My Second Job In My First World

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Dear Diary:

In addition to my regular “pays-in-first-world” job, I take on a position of sessional lecture at a local post secondary institute.  It gets me out of an environment where I only work with a couple of people everday. Suddenly I’m thrown into a room where I deal with over 60.  I enjoy the teaching very much and working with students is very rewarding…ummm…and frustrating at the same time.

I do teach a subject that I deal with in my job so I do know a lot about that but sometimes a student will ask me something beyond my Read more →

Philip Rosedale, Idealizador De Mundos!

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Todos residentes do SL, conhecem Philip Rosedale, idealizador e criador do Second Life® e fundador da Linden Lab©.

Por toda historia contada e pelo seu maior projeto, até o memento, Second Life®, pode-se dizer que é um homem que tem a mente inteiramente no futuro. Muito fã de tecnologia, lançou em 2003 (2007 no Brasil) um mundo virtual que de inicio revolucionou o mundo das tecnologias e internet: O mundo virtual Second Life®.

No inicio o Second Life® foi um ‘Boom!’.Revolucionário! Todos queriam participar! Era a maior novidade! Um verdadeiro fenômeno! Empresas, pessoas todos queriam seu pedacinho no … Read more →

Finding Peace

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Yesterday was a sad day in our RL home… HellBone and I lost one of our awesome sauce pets, our little Chicken – Bontje – passed away, we think most likely due to old age but the tough old bird fought till the end really trying not to let it beat her. She was the leader of our little chicken pack – we used to jokingly say she was more of a rotweiler than a chicken – and this morning was strange not being able to hear her talking away as the sun was coming up.
Still at the end, Read more →

They just don’t make em like you anymore….

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The Look
Sweater Dead Dollz Opal @ Uber
Pose Label Motion Various Pose 17
 Cheeky Pea Rainy Cuddle Couch  @ N21
Guitar Seven Emporium  Unstrung Classical Guitar
Jukebox Seven Emporium  Mini Music II Jukebox
Seven Emporium Heart Painted Door
Trees Little Branch Wild Maple @ SaNaRae

Happiness is homemade

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The Look
Head Catwa Amy 
Head Applier Glam Affair Gio 
Hair Hair enVOGUE Thalia NEW 
Outfit Pixicat Casual Dungaree

House Trompe Loeli Kenna Cabin @ C88
Serenity Style- The Memories Table
Serenity Style-– Neva’s  Inspiration Cabinet  @ Shiny Shabby
Serenity Style-– Neva’s  Inspiration Wood Bowls  @ Shiny Shabby
Serenity Style– Neva’s  Inspiration Eggs Bowl  @ Shiny Shabby
Serenity Style-– And I think to myself book
Serenity Style-– And I think to myself chair  @ LTD
Serenity Style-– And I think to myself shelf  @ LTD

Whooping HellBone’s Ass

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Last night was FUN! I had a few drinkies with some of my favourite people and didn’t stop laughing right up until the moment I logged out of SL for bed! I REALLY needed it, I needed some time to just let loose and laugh like a crazy loonpants… This morning though I woke up feeling crappy with cramp in my legs and sneezing almost constantly! So today I will be taking things a little easier, until I have to work this afternoon at least. I need to do some chores, but that’s it NOTHING more! 
Except perhaps, beat HellBone’s Read more →

Autumn’s the mellow time.

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Couch on Backwall Cheeky Pea Rainy Cuddle Couch Autumn @ N21
Picture Frame Cheeky Pea  Rainy Collage Frame Dark @N21
Round Mirror Cheeky Pea  Rainy Mirror Dark
Couch on Side Cheeky Pea Autumn Hues Cuddle Seat Group Gift
Log Table Sari-Sari Cabin Winter Home – Stump Coffee Table
Candles Cheeky Pea Kitsch Candles 
Pouf Warm Animations Round Chesterfield Pouf @ SaNaRae
Violin Serenity Style– The Memories Violin RARE
Square Mirror Serenity Style  Life Stories Mirror
Side Table Bazar Arizona-Living room side table… Read more →

Projeto Bento! Revolucionário e adorável Para o Second Life®

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Todos já devem estar sabendo do novo projeto da LInden Lab para o second life. O projeto Bento. falei um pouco sobre ele aqui neste post: Second Life® Mesh Head e Projeto Bento…

Então… Nestes últimos dias estão sendo mostrados videos de vários criadores com demostrações de seus produtos que irão funcionar com o projeto Bento.
A marca de cabeças mesh da Catwa, a A&K Tambem marca criadora de cabeças mesh, Vista animações, FATEplay…. E muitos outros. A FATEplay,  inclusive colocou no mercado estas asas para Projeto Bento totalmente customizável e você poderá usar suar próprias … Read more →