Featuring Slink 3rd Party Creators – Hucci

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This new series will feature some of the amazing creators making Slink compatible products in Second Life! Today’s feature artist – Eboni Khan of Hucci

Slink Compatible Feature - Hucci

An early adopter to the Slink Avatar Enhancement system, Hucci creator Eboni Khan has embraced Slink into the Hucci brand. Adding a wide range of footwear, and now the implementation of clothing to the mix. You will find shoes and boots in a great range of colours and fabric styles. Hucci has now added Slink Physique body compatible boots and clothing. Demos are available in the Hucci Mainstore, Slink West location and Marketplace.… Read more at the source.

Atelier Kreslo featuring Apple Fall and Flowey

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It’s been a long month but the wait was worth the prize at Atelier Kreslo! This month’s Toadstool Chair is only 2LI and it was created by Apple Fall, featuring 6 original sitting poses by Flutter Memel from Flowey. This enchanting looking chair comes in 6 colours and one of them will become your new favorite so hurry down to Atelier Kreslo today!

· Connie ·

Teleport to Atelier Kreslo


chairs, 150L each
chairs, 150L each
chairs, 150L eachRead more at the source.

Olde & Cozy 25L$ Tuesdays!

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Stop by any time before 11:59pm SLT today/Tuesday to grab this adorable and realistic Olde Cast Iron Stove!
At only 1 land impact with realistic on/off lighting, copy & mod, and of course all original mesh it is a superb steal.
It would look awesome in some up and coming releases, so pick it up now and keep your eye on this blog & group notices for our new items in the coming weeks!

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~Something I need~

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Something I need… I can think of all the things I need that I found at the Mystic Realm Faire, just know it ends very soon.. so if there’s something you need there, go go go before it’s gone gone gone. :)

And no outfit is complete without your polish from Koffin Nails.

The outfit I am wearing can be found at the Mystic Realm Faire, it’s by [ SAKIDE ] Nalyah Top and Mask. The top and Mask have a hud so you can change the colors. I just really loved the vibrancy of the blue so I … Read more at the source.

I’ts the 21st of the month and we can celebrate with a new round of No21!

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Every 21st of the month brings a new round of No21 with 21 of the best designers around the grid bringing you some amazing goodies that will make that inventory or your home even better. And this month is an extra special round, because it is packed with exclusives you will only be able to find here and never again! It will only go for 21 days so make sure you grab you best buds hand and drag them here with you so you can shop, shop, shop until you drop!

Rosalyn <3

Teleport to No21



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Mayfly – New Luminous Mesh Eyes, Part 1

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Mayfly has recently released 30 new Luminous Mesh Eyes – our premium mesh eyes that come with all kinds of scripted options, adjustable with a very easy-to-use menu. The first 15 eyes are:

Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Absinthe)
Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Aged Bronze Shadow)
Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Aged Bronze)
Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Crystal Sea)
Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Deep Majorelle Shadow)
Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Deepening Spring)
Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Deepest Sapphire)
Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Desert Dawn Shadow)
Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Desert Dawn)
Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Forest Green)
Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Glacial Dusk)
Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Glacial Night)
Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Lapis Blue)
Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (London Fog Shadow)
Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Majorelle Shadow)

Mayfly’ premium Luminous Mesh Eyes are scripted so you have lots of options to give yourself your own unique look:

  • 28 preset sizes for easily-sized, perfectly-matched eyes
  • Adjust either eye individually, or both together at the same time with the Link button
  • 5 In/Out adjustment settings
  • 3 pupil sizes
  • 15 cornea reflection choices (variations on our original Deep Sky and Liquid Light reflections)
  • 7 shadow options (shadow
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Say hi to Hello Tuesday!

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It’s time for another round of Hello Tuesday and this round is filled to the brim with some of SL’s best designers. And with everything 50L or 50% off, you will definitely get an amazing deal that your bank will thank you for. This is only here for today only  so make sure you get your skates on and come on down so you don’t miss out.

Rosalyn <3


7 DEADLY SKINS - skin, 175L
AMERICAN BAZAAR - top/dress, 50L each
ASHMOOT - top/heels, 50L each
AUSHKA & CO - top, 75L each
CHICAGO INK - shorts, 50L
ESSENZ - sandal, 140L
FAD - top/shorts, 125L/149L
FE STYLE - top, 50L each
G & D - heels, 50L each
HILLY HALAAN - outfit, 50L
HOLLYHOOD - heels, 99L
INDYRA - outfit, 100L
JESYDREAM - shorts, 50L
KAITHLEEN'S - dress, 50L
KL COUTURE - dress, 190L
MM - dress, 50L each
MOOH - outfit, 149L
MSS - dress/tuxedo, 50L/150L
MUNEREIA - outfit, 50L each
NM ATELIER - top, 90L
PERVETTE - tattoo, 70L
POUTE - crown, 100L
PRAY FOR DEATH - jeans, 40L
SALT - dress, 110L
SHOEMINATI - shoe fatpack, 1000L
VEROCITY - pose, 25L
V-SPOT - hoodie, 99L
ZOZ - nail HUD, 98LRead more at the source.