Toscana Gazebo at {what next}

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After many requests for our store gazebo, we’ve spruced it all up and added a fireplace and post string lights. It adds a lovely outdoor room to your garden, perfect for entertaining as a small dining area or place a few relaxing chairs.

There are 2 different versions, each with or without lights. They can be purchased separately or as a full set for a saving of 30%, plus {what next} VIP group members can purchase them for 50% off for the next 48 hours.

{what next} Toscana Gazebo 800

* gazebo with fireplace and lights (seventeen LI)
* gazebo with fireplace (fourteen LI)
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New Fence Building Sets

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We’ve new fence building sets at {what next} this weekend, perfect timing if like us you’re fed up with Winter and want to add a touch of Spring outdoors!

Each comes with new optional versions of the gate with a little sign (such as ‘private’, ‘welcome’ for example) and also blank textures so you customise your sign with house numbers or household name for example. Sound FX are also optional versions.

The Springtime Set, a painted, colourful set ideal for Spring and Summer:

{what next} Springtime Fence Building Set 800

The Coastal Set, slightly weather blue and white design, ideal for beach or nautical areas:

{what next} Coastal Fence Building  800

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