Serendipity cute doll pose pack 25…

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Serendipity cute doll pose pack 25 @ Serendipity



-Pixicat- Wintry.Cape – Flower (FLF)
-Pixicat- Wintry.Tights (White) 

The Secret Store – Winter Shawl – No Bangs – Snow(old Arcade)


..::ILLI::.. Kylie Uggs Pink


{anc} mist cloud [Heavenlyblue]
{anc} nebra beads [Heavenlyblue]
{anc} glass ornament. pod 10Li (SNOW) RARE
{anc} glass ornament. pod 9Li (3)
{anc} glass ornament. pod 9Li (4)


Serendipity cute doll pose pack 25
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Happy Thanksgiving From Seraphim!

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Giving Thanks (left to right): Del, Cinder, Connie, Atiya, Nivaya
Indigo, Jordan, Heidi and Tara


Welp. So much for having a nice, relaxing family dinner! Seems anytime the ladies of Seraphim get together, things get a little bit rowdy!


We appreciate your patience as we’re off spending time with our families and giving thanks for the many blessings in our lives. We will be back bright and early tomorrow, bringing you all of your favorite events along with full Black Friday sales coverage!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Your Seraphim Blogging Team

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Let’s Get Kinky Monthly!

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Release your inhibitions and be the person your mother warned you about, shop Kinky Monthly! Until December 20th, you can shop any and everything kinky including Gorean, BDSM, gothic, alternative, punk, and so much more.  Dare to be the same person on the outside as you are on the inside with the new gacha machines right out front.  Care to get a bit Kinky Monthly with me?


MIA:  Datum, Lolita, Souzoun Eien

Teleport to Kinky Monthly


BABYDOLL - leotard, 249L each
BLOSSOM - top/thong/dress, 60L each/50L/100L each
CHEEKY - shirt, 150L each
CHEMICAL PRINCESS - dress, 145L each
CHOCOLATE ATELIER - lingerie, 200L each
DIRTY STORIES - accessory, 199L
EMPORIUM - outfit pack, 99L each
EPOCH - sweater/socks, 99L each/129L each
FOXY - collar/pasties/fatpack, 200L each/500L/150L each/500L
GO DIVA - bodysuit, 210L each
GOSSIP - outfit, 100L each
HOLLI POCKET - panty set, 250L each
HOLLYWEIRD - dress/boots, 153L each
I HEART F AND CO - dress, 169L each
LE FORME - lingerie, 150L each
LUSHISH CATZ - lingerie, 200L/75L
MANIAC STORE - bodysuit, 200L each
MERLIFIC - dress pack/mask, 159L each/179L each
MOD ANNA - harness, 149L each
PIXEL GEEK - leggings/fatpack, 85L each/300L
QUE BELLA - lingerie/fatpack, 129L each/599L
QUIRKY - collar, 150L each
RISQUE - shoes, 250L each
SALT - bodysuit/fatpack, 150L each/450L
SASS - bodysuit, 149L each
SECRETS - piercing, 218L
SILVERMOON CREATIONS - bodysuit, 99L each
SIX ESSENCE - lingerie, 99L each
SLUTCOOKIE - shorts, 100L each
STATIC - panty set, 150L each
TALES AND STORIES - corset, 199L
TINK - tattoo/fatpack, 99L each/400L
VAGUE - teddy, 149L each
WINGED - harness, 155L each
WOW SKINS - skin, 449L each
YUMZ - bodysuit, 249L eachRead more at the source.

Moving house and a sneak peek at Eve’s Adam!

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Hi MAddicts! Okay so before I forget – AviChoice voting closes in less than a week, eep! Make sure you’ve votes for your faves before it’s too late! Well, unfortunately this week real life has sucked up most of my attention, primarily because I found out a few days ago that I had to leave … Read more…

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Feel the chill with Color Me Project

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A little later than scheduled because of technical issues (yay SL) the extra special Colors of Winter round of Color Me Project is up and running! This round offers the fresh cool shades of blue, grey, mint and white to snuggle up against, and it’s a gorgeous mix of sales and exclusives too. This round of Color Me Project runs to December 4th, so grab your winter wonders while there’s still time!


Teleport to Color Me Project

MIA: IOS Decor


187 - hat/jacket/boots, 99L/169L/187L
ASHMOOT - see description for details
BASTA - see description for details
BASTA - see description for details
DAFNIS - see description for details
DILA VAL - outfit, 145L each
DILA VAL - outfit, 145L each
EYELURE - jacket, 99L each
FABOO - see description for details
FINERAIN CREATIONS - dress, 149L each/75L each
FINERAIN CREATIONS - dress, 100L each
FLRN DESIGN - sweaterdress, 200L each
FLRN DESIGN - sweaterdress, 200L each
FLRN DESIGN - sweaterdress, 200L each
FROZEN POSES - pose, 90L/100L
FURTACOR - outfit, 100L each
GDIT - see description for details
ICONS OF STYLE - pose, 45L/37L
ICONS OF STYLE - reindeer, 50L each
ICONS OF STYLE - pose/fatpack, 40L each/60L
IT - see description for details
KLEPSYDRA - see description for details
LAVIAN AND CO - dress, 149L each
LE COQ DOR - earrings/headband/ring/fatpack, 75L/65L/45L/150L
LUSHISH CATZ - see description for details
MONS - earrings, 100L each
PERSEFONA - headdress/antlers/wreath, 60L each/70L each/50L each
POWERS DESIGN - shoes/purse, 225L/100L
POWERS DESIGN - jacket, 110L each
POWERS DESIGN - boots, 99L
SAGE - dress, 125L each
SLACKGIRL - eyeshadow, 180L
SOFIES SELECTION - top/skirt, 150L each
VAVIEN STYLE - jacket/pants, 80L each
WERTINA - see description for detailsRead more at the source.


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Originally posted on .::WoW Skins::.:

ayah skin add copia

We have a new and gorgeous skin at mainstore, AYAH!

She is one of the new skin line skins, 2016, so new body textures and new CAFFE’ skin tone!

You will find for each skin tone 6 different make ups, each one of them come with eyebrow shaper, 3 eyebrow colors (blond on skin, red and black), No brows option as a tattoo layer, cleavage option, 4 eyeliners as tattoo layers. Here is an example in tan skin tone :


Also new body textures as i said before:

new mesh body textures

You will find Maitreya and slink

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Cattle Market Kind Of Day

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These pics reflect my day in RL. I grabbed my jeans and jumper , put on flat shoes and went to 2 different hospital appointments. I know the first picture has a cow in it but honestly, it felt more like a cattle market today being pushed and prodded and the waiting area so full . When I got home I was so hungry I stuck stone baked pizza in the oven  and that sorted dinner out. I couldn’t be bother to do anything more than that. If only I was this thin and had a cool kitchen like this Read more at the source.