Back on the Attack!

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Phew! It’s been a while, but here we are!
Hoodie : Vicarious Youth – Monster Doodles  100L
This is a PG kids shop, please be sure to dress
accordingly! One size fits all, just comes with one
hoodie and the alpha.
Pants : LRD – Men’s Jeans with Suspenders w/HUD  375L
These jeans are great! They have 8 different fabrics, 18
different suspender fabrics, and 10 belt colors.
The sizes run from XS-XL so everyone should
find a size that fits!
Hat : Rerty - Foolek Snapback Design 3  270L
Hat comes with a HUD to change the colors
Viticus Goff n' Rya (Ria)Back on the Attack!

Quest Fur Cover Hunt!

In Events, Fashion by Viticus Goff n' Rya (Ria)

It’s the Quest Fur Cover Hunt! Have a furry friendly shop and want to join in the fun? Click the link below for the application! There’s already a ton of shops involved, you should be the next on the list! Check the hunt out on Tumblr here

The hunt will run from July 14th to August 11th.
Quest Fur Cover is a hunt aimed specially at Furry/Furry Friendly stores to get them more recognition and have different communities working together! 
All you need to do is create a prize to hide in the QFC hunt item, which will
Read more at the source.
Viticus Goff n' Rya (Ria)Quest Fur Cover Hunt!

We miss you…

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Some of you may be wondering where our stubby little tails have been lately. Well, do not fret our friends, truth is – we moved. Far away from the evil lands we once lived in into a spiffy new apartment in a small town in Rural MA.
We have been unpacking and exploring our new surroundings – we haven’t quite got the office up and running yet but rest assured we will be back soon to tell you all where to go to cover your furry butts!
Thank you all for your continuing love and support of our blog … Read more at the source.

Viticus Goff n' Rya (Ria)We miss you…