What’s That Sound? Must Be Hello Tuesday Time!

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As this week gets its start, I know it’s difficult to get everything moving – but Hello Tuesday is there to try and motivate you! The great deals that it has might make you just a little bit happier – and there’s all kinds of new things to brighten up even the longest day that will drag on. Just make sure to check them all out before the end of the day – like it’s name implies, it’s Tuesday only!


MIA: Bee Designs


A&D - tank, 100L
BAMSE - decor/accessory, 25L per play
BEE DESIGNS - decor, 35L per play
BLACK JACK - vest, 75L
BLACK JACK - shirt, 75L
CHEZ MOI - decor, 199L
EARTHSTONES - bracelets, 150L each
ETNIA - decor, 100L each
FE STYLE - t-shirt, 160L
G&D - sandals, 195L
GOOSE - bench, 150L
HILLY HAALAN - outfit, 100L
MEVA - scarf, 155L
MINIMAL - glasses, 275L
NEWCHURCH - sofa, 238L
NEWCHURCH - sofa, 238L
NO MATCH - hair, 100L
RICIELLI - sandals, 189L
SALT - leggings, 99L each
SWALLOW - necklace, 137L
VEROCITY - pose, 25L
VISION - dress, 150L
ZEN CREATIONS - decor, 50L
ZOZ - nails, 98L eachRead more →

The Seraphim Yardsale is preparing for another round!

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Back by popular demand…the Seraphim Yardsale! The group is now open to join for the September 2017 round. The rules are below. If you would like to join the group, please copy the following code and paste it into your local chat window in-world. It will provide you a link to click on that will let you join the group. We are looking forward to another exciting round!!


Please be certain you have read and understood to rules before joining the group. Seraphim maintains a no-refund policy.
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Autumn Home Set

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Out now for N21!


• :CP: Autumn Home Sofa – 11 LI
• :CP: Autumn Home Console Table – 2 LI
• :CP: Autumn Home Word Art – 1 LI
• :CP: Autumn Home Barrel Table (3 items, 1 LI each, 3 LI total)
• :CP: Autumn Home Planter – 2 LI
• :CP: Autumn Home Collage – 3 LI
• :CP: Autumn Home Vases – 1 LI
• :CP: Autumn Home Rug – 4 LI
• :CP: Autumn Home Sofa – 29 single animations, 25 Couple animations. 15 adult animations … Read more →

Weekly Hunt Survival Guide August 21 – 27

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Happy Monday, Hunters!  Don’t worry, The Seraphim Weekly Hunt Survival Guide is back with another week of hunts.  Yay, we have several new hunts this week!  So in between BBQs, pool parties, and family reunions make you get some prizes by picking up The Seraphim Weekly Hunt Survival Guide, get to hunting and we will see you again next week!




ADDICTED TO APPLIERS - 8/9/2017 through 8/30/2017
AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS HUNT 5 - 7/13/2017 through 9/30/2017
CLOUD HUNT - 8/1/2017 through 8/31/2017
FUNNY HUNT - 8/1/2017 through 8/31/2017
HEATING UP SUMMER HUNT - 8/15/2017 through 8/31/2017
HELLO SUMMER HUNT - 8/1/2017 through 8/31/2017
HIDE AND SEEK HUNT - 8/4/2017 through 9/4/2017
LOVEFEST - 8/17/2017 through 8/27/2017
MARKETPLACE DOLLARBIE HUNT - 8/1/2017 through 8/29/2017
SEX ON THE BEACH HUNT - 8/1/2017 through 8/31/2017
SKULL-N-BONES: THE PIRATE HUNT 5 - 8/6/2017 through 9/6/2017
SPLASH HUNT - 8/5/2017 through 8/31/2017
STARS OF THE STARS HUNT - 8/25/2017 through 9/3/2017
THE HARD CATCH HUNT - 7/16/2017 through 8/31/2017
THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS HUNT - 8/1/2017 through 8/31/2017
THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMM HUNT - 8/7/2017 through 8/30/2017
WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE - 8/6/2017 through 9/1/2017
WILLOWVALE HUNT - 7/21/2017 through 8/21/2017Read more →

Confessions of a failed day

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So today I was supposed to go a a party where the dresscode was angels or demons. I had my outfit ready and was looking forward to hear one of my fav DJ who didn’t play in SL fora  while. I logged out for dinner and after dinner, I closed my eyes “just one minute”. Fell asleep, woke up 4 hours later, missed the party…
Then when I logged in, I was testing a hud that makes us visit random businesses or places. And I accidentally TPed dressed like that to a church in full service, full of people! I … Read more →