Easter Cake Group Gifts at {what next}

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It’s another beautiful day here and the countdown to the Easter weekend begins here at {what next}, with two yummy Easter/Spring cakes..one is a group gift for our VIP Group and the other is for The Love to Decorate Group!


The Easter Cake (pink frosting) is a thank you gift to The Love to Decorate inworld group for the support they’ve given us this past year. The LTD Group is free to join and will keep you regularly updated with all things SL home and garden.
To join the LTD group, please PASTE and click this link in local chat … Read more at the source.

WinterEaster Cake Group Gifts at {what next}

Fifty Linden Friday at {what next}

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We’ve two Spring/Summer variations of our Pine Ridge Chairs for this week’s for Fifty Linden Friday – Waterfront Chairs in natural wood or painted white wood style, each with self-rezzing props, a plain no-throw chair and one with 10 texture-change options.

{what next} waterfront chair (white) vendor

{what next} waterfront chair (wood) vendor 800

They look perfect sat on our new waterfront Dock and Pier Set, which was released last week…you can read more about it and other new pieces of our waterfront range here. With optional fishing animation and fishing rod prop, they complete the dock nicely.

SLurl to the {what next} main-store in Second Life

Waterfront Chair in natural wood Read more at the source.

WinterFifty Linden Friday at {what next}

By The Waterfront at {what next}

Winter Designers, Events, Fashion, Home and Garden

Now available.. The Waterfront Collection…with Spring and Summer very much in mind! New releases are spread between our mainstore and The Home Show, which opened today. Landmarks and links at the end of the post.

At the main-store: the versatile and modular Waterfront Dock & Pier Set, use it to create your own docks, piers and boardwalks or combine it with the already linked configurations (with animations for singles and couples as well as non animation versions).  It’s currently 50% off  for VIP group members until Thursday  (main-store only).  Other furniture, boat, decor sold separately or as extra pieces available at … Read more at the source.

WinterBy The Waterfront at {what next}

Garden Paving Stones

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Hi everyone…we have a new path building set of paving stones this weekend at {what next}! The set comprises of five components , each can be pieces together in various ways to create a winding or straight garden path. Also included is an additional set, with a fairylight effect on the stone, which look pretty at night.




The set will be 50% off to {what next} VIP group members until Monday (just make sure to pay the red vendor with your group tag active!)

SLurl to the {what next} main-store in Second Life

Garden Paving Stones on The Marketplace

Have … Read more at the source.

WinterGarden Paving Stones

Studio Apartment Skybox

Winter Designers, Events, Fashion, Home and Garden

Hello! The Liaison Collaborative’s Garden event has re-opened at the Fall sim, and we’re very excited to share with you our new skybox for this month’s Minimal Nouveau theme! The Studio Apartment is a light and airy home, inspired by Scandinavian design.

{what next} studio apartment skybox for the garden smaller

It’s sold as unfurnished, except for the built-in bookshelves and ladder, recessed ceiling lights, and a one-seater window seat with reading light. This provides plenty of shelf space for all your decorative little knick-knacks. The window seat pillows follow this month’s theme palette colours, but we’ve also included some extra fabric designs too in various colours, including neutrals.… Read more at the source.

WinterStudio Apartment Skybox