My First YouTube Video

Sai PennellCommunity, Events, Fashion

For a little while now, I’ve been curious about making SL Youtube videos. Pretty much as soon as Alicia started doing it. It seems super-fun! I have been really wanting to do it as well. So, for the past 2 weeks or so, I’ve been prepping to do it. I’ve cleaned my inventory, ordered this super-fancy microphone, and a doodad called a phantom power supply to go with it. Finally, I had the hardware, the clean inventory, and gathered up the courage to do my first SL video!

It’s just a basic video about my history in SL, Kind … Read more →

A Witches Lunch

RudhmellowenCommunity, Events, Fashion

It’s breakfast time here in Holland right now, but I’m already thinking ahead – wishing away the day if you will – and am already thinking about lunch time when I can have a little respite from the monotony of this crappy workplace. Lucnh breaks are like little bits of calm – when chatting is encouraged and you get to sit around drinking cups of fancy cuppa soup for an hour to waste in the middle of the day LOL… Least that is what they seem to be like where I work anyway?!
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Ygrey AuerCommunity, Events, Fashion

Hoy os traigo otro conjunto de LISSAN y joyas de IT!.
Feline es es una creación de LISSAN que incluye camiseta, pantalón y plataformas.
El color del metal de las joyas de IT! es personalizable, trae un hud.
Lady Horns

mesh head: Catwa Candy

body: Slink physique
eyelashes: L’Etre
eyes: Catwa 
eyes applier: {NANTRA}
Eyeshadow: IT! (Lost & Found)
skin: Mudskin Gen
hair: Fabia Rima
top, pants and heels: LISSAN Feline
horns: Sn@tch(The Darkness Chamber Fair  )
necklace: IT!  Good Old Spikes (Haus of Swag Fair)
rings: IT! KO, Read more →

An Evil Little Tooth Fairy

RudhmellowenCommunity, Events, Fashion

Ever woken up from a terrible nightmare only to find yourself laughing about it? 
I did that this morning, I was laughing so hard until I realised that it was in fact Monday morning and there would be no point in me going back to sleep for a mere 15 minutes! I was not pleased! 
Yet the idea of the nightmare has stuck with me, and I wanted to share something a little horrible with you this morning – tis the season after all!! 
So today, I am a morbid tooth fairy… I’m fluttering into your room at night and Read more →


Lainey ThorneCommunity, Events, Fashion


“When you’re talking about Tim Burton, you’re talking about a guy that has such
a visual sense, an aesthetic, a storytelling style. It’s like he’s got his own genre.”

~ Jackie Earle Haley


Mesh Head: Catwa (Catwa Clip) Head Tumble V4.9

Head Applier: Essences (Inka Mexicola) [Imani] #Medium01 [Catwa Applier]

Eye Shadow Applier: Arte (Miriam Lemondrop) Catwa Applier – Yuki Eyeshadow

Lipstick Applier: hush (Hush Darkrose) Catwa Lip Applier – Forbidden Apple

Mesh Body: Slink (Siddean Munro) Physique Mesh Body V2.8

Body Applier: Essences (Inka Mexicola) Slink Physique [EVO]

Tattoo: MAS (Ellie Criss) Wonderland Tattoo… Read more →

You know you are a ghost hunter when the spirits know your name

Taleah McmahonCommunity, Events, Fashion

The Look
Head Catwa Bibi
Head Applier Glam Affair Nancy Jamaica Main Store Release
Makeup Glam Affair Nancy Main Store Release
Hair and Hat No Match No Cut
Outfit Meva Leather Coat Outfit @ Shiny Shabby
Boots Charity Boots Rare  @ The Epiphany 
Head Camera Hopscotch Ghost Hunters Head Mounted Camera  @ Geeks & Nerds
In Hand Hopscotch Motion Tracker Discovered   @ Geeks’n’Nerds

Command Center Hopscotch Command Center Rare   @ Geeks’n’Nerds
Case Hopscotch Paranormal Hunter Gear Case   @ Geeks’n’Nerds
Shadow Hopscotch Shadow Figure  @ Geeks & Nerds
Skeleton Aphorism

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Save the Date for Draftsman November 20

Taleah McmahonCommunity, Events, Fashion

What is Draftsman? 
An SL Architecture Event. This new event aims to bring the best designers and architects together in one bi-monthly shopping event unlike any others. Focusing on original, unique mesh we will be taking visitors back through time from the dawn of man to the future societies of tomorrow.

When does it Start?
November 20th 2016
Where is it?
Where can I find out information about this New Event