Do You Have Your Towel On? Where Are You?

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Dear Diary:

May 25 signifies Towel Day.  Everyone who has read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” will be celebrating today, in honour of Douglas Adams, the author of the book.

A lot of people will be out IN their towels or at least carrying them.  You’ll see them on people going to work; to school or shopping.  Towels will be everywhere!

I like to pick different locations to wear my towel as I did in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. This year, I’ve chosen to wear my towel to a gorgeous place, featured in the Destination Read more →

Kultivate Magazine – June 2017 Issue Preview!

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On June 1, 2017, the next issue of Kultivate Magazine will be published. This issue will feature 2D and 3D artist Slatan Dryke. Inara Pey has stories on the last exhibition for UWA and an update VR and MR. Veruca Tammas brings a voyage to the La Vie sim. Myra Wildmist comments on the competitive […]Read more →

After a Heartfelt Spanking, Sit Still

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Yesterday was a pretty day full of magic and the opening of a box, today is a different kind of pretty day. It’s not pretty in the same way, but it’s a little bit of a darker kind of pretty… It’s a little Rompish! Kinkiness is the name of the game today, and I’m really ready to let it take over! BRING OUT THE KINK!!! I’ve been a good girl for a bit, if I keep the inner bad girl bottled up she explodes, but OK I’m not going to fully release her… She’s still going to remain tied… 

She’s Read more →

Say What?

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Say What

Sometimes the things people say amuse me, sometimes they annoy me. The simple solution is to think to yourself Say What?

Say What?

Poses-Something New– Model Me

Head and Body Applier- Lumae : Aurora LeLutka Appliers

Body/Hands/Feet-Maitreya Lara

Hair- *TKW* Kalm Browns- Shiny Shabby

Head-LeLutka Mesh Head-Simone Bento

Dress, including underwear- Liziah-Navaeh outfit- Designer Showcase

Boots- Slipper – Chloe

Glasses-Evolove– Hexagon Glasses- Tres Chic

Nails-Nail Applier- Dark Passions-Koffin Nails–Outer Limites- Genre

Necklace and Bracelet- Supernatural– Lorelei – Limit8

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Pandora’s Box Opens

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Can you feel that magical feeling in the air… Something awesome has happened… Something dark but special has begun… PANDORA’S BOX IS OFFICIALLY OPEN!
Two days ago, the first ever Pandora’s Box – Second Life’s Loot Box that caters to the dark and alternative side of life – was released and has now opened. It’s filled with some wonderful things, from some of Second Life’s awesome gothic inspired designers and I cannot wait to share the wonderful things with you… 
Let’s start by revealing just a little of the magic within… A few of Pandora’s little May gifties… 

For some Read more →

This Crazy World

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This Crazy World Around Us

To those of you who have been missing me I am sorry, real life has a way sometimes of sending things to get in the way of our second lives.

This Crazy World

So today I wanted to share a few bits with you.

I am incredibly proud to be a blogger for The RFL Home and Garden Expo,  and am going to be showing you much goodness from the Expo over the coming days.

The Expo runs from May 19th till June 4th.

The Home and Garden Expo raises money for Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL). Relay For … Read more →

Waiting Here For You

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Waiting Here For You

“How much of human life is lost in waiting.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Mesh Head: LeLutka (jadenart) Head – Chloe 2.7

Head Applier: 7 Deadly s{K}ins (Izara Zuta) MOREYA mesh head applier [ lelutka ]  (@ Applique)

Body: Maitreya (Onyx Leshelle) Mesh Body– Lara

Hands: Vista (Vista Barnes) Prohand V.1FINAL

Body Applier: 7 Deadly s{K}ins (Izara Zuta) 2017 skin HUD omega

Omega (chellynne bailey) Omega System Kit – Maitreya v.1.7

Omega (chellynne bailey) System Kit – Vista


Waiting Here For You


Nails: SlackGirl (SlackGirl) … Read more →

I’m Adding Milk To The Menu

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Dear Diary:

When I was a kid, I drank lots of milk…litres and litres during the week.  It didn’t have to be flavoured, just plain white milk was perfect for me.  But as I got older, milk didn’t hold the same desire for me.  I got away from drinking milk for every meal and just had it with supper.  Eventually I did away with the supper drink and only had it with my cereal.  Recently I decided I better start drinking it again.

On a recent trip to New York, I stopped in at a KFC for my fix of Read more →