Our four legged friends

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Most of us have at some point had a four legged friend that has made the world a better place for us to live in. Whether it be a dog or a hamster, most of us know how fast they become important parts of our lives and how much we love them.

So, when a fellow human has her four legged friend hurting, I want to try and help. Sanura Snowpaw’s dog-friend Kassie has some bad issues with her knee and needs a surgery that unfortunately Sanura can’t afford at the moment.

So in an effort to raise the money, … Read more at the source.

Black Friday

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I was actually suppose to post this on Wednesday and do the whole “On Wednesday we wear Black” thing, because this outfit is so very AHS: Coven. I think it would suit Madison Montgomery like a glove. But yeah, I forgot about it Wednesday so here’s Black Friday, instead.


I’ve been running around in this outfit for probably two weeks now because it’s that awesome. It’s a mix of things from Collabor 88 with a touch of Arcade. If you haven’t done Collabor 88 yet, go now. I went out broke. Twice. That’s how great this round is.

And this … Read more at the source.