~: Mayfly Eyes Upgrade

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Mayfly has now has a HUD Control Upgrade of all her Luminous Eye collection plus  great new releases such as the gorgeous  Deep Paris Shadow Eyes. (above and below). Love the colour..these really are the most realistic and striking eyes you will find.

The HUD is simple and concise and has a ton of options and makes it super easy to change your pupil size, light and shadows, eye size and you can even change the colour of the whites of your eyes!  Marvelous!  Here is a closer pic of the eyes:

Mayfly and Katra SkinLuminous Mesh Eye HUD below:

Mayfly - Luminous - Mesh Eyes HUD

And…you know … Read more at the source.

Twilight Shift

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Twilight shift

Hair: Little bones – Fame (Uber)
Glasses: Sorgo – Astoria (Kustom9)
Coat: COCO – Jacket Over shoulders
Dress: Glam Affair – Brandy (Kustom9)
Necklace: Ane – Botanical necklace (Kustom9)
Stockings: Glam – Basic high stockings
Shoes: Katatonik – Wingtip pumps (Kawaii project)

Skin: Glam Affair – Grazia (Uber)
Hair: Truth – Mireya

Build: Haikei – Veranda Neko (Kustom9)

Wall: Soy – Concrete block fence

Telephone pole: Oyasumi – Telephone pole (Kustom9)

Office Furniture: Xin – Industrial office (Kustom9)

Bin: Aitui – Messy bedroom (Arcade)

Wall phoneRead more at the source.

~:Smart Cool Greys

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In Grey3Quite a few goodies in this look.  Little Xanthers has been allowed to sit on a sofa this time.  Progress!

In Grey1Little Xanthers in striking a pose, thanks to the awesome Loveseat by Trompe Soleil (previosu Collabor88 bargain).  And if you look at the suitably posed hand, you will see the the Skull Ring by Eclectica @ GENRE (see link below). It is awesome and looks super cool on the grey theme here…

In Grey4Who says grey is boring…or shall I say “gray”?  :D

Okay enough chit chat..here are all the grey things..Oh and in case you were wondering…this is Taylor Read more at the source.


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Morning all.  And peace be with you this Advent Sunday.

As yet, I haven’t had a chance to explore the whole of the Skin Fair 2015 – but it’s obvious many have worked hard to bring out their best creations.  I suspect we are all rather constrained by budgets.  (Dunno about you but gone are the days of fat packs…*Sniffs*).  Now I carefully pick the most favorite of all the favorites! :D

Anyway, I love the babydoll look and a quick edit of a Teen Shape, plus a new skin…nomnomnom…so cute.  This is Katra Skin by Glam Affair @ Skin Read more at the source.

~:Baby blue

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In Blue1

Soft baby blue colours and cute blonde hair…and dunno about you but I don’t wear a lot of jewellery in RL preferring the minimalist effect of wearing a signature piece and nothing else.  Well…aside from a diamond ring or course :DD

In BlueCAnyway, the new round of Kustom9 is well under way.  Pick up this pretty shift dress by Amberly Boccaccio of Glam Affair.  It’s great to see her making clothes! Amberly Skin also by Glam Affair @ Collabor88. .  Give and Take Hair by Exile @ Arcade GatchaSilver Leafes Necklace by 22769.  And the … Read more at the source.