Weekly Fitmesh Finds & C88!

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Hi MAddicts! It’s that time of week again – it’s time for Weekly Fitmesh Finds!! I’m thankful to say that at least we have some items for you meshy men out there this week (phew), and I want to note that there are a lot of amazing fitmesh items at Collabor88 this round, but because … Read more…

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Date Night

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One of the things I love about SL is that I can wear anything I like. I can be tall or short, fat or thin, long hair shirt hair, any colour  I feel like and any skin tone I want. I can change all those things as often as I want. No one knows what the real me is like unless I tell them.  Our RL issues only enter SL if we bring them with us. 

dress – Just Dance @ Entice

necklace & pose showing necklace  by Black Tulip @  The Liaison Collaborative

shoes – Macey  fri.day

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Monaco Scooters for Collabor88

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We’ve made a new set of rideable scooters for this month’s round of Collabor88’s ‘Espionage’ theme – 8 colours to choose from, either sold as single two-seater scooters, with or without luggage, or scooter and attached sidecar which seats one to three avatars. Luggage designs vary between colours, but each colour has a plain set of luggage, as well as patterned and also a scooter without any luggage. They’re also low enough prim to make cute sim decorations. Specs: Sold… Read more »

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Peace Love and Happiness at Flower Power!

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Drugs, sex, and rock n’ roll, man!  No no that isn’t it, Flower Power brings us tons of fun fashions, poses, accessories to usher in SPRING and peace and love!!!  This event only runs a short time February 12 – 26, 2016 so you better get in your hippie bus and drive there before it’s all over!

Brought to you by the Seraphim Hippies,
Cherries, Cinder & Ginger

Teleport to Flower Power

MIA: Envogue, Gizza, 1 Hundred, Belle Epoque, Goth1c0, La Boheme, La Vian & Co, Jesy Dream, Secrets, Veechi


1 HUNDRED - shirt, 200L each
187 - bag, 259L each
A BREAKFAST CONVO - sweater/outfit, 199L each/220L/100/120L each
ADONESS - hair/fatpack, 180L each/99L/280L/850L
AIDHONA - lipstick, 80L - 100L each
AMERICAN BAZAAR - dress, 189L each
ANACHRON - shorts/top, 129L each
ANOIRCRE - dress/fatpack, 250L each/900L
ARISE - tattoo, 69L
ASTRALIA - headdress, 299L
AVICANDY - stockings/fatpack, 99L each/599L
AVICANDY - purse, 149L each
AYASHI - hair/fatpack, 250L each/400L each/1500L
BENDER - shirt/skirt/fatpack, 199L each/249L each/800L
BENDER - dress/jewelry/necklace, 249L each/800L
BENDER - shirt/skirt/fatpack, 199L each/600L each
BENDER - jewelry, 249L each
BENS BEAUTY - boots, 400L
BITCH - outfit, 200L each
BODY FACTORY - accessory, 120L each
CIRCA - see description for details
DARK PASSIONS - nail applier/fatpack, 100L each/275L
DAZED - glasses, 149L
DAZED - accessory, 139L each/530L
DAZED - glasses, 149L
DEAD DOLLZ - dress, 250L each
DEESSES BOUTIQUE - skin/lipstick, 1,199L each/350L
DELIRIUM STYLE - dress/fatpack, 100L each/430L
DELIRIUM STYLE - earrings, 280L/210L
DITA COUTURE - outfit, 100L each
DOLLLE - dress/fatpack, 250L each/880L
DUCKNIPPLE - outfit, 149L
ECLAT - top/skirt, 189L each
ELEGANCE BOUTIQUE - dress, 650L each
EMAIL - outfit, 150L each
EMAIL - outfit, 130L each
EMBW - hair, 240L each
EMPIRE - shoes, 599L
EMPORIUM - outfit, 160L
ESSENZ - shoes/pack/fatpack, 280L each/630L each/1260L/2100L
EVE - petals/fatpack, 300L each/1000L
EVE - petals/fatpack, 300L each/1000L
EVEN FLOW - dress, 175L
G AND D - shoes/fatpack, 240L each/995L
GLITZZ - lingerie, 229L
HE LA FASHION - mask, 198L each
HE LA FASHION - mask, 198L each
HILLY HAALAN - outfit, 99L
HOLLIPOCKET - bodysuit, 250L each
HOLLIPOCKET - sock gacha, 75L per play
HOLLYWEIRD - jacket/skirt, 125L each
HONEY SOUL - pants, 75L each
HORNTAIL - mask, 150L
IDENTITY - tattoo, 150L
INDULGE TEMPTATION - jewelry, 150L each
KAITHLEENS - dress, 299L each
KCODE - outfit, 145L
KELINI HAUTE COUTURE - dress, 795L each
KENVIE - shoes, 300L each
KL COUTURE - dress, 325L each
KOTIC - shoes, 185L
LA ROSE - deco/poses/tattoo, 150L/99L/250L
LAKSHMI - dress, 380L each
LAZYBONES - bralet/shorts, 200L each
LE FORME - skin, 799L each
LOULOU AND CO - dress/fatpack, 175L each/450L
LYBRA - dress, 199L each
MELONOPOLIS - phone, 100L each
MELONOPOLIS - nail appliers, 50L each
MELONOPOLIS - nail appliers, 50L each
MEVA - boots, 189L each
MISS C - hair, 250L each/350L
MON CHERI - skirt/fatpack, 155L each/1450L
MUA - necklace, 199L
MV - outfit, 300L
MYRRINE - furniture, 250L each
NANTRA - pose, 150L
NANTRA - pose, 150L
PHEDORA - boots, 599L/510L
PHOEBE - jewelry, 100L
PICHI - top/shorts, 125L each/89L each
POISONED DIAMOND - avatar accessory, 275L each
PROMAGIC - headdress, 100L each
PULSE - accessories, 189L each/169L each
RISQUE - outfit/lipstick, 200L each
RISQUE - shoes, 250L each
RISQUE - shoes, 250L each
SAKIDE - dress, 200L/250L
SALT AND PEPPER - shoes/fatpack, 399L each/1,299L
SHAKEUP - nails, 100L each
SHAKEUP - nails, 100L/50L
SHAKEUP - lipstick, 100L
SHINE - dress/fatpack, 259L each/699L
SHINE - outfit/fatpack, 259L each/999L
SINCE 1975 - jewelry, 189L
SINFUL SKY - accessories, 100L each/180L each
SOMETHING - accessory/jewelry, 50L per play/100L
SUPERNATURAL - top, 150L each
SWALLOW - jewelry, 298L each
SWEET LIES - purse/fatpack, 99L each/225L
SYS - shirt/sunglasses/bag/jeans, 190L each
SYS - shirt, 190L each
SYS - sunglasses, 190L each
SYS - bag, 190L each
SYS - jeans, 190L each
SYS - jeans, 190L each
TABOU - bangles, 120L each
TAMELESS - hair/fatpack, 249L each/499L
THE BISHES - dress, 175L each
THE LITTLE BAT - jewelry/dress, 150L/250L/175L
TUKINOWAGUMA - jewelry, 99L
VANITY HAIR - hair/fatpack, 300L each/500L each/1899L
VENUS SHOES - shoes, 299L
VG SHOES - shoes/fatpack, 99L each/450L
VG SHOES - shoes/fatpack, 145L each/545L
VISION - dress/fatpack, 199L/1299L
ZIBSKA - dress, 300L
ZIBSKA - dress, 300L
ZIBSKA - dress, 300L
ZOMBIE SUCIDE - jewelry, 150L
ZOOM - glasses, 350L
ZOZ - nail appliers, 98L each/298L each