486 The Black Rose

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The Black Rose

I was tickled pink this last week when I was chosen as external blogger of the month for Aleutia, my prize a months enrolment to their blogger group to see and receive all of this months lovely newness.

Newness like this beautiful top which is available at The Secret Affair, it comes with a range of colours on this original mesh design and is maitreya friendly. The Spikes, trims and material all change independently so you can make it suit pretty much anything you wish.

[Aleutia] Amatheia


The Looking up pose from Something New is one from the archives but is such … Read more →

The Darkness Chamber Fair 9

Ygrey AuerCommunity, Events, Fashion

Podéis encontrar este conjunto en The Darkness Chamber Fair.
El collar  de IT! y un montón de anillos muy chulos en Oh My Gacha! Event

Mesh head: LeLutka  Bento Head-SIMONE 2.1
Eyes: POEMA Luxe
Hair: Exile (50LF)
Hands: -VA-F-VISTA BENTO PROHANDS (Vista Animations)
Skin: Pink FuelDoll
Choker: IT! De’ Leashous (Oh My Gacha! Event)
Ring: IT! The Pink Thing (Oh My Gacha! Event)

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There’s a princess inside all of us

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There's a princess inside of all of us

The Look
Head Lelutka Simone Bento Head 
Applier Glam Affair  Ravenna C88 
Hair enVOGUE  Jacquelyn NEW
Outfit with Crown Meva Bridget @ The Epiphany 

Pouf Soy. Powpon Pouf  @ The Liaision Collaborative

Display Cabinet
Flower Basket Exclusive 
Rose Display
Fairy Tale Princess Frog Frame
Book Story Book RARE
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The Host Has Now Left You!

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I’m in one of those moods right now, where I want to be very dark and macabre… Nothing else will seem to do for my mood, and no matter what I try to do to get myself out of it the mood looks like it is sticking. So today you get another look into my dark and scary side. I’ve had so many things going on in my mind as of late and you may have guessed that I am not in the happiest of moods but I count myself lucky that I have a place like my blog where Read more →

The Darkness Chamber Fair 8

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Otro conjunto de WICKED que podéis encontrar en  The Darkness Chamber Fair.

I heard itLos ojos son una creación de <Out of Orbit> para Stormwood Hills .

Mesh head: Catwa Catya
Eyes: <Out of Orbit> Knight Eyes (Stormwood Hills)
Lips;: Pink Fuel 
Skin: Pink FuelSabine
Hair: Bloom abigail (The Darkness Chamber Fair)
Poses: Serendipity  the listener (2ndLevel Event)
Nails: POEMA The Smile Palette

485 When The Fire Burns

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When The Fire Burns

There is that fire in all of us the one that burns so brightly it keeps  burning even at our darkest moments.

Wow this weekend is hot for shopping along with the release of this months Luxe Box, Second Life is smoking with hot people in even hotter clothes, accessories and builds.

These OMG boots, are available at the OMGacha from Masoom, The Saleena boots are original mesh and textures, have Materials enabled and fitted for Maitreya only.
9 Commons and 4 Rares are available, only 70L$ per play.


I had to show you a close up of the texture … Read more →

Faking the Work-Out

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Sunday Morning… I have slept in and am now waking up with my first cup of coffee for the day. A lazy day for Pyjamas and junk food, until later on when I have to work and think about getting ready for going to the office tomorrow. 
Still it’s early, let’s not talk about horrible things now lol. Rudh is totally the opposite from me, her day starts of at a million miles an hour – once my RL brain has woken up a little anyway – and she has no problem getting up, making a healthy breakfast and doing Read more →