ECLIPSE DESIGN - pants, 225L each
ELVEN ELDER - pants, 399L
EMPIRE - heels, 599L
ERSCH - necklace, 199L
ESSENCES - skin applier/shape/body applier/fatpack, 1,200L each/2,970L/650L/199 - 750L each
ESSENZ - shoes/fatpack, 250L each/900L
EVERMORE - eyes, 300L
FABIA - hair, 250L each
FAME FEMME - coat/fatpack, 350L each/4,500L
GABRIEL - jacket/fatpack, 220L each/680L
GAEG - eyes, 340L each
GILD - jumper/fatpack, 220L each/620L
GIZ SEORN - fatpack/panties, 1,295L/300L
GIZ SEORN - shirt, 195L each
GO - outfit, 75L per play
I HEART F & CO - corset, 229L
I HEART F & CO - dress, 349L each
I HEART F & CO - skirt, 329L
IDENTITY - tattoo, 190 - 250L each
ILAYA - earrings, 149L
ISUKA - backdrop, 295L
JF DESIGN - top/panties/pants/fatpack, 150L each/1,000L each/130L each/800L
KAITHLEENS - dress/fatpack, 249L each/1,499L
KEKE - flowers/fatpack, 111L each/333L
KIBITZ - necklace/fatpack, 220L each/660L
KITE - building, 380L
KOSMII - decor/fatpack, 199 - 399L each/799L
KUNGLERS - bracelets/fatpack, 190L each/590L
KUNST - decor, 59L per play
LAGYO - backpack, 150L each
LEGAL INSANITY - boots/fatpack, 329L each/1,899L
LODE - hair accessories, 50L per play
MALONE - decor, 150L/100L
MERAK - decor, 280L
MINIMAL - rings, 350L each
MONS - septum, 250L each
MOON ELIXIR - jeans/fatpack, 300L each/1,200L
NANIKA - headband gacha, 50L per play
NAVY & COPPER - hair/fatpack, 250L each/900L
NOIR - bracelets, 245L
NOMAD - decor, 399L/499L
NUTMEG & ENTWINED - hair/fatpack, 280 - 380L each/990L each
ONE DECOR - sofa, 450L-750L
PLAAKA - decor, 150L-500L each
PLASTIK - jewelry/fan/fatpack/nail applier, 279L/329L each/499L/199L each
PROMAGIC - outfit gacha, 40L per play
PUMEC - skin/minipack/fatpack, 799L each/2,799L/4,799L
RAMA SALON - hair/fatpack, 285L each/985L
RIOT - skirt/fatpack, 199L each/1,299L
RIOT - shirt/fatpack, 199L each/1,299L
ROZOREGALIA - necklace, 88L per play
RUNAWAY - hair/fatpack, 300 - 425L each/1,500L
SAFIRA - dress set/fatpack, 150L each/799L
SALLIE - outfit, 280L each
SALVADORI PARIS - heels/fatpack, 200L each/800L
SAVIN - boots/fatpack, 280L each/2,500L
SERENITY STYLE - scooter gacha, 70L per play
SHI - hair/fatpack, 285L each/1,500L
SLACK GIRL - ring, 230L each
SUICIDAL UNBORN - eyeliner, 210L
SUPERNATURAL - anklet, 199L each
SWAYS - cabinet, 175L
SYNCD - dances/fatpack, 325L each/999L
SYS - jacket/fatpack, 290L each/990L
TABOU - leggings/fatpack, 210L each/2,000L
THE OWL - poses/fatpack, 200L each/550L
THE OWL - poses, 200L
THE OWL - poses, 200L
TIA - decor/fatpack, 65 - 200L each/600L
VERSOV - shoes/fatpack, 281L each/1,281L
VEXIIN - watch/bracelet/fatpack, 349L each/299L each/1,049L/849L
YASUM DESIGN - nails/fatpack, 110L each/399L
ZIBSKA - eyeshadow/blush/lipstick, 300L/250L/400LRead more →

Step Out in Style with The Avenue White Nights!

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The Avenue White Nights is back with a variety of items to help you get your fashion in check before the weekend. And what is even better is the discounted prices that many designers are offering! Make sure to take a stroll down to The Avenue White Nights before it ends on October 27th!


