Never give up…

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Hello everyone!  It’s been super busy on my end the last days, and even now I’ve got to run out the door for half hour.  I wanted to get this posted, so take a look below for everything shown.  I’m featuring the newest gacha by Haikei, out now at Kustom9 and a previous release by Disorderly, that you can find at the main store.… Read more at the source.

Do you know me? #182

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As spring rolls into full force and the temps start to soar toward those summertime highs the clothing reveals more and more of … us.


This delicate halter from WellMade is an absolute joy to wear. It comes with a color HUD that allows you to color 3 areas independently of each other: the main shirt, strings, beads.Read more at the source.

I Scream, You Scream

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I Scream, You Scream

Featuring [Fetch] and CAZIMI

Recently I discovered Hagendaz Green Tea ice cream and though it may sound gross, especially since I dislike most tea, it is actually delicious.  It’s very light, not too sweet and perfect after dinner.

Featured here are new Pearlized Nails by CAZIMI and great new flower earrings from [Fetch]. … Read more at the source.

Diana ft.*RE*and*amara beauty*

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NEW*RE* Esprit Gacha Collection

RARE – Esprit Rings (worn on pic), with HUD, 6 Metals, 6 Pearls, 6 Gems, show/hide each Ring


Esprit Earrings (worn on pic), with HUD, 6 Metals, 6 Gems

Esprit Choker (worn on pic), with HUD, 6 Metals

Esprit Bracelet (worn on pic), with HUD, 6 Metals, 6 Pearls, 6 Gems, Engraving 1 letter/symbol via HUD

Esprit Elephant, Unicorn, Cat, Dolphin, Owl, Fox, Turtle, Bird, Seahorse, Butterfly Necklace, each with HUD, 6 Metals, 6 Pearls, 6 Gems, Engraving 10 letters/symbols via HUD (worn on pic Butterfly Necklace)

VIP Reward (1000 L$ Spent on the machine) – Esprit Star Necklace with HUD, 6 Metals, 6 Pearls, 6 Gems, Engraving 10 letters/symbols via HUD

Exclusive item (redeemable with 25 Epiphany points) – Kitty Glasses – 6 Metals and 6 Lenses

see the Full Gacha Key here –[email protected]/47546022842/in/dateposted/

available at The Epiphany

NEW*amara beauty* Lily Genus Applier – available in 9 Skintones – at UniK

*Genus Project* Bento Mesh Head Genus Classic Face –

*Maitreya* Mesh Body Lara –

*Truth* Fenella Hair – more at the source.

By the Seaside}~

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Swinging back and forth,
the tumultous roar of the waves
makes her feel at peace with life.
Her feet making impressions
Etched in the sand.

At a distance, she sits and gazes,
Waiting for the blooming sun,
To radiate her face.Read more at the source.


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~ A collaboration between Isabelle & Moz! ~

Here’s Isabelle’s Blog and her video on YouTube and it’s from Harriet’s point of view 🙂

Here’s the same thing from Gabriel’s point of view:-

Yeah, well, I was trawling through Tinder when I came across this girl who looked like that reporter from the BBBC, the one I’d never stand a chance with. … Read more at the source.

Dark Sakura

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Hello again Lovelies,

let´s make this a quick one but I just HAAAVE to show you the new stuff from OA-MEO and Deliciae.
Both Obsi and SaraJane have been very busy and both are at events. So check the extra LMs in the StyleCard and get the awesomeness.… Read more at the source.

From Zen Creations Japanese Yorokobi Livingroom

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Japanese Yorokobi Livingroom2Japanese Yorokobi Livingroom3

From 💖 Zen Creations Japanese Yorokobi Livingroom
Sofa (with full adult menu and 30 single sits for 3 avatars), pillows hide on touch, 11 prims
Loveseat (with couple’s cuddles menu and 20 single sits for 2 avatars), pillow hides on touch, 7 prims
Chair (with 10 single sits for 1 avatar), pillow hides on touch, 7 prims
Trunk table, 2 prims
Potted floor plant, 4 prims
Potted table bamboos, 2 prims
Rug, 1 prim
Hanging lantern, 2 prims
Walls included, 1 prim each section
Set changes color and size using a HUD
IW MPRead more at the source.


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While exploring The Lost Unicorn gallery, sponsor of Fantasy Fair, I wandered over to next sims, a beautiful fairy tale sim! At the gallery is now an exhibit of the pictures from the Enchantment Lord of the rings Contest! And there is a huge dragon outside!… Read more at the source.