Sometimes even a Queen has to smile…

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In the post-apocalyptic future, when the world is dark and uninviting a new world power will emerge. Once ignored, and in fact laughed at by some, Living Dead Dolly Rudh will rise up and be queen of the zombie folk, eating the brains of all that stand in her way!!! 
Permanently wearing her forced smile, you will never know what this evil queen is looking at whilst she glares through her good but yet still damaged and altered eye.

OK so it wouldn’t be perfect, but All Hail Zombie Queen Rudh LOL… 
I got inspired and created my own little Read more at the source.

Ummmm HellBone, what’s that on the TV?

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This is one of the rarest moments in the universe… Rarer than rocking horse poop, and rarer still than a black rainbow. I can tell you now, that when I was talking to him about it, he offered and I nearly collapsed in a faint from my chair! 
HELLBONE wanted to be the star of one of my blog posts, ALONE!!! He actually volunteered! Like without any prompting! He saw the props, told me what the pose should be set up like and then posed in it, before I could even say anything… 
NOT that I am complaining of course, Read more at the source.

A Year of Themes – Week 5 – Cats

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If you are doing this challenge please comment on the post! And for more info click here!

Flickr Group for the Challenge

Week 5 Theme

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Outfit SN – Rainbow Paw Print Lolita Dresses SLURL
Jewelry [FPI] Plasma Pride Paw Set SLURL
Prop Kitty Cats SLURL
Pose KHUSH – poses – Me and my Cat! Fatpack SLURL
Sim Kitty Cats Sim SLURL

Next Weeks Theme

So, due to my time frame for leaving for The Castle of Muskogee this weekend being moved up a day. All I have this week … Read more at the source.


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“Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.”
~ Marcus Aurelius


Skin: Skin: (*) -Muse- Sophie 1 *NEW* (@ The Gacha Mania)

Shape: My Own

Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female– Relaxed

Feet: Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Flat

Nails: beauty by alaskametro <3 Slink manicure/pedicure – “Merlot”

Hair: little bones. Snow Spell I

Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Teak



Eyeliner: [KOOQLA] Z-eyeliner (Black) 01

Eyelashes: *MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD
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Beware of the Toilets in Japan!

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Before I ramble off in my crazy mixed up story today, I want to point out that I mean NO OFFENCE to anyone Japanese! I have never been there and I’m hoping that the stories used by the designers, which I will be basing my ramble from, are just myths!!! Least I hope so anyway!! 
Today I am getting a little creative, least that’s what my mind is suggesting I am doing, others might disagree LOL… 
This little series of photos will suggest to you WHY it’s not a good idea to use the toilet in Japan! After this, if Read more at the source.

Back off Granny…..You’re NOT the BOSS of me!

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The Look on “Little” Taleah
Kid Avi ToddleeDoo  Kid – Girl 
Skin Izzie’s Little Maci SK
Hair Dura Baby 01 Dark Brown
Outfit Ello Embracing my Inner Geek on Marketplace
Look on Agnes Applebloom
The Secret Store Little Granny Avatar

The Pose Click Poses and PropsLollipop Sword Fight

Couch ..::TH::..Invaders Couch B&W
PacMan Chair :CP: OmNom Chair
Table ..::TH::.. Retrogaming Tea Table B/W vinyl edition
Game System [soap] Colecovision Game Console
Game Gun Geek Squirrel Massacre Gun
Game Cartridges, puzzles, Cables, Controllers from Second Spaces
Knitting Basket Part of What Next Burbnak Rocking Chair on Read more at the source.