Voodoo can be a little fast too…

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I’m back with a little more of that Horror Hauteish Voodoo today… There is SO MUCH good stuff that let’s face it, there may be a little more yet before I let you forget about the mysterious religion! OR before I let you forget about that song that, if you’re anything like me, will have been stuck in your head any time someone mentions the word Voodoo… I’m not kidding, as soon as I hear or see the word, I get all “I’m not the one whose so far away, when I feel the snakebite enter my veins” LOL… Read more at the source.

Ahhh Summer.

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saitpwg 1a
Ahhh summer.  Lazing around, trying to look pretty in the heat … waiting for the summer romance, realizing that unless some wagon train got stuck in a time warp in the mountains, just broke free, and are heading to the prairies, that there is not a chance in hell of any new blood showing up.  Looking at the available farm boys  . . . begging to be allowed to go and visit some distant relative that lives anywhere NOT on the prairies.

saitpwg 4a
The poor city kids who visited their country cousins.  They didn’t stand a chance.
Fresh meat. 
More farm
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Vacations are overrated at times, especially when its a vacation from doing things your really enjoy and help distract you from whatever you may be going through. My vacation was medically necessary because of some heart issues. I am still have some troubles but I miss blogging ALOT so I am going to slowly start back up.

Thank you to my sponsors for being understanding that I needed to step back for a bit. I am sorry there was no coverage from me this month but I will be doing what I can to blog as much as I can Read more at the source.

I Doo Voodoo…

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It’s a perfectly dark, and mysterious lifestyle to fit perfectly into the Horror Haute event theme, although this isn’t always the case and there can be lighter forms of voodoo too…
I mean OK I don’t know a lot about Voodoo – other than what Disney’s Princess and the Frog, and the Godsmack Voodoo song tell me, which to be frank isn’t all that much LOL – but there is such a wealth of information on the internet – some of it more reliable than others – I guess I should do some research before launching into the ramble about Read more at the source.

Some things just get better with time

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Doors Apt B Old and Rusted Doors @ Shiny Shabby
Chair with Pictures Apt B  Old & Rusted – Picture Chair @ Shiny Shabby
Other Chair Apt B Rustic Now – Wheelchair @ Kustom 9
Wine Rack Kunst Combined 
Cigar Ashtray Kunst @ The Liaison Collaborative
Table Fancy Decor Cinder Block Table @ 6 Republic Ends May 26… Read more at the source.

X is the Loneliest Number

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Sometimes you just have to embrace the quirks of SL. Even when it might affect your bowing game. I’m not going to blame the lack of mesh ball return machines or the blinding neon for my poor game, but I am not going to blame myself either.

Do you know what makes regular prims and neon decor look better? Black and white photography. Consider that another SLife Hack from me to you.

I ended up here at the Land of Giants bowling alley after glancing at the SL events calendar and finding a bowling tournament. I was desperate to find Read more at the source.