A tragedy

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A tragedy of epic proportions has befallen my poor laptop. The other day she just stopped working out of the blue. Well, maybe not entirely out of the blue, but I wasn’t expecting a fried mobo… Anyway, this means that my only online presence for a while will be via tablet, so no blogging for a while. I’m waiting for my new customized desktop to get here from California. This is the last picture I took before my baby died. Saved to the cloud, thankfully. You’ll have to excuse the lack of slurls though, I hope you understand.


Hair: Truth … Read more at the source.

Vintage Bronze

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Everything about this picture is vintage, at least in the fast paced world of SL. I took it January, when I was still trying to sort my inventory. Don’t ask mehow it’s going. Anyway, I cam upon this gown that I had bought who knows when but never blogged. It’s the Amelia Lace Gown from Ison, with a slit that can kill.

If you look carefully you’ll see I’m wearing my old skin, I’m actually even wearing the classic avatar body. How’s that for vintage? Anyway, I’m going to start sorting again soon, so maybe more vintage posts from the … Read more at the source.