Weekly Round Up November 14th – November 21st

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Hey Loves! Here is this week’s Skin Round Up!

WRU Skin Addiction

7 Deadly Skins

Mainstore News

Mister Sinner 2015 Search going on and also for the gentlemen…skins

 Elijah-POSTER-walnut Elijah-POSTER-taupe Elijah-POSTER-cotton Elijah-POSTER-caramel Movember-poster-GUYS

50L Thanksgiving Skin


Golden Apple Game

Find the apple, Register and get a free skin box of your choosing

Noella available @ Feeb’s Christmas, Halo @ Black Dot, Jennifer @ Lubbily Jubbiles, Evenlien @ Designer Circle, and Myst @ Feeb’s Rascal

Feebs-christmas-NOELLA-poster-v2Feebs-christmas-NOELLA-poster-v3Feebs-christmas-NOELLA-poster-v1Halo-poster-v2-DEFBLACKdot-HALO-v1-PosterDC-evenlien-V2-poster DC-evenlien-V1-posterJubblies-Jennifer-v1-poster    Myst-Poster-v1-DEF Myst-Poster-v2-DEF


New Release – Domino


@ Mainstore

Wow Skins

Kyle @ Designer’s Circle, Julya @ Suicide Dollz,  Jaz @ FreshStyle

kyle julya sl add jaz skin add


Deesses_ Simone & Lauryn skins

Simone & Lauryn @ The Read more at the source.

It’s already time for another awesome round at No21!

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N21102114ZZLOGOEvery 21st of the month brings a new round of No21 with 21 of SL’s best designers bring their best designs for your home and closet for your shopping pleasure. It will only be here for the next 21 days so make sure you get yourself and your shopping buds down here and shop shop shop!

Rosalyn <3

Teleport to No21


AITUI - ears, 650L
ARIA - furiture, 200L
ATOMIC - top/fatpack, 299L each/999L
BUENO - shorts/fatpack, 199L each/799L each
CHEEKYPEA - decor - see description for details
DAMSELFLY - hair/mixed/fatpack, 250L each/450L each/1500L each
FLITE - watch/bracelet, 350L each/220L each
FLOORPLAN - decor, 175L each
FOXES - jacket/pet, 350L each/250L each
KITJA - vest/fatpack, 200L each/800L
LITTLE BONES - hair/fatpack, 270L each/1500L
LITTLE BONES - hair/fatpack, 270L each/1500L
MIKUNCH - skirt, 350L
MIKUNCH - vest/fatpack, 250L each/500L
MODISH - necklace/lipstick, 130L each/150L each
MOON HAIR - hair/fatpack, 275L each/1600L
MOON HAIR - hair/fatpack, 275L each/1600L
RANDOM MATTER - backpack, 360L each
RANDOM MATTER - backpack, 360L each
RAZOR - top, 299L each
RECKLESS - shoes/fatpack, 299L each/999L
REIGN - boots/fatpack, 350L each/1250L
REIGN - rings, 50L per play
hair/sample pack, 250L each/350L
WONTON NEW YORK - shirt, 150L each
XIN - top, 221L each
YUMMY - ring/necklace, 90L each/195L eachRead more at the source.


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A brand new kids gacha event is in the works!! The Playroom’s grand opening will be on January 5th, 2015 at 12pm slt! This monthly event will take place the fifth of every month and will only be about playing those pesky, addictive gacha machines. There will be 15 dedicated, permanent designers and up to 5 different guest designers to bring you the very best in their products and creation ideas.

What is it that makes us different than any other kid event?

-Besides fulfilling your craving for collections from gacha machines and the attention for trading, we are striving to … Read more at the source.

The Dressing Room Fusion- full of goodies…

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Dressing Room Fusion

This round of The Dressing Room Fusion is chalk full of new products and delicious goodies!! Check it out… because everything is between 40L-70L and what better way to spend your L’s than purchasing more for your money! I feel like I’m in advertisement, but it’s so true! You’ve only two weeks to shop because this round ends on December 4th!


Teleport to the Dressing Room Fusion


BAIASTICE - skirt, 70L each
BOUNCE THIS - poses, 50L each
BUTTERY TOAST - earmuffs, 55L each
CYNFUL - dress, 70L each
DRIFT - sweater, 70L each
ESSENCES - skin, 70L each
GLOW STUDIO - satchel/necklace, 70L each/150L
GLOW STUDIO - glasses, 70L each
IZZIE'S - tights, 70L
KUNGLERS - bracelet, 60L each
LABEL MOTION - poses, 40L/80L
LACUNA - pantyhose/top/skirt, 70L/40L/60L
LOQ - hair, 70L
MAGIC NOOK - ring, 70L each
MINA - hair, 70L each/300L
MONS - accessory, 70L
PR!TTY - hair, 70L each/199L
RICIELLI - heels, 66L each
SO MANY STYLES - tank, 70L each
SWALLOW - septum ring, 70L
WHATEVER - heels, 69L each
YS & YS - handbag, 69L eachRead more at the source.

The Fantasy Collective is here!

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the-fantasy-collectiveAttention all you fantasy lovers out there, The Fantasy Collective is now open! That’s right ladies and gents, this awesome event has decided to go monthly! How exciting is that? Very. So, grab all your mythical friends and head on down. You’ll find it all from armor to tattoos. You don’t want to miss out, because after this round they wont be back until January! Happy shopping.

☺Ambreh Lynn

Teleport to The Fantasy Collective




ARTISAN FANTASY - see description for details
ATTIC - boots, 200L each
BAUWERK - see description for details
BITE & CLAW - necklace, 175L
BODY FACTORY - helmet/pauldrons/bracelets/shield, 120L each/140L each
CERBERUSXING - halo, 200L each
DAMSELFLY - hair/fatpack, 250L each/1500L each
DIESEL WORKS - horns, 149L
DISTORTED DREAMS - dress, 175L each
EMPYREAN FORGE - weapon, 675L each
ENTWINED HAIR - hair/fatpack, 250L each/1250L
EPOQUE - hair/fatpack, 299L each/699L
EQUINOX - tunic, 350L
FAIDA - dresses, 150L
FDD - corset, 75L per play
FETCH & THE LIBRARY - see description for details
IZZIE'S - necklace, 220L
JUNBUG - dress/fatpack, 450L each/495L each/1800L/2000L
KEYSTONE - headchain, 230L
KIO KIO - outfit, 140L/299L each
LE FORME - wings/blindfold, 99L each/199L each
LITTLE PRICKS - tattoo, 110L
LUAS - corset, 150L each
LUMINARY - dress, 300L each
MAY'S SOUL - outfit/fatpack, 199L each/800L
MIAMAI - helmet, 320L each
PEKKA - circlet, 129L each
PURE POISON - helmet, 99L each
SAKIDE - outfit, 250L each
SENZAFINE - gown, 395L each
STOCKHOLM & LIMA - furniture, 1200L
STORYBOOK - halo/armor, 129L each/149L each
SWAGGA - armor, 199L each
SWEET LIES - staff, 99L
THE WHITE ARMORY - gown/fatpack, 300L each/1200L
THINGS - tattoo, 149L
VALENTINA E - crown, 165L each
VALENTINA E - gown/over gown/fatpack, 285L each/1050L
WHATEVER - cat accessories, 149L
WICCA'S WARDROBE - gown/headpiece/collar, 225L each/ 549L
WICKED PEACH - makeup, 100L each
YASUM - bracers/gown, 110L/399LRead more at the source.