Mayfly – My 60L Secret – 12/2/2016 (through Monday!)

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It’s time for My 60L Secret at Mayfly. Here’s what we have out this weekend for only 60L$:
Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes (Spring Teal)Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Grey Shadow)Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes (Desert Dawn Shadow)Our HUD controlled, premium Luminous eyes are mesh only, alpha mask included (required). They have a lot more HUD options than the older Deep Sky and Liquid Light series, including optional add-on reflections for purchase.

Deep Sky and Liquid Light series come with HUD controlled, basic mesh eyes and system eyes. Their mesh versions have fewer features than the Luminous series eyes. They are the same eyes, except that Liquid Light has larger pupils and a softer, more indoor sort of … Read more →

Gentlemen LOVE their SwagBag!

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Subscribe to this month’s edition of the SwagBag and stand out from the crowd! In this manly surprise box, you’ll get unique items that will surely suit your taste. You can get it by joining the inworld group, purchasing previous bags at the SwagBag HQ or even sending a gift card to a friend! Stop by before the end of the month!


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