Today is my 10th Rezday!

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It’s here… It’s finally here… A VERY important day in the life of Rudhmellowen Laguna, and also the RL Emily behind the avatar… 
Yes, you read that right, I’ve spent 10 years in SL riding the changes that SL, along with both my RL and SL selves, have been pulled through… 

Looking back I wouldn’t change a single thing!!! 
I started in SL 3 years after it was created – I know that there are older people out there, but I think 10 still entitles me to be referred to as a SecondLife Dinosaur. Read more →

Demons Play Dress Up

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I didn’t sleep very well again last night… I need to stop complaining about the heat but damn it was hot LOL, sorry… It can’t be very interesting to hear me complain about that all the time! 
So instead I will talk about something much more interesting… I’ve been talking to a friend about Supernatural… For those of you that don’t know it’s definitely my favourite show on TV and a friend of mine has been getting into it recently… It got me inspired, along with a recent purchase, to play with my demonic angel side…

I am sure you Read more →

Sale at {JAS}

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{JAS} Appreciation Sale


Just Another Shop has moved and to celebrate they are having a 50% off sale from today til Sunday, August 28th!

Who doesn’t love a sale? Stop by, check out their new location and pick up some great deals!

TP to Just Another Shop!


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