Teleport to The Avenue White Nights


ALMA - makeup, 72L each
ALTAMURA - tattoos/makeup/accessories, 130L each/163L each/98L
AVI GLAM - eyes, 225L
CHARME - hair, 199L each
D LUXE - pants/shoes, 79L each
DUO - outfit gacha, 35L per play
DUST - photobox, 143L each
EVOLOVE - pose, 69L
EVOLOVE - jewelry set, 260L
GLITZZ - lingerie, 99L each
KOM - outfit, 298L
KOSMETIK - lipstick, 130L
LA GAZZA LADRA - outfit, 150L each
LIVIA - makeup/nails, 97L each
MILLA RASMUSON - makeup, 162L each
NEOMENIA - accessory/fatpack, 117L each/715L
PINK CREAM PIE - pants/bodysuit/socks/swimsuit, 129L each.
PINUP - lingerie, 99L each
SAM POSES - poses, 65L each
SORUMIN - outfit gacha, 20L per play
SORUMIN - outfit gacha, 20L per play
STARGAZER - outfit, 190L
WRENS NEST - shape, 259LRead more →

For a Fresh Change Shop Men Only Monthly!

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Men Only Monthly gets better and better! Many new designs await you; clothes, poses, jewelry, leggings and more. This round items will compliment your current style or give you inspiration for a new style.  Make sure you enjoy this round before it’s over on November 15th!


Teleport to Men Only Monthly

MIA: Aitui, Body Factory, Speakeasy


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[The Monarchs]Tenebris Noctis 13時公演

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The Monarchsのハロウィンショー、Tenebris Noctisの初日公演が明日に迫っています。
さすがに一番最初にコレオを担当したDead men’s taleの初日公演の時ほどの酷い緊張はなくなりましたが(あの時はもう血の気引きすぎで本当に体調不良一歩手前でした…)それでもやはり緊張します…w

さて今回のTenebris Noctisは、今年行ったシムワイドショー3つのような明確な物語性はないのですが、かわりに様々なテーマのハロウィンをご用意しています。





The Monarchs-Tenebris Noctis


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Get Ready for Halloween at Thimble!

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The autumn leaves have started to fall and brought with them some awesome deals at this round of Thimble! Halloween is just around the corner, you are sure to find all of your holiday needs from clothes to gachas to decor! Don’t wait, these great items will poof like a ghost on November 10th!

ღღ Chelle ღღ

Teleport to Thimble

MIA:  Always Far Away, Daisy Chains, La Petite Jolie, Munchkins, Rawr Muffins, Ribbits, Totally Tots



AFROBABY - outfit, 85L
APHRODITE SHOP - decor, 350L
APPLE BLOSSOM - dress, 75L each
A UNICORN CUPCAKE & THE SPUNKY MONKEY - outfit, 50L per play each
BABY BURP - outfit, 399L
BABY TEEN FASHION - outfit, 150L each
BASICALLY BRATTY KIDS - pets/chair, 50L per play/199L
BASIL - decor, 99L each
BLUE SKY DESIGNS - gacha/decor, 50L per play/99L each
BOOMERANG - potty, 50L per play
BREAUX JR - masks, 50L per play per size
BUBBLE N SQUEEK FASHION - gacha, 50L per play
BUBBLE N SQUEEK FASHION - outfits, 100L - 150L each
CLICK - pose, 125L
CONFETTI POSES - pose/fatpack, 50L each/150L
CONNORS CORNER - boots, 50L per play
CUTIE CAKES - bucket, 50L per play
DOCE DENGO - outfit, 100L each
DOODLEZ - outfit, 55L each
DORKS - jammies, 100L each
EX POSE URE - pose, 50L per play
FOXHOLE - doorbell, 29L per play
GRUNT - gacha, 30L per play
INFINITY CREATIONS - decor, 99L/100L/199L
IN THE MOMENT - pose, 100L
JINX - bookbag/fatpack, 99L each/990L
JULZ JR - outfit, 150L each
KATS KORNER - outfit, 99L
KOUKLA - decor/fatpack, 99L each/198L
LIL SCAMPS - outfit, 99L each
LIL SNOOKUMS - outfit/furniture, 99L/85L/65L
LITTLE CLOVER - jammies, 99L
LITTLE DREAMER - sweaters, 199L
LITTLE FRIEND - outfit, 199L each
LITTLE FRIEND - pose, 199L
LITTLE FRIEND - outfit, 149L each
LITTLE FRIEND - outfit, 149L each
LULA BELL - headband, 45L per play
MANDYS BOUTIQUE - outfit/fatpack, 50L each/100L each/250L
MAPLE - sweater/pants, 99L each
MOUSEY TOTS - binky, 35L per play
ONCE UPON A TOY BOX - decor, 150L each
PAN - mask, 50L
RAGAMUFFINS - outfit, 100L each per size
RAINBOW PANDA - dress/fatpack, 50L each/200L
RAINBOW PANDA - dress/fatpack, 75L each/325L
REMEMBERS - decor, 100L
ROU MAU - outfit, 100L each
ROYAL PAIN - outfit/fatpack, 75L each/375L
SAMMICH FIXINS - dress, 50L per play per size
SHORT N STUFF - outfit, 125L each
SOPHIES CLOSET - outfit, 299L each
SOPHIES CLOSET - outfit, 99L each/199L
SOPHIES CLOSET - gacha, 50L per play per size
SO SILLY - gachas, 50L per play each
SUGARHAII - headband, 50L per play
SYNSATIONAL SHORTIES - game, 50L per play
TALENTED TOTS - dress/outfit, 145L each
TALENTED TOTS - hair, 75L per play
THUMBPRINT - outfit, 100L
TINY CAKEZ - outfit, 100L each
TINY TIARAS - outfit, 99L
TWIPLE TWOUBLE - hoodie/jeans/onsies, 50L each
VIVA KIDS - outfit, 199L each
WHIMSICAL TOTS - outfit, 150L each
WHIMSICAL TOTS - dress, 150L each



