Epiphany October 2017

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        A new round of Epiphany has just started and there are so many great sets, including these three sets of sexy lingerie. I am featuring Narcisse Stellar, Kaithleen’s Lightning Before Thunder, and Blueberry Love Bite. All three of these sets are stunning so go try your luck at Epiphany and may the gacha gods be ever in your favor. I am also playing with my Powder Pack for Catwa October Edition and all of the skins and makeup above are from the pack. 

On Left: 
Necklace: Kunglers Dinorah- Silver @ The Trunk Show
Outfit: Narcisse– … Read more →

Powder Pack Catwa October 2017

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        Powder Pack Catwa October was released October 17th. We got a few great Halloween inspired makeups and skins and I was super excited to see that in this pack. If you missed pre-ordering (and are now kicking yourself), you can still get the pack for 3K.

#adored: Clowning Around Makeup
All the Ugly & Beautiful: Fantasy Makeup, eyebrows, markings, and lipstains
Amara Beauty: Full Joanna skin in 12 regular tones and 12 fantasy skin tones
DeeTaleZ: Pastel Lipstick and Eyeshadow
Essences: Full skin in 6 skin tones
Izzie’s: Zombie makeup … Read more →


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       I am in love with this new release from Blueberry. You can find the Mili outfit and boots at the main Blueberry store. I really don’t need to say a lot about this set because just look- it is soooo cute. My slightly wavy piggy tails are new by Exile at the current round of Collabor 88.

Boots: Blueberry – Mili – Boots&Stockings/ Teleport
Outfit: Blueberry – Mili – Cardigan Set / Teleport
Hair: Exile::  More Than Ordinary @ Collabor88
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer – Boho Bliss Tassel-Tastic
Head: CATWA  Kimberly v3.0
Body: Maitreya Read more →

La Vie

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        Do you remember La Vie? It was a gorgeous beach sim that we could rez on (Picture HERE). It has been closed for the last month or so and it has just  re-opened with a whole new seasonal fall sim design. It is a gorgeous sim and as before you can rez. I am taking my pictures there today. Make plans to go visit and explore.

        Neve is at The Liaison Collaborative with  this cute ruffle skirt and top with a hoody sweater shrug. I love both of these pieces. … Read more →

Get your Powder Pack October, Catwa Lovers

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        Powder Pack is a monthly mystery pack consisting of 12 mesh head makeup appliers from your favorite brands across the grid. This pack is made exclusively for Catwa heads. We have one new store to the Catwa pack this round: All the Ugly & Beautiful. I have never tried any products from this store, so that’s always fun to me to try something totally new-to-me. The other 11 designers this month are returning favorites, although Izzie’s has not been in the Catwa pack for a few rounds and I am super glad to see her back … Read more →

Fetish Friday: N-core at Black Fair

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         Happy Friday the 13th! N-core is at Black Fair with these great boots in both this shiny texture and a suede version. I am still having difficulty getting to the Black Fair personally. The sim has been full every time I try to teleport and it is only open til October 20th. This is when I start to seriously consider getting a premium membership. Between having first shot at teleporting to full sims as well as more group spots, they might have finally found the incentives needed to get me to go premium. Hopefully it will … Read more →

Spring Summer Home 2017

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      I am way behind showing my Spring/Summer 2017 Home. I usually make it in March and pick it up in September and I try to blog it somewhere in the middle of that. It is October and I still have not even thought about changing it over to fall which is crazy to me because it is my favorite SL season. I don’t have fall leaves in RL (because I am in Florida) so I really enjoy them inside SL. My house is not available (yet), but I hope to put a fire under Hiram’s booty and … Read more →

Pumpkin Patch

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        I am so excited about Chimeric Arts Pumpkin Patch! You can go there and pick out your very own pumpkin to take home. When you pick one, another grows in its place right before your eyes. This is a great, fun family activity and my SL family and I went on Monday and picked out our pumpkins. (You can see pictures of our Pumpkin Patch night in THIS PLURK.) Then you can take them home and carve them into your very own jack-o-lantern that you can then use to decorate your house. How cute!! No … Read more →

Mr. Pointy

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        Are you a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan? Because I am! I loved that show. Buffy would be wearing an outfit like this and somehow she would still pull out Mr. Pointy when she needed to kill a poor defenseless vamp. I have no idea where she kept that spike, but no matter how sexy her outfit was- she always had him. Nantra made these great Buffy inspired poses with a mesh stake and I truly enjoyed living out my Buffy fantasies as I posed today. You can find this pose set at The Liaison CollaborativeRead more →

On My Throne

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      Everyone was doing sexy pictures with the new Boom Cozy shorts and Teshi tops that are at N21, but I saw a funny one at the gym that made me laugh. So I asked plurk for funny ideas and they came up with this one and it made me laugh- so I thought it needed to happen, lol. These shorts have a nice or naughty (shown) version… for whatever your SL needs might be. You have until October 12th to shop N21.

       I don’t own a potty in SL, lol. It is … Read more →