The Fantasy Collective is open

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The new round of the Fantasy Collective is open and the Theme is the ‘Bayou’. One of the things that come to mind when hearing that word is Voodoo and that is what I was going with. One deco piece and one pose pack!

Stick a needle in my eye

Taxi to the Fantasy Collective

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Chandni KhondjiThe Fantasy Collective is open

End of Summer Sale at LoveMe Skins!

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As August starts to wind down, we have to come to the sad realization that Summer is beginning to draw to an end. But not all is lost because to mark the transition, LoveMe Skins is holding an End of Summer sale at their in-world location! Everything in the store is marked down 40% from now until midnight on August 28th. So if you’re itching for a new look to begin your Autumn with, grab the taxi below and go take a peek!


Teleport to LoveMe Skins

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TaraEnd of Summer Sale at LoveMe Skins!

Somnia’s Obsession For Slink!

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There’s still some time to head on in to My Slink Obsession if Slink is your obsession too!  It’s full of everything you could need for your Slink head, bodies, hands and feet!  Somnia is there with lots of goodies sure to sate your Slink obsession! But you better hurry up My Slink Obsession closes on the 22nd and remember everything at My SLink Obsession is at least 50% off! !

UntitledDippin Ribbon Top and Simple Capris (for Slink Physique body), Ribbon Heels (for Slink medium feet) – dark packs – available from Somnia at My Slink Obsession

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JordanSomnia’s Obsession For Slink!

The latest No21 Round is now open for you to enjoy!

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No21 is still a fairly new event to the SL grid but the general idea if on the 21st of the month there will be 21 designers ready to show off their latest creations for you to come and check out. This event will only be on for the next 21 days so make sure you get all our usual girls or boys together and go shop shop shop!

Rosalyn <3

Teleport to N-21


AMAYA - necklace, 50L per play
ARISKEA - necklace/bracelet, 199L/139L each
ATOMIC - sweater/fatpack, 200L each/600L
CHARY - bracelets, 149L each
COCORONI - bag, 125L each
ELSKA - tattoo, 175L/250L
FLOORPLAN - see description for details
LITTLE BONES - hair/fatpack, 270L each/1500L
MOON - hair/fatpack, 250L each/1200L
MOON - hair/fatpack, 250L each/1200L
NOX - makeup/fatpack, 100L each/250L
OLIVE HAIR - hair, 299L each
PANIK - accesory, 99L each
PIDIDDLE - accesory/fatpack, 150L each/500L
PRITTY - hair/fatpack, 200L each/800L
QUIRKY - nail HUD, 149L
QUIRKY - pose, 121L
QUIRKY - nail HUD, 149L
RANDOM MATTER BUZZER - jewelry, 190L each
RECKLESS - tattoo, 450L/200L
REIGN - shoes/fatpack, 300L each/900L
SOONSIKI - hair, 250L each
XIAJ - shirt, 221L each

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Rosalyn ReinermanThe latest No21 Round is now open for you to enjoy!

21 Shoes making the 21st of the month amazing once again!

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Its the 21st of August and with that comes a one day event based entirely on shoes. 6 of the best designers from around the grid have shoe packs especially for you and exclusive to the event that you can buy for one day and one day only at discounted prices. This event is on now and wont be here after midnight so make sure you go on down and check out the offerings from each of these designers and stock up on some amazing shoes.

Rosalyn <3


DAVID HEATHER - shoes, 350L
ERRATIC - shoes, 349L
HUCCI - shoes, 295L
KOIKOI - shoes, 295L
L WARWICK - shoes, 399L
SLINK - shoes, 399L

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Rosalyn Reinerman21 Shoes making the 21st of the month amazing once again!


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Hello everyone, i am so glad to announce that all the new skin line have now the shops mesh body installers, come in all 4 skin tones, have a cleavage option. All in one installer. Demos are available in one skin tone only. Please read the note included about the instruction of how to use the installers. Take the taxi!

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sawsansecretspy.::WoW Skins::. THE SHOPS MESH BODY INSTALLERS!

Fresh Style, New Round!

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A second round of this new event has hit the doors so make sure you take a good look around at all the new and exciting products that have been set out just for you! This round last only for two weeks, so grab all you can before it ends and new designs arrives!


Teleport to Fresh Style: Passion4Fashion


ATIK - dress, 99L
B DAZZLED - tank/capri, 95L each
CUTEBOMB DESIGNS - shorts/tank/panties, 100L each/150L
DA - sneakers/outfit, 100L each/75L each
DORK - shirt, 125L each
IMPOSE - outfit/hair/fatpack, 60L each/320L
LALA LAND - dress, 150L each
PHWAR COUTURE - see description for details
REDGRAVE - chairs, 150L each
RO BUNI - outfits, 72L each
SQUISH - dress/shorts, 150L each
SQUISH - accessory, 50L per play
STORAX TREE - plants/decor, 50L each
SUP POSES - poses, 40L/60L/80L
TRINITE - see description for details
XEN'S HATS - hats, 75L eachRead more at the source.

NevalynFresh Style, New Round!