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The Kawaii Project Welcomes in the Witching Hour!

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It’s that time of year where the Kawaii Project welcomes in the witching hour!  With ghost, goblins, and ghouls… oh my!  No reason to be scared your favorite designers are sure to make them adorable.  Stop in the Kawaii Project before November 10th, for a boo-tastic time!


Teleport to the Kawaii Project


ADORED - makeup, 199L each
AMBIX - mask/fatpack, 299L each/599L
ASTEROID BOX - shoes, 250L
GHOUL - outfit/fatpack, 199L each/1,290L
KOKORO PEACHES - collar, 249L
KOKORO PEACHES & NAMII CHU - pumpkin/fatpack, 299L each/550L
LAGOM - decor gacha, 50L per play
LOTUS - eye gacha, 59L per play
MIGNON - outfit gacha, 50L per play
MIKAZUKI - outfit, 599L
MOON ELIXIR - blouse, 300L each
MOON RABBIT - ghost gacha, 75L per play
MS DESIGN - makeup, 150L
NAMII CHU - pose/fatpack, 65L each/450L
PLASTIK - necklace/nail applier, 239L/199L each
QUIRKY - glasses, 125L each
SAKURA - tights/earrings/hat, 100L each/199L each
SONG - eye/fatpack, 50L each/550L
STARDUST - tattoo/fatpack, 200L each/800L
STITCHES - shape, 299L
SUPERNATURAL - choker, 165L eachRead more →

Prep for Halloween with Fifty Linden Fridays!

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Whoohoo!!  We’ve only got about 2 weeks left until Halloween, guys!  Are you excited???  CAUSE I AM!!  And we’ve still got the Fifty Lindens Friday Halloween Edition Frightdays going on alongside the normal Fifty Linden offerings.  It makes everything double the fun for today.  But hurry, as always, this ends at the stroke of midnight, and the sale is gooooone~

( ˘ ³˘)♥ sabs

MIA: Belleza


ADD ANDEL - pumpkins, 50L
ANC - rug, 50l
DP YUMYUM - hair, 50L each
EMPIRE - heels, 50L
EXILE - hair, 50L
EXILE - hair, 50L each
FLOORPLAN - signs, 50L each
IZZIES - lipstick, 50L each
IZZIES - eyes, 50L
JIAN - decor, 50L
MOON ELIXIR - shirt/bra, 50L each
NOMAD - petals, 50L each
RC CLUSTER - novelty items, 50L each
SEVEN EMPORIUM - calculator, 50L
THE PLASTIK - jewelry/candles, 50L each
THE PLASTIK - decor, 50L
VALENTINA E - dress, 50L eachRead more →