Sunday @ 1pm slt-Kultivate Select Gallery’s Jan & Feb Exhibition Opening!

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KULTIVATE SELECT GALLERY JAN AND FEB 2018 EXHIBITION: Below are the following artists who are exhibiting: Join us on Sunday, January 14, 2018 at 1pm slt for the opening event for the Kultivate Select Gallery’s January & February Exhibition! This event will feature live performer Parker Static and the dress code is dressy casual. The … Continue reading Sunday @ 1pm slt-Kultivate Select Gallery’s Jan & Feb Exhibition Opening! Read more →

Welcome to SL Bloggerati

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Blogging in 2018 has brought about a new surge of excitement for us and others, and we wanted to run with it. We hope to expand on things we have done in the past, share ideas and experiences through all aspects of Blogging, it is a closed group but anyone that is a current blogger can apply to join us, and we hope that you do.

We feel that all options available to us give something in their own way, and if you have the room for us, we want to do what we can to enhance your Blogging … Read more →

Sansar just got interesting

In Community by John

Originally posted on What the Huck?:
I have to admit, since my first blog post on Sansar, I’ve not made very many return trips. I’ve been struggling to make the connection to this new platform that I’ve had with Second Life for so many years now. I’ve wondered for a while why this might be.…Read more →

Footprints in the Seasons

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Originally posted on Goodnight Photography:
Finding myself with an abundance of free time in Second Life as of late, I decided to look around the grid and came across “~Footprints In The Seasons Rentals~” located on the “Serena Coral Cay” sim. Looking a little closer, I realized that Welshy (Kristy Enyo) and Booty (Bootysnatcha Leeeroy)…Read more →